Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse

by MixMassBasher

Bonus Chapter: Supermare V The Mysterious Mare Do Well Movie

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher


Ever since the announcement of the Supermare V The Mysterious Mare Do Well Movie, probably one of the most absurd match-ups of 2016. There has been tremendous hype for the movie. Thousands of ponies line up in wait for the movie's release. (Talk about the gathering of the nerds.)

The movie premise is that following the events after Mare of Steel, vigilante The Mysterious Mare Do Well travels to Maretropolis to preemptively combat Supermare. There are also other superhero characters like Wonder Womare, Aquamarine, Cypony, Fili Second. It's amazing that the DC Universe is finally bringing their heroes together in a single world just like the Marvel Universe with The Neighvengers.

And with the remaining few hours, there has been a lot of speculation of who will win in this battle. But you know the saying "United we stand. Divided we fall." So are you #TeamSuper or #TeamMareDoWell?

Most Fans on #TeamSuper pretty much say that Supermare will pretty much win in the end. A certain rainbow haired pegasus has been scene holding up Cloud Signs stating that Supermare will win since she's 20% cooler than Mare Do Well a heroine she despise apparently. Gee I wonder why?

Here's an interview of one of the few dedicated fans of Supermare on why Supermare will win:

"Let us introduce ourselves first."
"He's Screw-"

"-and I'm Attack."

"And we're here to say why Supermare will win this fight."

"If you read the comics, the TV series or the movies, he's stupidly overpowered."

"Absorbing Plant Energy, Amnesia Kiss, Lifting an Island of Kryptonite, you name it!"

"I mean Goku lost twice to Supermare. Twice. GOKU of all characters!"

"So what chance does Mare Do Well have at beating Supermare an all powerful super alien/god."

"Well if you paid attention. Remember what happened to Discord! Yeah! He was beaten by a pony!" Twilight Sparkle angrily replies.

Most Fans on #TeamMareDoWell, on the other hand, pretty much disagree. In fact, a certain Miss Sunset Shimmer has been seen wearing a Mysterious Mare Do Well Outfit screaming "I'm Batmare!" in support of the idea of Batmare winning the fight.

Here's an interview of one of the few dedicated fans of Mare Do Well on wht mare Do Well will win which was cut short:

"She keeps Krytonite in her utility belt. End of Story." says Bat-Mite

"I disagree. Supermare has Time Travel Super Ex Machina on her side. End of Story." Mister Mxyzptlk counter replies.

"But it's just a theory." Matpat replies.

"I agree. Timetravel is complicated. Very complicated. Time is more like a ball of Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimy... Stuff." Time Turner says.

"Mare Do Well will Win!!!"

"Supermare will WIN!!!"

Fan Wars aside. There's rumors of The Supermare Curse once more arising. The curse is said to be basically where all those whom portrayed Supermare in blockbuster movies met an unexpected demise.

"Supermare will lose. One way or another. Watch yourself Henry Cavill" Discord replied, grinning evilly.

In other news, The Crystal Empire is welcoming the birth of Princess Cadence's and Prince Shining Armor's foal; Flurry Heart. There have been rumors of birth defects-

*End Transmission*

Greetings Heroes,

Hope you'll enjoy the movie.

King of Cameos,
Stan Lee

Meanwhile... In the DC/My Little Pony Crossover Universe....

"Hello. I'm Lois Lane. And I'm here to talk about the happenings of superheroes world wide. Today we'll be talking about the upcoming brawl between Supermare and Mare Do Well.

Here's a clip showing Supermare and The Mysterious Mare Do Well shouting death treats:

"Do you bleed? Cause you will!! I'm Batmare!!' The Mysterious Mare Do Well screamed.

"You mean just like your parents?" Supermare annoyingly replied.

"Oh!! We got BAT BLOOD now!!"


"It's like a civil war here. The Apocalypse is definitely coming. And no. it's not the First Mutant. We can expect forecast of a very stupidly large death-toll and a thousand upon thousands of bits worth of property damage to buildings that rivals that of Supermare's fight with Zod. I'd suggest moving to the moon. Princess Luna will surely assist in that."

"Anyways, in other news, the Joker has set up a team of supervillians together calling themselves the Suicide Squad; an anti-hero team."

This was actually quite a shocker among the many ponies of Trotham. When asked why is he decided in doing this, he simply gave us this reply.

"Why so serious? I'm the Joker. I'm the unpredictable. It's what I do." The Joker replied.

"One day I may blow up a hospital the next day i might want ridiculous tattoos and no eyebrows. It's just gonna happen ponies but it's still me."

"But any who, why am I doing this is because I need another purpose in life. Ever since Batmare has found a new nemesis for herself instead of little old me, I have lost what has completed me. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to the Villain Pub to drown my sorrows."

With that The Joker threw laughing gas everywhere.

*End Transmission*

Dear Pinkie Pie,

So you wanna make some Chimmy Cherry Fucking Changas?

The Merc With The Mouth,

P.S. I'm not that old Deadpool. So don't kill me on sight okay?

The day after the movie's release....

It was utter Chaos. Litter was strewn about everywhere. Carts were overturned. Windows were shut tight just to tune out all the violence. And in one lone corner, the wall was graffitied with the words: "Fuck You Zack Snyder!"