• Published 7th Nov 2015
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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Little Glimpses by Skijarama: Chapter 15

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Little Glimpses: Chapter 15: Minuette OR (Pranks For Nothing)

Dear Diary,

Nightmare Night is here. Let the fun begin!

One must wonder why I'd go on a praning spree instead of trick-or-treating. To that I say... have you seen my mom's cake room!?! I'm set with sweets for life!

Nothing could stop me! For I am vengeance. I am the night! I am Rainbow Dash!

Anyway, I was looking around when I spotted my first victim, Minuette. Another friend I made here in Canterlot.

Huh... Funny how I never mentioned her in any of my previous diary entries up until now, besides my normal bitching about Twilight. It's like she just appeared one day, and boom, we're friends! Eh, I'm probably overthinking things.

Jumping out suddenly, I scared the daylights out of her. HA! Nothing beats a good old jump scare. Though it could only work for so long before Minuette caught on. She even commented on how I look like Medusa. As if I can turn ponies to stone, I'd probably fry them to a crisp instead. You see, I originally had this awesome prank idea of getting a rain cloud and using it to zap some ponies but the press wouldn't stop hounding me at the weather factory. Most of them were yelling at me for my thoughts about the rumors of the weather factory harvesting pegasus colts and fillies.

I had Minuette join in on the fun so I gave her a codename, Colgate, and together we brought our reign of terror upon Canterlot as the Dynamic Duo. It was honestly a little underwhelming as the ponies of Canterlot seem to have sticks up their asses when it came to reacting to our pranks. Though there was this one food vendor yelling about his cabbages being destroyed after one prank, which was a plus.

Then came our final prank victim, Moondancer.

When Colgate found out who it was. She was very adamant about not going through with it. Seriously? What's the worst that could happen? She abandons the idea of friendship, moves into a broken home and becomes a secluded recluse that does nothing but read all day? That description fits Twilight to a T! Cadance would definitely approve of shipping them.

Eventually I relented, but that was when I had this vision. I was talking to this real pink pony planning to prank on Fluttershy before being convinced not to by this pony similarly to what Colgate said earlier.

Oh, great, Twilight's mental disease is contagious!

Your infected prankster,
Princess Rainbow Dash


Rainbow Dash: Princess of Pranks

Breaking News!

This year’s Nightmare Night celebration has taken an odd turn here in Canterlot.

Princess Rainbow Dash and her accomplice (possibly Twilight Sparkle) were busy scaring the populace of Canterlot into thinking that there was a snake infestation.

This has led to nobles purchasing their bits on the latest Snake Oil product by the FlimFlamBros that claim to eradicate snakes in a jiffy. Said nobles are now demanding compensation for their own stupidity from Princess Celestia for the actions of her daughter.

Princess Celestia's reply to the nobles demands was that they should "Fuck off!" She then proceeded to flip a wing feather at them before slamming the castle doors upon them.

Author's Note:

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Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story as I always appreciate feedback like what made you laugh and what I can do to improve on as a growing writer. :scootangel:

Try to spot all the references where it be from the show itself or from other media:rainbowlaugh:.

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