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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Past Sins by Pen Stroke: Chapter 10

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Past Sins: Chapter 10 : Treachery OR (Princess Celestia You Dun Goofed)

Dear Diary,

Oh what time it is? Summertime!!! Schools Out!!! SCREAM AND SHOUT!!!

Sorry had to get that fucking song out of my system. Anyways schools session is over and we have the whole summertime for me and my minions to get our butt tattoos. Luckily I’m leading them now cause apparently they’ve been doing the same ideas for crusading over and over again every summer?? It’s like their lives are stuck in Groundhog Day or something.

Well Minions… I know what we’re going to do today. And that is not being a fucking retard repeating bullshit again. Hell let’s try something new like built a motherfucking rollercoaster during the summer. The construction work involved will annoy the fuck out of the town’s residence and be an inconvenience everypony. It’ll be fantastic!

Till then I have to hide my report book from Mommy cause she’ll most likely ground me and send me to summer camp at Gravity Falls for not doing well. Hiding my report book was very easy. Just stuff it down Fax Machine’s throat. So with that done Mommy and I spent the afternoon together. We had so much fun throwing water balloons filled with white tree sap at all the residents at the park, went shopping at Cadenza’s Secret and beating the shit out of some weird ass hobo with a baseball bat repeatedly. It was such a blast, what a way to start out the summer!! That is until we saw a Golden Chariot outside the library.

I swear I didn’t kill anypony. Fax Machine put me up to it.

An Innocent Alicorn,

“Princess Celestia what an unexpected surprise…” Twilight exclaimed

Twilight Sparkle gestured back to Nyx and Fax Machine to go to the kitchen. There was about to be a lot of adult talk coming soon…

Twilight stood across from Princess Celestia and put on a nervous smile asking, “What brings you to Ponyville? Is there another fucking dragon hibernating in the mountains due to smoking to much cigarettes?”

“No, we have put no smoking signs there already. But there is something important I need to talk to you about,” Princess Celestia replied seriously.

Not a good sign. Prepare the pepper spray.

“Now,” Princess Celestia continued calmly, “Twilight Sparkle, I’m here because I need to talk to you about Nyx, who I know is not your cousin.”

Oh Luna Fuck Me!!!

Twilight turned back towards Princess Celestia. Her first instinct was to get the fuck out of here. But she didn’t want to leave Nyx alone.

“How much do you know?” Twilight asked quietly.

“I have my suspicions but please tell me everything you know.”

Yep. I’m screwed.

One round of exposition later…

“I thank you for your honesty, Twilight,” the princess began, offering a truly warm smile with her word.

“It’s hard to lie when you put a fucking truth-telling spell on me…” Twilight muttered under her breath.

“What was that?”


Celestia stared at Twilight for a moment then proceeded to speak again.

“Might I ask… How much you care for Nyx?”

“Huh… What do you mean, Princess?”

“What is Nyx to you?” Celestia elaborated. “Are you simply her jailer? Does Nyx perhaps look upon you as her Master? Or is she your accomplice?”

Twilight chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. “Well, actually, it’s funny you should ask that, I think of Nyx as my daughter.” Twilight grew very quiet.

Princess Celestia sat perfectly still for a time, as if Twilight’s statement had overloaded her brain.

Princess Celestia took a deep breath, preparing herself to tell Twilight something that would hurt her ex-student dearly. “Nyx might be the very essence of the mare Nightmare Moon and thus has to be dealt with immediately.”

“No… no no no no!” Twilight shouted, shaking her head furiously. “That doesn’t mean anything! She doesn’t want to take over Equestria. She doesn’t want to hurt anypony! She actually likes the sun and… and… I will not have her taken away!!” Twilight stomped her hoof, set in her decision.

At that last sentence, Princess Celestia stood before Twilight, her face not showing any drop of emotion at all. The line of her lips was flat. Her eyes were steely and knowing. It was the face of a Tyrant.

“That was not a request Twilight. Would you like me to have you arrested for treason? Or better yet how about I execute you?”

Twilight at first sat there stunned at first but in the end bowed her head possibility to hide the look of pain on her face of what she had to do if she did not want to be thrown to jail and executed. Princess Celestia just stood there. Waiting. Suddenly the kitchen doors sprung open.

“Oh, Urm… Hey Princess Celestia,” Spike greeted. “I had this sudden feeling that Twilight might be suffering? Did I miss anything that I would want to see?”

“Nothing much.” The princess cleared her throat and resumed her normal, motherly voice. “Also, I must ask that Nyx come back with me to Canterlot.”

Spike looked back into the kitchen. At Nyx specifically then back at Princess Celestia. Spike grinned evilly and immediately shoved Nyx towards Princess Celestia.

“She’s all yours!” Spike shouted and then dashed off.

Nyx sat there confused staring up at Princess Celestia.

“What the fuck just happened?” Nyx asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh. Twilight has just told me that you are an alicorn, and we agreed that it would be for the best if she got a check-up from my royal doctor.”

“Can't you have a doctor come here or something?” Nyx asked wearily.

“No.” Celestia said firmly.

Nyx was taken aback by Princess Celestia tone and proceeded to turn to her Mother.

“Mom… Can we talk?” Nyx asked Twilight.

Twilight and Nyx proceeded to enter the kitchen, just out of earshot from Princess Celestia. That didn’t stop Nyx, however, from shouting.

“Why are you sending me away? With HER of all ponies?” Nyx asked pleadingly, pointing out the door.

“That’s worse than any summer camp at all.” Nyx added on.

Twilight didn’t answer; she didn’t even turn to look at Nyx. She just kept looking down at the floor, body trembling as tears flowed from her eyes.

“Twilight?” Nyx ventured to ask again. Still no answer from Twilight.

“Do you… You do still care about me right…? Right?” Nyx whimpered.

Twilight remained silent. Those few seconds between mother and daughter felt like eternity.

“Just go.” Twilight finally said.

“What?” Nyx said taken aback by her words.

“I said JUST GO!”

“NO! I don't want to go!” Nyx snapped. Nyx got right up beside Twilight and nuzzling one of her legs. “I want to stay here with you, Mommy.”

Twilight turned her head away.

“MOMMY!! Are you listening?”

“No you can’t stay.” Twilight firmly replied.

“And why not?” Nyx grumbled, crossing her hooves.

“Because you can’t.”

“But I’m your daughter.”

“No…You’re not” Twilight said turning to Nyx. “You’re not my daughter. You’re just an abortion from a resurrection spell gone wrong and you shouldn’t have existed in the first place!!!”

Nyx stood there stunned. Words could not express how hurt she felt right then and there. Nyx face turned from stunned to sad and then to anger. Nyx didn’t want anything to do with her mother right now.

“Well… I’ll just go then.” Nyx said softly, her voice sounding like it was about to break.

“Well Fine Then!” Twilight snapped back.

“FINE!!” Nyx shouted back running out the door towards Princess Celestia, her eyes turned away from Twilight.

“I take it you’re ready to go?” Princess Celestia quirked.

“Yes.” Nyx said venomously.

And with that they walk out the door but not before Nyx said her final words to Twilight.

“Goodbye. Mommy!!!

And with that, Twilight just stood there watching as Nyx got onto the chariot with Princess Celestia, ready to leave for Canterlot.

Yes she felt angry at Nyx during their spat moments ago. And she would have banished her to her room for 1000 years but there was this other feeling she felt.



She didn’t care that the motherfucking Princess herself was threatening her with her livelihood. She was not going to let her take her daughter away from her.

Twilight immediately started running for the chariot. Ready to fight off that Princess Bitchlestia for her daughter.

Princess Celestia noticing Twilight’s running approach and simply just chuckled.

“Freeze Ray!” Princess Celestia shouted and Twilight instantly stood as still as a statue.

Urgh… No!!! Not Again… The cockatrice was a headache enough?

“Well that’s one problem solved.” Princess Celestia thought and with that motioned to the Royal Guards to bring the chariot away. Nyx didn’t even notice her mother running towards her as her eyes were downcast.

“Wait! Take me with you!!!” Spike shouted dashing out the door just as the chariot left. Just a few moments ago he released that this was the prime opportunity for escaping the wrath of the disgruntled purple bitch.

“NOOOOOOOO.” Spike screamed on his knees as the chariot flew away not even noticing that Twilight frozen beside him.

Canterlot Castle. 11:00p.m.

Near Dawn Of A New Day.
-1 Hour Remains-
Nightmare Moon Shall Rise.

“So how does this spell work, Nexus?” Princess Celestia asked as she gingerly placed Nyx in the centre of the ritual circle.

“Do not concern yourself with the mechanics of the spell,” Nexus assured. “All you need to do is stand in the centre and give some of your magic into the surrounding columns.”

Princess Celestia nodded and strode into the centre of the ritual ready to be rid of this burden of a filly. Pouring out her magic into the spell, Celestia immediately felt a large force hit her in the chest with the strength of a hard buck sending her flying across the room.

Princess Celestia was momentarily stunned. When she did recover, however, she scrambled to her hooves and looked in the direction of the spell.

A large group of hooded ponies were inside the ritual ring drawn on the floor, and standing in the very centre was Spell Nexus himself. He looked across the room at Princess Celestia, turquoise eyes dancing in joyous victory.

“For the night eternal, for Equestria’s True Queen!” Nexus called out, before his horn lit up, casting a spell.

There was a blinding light and the hooded ponies that stood there before were no longer there. They have teleported away.

It was then, all too late, that Princess Celestia realized the treachery that thrived in her royal court.

Oh Buck Me.


Nexus and the rest of the Children of Nightmare appeared in the centre of the Everfree Forest. They didn’t have much time. They did not want to get interrupted again while performing their resurrection spell once more.

“Is the tools required ready?” Nexus asked the ponies around him.

The cult members nodded and quickly spread out. Spell Nexus was immediately passed a staff with a moon crescent on tip of it with a red gem in the centre of said crescent. This was the missing item they needed to grow their queen back to her full power and size.

“By the way, where did you get this staff?” Spell Nexus asked curiously.

“Oh I got it from the dumpster. I think it used to be from a Miss Rita Repulsa?”

“Well no matter. It is time…” Spell Nexus concluded.

Lightning struck the Everfree. The Witching Hour was upon them.

All the cult members gathered around the summoning circle. At the centre was Nyx whom was sleeping soundly. The ancient chants began. A chorus of symphonic incantations filled the surroundings. Birds scattered to the sky at the bubble of energy occurring at where the cult stood.

The clock struck 12. Midnight Was Now.

“Magic Wand!! Make this filly grow!!!” Spell Nexus threw the staff and it flew into Nyx. Nyx glowed a bright purple glow and started growing larger. She was already half the size as what she should have been by the first few seconds. Nopony can stop it. The Nightmare has arrived.

“My dear brothers and sisters!!!!” Spell Nexus shouted. “Equestria shall see the last dawn of day and the princesses reign is now at an end. Bow down to our true leader” Spell Nexus elatedly screamed before smiling down at Nyx, who was now in her true form.

I remember....

Nyx first thought as she awoke just as the last of the magic fed into her. She tried standing in her new body or rather her old body. She stretched her wings, and, slowly, she climbed to her hooves, standing taller than she had ever stood before in her life.

Once on her hooves, Nyx looked down at the ponies that resurrected her; they bowed obediently under her gaze, pressing their noses against the ground in respect. And, as Nyx looked upon them, she began to smile… and then she began to laugh. No longer the giggle of a filly. It was a dry chuckle that grew in volume, becoming rather crazed and maniacal.

It was the laughter of somepony who had just realized a cruel and terrible truth.

Nyx finally understood everything. She understood why she woke up in the Everfree Forest when she did. She understood why she had memories of fighting Twilight Sparkle. She understood why she was able to say those lines in that school play so well.

She remembered what she was, who she was.

And she was ready for payback.

The Citizens of Ponyville!!!

were busy sleeping soundly when a crackle of thunder awakened many ponies. Everypony in the town that arose from their sleep, moved outside to see where the noise had come from.

They were greeted to an odd sight.

“Oh, my beloved subjects! Your One. True. QUEEN HAS RETURNED!”

“Princess Luna!!” The Citizens of Ponyville shouted.

“What!? No. I am Nightmare Moon you imbeciles.” Nyx shouted angrily, lightning crackling around her.

“Urm.. Princess? Nightmare Night is months away. Why are you dressed up like this?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ya. Nightmare Night is about 58 episodes and 4 other stories by Penstroke away. I haven’t even finished my 80’s retro skater-slut outfit” Pinkie Pie added on.

Ponies just stared at Pinkie and shook their heads.

“You foals! How dare you speak of me that way? Your ruler stands before you.” Nyx was getting very agitated now.

"I am the true princess of the night. I am Nightmare Moon! I have come before you to cower before me.”

“Yeah after finally getting off her lazy ass playing videogames.” Rainbow Dash muttered.

Snickers were heard all around the crowd.

“I am NOT Princess Luna… Urgh!!” Nightmare Moon let out a scream of frustration and flew away not noticing a certain purple unicorn staring at her, tears in her eyes.

“What complete fucking idiots!” Nyx thought, looking back at Ponyville. “No matter…

She has truly returned.

Dear Princess Celestia,

It’s a trap you imbecile. How could you be so stupid?! I mean you may be centuries or millennia old but I really question your decisions.

Your Overused Meme,
Admiral Ackbar

P.S. All Hail The New Nyx Republic. Screw the Jedi and Siths

Dear Princess Luna,

Are you on your period again or something? We thought you had your last one 1000 years ago?

Your Random Assortments Of Frightened and Confused Background Characters,
The Citizens Of Ponyville

Dear Citizens Of Ponyville,

Actually thy still can go into heat. Why do thee think a red moon happens every now and then? Tis why the proper saying is Once In A RED Moon. Not a Blue Moon. Red Moon.

Your Periodic Ruler,
Princess Luna

P.S. Who is this impersonator of Best Princess? I shall smite thee with thy wii remote.

Dear Big Mac,

Get out of your stupid dresses and get the apple tanks!!! A war is a brewing.

Frantic and War Torn,
Agent Orange Applejack

Author's Note:

Original Story Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/41596/past-sins

Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs. I have already gotten permission from the author.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story:scootangel:
Try to spot all the references :rainbowlaugh:


And the Equestria's Biggest Idiot Award Goes To..... Princess Celestia!!!!

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