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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Past Sins by Pen Stroke: Chapter 2

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Past Sins: Chapter 2 : Secret Between Friends OR (Keep This A Secret Or I’ll Buck You Over)

[Research Notes On Nyx: Note 1]

It’s been a few days since finding that filly. Since then, I’ve been finding every book possible in the hopes of finding a counter spell that could turn this filly back to Nightmare Moon and overthrow our ruler. I was even desperate enough to ask for more books from my senile mentor right under her nose. However, that request was rejected. Pretty sure Celestia was just gorging on too many banana cakes when she wrote back. Fat Slut.

Oh, and I also ended up naming the little filly Nyx. (It was either that or a ridiculous name like Woona.) Inviting Nyx into my life didn’t change much of my daily morning routine. I still do the same old thing; I wake up, masturbate, take a quick bath, and go downstairs, Fax Machine and I say Fuck You to one another, I beat him up and then threatened him to make breakfast for me and Nyx or else I’ll crack out the whip. It’s quite a pleasant morning, don’t you agree?

Also, for some reason, Fax Machine is still wary about Nyx. What a coward! He most probably has been having nightmares of her creeping in the darkness waiting to kill him or something. But if she’s dangerous enough to scare Fax Machine, I’m all for keeping her with us. And I thought Owlowiscious was a hilarious threat to his livelihood.

These few days were definitely hectic. I’ve been trying keep Nyx confided in the library out of the sight of my friends in case that if they see her, they might try to stop my plan of getting rid of our beloved ruler. Unfortunately, Nyx has been starting to act a little more bold with each passing day. She’s been looking out our library window staring at ponies anomalously and won’t stop pestering me to go outside and play.

If she wanted to play, I could always introduce her to my “Special Toys”. However, I had other plans. It pains me to do so, but I have to waste Rarity’s favor for this plan to work. Next Time… There’s always next time.

Getting to her Boutique was definitely a challenge, trying to hide Nyx from the crowd of ponies is not easy. Luckily, I had a solution to that, though it was nearly compromised when Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber came across me and pestered me about what was in the sack I was carrying to which I proceeded to answer that I was carrying, a dead body. That should traumatize them.

Reaching Rarity’s place, I could hear the sounds of a whip cracking and Sweetie Belle yelping. It’s most probably nothing important as I needed to focus on the task at hand. I oh so wished I had brought my camera with me because the look on Rarity’s face when she saw Nyx was fucking hilarious. After her usual quick dramatic fainting on her cheap-tailored couch, I manage to convince her to help me disguise Nyx to blend in with the crowd, especially after I said this is for that favor she gave me. She seemed quite relieved at that.

While discussing the design of Nyx’s disguise, she had asked me why we had to hide her wings, since wings were all the rage these days. Does she expect me file off her horn instead? I have no intention of doing that to Nyx. It’s just too much work for me.

So, after a quick fillynapping of Nyx by Rarity, she started dress making. Nyx was so well behaved when she stood still for Rarity to do her magic, but I think she most probably did that after she heard about Sweetie Belle. In about an hour or so of Rarity playing dress up with her “Barbie”, the disguise was done. But when I took out the glasses needed to disguise Nyx’s eyes (since they’d remind me ponies too much of snake eyes Nightmare Moon), Rarity instantly went all Drama-Mama Mode. She said the glasses were way too tacky and would clash with the outfit making Nyx look ridiculous. That was the point Einstein. Gee, what was your first clue?

Eventually, I relented and went to the optical shop to buy another pair. The salespony there was quite an idiot and even had the nerve to ask if I was here because my eyesight was poor from reading too much. Seriously? It is my personal belief that reading is love, reading is life.

Returning back, I came across something very peculiar. Rarity was teaching Nyx how to balance books on her head. I don’t think that’s how knowledge can be diffused faster into her small brain. It seems that Rarity was training Nyx on how to be a proper princess, like how to eat cake and all that shit. There’s no way I’m letting Nyx learn the proper princess way of eating cake. I’m raising a little filly not a black fluff of fat.

Surprisingly, Rarity was actually okay with the idea of me overthrowing my old mentor, even to going as far as Pinkie-Promising to keep it a secret. Wow! Finally one of my brain-dead friends has grown some common sense. Also, it appears that I owed Rarity a new tea cup and whip. Dammit Nyx…

Rarity also found out that Nyx was more overly sensitive than Fluttershy. Don’t you mean yourself? Last I checked, you were the one in tears when the Diamond Dogs kidnapped you.

Back to point, with the glasses, it provided the finishing touches to the disguise making her eyes appear like normal ponies. Though Nyx seemed to have some eye problems from that when later she hit the door on the way out. Oh, what a silly filly.

Meeting my other friends to test the disguise was the easy part. I’m still a walking target/test dummy for Rainbow Dash to crash into. Maybe it’s really that bitch that needs the glasses. I was quite touched, though, when Nyx ran over Rainbow Dash towards me to ask if I was alright. What an adorable little nightmare.

And so I introduced my “cousin” to the gay bitch. She bluntly said that Nyx is a crybaby in ten seconds flat. Why isn’t that lesbian not the Element of Harsh Honesty? She certainly fits the bill better than Applejack, that’s for sure. And why did I not bring my shotgun to shoot this duck-faced loser? First the camera and now this? I should really get a checklist for useful things to carry in my inventory, or I could always find out from Pinkie the locations of where she keeps her goods. I would definitely buy that information at a high price.

After visiting Rainbow Crash, the demented farmer was next. Reaching the farm, Nyx started asking all sorts of questions related to apple farming to that hillbilly. Luckily, the farm pony had a Ph.D. in Farming to help answer Nyx’s barrage of questions. How does a Ph.D. of that category even exists in Equestria? The annoying part was that Nyx wouldn’t shut her damn mouth. Is this what I sounded like back in school? No wonder nopony liked me. So, she didn't see through the disguise. Still standing by my point of the rainbow lesbian being the element of honestly instead.

After the hillbilly the Doormat was next. She and Nyx got along pretty well but we had to book it when the Fluttershy wanted to give her a pet and even started singing. No, thank you!

The Druggie was our final test for Nyx’s disguise. If those highly concentrated drug steroids in her bloodstream can’t detect Nightmare Moon incarnate, nopony can. After a quick guessing game of names of Nyx by the drug addict (She really thought a filly’s name would be Night Shade?), she somehow didn’t see through the disguise and even wanted to make a Welcome To Ponyville Party for Nyx. Poor Nyx.

Nyx was so adorkable when she bluntly said to Pinkie that she was weird and needed both Rehab and a Mental Hospital. My little Nyxie’s learning. I’m so proud!

At the end of the day, I was very surprised of myself. The disguise worked? It really worked? Finally!! A scheme that won’t come back to bite me in the flank. Either the designs by Rarity were getting better, or that new drug that Pinkie’s giving out destroys all manner of brain functions (though it’s hard to tell with AJ). I had better put some of this stuff into the “Thank You For Rescuing Our Disgruntled Bitch” cake Pinkie’s planning on making for Princess Celestia.

A Pony with a Plan,
Twilight Sparkle

To Little Miss Rarity,

Were the glasses really that bad?


Dear Nyx,

Those glasses weren’t that bad. They were atrocious and should be smashed to pieces and killed with fire. Also, if you want to learn more about proper etiquette, you could always join Fluttershy and I for our usual get together at the Ponyville Spa.

Little Miss Rarity

P.S Please don’t call me Miss Rarity. It makes me sound old.

Dear Rarity,

First, you rip off my Pinkie Promise and now you have the nerve to make a Pinkie Promise when we’re discussing royalties? You better watch your back sister, because there’s a party cannon with your name on it.

Pissed Off,
Pinkie Pie

Author's Note:

Original Story Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/41596/past-sins

Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs. I have already gotten permission from the author.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story:scootangel:
Try to spot all the references :rainbowlaugh:


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