• Published 7th Nov 2015
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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Little Glimpses by Skijarama: Chapter 26

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Little Glimpses: Chapter 26: Finding Sunburst OR (Useless Sunburst)

Dear Diary,

It's been weeks and Twilight hasn't woken from her coma yet. And I'm strangely starting to miss her. Mainly because I don't have anypony around my age to complain about shit. Cadance suggested that true love's first kiss might wake her up from her deep sleep, but, by Mom, there's no way I'm kissing that mouth! Who knows what that slut has put in there!

Hence why I was spending my time sulking on a cloud and stalking ponies on a cloud. It was then I spotted an orange colt by the name of Sunburst. (Insert A Twilight Sexual Innuendo Here.) That was being harassed by potential marefriend to my old bullies. But what really got my attention was his name. It was mentioned by that pink unicorn, so there might be some connection.

I brought him to Mom to interrogate, but it turned out he knew jackshit about the adult Starlight that me and Twilight saw. How fitting that this colt with useless magical power is an even more useless lead in our investigations to these little flashes. Hopefully visiting this filly Starlight may prove beneficial in our investigation instead of the entire thing blowing up to little tiny fragments.

For now, perhaps, I should make good use of this useless colt. Maybe I could paint Sunburst purple and he'll be the replacement Twilight in the meantime since he can't use magic.

Your scheming princess,
Princess Rainbow Dash

Author's Note:

A heads up to my readers. I'm going to have to stop updating for a while as I going to learn how to drive so I'll be busy. The latest date I can predict before I update again would be March 15th. Sorry for the inconvenience for fans of this latest disgruntled arc of Little Glimpse.

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Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story as I always appreciate feedback like what made you laugh and what I can do to improve on as a growing writer. :scootangel:

Try to spot all the references where it be from the show itself or from other media:rainbowlaugh:.



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Comments ( 2 )

there's no way I'm kissing that mouth! Who knows what that slut has put in there!

This is funny to me on a billion levels because of later stories in the Little Flashes series. XD

Something occurred to me. I'm sure there are plenty of fics that have Cadance obsessed with sex (one example is in The Many Origins of Scootaloo, which isn't focused on Cadance, but uses the idea). But how would a story that already has Cadance with an overactive labido portray a Disgruntled Cadance?

Also, I feel like a Disgruntled version of The Many Origins of Scootaloo would be amusing... then again, very little work would have to be done to convert it.

It's funny to me because I feel like Dash interpreted that as Dash having to kiss Cadance. What's even funnier is the possibility that that's what Cadance meant as well.

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