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This story is a sequel to History Lesson

New chapter published bi-weekly.

History Lesson is strongly recommended as prior reading.
(Spoilers for History Lesson.)

When Starlight Glimmer sabotaged the first Rainboom, she inadvertently created eight broken worlds. In this the eighth world, Chrysalis, Sombra, and a resistance led by the new Element bearers wage war against one another for control of Equestria. Princess Twilight Sparkle has tasked Starlight with restoring harmony, hope, and love to this version of Equestria; but with so much war, death, and destruction, can life ever return to the way it was supposed to be?

History Reimagined follows the path of a hypothetical eighth fallen timeline not depicted in Friendship is Magic.

Non-Con tag for implied acts only.

Cover art credit: Chrysalis vector by TwilightSpark2112 (wings edited to be transparent). Starlight vector by Uponia (body) and LolliponyBrony (head; edited to change facial expression). Sombra vector by 90Sigma.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 38 )

Almost sounds like Starlight + Rainbow is a thing in this story.

Ha, Twilight forgot to mention how the anti disguise goop worked on other-timeline-ers...

Wait, they recovered Generosity and (we're assuming) Magic? How did that pan out?

Well, at least Starlight's essentially proven herself willing to Rainbow. But really, what can Starlight do? Friendship all the bosses?
Keep going! ;)

Good thing Sunburst is in love with Rarity? Who knows what could be going through his mind if he was attracted to Starlight here. :trollestia:

Ooh, is Rainbow falling for BonBon? That's exciting.
Outstanding question: why would the Wonderbolts need to break into the command center? Actually, better question: why is the command center unattended to begin with?! /
Dragging the denizens of Our Town might not be the best idea. Besides, wasn't it implied to be destroyed earlier?
Keep going! ;)

This could mean that Spitfire is a traitor but then again I'm not really sure about. But then again with the Spitfire and Rainbow butt heads at each other I wouldn't be surprise if she left taking the wonderbolts and some of the army resources with them.

Spitfire you moron. Dash may have been a civilian but she is a general now and thus rightly outranks you when you joined up with them. And now because of your pride and stupidity the Wonderbolts are going down. If they are saved in the end of this you need to step down for not thinking clearly. Did you even give Dust a trial?

Good job, Dash! Though how much help that will be remains to be seen.
Spitfire has gone full tyrant mode, but maybe some blunt trauma will help?
Keep going! ;)

Yes in wartime. Dust still has rights.

Not with how Spitfire is running the show. Do you not see her words and actions? She's basically resorting to fragging as a means to control dissent, whether percieved or realized.

which means she has to be removed from command. She is unfit.

I feel like we're violently agreeing with each other...

perhaps so.

also I have an interesting idea. What if the Princesses from Starlight's timeline used the mirror pool and sent the mirror clones over to the messed up Timeline?

Or, perhaps this one's pool could be used?
Even if they're all the equivalent of 1hp gnats it could still be a viable distraction...

well the first clone seemed normal. I am just thinking as replacements for the dead alternates.

Well, it's not exactly the same as going all colorful, but what works works, right?
Wonder if Starlight could perform the sealing on Twilight, despite there being a very likely large amount of scarring inside Twilight?
Keep going! ;)

To solve the issue of no alicorns why not clone the prime ones? They yave the mirror pool or likely some other way to clone them.

Act I, both in name and in theme, is Harmony. First, there was disharmony between Starlight and the Council. Then, it was between Rainbow and Spitfire. Bon Bon and Rainbow had a scene a couple chapters ago where they butted heads. More often than not, council meetings have been free-for-all shouting matches. Princess Twilight's words mirror my own: if the Council doesn't learn to work together, they don't have a snowflake's chance in Tartarus.

Adding in cloned alicorns would be one way to force compliance, but it would still be forced compliance, not harmony. Better than nothing, perhaps, but still not ideal. In a world where friendship reigns supreme, maybe it would fix the problem, but maybe it would just delay it.

Thinking more of terms of power, sun and moon, and morale boost.

Mirror pool wouldn't work without the actual LIVE alicorns. Even then it wouldn't be the real thing. Remember how clone Pinkies were.

Talking using the prime veesiobs and the first one was close.

If Glimmer tried to fix the universes she created in the show, I might actually like her.

Nice fic, liked and followed!

Well, we know that Rarity is in the hooves of Sombra himself, and he just ordered Trixie to kill her.
Sunburst I had assumed to be deceased, but wording indicates he may be alive, but not available. If alive, I'm gonna assume he's in a coma.

Wow, Princess of Friendship, just because she's spent a few weeks and not had her ever waking moment focused on making friends you demand she return? That's a little odd... And really, she should be happy enough that friend shipping is happening despite that lack of focus. And Starlight has been making friends, even if it's still budding...
Permanent Traumatic Stress Disorder Twilight is going to be a real tough cookie to crack. You can physically heal someone, but the mental side.... That's where Starlight will have the next major portion of her friend shipping exam...
Keep going! ;)

Don't know what is going on in AliTwilight's head, but she fails to understand that forging friendships is not some codified, step-by-exact-step process. Each pony must follow their own paths in making friends. If Starlight leaves, she is throwing away the friendship bonds which have already begun to form. If she stays, just by staying, she will be strengthening the bonds that have formed.

As for a new name. One should call herself simply 'Starlight', and the other, 'Glimmer'.

Perhaps. But then again, that's so Lightning.
Will Twilight send her back? Was it enough? There's going to be investigations more than just Spitfire's...
Keep going! ;)

Greater Love hath no mare than this, that she shall lay down her life for her loved ones.

Starlight NEEDS to go back. Not because of the "need" to fix that alt universe, but because she needs the friends she has made there.

Please don't use "buck" and the like. Either have them swear for real or not at all. Reading the argument between Rainbow Dash and Spitfire made me cringe. "Celestia-darned"? Seriously?!

Interesting. Just because Starlight has returned, doesn't mean time does not continue in the other universes.
It's interesting that Cadance knows of colors, and that it's (currently) a state secret. This is troubling news...
Keep going! ;)

No, no, no, no, NO!!! This will not do!!!! I need more!!
I have to know what happens in the other universe!! Does Starlight go back???


You have to write more!! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!!
I have to know!

Sorry it's been so long. I promise I'll get back up and writing again soon.

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