• Published 7th Nov 2015
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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Little Glimpses by Skijarama: Chapter 14

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Little Glimpses: Chapter 14: Jokers OR (Why So Serious?)

Dear Diary,

Nightmare Night is only two days away and I can't wait! I got this long list of the best places in Canterlot to trick-o-treat for candy! Sadly, my brother is stuck in doing official guard stuff. So, I'm bringing my pseudo sibling, Third Wheel, to accompany me instead.

Princess Rainbow wanted me to accompany her to help prank the asshole nobles of Canterlot. Tempting, but no. In my personal opinion, pranking ponies doesn't end well. Not that I'd know anything about that...

However, my main reason for not joining her was because my mentor was more focused on helping with her adopted daughter's tentacle hentai outfit instead of helping with my costume. I think even she chose her snake costume just to spite me. I hate snakes! This was rather disappointing as I had this idea of an awesome looking Star Swirl the Bearded outfit with all the rows being hoof-stitched, that would make me look twenty percent cooler!


I've been spending too much time with Princess Rainbow. Maybe I should spend more time with Rainbow's friend, Fluttershee, instead.

Speaking of the egotistical princess, she said that I'm a killjoy which I am obviously not! If she thinks that me living in Canterlot means that I'm snobbish and dull like the rest of the ponies here, then she really does have her head in the clouds!

She then had the audacity to make me confess who I pranked. Some things are best left forgotten...

She even tried challenging me to a race so I'd confess if I lost. Bitch, please. It's hardly a fair fight. I'd whoop that pegasus flank of hers by teleporting to the finish line and claim I took a shortcut.

Honestly, that pony… she’s got to be the dumbest Princess that Equestria has ever had.

Your not-a-killjoy,
Twilight Sparkle

Dear Diary,

Nightmare Night is only two days away and I can't wait! I got this long list of nobles that I can't wait to prank!

Sadly, Mom will be busy doing official princess stuff. And I can't bring Third Wheel along with me because he's accompanying Twilight instead. I tried convincing Twilight to join me on some fun trickery, but she had to be such a killjoy.

A shame really, it'll be really funny to light Prince Blueblood's ass on fire. Guess I'll go solo in tricking all the snobs of Canterlot that there's a snake infestation. Then, afterwards, I can laugh maniacally, dancing triumphantly down a long flight of stairs as all Tartarus breaks loose.

But I swear that Twilight's hiding something about her aversion to pranking. She’s normally such a prick to everypony that I'm surprised she wouldn't want to disrupt the populace. Hence, I challenged her to a race so that she'd spill the beans. I definitely would've won it since she'd obviously try to cheat by teleporting to the finish line and thus I'd say that I won by default. Too bad she must've caught on to my ruse, so I couldn't get any dirt on her. So I asked Mom instead.

And, get this, Twilight tried to prank Mom. Yes, you heard me right. A little filly tried pranking a Princess that has to have at least a thousand years of experience trolling. Plus, Mom could read Twilight like an open book. Pun intended. Furthermore, Mom even turned the tables on her! I'm starting to like Mom more and more now.

She even approved of my pranking spree, saying that it reminded her of somepony. Whoever that is, I approve!

Well, I won't let you down, Princess Trollestia!

Princess Rainbow Dash
The Princess of Pranks

Ohhhh Shining...

You are report to my bedroom quarters this coming Nightmare Night to help me in fixing up some minor adjustments on my latex dominatrix costume. You'll absolutely love it!

Your marefriend,
Princess Cadance

Author's Note:

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Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story as I always appreciate feedback like what made you laugh and what I can do to improve on as a growing writer. :scootangel:

Try to spot all the references where it be from the show itself or from other media:rainbowlaugh:.


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