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Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse - MixMassBasher

Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia's most prized and faithful student, is being sent to Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship. And she's not happy about it.

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Past Sins by Pen Stroke: Chapter 19

Letters From Across The Disgruntled Multiverse
by MixMassBasher

Past Sins: Chapter 19: Recovery OR (Final Moments Together)

Dear Diary,

So Ponyville has survived yet another monster attack. This is like what the two hundredth and twenty fifth one? You would think ponies of this town would be moving out right about now. Well at least it wasn't attack of the black thorny vines.

Anyways the today's monster attack was evaded thanks to none other than my daughter; Nyx. She did a duplication spell on herself? Impressive... Although it was kind of weird to see all of my daughter's clones running about saving the day while screaming "Night! Night! Night!" everywhere. Was it really a duplication spell she cast or did Nyx threw herself into the mirror pool?

And what does my daughter do when I came to help? Why teleport me to the castle of course! Out of worry I can't defend myself. Pleeaaase... I juggled Ursar Minors, faced a hydra, got stoned by a cockatrice and mindwarped by Discord and Spell Nexus. You would think my own daughter would realise that I would be vital help but I digress, she was looking out for me so I can't exactly hate her for that.

That is... until she returned back bruised from head to toe. My biggest concern after that was when Nyx fainted. Also, I deny any evidence that I was begging the residents of Ponyville for helping my daughter recover. During my daughters recovery, the citizens of Ponyville tried to make the my daughters castle more hospitable for everypony. Well... except for me... I got fucking thrown into the dungeons yet again just because I suggested that we all try a gang bang orgy session to pass the time. Oh well, their lost.

I'm at least greatful that they let me visit my daughter in her chambers who was on the road to recovery. I especially want to be there when my daughter finally open her eyes.

I hope she wakes up.

A worried mother,
Twilight Sparkle

A few hours later...

Dear Diary,

She still hasn't wake up. Why hasn't she woken up yet!!! I'm starting to get worr-

Knock Knock Knock

"Huh?... Urgh!!! What now..." Twilight grumbled as she approached the door to open it.

“Mayor Mare? What are you doing here?” she muttered.

A small cough came from Mayor Mare before speaking, “I’m sorry for the disturbance between you and your... daughter...” Mayor Mare still wasn't used to thinking Nightmare Moon as Nyx.

“Yeah whatever,” Twilight muttered annoyingly. “She’s getting better at least and that’s all that matters to me. Now, what the duck did you want to talk to me about?”

“There are a few things, actually,” Mayor began.

"Oh joy..." Twilight replied sarcastically.

"Well first off, the sun is still in the sky..." Mayor Mare began.

"Yeah? So? What's the worst that could happen? Global Warming? As if."

"And secondly... well you just have to follow me." Mayor said gesturing Twilight to follow her down the hallway. Twilight did as instructed and soon they were in a room filled with pieces of papers everywhere along with a familiar school teacher standing in the midst.

"Cheerilee? What are you doing here?" Twilight inquired.

“Well, I just wanted to show you something.” Cheerilee answered, gesturing to the stacks of papers surrounding her.

“What? You expect me to organise these?” Twilight said questioningly at the scattered papers.

“Urm... No? Some of the fillies and colts around the castle spent part of the afternoon writing letters to Nyx. So, I thought you’d like to see a what they've written.”

Twilight glanced at the stacks of papers surrounding her again and used her magic to pick them up. She stared at them; surprised. The letters, most written in crayon, we're actually thanking her daughter or rather Nightmare Moon for saving them.

To Nightmare Moon,

Thank you for protecting my family.

To Nightmare Moon,

You Rock!!!

To Nightmare Moon,

Don't look or it takes you.

To Nightmare Moon,

Gat Vell Sun


To Nightmare Moon,


To Nyx,

Thanks for keeping my sister safe. Get well soon!

From: Apple Bloom


There was also a crayon coloured drawing of Applejack and Nightmare Moon standing on top of a defeated cerberus, which had crossed eyes.

Upon reading them, Twilight was left gawking in disbelief. Twilight was touched. She had by this point looked at each letter more than a few times.

"Can I... Can I take these with me?" Twilight asked.

"Of course." Cheerilee replied.

Twilight took up the stack of letters and galloped back to Nyx's room, so that she and the papers would be there when Nightmare Moon woke up.

Nyx awoke with a groan and a yawn. How long had she slept? She did not know... What she did know was that her whole body felt completely numb. Probably, to block out the overall pain she should be feeling. Nyx cracked open her eyes a moment to focus and adjust to her surroundings

"Mom!?!" Nyx croaked.

"Nyx... You awake...!?!" Twilight gasped.

[The Diary of Nyx]

Dear Diary,

Well, that's the last time I'll try fighting solo against a monster armada. Urgh... I feel sore all over. And could I get a little glass of water please. I'm thirsty.

So Ponyville has survived yet another monster attack. Honestly, this is like what the two hundredth and twenty fifth one? Seriously, you might as well rename the town "Attack Here". Perhaps I should just decree to have a picture of my mother in front of every household in Ponyville. That should scare away all the monsters and most possibly any stallion from moving into Ponyville. See? Problem solved.

Also, thank goodness my mom is not mad at me but proud of me for fighting against those monsters. Minus the part about saving the Ponyville civilians. Furthermore, I deny any evidence that I cried like a baby in front of my mother. But right now there's just one question that still remains ingrained into my head. That one question that I've been asking myself since turning into Nightmare Moon. With all that I have experienced thus far. All the rage, pain, joy, sorrow and guilt. I have to wonder...Who am I? Am I now Nightmare Moon or am I still Nyx. Talk about identity crisis...

My mom at least offered her own input that I am who I want to be. Just like how my mom choosed to be a sexually disgruntled bitch. Somehow, I am now even less reassured...

Though mom gave me a little surprise with passing me all the thank you letters from my old classmates. I was certainly touched by all they had to say though I'm pretty sure a certain pink and grey filly's letter is not within those stack of letters. Even Cheerilee wrote a letter to me.

Dear Nyx,

When your old classmates started writing letters to you, I felt that I needed to offer a few of my own words to you. I am thankful that you saved my life. I thought I was about to die, my life flashed before my eyes... I should really need to get a better job... Then you came in to rescue me.

You have certainly come a long way. From a meek and curious filly to an astoundingly brave warrior of good heart. You're certainly not that wicked and dastardly Nightmare Moon from our school play.

I remember your friends visiting me during your reign, I told them of how I believed that you were confused about who you were and that all you needed was just some time before you'll do the right thing. I am certainly giving them detention for weeks for the stunt they pulled...

I thank you for proving me right, and I am ever so thankful to call you my star student. And I'm pretty sure Twilight does too... in her own way...

Treasure your accomplishments, appreciate your obsessive curiosity, and never forget the family that raised you.

So once again thank you, for everything.

Your Former Teacher,

P.S. You still have homework to do...


I'm not crying... those are just liquid... pride... Ya... that's right... liquid pride...

Thankfully Twilight burst the bubble and said that perhaps it's best Princess Celestia and Luna should be releas- Wait... What!!!

What the actual hell is my mom thinking? Does she want me to be banished to the moon? I... I don’t want to go back... I don’t want to be alone again... but sadly... my mom's right. If Celestia and Luna were the reason that kept the monsters of the Everfree at bay who knows what else were there they did to somehow prevent Equestria own destruction.

I'm scared... but... but at least I can take comfort with having my mom right beside me for what's to come... the release of the princesses could wait... at least I have a few hours before the inevitable...

And so Mom and I spent our last evening together side by side together eating daffodil sandwiches and celery soup. It felt nice...

Worried about the future,
Nyx/Nightmare Moon

Dear Nurse Redheart,

Thanks for treating my wounds. Come by my castle anytime. You'll be howling louder than a pack of timberwolf by the time I'm through.

Extremely Greatful,
Nyx/Nightmare Moon

Author's Note:

Original Story Here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/41596/past-sins

Please Keep in mind that this Fimfiction is not an attack on the Author or His Work. I actually like his story and this letter is done just for the laughs. I have already gotten permission from the author.

Appreciate every like, comment and follow and please tell more people about this story:scootangel:
Try to spot all the references :rainbowlaugh:

I'll also like you to tell me what made you laugh and what I can do to improve on for better inspiration for these letters.


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