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Phoenix Heart 20

"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh


This could NOT be more true!! · 5:53pm 6 days ago

It was raining when I went in to work, I leave to catch my bus home, and it's snowing!.....smh...:facehoof:

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Stuff ta know about me! (and some artwork too)

Name: Ivory
Age: 20
D.O.B: 12/15/figure it out! :D
Gender: Girl
Occupation: student (soon to be pastry chef), singer.
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Wolf
Favorite DC hero: Batman
Favorite Marvel hero: Spider-Man
Favorite Videogame: Legend of Zelda for NES
Favorite food: pepperoni pizza
Favorite Pony: Pinkie Pie!
Friends:....Generally everybody!
Favorite OC: Moondance (Second favorite is Crystal Night)
More about me: I'm a fun-loving, optimistic girl with Asperger's Syndrome. My life hasn't been the best but..eh..It's mine! 😁 I am an aunt of 4. Three girls and 1 boy. I'm a High School grad and love it! I'm an upcoming singer and artist. I Love videogames and comics! Sometimes I'm a little aggressive but am generally a really calm and easygoing person whose a friend to many and an enemy to none!

I has some groups!!:YouTubers of FimFiction
Musicians of FiMFiction

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The most devastating detective story of the 20th century.



Kick off the new year with a classic tale of a man and his mermaid.


Thanks for the fave of The Last Flower :twilightsmile:

No dude, YOU are awesome! My fellow purple comrade!

Thanks for the fave, fellow Purple-enthusiast!
You're awesome! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::raritywink:

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