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"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh


After a nigt of sick beats and parties galore, Vynil Scratch is ready to call it a day. That is, until a friend calls her up with some news. The music industry had suffered another loss....

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“Hey DJ Pon-3….listen Vinyl...I know how you are. I understand what your feeling alright. I’m feeling them too. I’d known that guy since we were 18. So that’s a near solid 11 years to know a pony. I’ve known him to have problems and I know he wouldn't be cool with both of us simply sitting here like sad sacks of grief. Instead we should...ya know...try to celebrate his life...somehow…..”, Neon said before falling off.

For some reason, I see Pinkie Pie saying something like this...:pinkiesad2:.

Poor Vinyl...she lost somepony so close to her...that has got to sting:fluttershysad:. I hope she'll be okay:fluttercry:.

Yeah I can see that now. I suppose eventually she will be...

With her friends by her side...she will be:pinkiesad2:.

Nice little one shot by the way:twilightsmile:.

Of course and thanks, I'm currently writing one for Mother's Day.

Don't go on with dem "awws" yet, this one will also be sad.

Don't worry. It's a necessary sad.

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