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Oak Sabletwist

I shamelessly write stories about small, brightly-coloured horses. All my content is SFW. Also, FiM is awesome. That is all.

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1876237 :twilightsmile:

Well, thank you! I appreciate that!:pinkiehappy:

I just hope that it's worth reading, once I finally do get it up here!:twilightsheepish:

No problem! :pinkiehappy: I'm looking forward to your story!

1876132 :pinkiehappy:

And you're very welcome! I'm always happy to make, and help a new friend!

I'm glad of that; we do try. And again, you're very welcome.:twilightsmile:

(Sorry about the italics on interwebz. I think I hit the button for that by mistake when I was updating some things on my phone.)

Silly me.:twilightblush::twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 8 - 12 of 12
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