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If your a new author who wants to be recognized than join us today. I encourage any story of any genre, but strait up clop is not allowed; if a story has a purpose more than just clop is submitted then it will be accepted.
This is a place for all to read and review each others stories so please keep things appropriate and don't start any fights or you will be kicked from the group.

If you believe your story is so good it deserves to be featured Than contact me on the forms, or any other admins.

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Congratulations! You've made a new group. Its placement in New Groups was secured.

I'm sorry, need to word it differently. If the story is just clop than please don't. Post it here. Now if a story does have clop but iT serves as plot help that that's fine

No strait clop? What the fuck is this shit?

I love my straits!
They're just so damn sexy!

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