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"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh


This story is a sequel to Silent: Windy Chyme's Story

What happens when you die? A question no pony can honestly answer. Join us as we delve into a story of a young mare who will find herself in a world unlike any she’s ever seen before and find ponies, she’d thought she would never see again. After all, she’s not meant to be...Silent.

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The sensation felt odd and made both ponies shudder as they made their way to the room. Once there, Stormy stopped dead in her tracks before letting out a blood-curdling scream of horror as she sprinted towards the lifeless body that was once, Windy Chyme. Her phone out and calling the police as she cradled the body and cried as she talked to the police on the other end.

Poor Stormy...:applecry:.

“Oh my Faust! At last!!! My Wind Chyme is home!! mi pequeña niña!! ”, Skyscraper shouted in glee as her granddaughter latched onto her immediately.

Yay it’s Wind Chyme’s grandma:yay:!

“Oh my—my sweet foal…” Windy started to breakdown in tears as she spoke “M-Mami’s so so sorry! Mami tried to protect you! But your abuelo he—he sent bad ponies to...to hurt us and I couldn’t do nothing!!”, Windy bawled as her daughter looked on. Completely oblivious as to why her mother was crying, but could sense it was something bad. So, doing the only thing in her days old mind (as she will remain at a slow natural growth rate until her 10th year) that she could think as good, she took her tiny hooves and grasped into her mother’s hoof and hugged it tight. Cooing and making small baby noises as if to say ‘it’s ok’.


“Hey babe, she has heterochromia. I didn’t even know that.”, Windy sniffed as Lightning nuzzled her.

Hope as a bit of both you and Lightning in her, eh Chyme:twilightsmile:?

“My goodness! Last time I saw you, you were barely past my knee! Now look at you, a full grown mare. Oh Tia is so happy to see you and to hear you have a bebé niña all your own now is such a joy!”, Ribbon Dance said as she squeezed her niece.

Mother and daughter finally reunite:pinkiesad2:.

“You know what? Sometimes, I still can't believe what was going on in my head when I decided to marry the stallion that is your father. Then I think back to how we ended up the way we did, me pregnant with you at too young an age and your father barely making enough profit to support us all. Yet he still made an honest mare out of me. Your abuela can attest to that. I'm sure eventually we were going to tell you about the gang, but then I die and your Papa turns into this..this devil ! I’ll tell you, that is NOT the Breeze I fell in love with. I fell in love with a caring and loving colt, not some heartless devil who would put his hands on his own foal. I’m sorry mija . I'm sorry you had to deal with your father. I'm sorry you got caught up in the same business he does, but most of all” Feather turns so that she's looking directly into her daughter's shared green eyes “I’m sorry I wasn't there to protect you from all of these things.”, She finished as a small stream of tears leaked out of her eyes.

I can only imagine the pain Feather had to go through watching her daughter suffer:fluttercry:.

“Mom. There was nothing you could do. I only did what I had to in order to survive. I got involved with the gangs like papá . I--I tried my best in school and got really good grades until beginning of sophomore year. Okay, yeah I did get myself into a few...sticky situations here and there--”, Wind said before being interrupted.

Understatement of the century:ajsmug:.

“-Like getting arrested a total of 52 times from age 9 to 15? Or pulling a gun out on a bunch of 5th graders? Or managing to get pregnant at age 14?”, Feather interrupted with a poignant look.


“ NO! NO BATHS! PLEASE?!?!?”, Windy suddenly freaked out and started hyperventilating.

The buck:rainbowderp:???

“*sigh* okay...When Wind was like 8 and a half, Breeze almost drowned her in a bathtub. All because she didn’t clean her room by the time he got back home She’s been scared to death of pools and bathtubs especially ever since.”, Lightning explained with a slight growl.

That son of a...:twilightangry2:.

Lightning’s only response was a quiet, but necessary nicker before lying on his side with his girl curled up next to him. Happy to be reunited at last. To them both, this was now truly a Paradise found.

Now they can all Rest In Peace, for all eternity in Paradise Plains:scootangel:!

Wow...this was one beautiful and emotional one shot RRH:pinkiehappy:! Loved every word of it, down to the last scentence:heart:! It warms my heart to know that Wind Chyme is with those she loved now, and that nothing will hurt them or tear them apart ever again:heart:!

Is it weird to say that I was actually waiting for your comment? B/c this story's been up for a day and a half and you were completely silent on the matter (likely you didn't see the update).

No, I didn’t...I had some outside stuff I needed to take care of:twilightsheepish:. As for your question, no, no it’s not:derpytongue2::raritywink:.

Eeyup, ya guessed it right sug’:twilightsmile:.

His daughter, Windy Chyme wasn't a necessarily “bad” filly, she just got caught up in the wrong stuff as she got older. He supposed it was mostly his fault that she turned to the gang lifestyle in order to survive. After all, he certainly wasn't around enough to be considered a good father. Plus the abuse charges were accurate. He really did a number on his little girl over the course of many years, both physically and psychologically. Yet the image of his little girl laying there with a blank, lifeless look on her face. Her too thin body marred with scars and burns and other injury. The only thing that gave him any semblance that this body was indeed his Windy, was the, now lifeless emerald eyes that the two shared and the white/blue mane that sat in a messy unkempt half ponytail on her head. That thought made him start to cry. It took a lot in life to make Breeze cry. In recent years the only things he can remember actually crying about was when his beloved wife, Feather Chyme passed away and when his mother-in-law passed on when Windy was 10. Breeze considered himself a strong stallion. In his line of work, he had to be. A top-tier gangster like him needed to be strong and never show weakness in adversity. Yet in that moment, before he was apprehended by the police when he saw his daughter being lifted into a body bag by the coroner unicorn, he cried out. Whether or not it was rage, sorrow or guilt he was unsure. When he had to identify his daughter in a morgue before his hearing, he couldn't help but feel rage and guilt as his tears flowed like a stream as he positively identified the lithe lifeless corpse as his daughter.

Looks like reality finally hit you, huh Breeze:applejackunsure:?

“Happy Birthday mi pequeño girasol . How I wish things were different.”, Breeze said to the air. The window above him spilling moonlight around the room.

No point in trying to change the past...what's said is said, and what's done is done...all you can do now is go forwards:ajsleepy:.

“Forgive me? Windy you know I don't deserve that. I deserve your hate! I-I deserve your scorn and rage! Not your forgiveness.”, Breeze stammered.

Well, I cant really say that I disagree:ajbemused:. Then again, that's just my opinion...also, Windy's the one doing it here, not me:applejackunsure:.

“True. You don't deserve any of what I’m about to say. However, you're gonna get it. I forgive you for the living Tartarus that you made my life. I wouldn't have had the stuff I dealt with happen had your actions not caused that. Because of your abuse and neglect, I moved onto a ‘family’ that would look out for me and I them. However I should be saying thank you. Yes. Thank you for your pushing me away. If you hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to find my special talent or find my courage or even meet my husband--”, Wind was cut off by her father's gasp.

In some very sick, dark and twisted way...what you did led to your daughter finding a real family Breeze:ajsmug:. Ponies who actually do care about her and want to keep her safe:twilightsmile:.

“Husband?!”, Breeze gasped.

Eeyup, you heard her:ajsmug::eeyup:. Got a problem with that:trixieshiftleft:?

“Yes. My marido ! Lightning and I are married now. It will be a year in two days. Also, goodness you should see your nieta ! Hope Spring is now a big, happy yearling! She loves to try and fly up to the roof of our family home. Scares me to a near second death everytime she does it. Albeit, it's only been twice but still...anyways, yes she's happy and amazingly healthy. Despite being born too early and dead. She's a bit small for foals her age, yet don't worry. Abuela is handling that part well. I forgive you for all the times you left me alone for months on end. Without that, I wouldn't have been able to figure out some of my best life-hacks! After all, when one is an accomplished writer, one has to have source material and experience. The many times I could've died from malnutrition, I didn't because I figured out how to smartly save my money and to find the cheapest and best ways to scrounge up some food and water. My book is a best-seller in circulation all throughout Paradise Plains. As well as my other self-help books too. I’ve since been recruiting new talent for my gym.”, Wind explained happily.

I'm so happy to hear Hope Spring is going so well:rainbowkiss::heart:! And Windy is a writer and a boxer:pinkiegasp:?! She's been busy hasn't she:derpytongue2:?

“I had to stop for a while due to me having to take care of Hope, but yes I am getting back into the swing of things. Running one's own gym, writing and trying to be a good mother and wife is truly a balancing act all its own. Yet I am managing just fine with my teams. My publishers might harp on my ass sometimes buuut what can ya do?”, Windy laughed as her wings began to glow.

She really has her work cut out for her huh:twilightsheepish:? Though, she seems to be able to balance it out...she's one Tartarus of a mom:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

“How do you think I’m able to get Hope to sleep now? She's just as stubborn as I was as a foal. Or at least, according to mama that is.”, Windy giggled as her wings started twinkling brighter.

Like mother like daughter, huh Windy:scootangel:?

“I'm afraid that means that my time is up. I guess I’ll just sum up what I'm trying to say then. I forgive you for everything Papa. You may not feel like you deserve my forgiveness, despite everything we've been through, but you do! My time in Paradise has taught me it's better to forgive and move on than to hold onto the hate of the past. Especially if it means holding it for eternity! Literally eternity here! Ha. Anyway, I have a strong feeling that being in here will do you some good for the first time in a long time. Now I have to go. My time’s up and Lightning is waiting for me. Te amo papa .”, Windy said as she stepped back.

Farewell Windy...:pinkiesad2:.

“I’ll see you soon Breeze.”, Windy said as she disappeared finally. The cell going back to near pitch black as Breeze lay down to sleep.

Her and your wife...who is going to give you one HAY of an earful, if not a beatdown:twilightoops:!

The night guard that was watching over the cell block passed by Breeze’s cell and he could have sworn on his own grave that he...saw an angel speak to a criminal that night.

Oh if only he knew...:raritywink:.

All your comment is valid! Honest to goodness I wasn't even supposed to write this! There was never supposed to be an epilogue to that one-shot! However, here we are.

Yes....even if the end (in my opinion as my own worst enemy) felt a bit rushed.

True. That is true. However I still feel like that ending could've been better. I mean...well with the alliteration to possible Purgatory and all, it could have been executed better. As an author I know this.

This feels like the movie Coco

Ok, full disclosure: I drew inspiration from the movie Coco. However I did my own research in the past about how varying religions perceive the afterlife (if such a thing exists in multiple religions) and applied similar knowlege as to how Christians perceive what “Heaven” is to be like. I only took minor instances aside, remembered the Paradise Estate playset from G1 and it...kinda took a snowball from there. Plus multiple me looking back at my story Silent for accuracy.

Sorry to disappoint, but this particular story has come to a close. However (even if it’s slow going at the moment) I do have another story in the same format as my story Silent (this story’s predecessor) that, when done will likely have a follow-up story similar to this.

I know! I know. So many people were diheartened when I made that decision. Yet my decision stands.

I don’t always understand everything that is said but sometimes I do understand

I see. Well is there anything I can help clarify?

I don’t really know what to say now

S’okay. For that matter, have a random video!:

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