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"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day."- Vincent Van Gogh



Wind Chyme was a pretty young filly. Always did her best in school and with what few friends she had. Sometimes she'd show up looking worse for wear. Some days she'd have to make up excuses as to why she looked bad. That is, until she got home...at home...she's....silent.

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I get a feel for where this is going and I like the concept. It’s intriguing. Scary for the poor subject of the stories, it reminds me of a book called ‘the Color Purple,’ which I recommend if you have not read that.

I've read The Color Purple many times (and is one of my favorite books). This story is....honestly dark in the fact that I take inspiration from a situation an old friend was in (may she rest in happiness). While she never kept a diary, she would tell me of these things. And I did help her as best I could...until I couldn't anymore....

Geez. I’m sorry to hear that ._.
I believe that when we ‘go home’, all our burdens are released, no matter how we pass. I’m certain she’s smiling on you, and proud that you are remembering her in such an important way.

I feel confident that she is. She was a good girl. It also helped that I had been toggling over for well over a year now.

This was interesting. Tracking!

Thanks. It'll get even more "interesting" as it goes on.

Weird how something simple can be so filling.

I see how that is so. Needless to worry as this will get even more intriguing as it goes along (as well as getting darker).


Aye. I’m hoping for at least one concrete angel.

I wish I could promise that, however that would be spoiling. 😏

Who? The OC? If yes, than thanks! 💖

Here it is.

Yep! I told ya I won't never spoil nothin' for my readers. Did ya note the colt she mentioned in there? Ya might wanna remember him. He'll be important later.

Important later...

I feel like this won't end well for Chyme.

Unfortunately it won't. However I won't say how.

Sometimes….daddy comes home looking madder than a bull in a red fightin’ ring. Those nights, I know to stay away from both mommy and daddy. At least...until mommy says it’s ok for me to come out my room.

Sounds like a pretty unstable house:rainbowderp:.

Last night...last night was one of those bad nights and….I didn’t get out of the way fast enough. So now I got a black eye. At least it’s nottoobad. My teachers and friends probably won’t notice tomorrow when I go.

Poor baby...:fluttershysad:.

P.s.: Bubby said good night too!

For some reason, I got a Diary of a Wimpy Kid vibe from that:ajsmug:. Still, so cute:rainbowkiss::heart:!

Well that escalated quickly:rainbowderp:! Also...

I almost got my birthday party cancelled because of that meanie!

While I believe that Wind Chyme should've gone to a teacher or something, not celebrating what is supposed to be the most important day of her life is something I would not do:ajbemused:. To me, that's just as bad as what she did, not that I'm saying that it's not understandable mind you:applejackunsure:.

Oh, she did get in trouble! She just omitted the part where she gets in trouble after her party.

I tried to explain to him that I don’t know why mama fell on the terrace! I really did, but he wouldn’t listen. Just kept yelling and--and hitting me. Saying it was my fault that she was in the hospital. I...I don’t know why he thought that.

Because he's an asshole:ajbemused:!

P.S.: Math is hard! Why does it exist?!

Because it is a menace, that's why:twilightangry2:! CURSE YOU MATH:flutterrage:!

That's everyone's general consensus on Maths.

Names that if I said them in front of dad or mom, then they’d tan my hide.

Okay, I seriously do not like it when ponies, let alone, foals are spanked:twilightoops:! I am not one for that:ajbemused:!

Well I guess he was really happy that I did that because he told me to pack a duffel bag and come with him to the gym.

I don't like the feel of that...:rainbowderp:.

P.S.: Bubby has to get patched up. Maybe Auntie Twister can help me fix him. My special little guy...

Her special little guy indeed...:pinkiesad2:. May Chyme's mother rest in peace...:ajsleepy:.

I get it, but that's how things happen. Also, KEEP READING!!

Oh I see...well that's good to hear I guess...:twilightblush:...considering that it would not be cool to not celebrate the day of her birth:ajbemused:.

Now Chyme's alone with her monster of a dad:fluttershbad:!

Yes. B/c the party was so close and they already had things planned out. Wouldn't have made much sense to cancel.

P.S.: We did in fact, fix Bubby. He’s recovering in my “toy hospital” (a.k.a my shelf above my dresser.) in my room.


Well...she's a filly! That's her favorite toy! Do the math!

Most of the time he finds me. Then he’ll scream at me. Hit me. Tell me it’s my fault that mama died! Newsflash:HOW WOULD I HAVE KNOWN SHE’D DIE OF CANCER?!?

That's the thing: she couldn't have known:ajsleepy:. Unfortunately, a certain stallion doesn't give two flying feathers about it:twilightangry2:!

I am apparently very vicious when starving.

Looks like it, from what I've read:rainbowderp:.

He likes skateboarding and drawing like me. His fur is light coffee brown. He has amethyst (which is a shade of purple) eyes and a black mane and tail with a gold highlight in both. He has his cutie-mark of a race cart with wings. He’s super sweet,

Do I sense shipping coming along:trixieshiftright:?

Your rage is necessary.
Yes. Yes she is.

If she were my kid, I'd make sure her cute little stomach is filled to the brim!

I'm sure you would. However things get worse from here. Sometimes she'll get a break but....

Damnit! I says you'll see!!

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