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One stormy night, Melody Star wakes up from a nightmare and her mother sings her a sweet song to help her go back to sleep. Story based on "Derpy's Lullaby". Story is prequel to "Melody Star's Sonata"

Edit (2015): HOLY CRAP!!! This is my most well-received story to date ( I say well-received due to it having less than 5 dislikes and more than 2 likes) Since you people like it so much, I've decided to make a sequel to it. It may(or may not) be multiple parts idk. But it will happen!

The characters in this story are protected by OCRA.

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New fic starring my O.C's,Moondance and her daughter, Melody Star!!:eeyup::twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::yay:

This fic was pretty good. As far as a character introduction story goes, it just feels like there is more to learn about Moondance and Melody as characters. That ending kind feels a little unfinished. There needs to be a bit more of a resolution. It should include something like the uncle is going to try and take over for Lightning Flash or that Moondance is prepared to move on (even if Melody isn't). This was kind of like seeing the characters go from Point A and not quite make it to Point B.
Besides that and a few kinks, there isn't anything truly bad about this fic. I'm ready to see more.

5299409 not to worry, I purposely left it as so the reader can come to their own conclusion. But I do intend to have a follow up story soon made just for this fic.:twilightsmile::pinkiesmile:

Wow! 15 thumbs up! You guys must really like this (pretty médiocre) one-shot.:pinkiehappy:

This was adorable! :twilightsmile:

Somehow, this is still my most well-received story. With 19 likes and 1 dislike (can't please 'em all.😄) this story is still going strong. Even after almost 4 years! Awesome! You guys rock for that!

A group here on FiMFiction.net that has protection rights for stories involving original characters. This is the group.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH....MMMOOOMMMMMMYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" Melody Star yelled as she awoke from her nightmare.

Uh-oh, what's wrong:twilightoops:?!

"Mel, what's wrong?" Moondance asked worriedly.

The scared filly only shook her head and sobbed.

"I-I had another bad dream, mama." Melody Star replied, still shaking.

Awww, is that what happened:pinkiesad2:?

The Pegasus mare just looked at her daughter and sighed. This had been the 8th time in two months that she would have to come into her daughter's room to calm her down because of a nightmare.She was beginning to wonder what her dreams meant.Though she'd have to put those thoughts aside, because she had to deal with Melody Star at the moment.

"Oh, sweetie pie, now you know there's nothin' to be afraid of. Why, I'd sooner fly into the Everfree and fight of a hundred Timber-wolves then to have something happen to you, you know that right?"

Hey, I'd fight a super pack if needed:rainbowdetermined2:!

Melody Star shook her head, agreeing.
"I know mama, but this time it was SUPER scary. I was being chased by timber wolves through the Everfree Forest and they almost got me!" the frightened filly replied.
Moondance looked as if she would succum to sleep deprivation, but decided to ignore it.

"Would it help ya if I sang you a lullabye to help ya go back to sleep?" Moondance offered.

"...I...guess...so." Melody replied.

This should help you:twilightsmile:.

sleep my darling, time for bed
rest now lay down your head
the moon's high, the stars are bright
no its time to say goodnight.

Moondance had a hard time remembering the next lines, so she improvised.

sleep my darling, time for bed
rest now, lay down your head.
the world's asleep, calm and quite
now its time to say goodnight.

sleep my darling, time for bed
rest now, lay down your headed
Luna will guide you, safe as you sleep
time for bed, don't make a peep

On that last word, Moondance saw that Melody Star was already asleep, so she decided to finish up.

sleep my darling, time for bed...rest now lay down your head.

So beautiful:scootangel:!


'Hello, may I speak to Ms. Moondance?" The stallion on the other end asked.

"This is she" Moondance answered.

"...yes, this is Cpt.Rumble of the Canterlot royal guard, and I regret to inform you that your husband, Lightningflash-"

Moondance dropped the phone then, her mouth wide open from shock.

"Ma'me I understand this is hard news to take in, but I assure you that he died bravely in service to our country."

Oh no, Melody's father...died:pinkiegasp::applecry::raritycry:?!

"...I-i can't believe this..."was all she could say.

She hung the phone up then and started crying when, Melody Star entered her mother's room.

"Mama, why are you cryin'?" she asked sleepily.

Moondance quickly tried to regain herself and then she leaped off of her bed and walked over to her daughter.

"...Darlin' there's...something i gotta tell you... it's about your daddy..." Moondance began.

Melody is not going to like this:applecry:.

Both pegasi just sat there in complete silence until Melody Star began to cry, well cry wasn't the right word it was more like half crying, half screaming.

"Darlin'... don't cry...after all he was only tryin to-" her voice cut short, for she too started to cry. And the two pegasi quietly wept in each others' hooves.


"Baby, baby wake up its Mama" Moondance said quietly.
The filly only stirred and moaned.
"...Mama... I-i had another bad dream about the Timberwolves, but this time they really did get me...I'm scared Mama."

Dont cry Melody...dont cry:ajsleepy:.

Sleep my darling, time for bed
Rest now, lay down your head
The moon's awake, the stars are bright
Now it's time to say goodnight

Sleep my darling, time for bed
Rest now, lay down your head
The world's asleep, calm and quite
Now it's time to say goodnight

Sleep my darling, time for bed
Rest now lay down your head
Daddy will guide you, safe as you sleep
Time for bed, don't make a peep

Sleep my darlin, time for bed
Rest now lay down your head.

Poor girl...:pinkiesad2:.

"Mama...could you please sleep in here tonight?"
It took ALL of her strength, just to be shot down with the 'puppy-dog' face her daughter had. So she sat up straighter and replied.
"*sigh*...alright, alright I'll stay in here tonight, but you really gotta stop with that look, it always gets me!"

No one can resist the puppy dog stare:rainbowdetermined2:!!! FEEL IT'S ADORABLE WRATH:flutterrage:!!!

"G'mornin sweetie, sleep well!?"Moondance asked slightly happy.

Melody Star only smiled weakly and nodded.

"Well I know a certain filly who should be really happy about today in particular." Moondance said.

Melody looked around until she saw the calender that read; May 18, her birthday was today and she completely forgot.

"Mama! i don't know how, but I forgot today's my birthday!" She shouted, sounding slightly embarrassed.

Moondance just smiled and shook her head then spoke, "Exactly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melody Star!"


After breakfast, Melody Star got up and showered, cleaned up her room, and got into her special birthday dress, then flew downstairs so fast, she left skid marks on the floor. Throughout the day Melody Star celebrated by playing with her friends and going to the park. By 6pm Moondance called Melody back to the house, where a surprise was waiting for her. When Melody Star entered the living room, she was shocked into speechlessness.When she finally snapped out of it she screamed.

"UNCLE LUNAR STAR!!!!!!" the surprised six-year old screamed.

What a surprise:yay:!!!

"Hey! there's my favorite six-year old, come on over here and give me one of those killer hugs of yours!" Lunar star said happily.

Mel wasted no time in almost crushing her uncle in hugs. Her uncle (Moondance's twin brother) had been serving in the Canterlot Royal Guard ever since Melody was 1 year old.After Melody was done, she looked at her mother with surprised and confused look, then spoke.

"Mama, was this the surprise you had planned this mornin' ?" she asked.

"Yes it was the very surprise that i had been planning for months. It was supposed to be your uncle and father,but..." she couldn't finish her statement because she started to cry tears of both sorrow and joy.Lunar Star, seeing his sister crying walked over to her and wrapped his wings over both the ladies as they embraced.

Dont worry, while he may be gone in spirit...he'll forever live in your heart:twilightsmile:.

Hmmm.... Interesting responses.

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