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This story is a sequel to Moondance's Lullabye

Melody Star performs a special song for a very special somepony...

The characters in this story are protected by OCRA.

Chapters (2)
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Wooohoooo!!! NEW STORY!!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::heart::heart::yay:

Okay, lots of people might not understand the ending, but this is the result of pure insomnia and a over-active imagination...ENJOY:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

Today must be my lucky day. I keep reading Smilies! (That's my name for stories that make me smile from beginning to end. Yep! This is a winner! :twilightsmile:
Also, you have a real knack for coming up with excellent names for your characters. Starlight Sonata: Gorgeous!

6130003 Thanks, man! It had better be good, considering it took me FOREVER!!! to figure out how I was going about with this sequel, but I'm happy you liked it.:pinkiehappy:

Til' next time

Aww, looks like Melody's going to enjoy being a big sister.:pinkiehappy:

Two milestones in one night. What are the odds?

6984136 Hmm....Odds are just that awesome! (plus I kinda got stuck for a finisher so....:twilightblush:)

6984792 And not to nitpick, but you left the italics on after the song. Might want to fix that.

6985382 I know...forgot to fix that...:twilightblush:

"Wake up, Mama! Wake up Daddy!" Melody Star shouts.

The male pegasus stirs and slowly opens his eyes to see a light purple filly on his legs.

"M-Melody...what time is it?..."Rain Whip asked, groggily, still trying to wake up.

"Time for career day at my school, silly!" She responded happily.

Oh future career day huh:ajsmug:? Quite an interesting day:raritywink:.

"Alrighty gang! Food's on the table and lunches are packed! Let's move!" Moondance yelled upstairs. A second later, two big blurs sped into the kitchen and sat down to begin wolfing down their breakfast. When Moondance sat down though, she felt the baby kick really hard. Rain Whip noticed this and was at her side instantly.

"Hon you okay?" Rain asked, sounding extremely concerned.

Moondance nodded and spoke. "I'm good. The foal was just kicking really hard is all it was."

Birthing coming soon huh:twilightsheepish:?

"Hey dezzy! Hi, Ms. Storm!" Melody said eagerly.

"Hi, Melly!" Desert replied equally eager.

"Are you excited to show us what your auntie does, desert?" Melody asked.

"Sure am! Are you excited to talk about your daddy, Melody?" Desert answered.

"Yep! This'll be awesome!" Melody exclaimed.

Just then, the teacher, Mr. Spectrum, teleported into the class and announced that career day could start (after getting 20 colts and fillies to calm down.) A brown and black earth colt and his mom went first, then eventually, the rest of the class followed. Then when it looked like they'd NEVER go, it was Mel and Rain's turn.

"Hello everypony, this is my stepdaddy, Rain Whip. He's the captain of the Trottingham Weather Team. His job is to help all of Trottingham get the weather on time and in the correct amounts. Right daddy?" Melody said. Rain Whip smiled and nodded, then stood up in front of the class to tell everyone more about his job. As he was going on, his special beeper kept going off, but he ignored it. By the time he was done, everypony stood and cheered respectfully. Then he had to excuse himself to the hall. Melody followed right as a office staff gave him a note. He read it, then dropped it in a panic.

It's the baby, isn't it:rainbowderp:?

"Daddy, what's wrong? Why do you look like your gonna be sick?" Mel asked ,worriedly.

"We've got to GO!!" Rain panicked.

"What-" she started, but was cut off by Rain.

"Your Mama's having the foal!" He said.

Melody just stood there for a second, the shock clear on her face. When it passed she started freaking out, but for different reasons than her daddy.

Soon to be big sister is excited:yay:!!!

"Uh-oh." Moondance said.

"What 'uh-oh'? Why'd you go 'uh-oh'? What's wrong?" Silver Song said super fast.

Moondance looked up and said that the foal was coming NOW. Silver's response was to immediately take her to the hospital, but neither of them were in any shape to fly/run to the hospital (due to Silver having sprained her hoof two days prior).

"Well...it looks' like you're getting a 'home birth', Moon." Silver Song said, semi-calm.

Looks like they won't be going to a hospital:applejackunsure:.

So, they made their way up to Moondance's bedroom (which was kinda hard because Moondance had another contraction while half-way up the flight of stairs). While Moondance was going through the Tartarus known as childbirth, Silver Song was trying to buzz Rain Whip to come A.S.A.P back home. After 5 unsuccessful attempts at contacting him she gave up and got a hold of a doctor while getting supplies. She came back with the doctor and nurse, to hear screams of bloody murder coming from the room. The doctor came in and set-up his supplies, then spoke.

"So, how are you doing, Mrs. Moondance?" The doctor asked.

Moondance yelled as another contraction hit, then spoke with venom in her tone.

*sigh* " Well as you can see, I'M IN A LIVING TARTARUS RIGHT NOW!!!! HOW DO YOU THINK I AM!!!!" She screamed as another contraction hit. Just as she got done with her rant, and Silver was calming her back down, Rain Whip burst into the room.

Oh yeah, she's just peachy:twilightoops:!

"Sweet, Celestia! Hon are you alright?" Rain asked panicked.

The doctor took him and Silver Song out of the room to assess the situation. While they talked, Melody Star tried to ask what was going on, as the doctor returned to the room. When she heard soft cries, she yelled.

"Excuse me....I said EXCUSE ME!" She shouted.

"What!?!" Rain and Silver said in unison.

As she was about to finish her statement, there came another sound from the room. The sound of a foal's first cries of life. The adults re-entered the room to see a most wonderful sight. There curled up in Moondance's hooves, was a tiny, newborn filly. Nopony said anything for a full minute until Rain walked up to the bed and gasped.

"I-I haven't seen anything this b-beautiful since, I saw you at the alter,babe." He said, starting to get tearry-eyed.

So beautiful...:pinkiesad2:.

"I-I haven't seen anything this b-beautiful since, I saw you at the alter,babe." He said, starting to get tearry-eyed.

Moondance just smiled and shook her head, then a thought occurred to her.

"Where's my big baby? Mel, you can come in now." She said.

As if on cue, Melody Star slowly entered the room. She ran up to her mama but stopped when she saw the foal in her mama's hooves, she gasped. Seeing her do this, Moondance smiled and spoke softly.

"Mel...meet your new baby sister, Starlight Sonata." She said, smiling the entire time.

Congrats Melody, you're a big sister now:scootangel:!!!

Melody asked could she hold her and her daddy helped her hold the baby right. As she looked into the sleeping filly's small face, an overwhelming sense of happiness washed over all of them. Then she spoke.

"Welcome to the world, Starlight Sonata..."


Again, appropriate responses!

"Hey dez, how's everything?" Melody greeted her best friend.

"Mel! Do I have news for you. You'll never believe what I just saw a flyer for!" Dessert said quickly.

"Well...don't you keep us in suspense...TELL!" Melody said.

Instead, Dessert just pulled out of her mane, a flyer for a talent show on that Friday; which was Starlight's birthday!

"Oh. My. Luna! This is gre-wait. Friday as in Friday the 10th, Friday..." Melody said.

"Yeah, why is that a-OHHHH! I see, I forgot that Friday..." Dessert started

"...Is Starry's first birthday, dang! Well then I don't know what I'm gonna do." Melody finished.

Dont worry, you'll figure something out:twilightsmile:.

"Hey girls' how are y'all doing?" Silver asked Kindly.

The girls just glanced up from their pacing to look up at her and respond in an automatic tone. Unfortunately, Silver saw through the little mask of deceit and came in fully to talk.

"Okay, drop the act you two." Silver calmly stated.

"Uuuuhhhh....what act, auntie Silver..." Melody asked nervously.

"The obvious 'trying-to-not-make-it-seem-like-there's-something-wrong' act." Silver Song laughed.

Sorry girls, you're busted:rainbowlaugh:!

"Well...it looks like you two fillies have a problem and a solution on your hooves." Silver said, with a tinge of wisdom in her tone.


"Here's what I'm thinking girls. If Starlight's party starts at one 'o clock and ends at four 'o clock, that's three hours and the talent show's at seven. So, if you two want to try and persuade your parents to let you perform, and I know you two are already signed up, before you ask, I walked through the carnival this morning and saw Dessert Wind sign both of you up by the stage. Then I will certainly be one of the loudest ponies cheering for you out there." Silver Song explained.

Well that sounds like a plan:pinkiesmile:.

"Okay...if I stay real quiet, maybe I'll make it on ti-" Melody started.
"Waaaaaaahhhh!!!!!" Starlight started to cry and fuss, after waking up from her nap too soon. She fell asleep not long after her birthday party was done and she had a good time, so Melody Star was a little upset that she woke up, but not too upset to not help her.

Uh-oh, little Starlight's getting fussy:ajsmug:.

"...Hold on Starry, big sisters' here...shhhh! it's ok..." Melody started to calm her down.'hmmm...I wonder if that lullabye that mama would sing to her would help... Mel thought to her self.

"Okay...now how did it go again.....Oh! yeah, now I remember..." Melody said before singing.

Stars and moons and air balloons. fluffy clouds to the horizon.
I'll wrap you in rainbows. and rock you to sleep again.
teddy bears of pink. ducks and lambs of white.
don't you cry dear, I'm here now. I'll be your nightlight.

As Melody sang, Starlight started to drift off, soon she was asleep. She then placed Starlight back in her crib, closed the door, and took off towards the town square.

There you go:scootangel:!

"Melody! I CAN'T DO IT!!!" Dessert Wind freaked out backstage.

Melody Star knew exactly what her friend meant, but there was no backing out now. So,she took a deep breath and talked.

"Dez. Listen, ok I know you're nervous, I am too, but we can't let it creep on us right now. The whole town's out there and what do you expect they're gonna see when we walk on stage?" Melody said/asked.

Two fillies rocking it:rainbowdetermined2:!!!

"Two blank-flank fillies with nothing but a guitar and a microphone-" Dessert started.

"-That are gonna ROCK the whole town apart with their skills! Do you hear me!?!" Melody yelled.

"Yeah! You're right, Mel! We're gonna kill it out there...but...I'm still nervous..." Dessert said.

Just smile and wave Dessert...smile and wave:raritywink:.

When they were finally done, the whole crowd gave a fierce round of applause. After many different acts and a slightly disappointing 2nd place, the two pegasus fillies were super happy to see how they did. When they went up to their families they were all smiles.

"Mama! Daddy! Starlight! Did ya see it? It was awesome!" Melody said excitedly.

"Which one, the performance, or your Cutie-mark, hon?" Moondance replied.

"My performance, duh! 'sides I don't even...have...my..."Melody started but couldn't finish because she looked down at her flanks and sure enough, a bright yellow star surrounded by music notes was there instead of bare flank.

"M-My CUTIE-MARK!" Both girls cried out happily, while Melody's was a star with music notes, Dessert Wind's was a guitar with wings on both sides. And both girls couldn't have been happier.

Yay, she got it:yay:!!!

"Look, Starlight! I got my cutie-mark!" Melody Star told her sister.

"M-m-m-Meowdee!"Starlight Sonata said excited, to everypony's shock.

"Did- did she just say-" Rain Whip started.

"Meowdee tar!!!" Starlight Sonata said again.

"She said it! She said her first words....I'm her first words!" Melody Star yelled happily.


Everypony gathered around the three fillies as they now, from that day forward, faced a bright future before them...and couldn't wait to see what comes....

I cannot wait:scootangel:!!!

Appropriate! (Also...read the newest story to see)

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