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After a discussion in class, Twilight has a very important question to ask her mentor Princess Celestia.

Pre read by ZOMG, Jumbled Thought, Cerulean Voice and Zodiac.
Edited by Dont Look At My Name Bro

Chapters (1)

Letters. Everyone writes them, and they're not just for ponies. Be they carriers of serious news, friendly correspondence between pen pals, or declarations of heart and heartbreak, each one is written with a clear purpose or goal in mind.

Celestia uses them to try and keep her faithful student and friends in line, and try to keep an unbalanced world on the straight and narrow.

This is much harder than it sounds.


Now with an audio reading by Lady Tenkage!

Side Stories:

Old-Fashioned Bar Hoppers, featuring Celestia, Mayor Mare, and Granny Smith shenanigans.
Journal of an Adolescent Clone, featuring Sunny and Moony shenanigans since Season 5.

Chapters (246)

The Canterlot Archive decides to create a document listing the age of every pony in Equestria. It's impossible to mess this up.

The Canterlot Archive messes this up.

Proofread by Octavia Harmony.

Special thanks to Selbi for additional help.

Live reading by CaptainBron3y

Chapters (1)

Due to an editing/publishing error, all of Twilight's friends have now 'officially' died of old age. This leaves an immortal Twilight to grieve over the tragedy of how she outlived all of her friends and will continue to do so for the rest of her eternal life.

Seeing the obvious pain that this news is having on Twilight, Princess Celestia moves to console her with the help of her supposedly-but-actually-not-really-deceased friends.

Cover image belongs to Shawnyall.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery

Twilight Sparkle returns to the human world intending to take a short vacation from her princessly duties, and to catch up with her non-Equestrian friends. One sleepover at Pinkie Pie’s house later, Twilight comes to learn something fascinating—and horrifying—about her very human body.

This story now has a spiritual prequel: Sunset Shimmer's Unpleasant Discovery, by Bootsy Slickmane, rated [mature]. While mine pokes fun at the characters, his offers the more serious take.

Preread by Stiggerzz and Majin Syeekoh.

Rated Teen for sexual references.

Featured on:
Fimfiction.net Feature Box (11/01/2014)

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Warning: spoilers for Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks in the description and story.

After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sunset grows concerned about what might happen as Senior Prom approaches; Canterlot High doesn't have the best track record when it comes to big events, and she's afraid that, like the last two, this one will also be accompanied by atrocity. Her friends claim that she should relax as there's nothing to worry about, but Sunset retains a nagging fear in her gut that catastrophe is about to strike - again.

However, after she encounters an interesting individual - one that she didn't even know she'd see again - working at Canterlot High, she finds herself with an even bigger problem: figuring out how to, by some miracle, have a date at Senior Prom not go horribly wrong.

This story is a one-shot-kill.

Chapters (1)

No one has seen Sunset Shimmer in a week after the Fall Formal. Principal Celestia is getting worried. She doesn't really know much about Sunset Shimmer, but she is aware that she is alone in this world. When Celestia finds Sunset it is worse than she knew. Now, Celestia moves to heal the heart of the girl from another world. It is to be a difficult and hard fought battle against Sunset's own perception of self.

Can Sunset turn her life around from the downward spiral that it is in? Or is she right to believe that she is only a demon and deserves only the worst in life? Sunset's journey to forgiving herself starts with allowing her mentor's alternate into her life, but does she deserve to have the chance to disappoint two Celestias?

Now being edited by devas and The Albinocorn

Featured! August 18th 2014! For all of 10 minutes! Still counts!
Freatured again! September 15 2014! For a much longer time! Last time I update this bit though.

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"How could somepony as amazing as you not have a Special Somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?"

With that single sentence, a thousand memories came flooding back to Cheerilee. A thousand memories of a thousand terrible dates...

Chapters (59)

Being corrupted by the Element of Magic and purged by the Magic of Friendship is a lot for one to go through in one night. In the aftermath, Sunset Shimmer was willing to give this friendship thing a try. And sharing a moment with a generous soul might be what she needs to get the ball rolling.

And that moment might even lead to something more.

Made for One-Shotober

Chapters (1)

Octavia's new to Ponyville, and she just bought a used couch. As it turns out, she has to move the heavy thing clear across town on her lonesome. That isn't the problem. The problem is these damn crazy ponies who won't stop pestering her.

Cover Art by faloxx

Chapters (1)
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