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"How could somepony as amazing as you not have a Special Somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?"

With that single sentence, a thousand memories came flooding back to Cheerilee. A thousand memories of a thousand terrible dates...

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First Like!

This is fun, cute, and classic. I look forward to more!

Light and laughter,

3493575 I'm hoping to write at least one date each Friday. Depends on how much time I have at work. It's a nice break from the larger stories I'm working on now.

I just realized everything you've written is gold. Have a watch.

Also, this is hilarious. Poor Cheerilee. Forever alone.

And it's short, which I like.

3493625 Wait, you weren't watching me before? Weird, I was sure you were. I guess we've just commented on stories a lot. Well, thanks for the follow! I'm glad you are enjoying this. I wanted to keep it bite-sized.

If you can really write a thousand of these, I will gladly read all of them.


Yeah, I was surprised to find I wasn't watching you too. I thought I was.

3493651 I'm not sure I'm going to get to one thousand by myself, but I can pump out a lot of short, ridiculous stories in a short time. I might see if some people want some guest spots.

One quick fix you may wish to make: missing "on" from your short description.

I am so on-board with this story.

3493677 Oops, how embarrassing! Thanks for that. :twilightblush: I'm the king of mangled sentences.

You know, I never thought there'd be a way to make Ms. Cheerilee completely losing her temper believable, yet here we are. Then again, these dock-holes she's dating are so idiotic that they could try Celestia's patience. :facehoof:

See? It is possible to write a good story with a Random tag. You just did it. :rainbowwild: Okay, I kid. Nicely done. :moustache:

And then Cheerilee had a mini flashback and freak out every time she found her students playing 'The floor is lava'.

3493710 I was trying to study up on it. If I was going to write a random story, I wanted it to be a good one that wasn't filled with random for the sake of random.

And yes, you guys will see. Cheerilee has really, really bad luck.

3493750 Oooooh, I never thought of that. Life post Adventure Time must be tough for Cheerilee!

GOOD GOD!! Is this story going to be 1000 chapters long?! :twilightoops::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:

3493764 Not sure I'll get there, but that's the objective! :scootangel:

3493766:applejackunsure: Well, Good luck man! God's speed.

Looks like you've got your work cut out for ya. :rainbowlaugh: Good luck!

Pfffftttt. Nice one.

I can see poor Cheerilee will be focus of many a joke.

I can't wait.

~Skeeter The Lurker

And now I wonder just how she got out of that mess...

~Skeeter The Lurker

3493837 Thanks! It's a...stretch goal...?

3493902 By the end of my series, Cheerilee will have a Navy Seal-like set of skills for survival.


Complete with stealth suit? That'd make it better.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3493936 She's probably going to want a stealth suit for the next one...


You have my attention...

~Skeeter The Lurker


There ya go. Maybe get help from other writers, make a collab out of it.

These were supposed to be exactly 1,000 words long, but apparently Word and Fimfiction.net have different opinions on what constitutes that.

I know. Weird, huh? I use LibreOffice myself and the FimFiction word counter gets it WAY off.

3493963 That had been on my mind. I'll probably do it at some point when I'm busy writing something that is going to take a while.

It's the quotation marks. FimFic counts them as words.


Only two emoticons come to mind:

3494117 I knew it had to be something dumb like that. FIMFiction has the weirdest formatting issues...:derpyderp2:

3495083 Glad you like it! It's nice to be able to write short things again. I'm 40,000 words into my next story and it gets a little stifling at times to just persist in the same tale.

3495100 If you ever need ideas for more date-gone-terribly-wrong chapters, don't be afraid to ask around, because there is no way I'd forgive you if you stopped updating this!

3495131 I figure that I might have some guest authors jump in at some point. I have lots and lots of ideas, but one thousand terrible dates is a large number. Don't worry, though. I have a mind that comes up with dumb crap rapidly.

3495152 All praise the mighty xjuggernaughtx!

Some date that turned out to be. Wonder what other sort of hijinks poor Cheerilee's gotten involved in on her many akward dates. :rainbowlaugh:

I take it Cheerilee's never disclosed any of these stories to her students. And for good reason I'm sure. :trixieshiftleft:

Do it, Miss Cheerilee! No one will find the body! :pinkiecrazy:

Poor,poor Cheerilee! Her first date became :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2::derpytongue2: 4/5 in crazyness on the derpy grade

Yes, that is right, none will find the body!:pinkiecrazy:

That Gridiron just never shuts up. And apparently he eats a LOT of fiber. :pinkiesick:

HAH! Classic Jock.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3497090 Yeah… that Gridiron… he's quite a stallion. :trixieshiftleft:

3497140 I have known so many of these dudes...


Same. But think rednecks with tractors instead.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Someone needs to punch that guy in the face.

Hey, Rainbow, I think we found the perfect date for you.

3497160 I'm from Kentucky. I've known my share of that, as well. Plus, you ever been to the Central Valley in California? Man, Fresno is one of the redneckiest places I've ever been!

3497170 Gridiron is a catch. The kind you're really happy to throw back.

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