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It's Just More Entertaining · 3:44pm Jun 9th, 2022

You know, after all this time, I'd still rather watch Countess Coloratura sing "The Spectacle" than see Rara perform "The Magic Inside". It's a matter of taste, of course, but to me, the songs and the performance of "The Spectacle" is just off-the-charts more entertaining. I'd much rather see that concert.

Not to throw shade at "The Magic Inside" because I like it, but I'd definitely be bummed if I came to see Countess Coloratura and Rara showed up instead.

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Fimfiction's Autumn · 2:16am Feb 2nd, 2022

So Seattle's Angels and The Royal Canterlot Library both shut down this week. I confess that I find that to be pretty sad. I had my share of success on this site, but most of my attention came from critics. I really appreciate the time that they took to review my stories and everyone else's who would normally fly under the radar. It meant the world to me, even when the review itself wasn't all that glowing. Each review was a stepping stone and I tried to use their opinions as a growth

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Mystery Figure · 1:59am Nov 25th, 2021

Okay, so my friend sent this image to me, and I swear I know who that winged figure is in the back, but I just can't come up with a name. Anyone know who the weird demonic creature is? I swear he's related to Grogar somehow.

Hopefully this link works. I'm too lazy to find my login credentials for Photobucket.

The image in question.

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Hindsight Hilarity · 7:40am Dec 3rd, 2020

Been a minute since I've been here, and I decided to read my last for blog posts to see what was going when I was around last.

The second most recent post was written on New Year's Eve 2019 where I spoke about how eager I was for 2020 and how much hope I had that it would be a better year.

Wow. I just don't even know what to say to Past xjuggernaughtx. Sorry, buddy. Things... well... Things didn't work out all that well.

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The Newer, Angrier Fimfiction · 5:17am Jun 8th, 2020

I'm not around much anymore, so I'm not hip to the latest trends. I dip in every so often to check messages, and about once a week I look at my notifications.

Wow. Wow! So many political opinions and so much anger. Not that I disagree. I'm mad, too. I'm just not used to seeing it here. We've got the Jetfire situation and so many people supporting Black Lives Matter, which I also support. It can't be said enough. All lives can't matter until black lives matter.

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Into The Future · 5:47am Jan 1st, 2020

So we are two and a half hours away from the new year here in California. I'm eager to leave 2019 behind. Hell, I'm eager to leave the decade behind. Basically since 2015, my life has been fairly unpleasant in one way or another. However, I have high hopes for the future, and what a future it is! 2020! One of the most futuristic of all years. It ranks right up there with 1999 and 2050. And it will forever be linked to Cyberpunk 2020, which is one of my favorite role playing games.

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A Deluge · 7:20am Nov 22nd, 2019

Anyone else getting a ton of feed notifications when you only have one or two actual updates? I keep logging in with a little six or eight next to the globe, but only one update. Inevitably that update is PresentPerfect. You update a lot, PP, and it keeps me interested.

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I Ain't No Cheater! · 4:34pm Oct 25th, 2019

When you click on the "Statistics" button, it'll take you to a little breakdown of what outside sources are leading people to your story. As an aside, this used to be more useful when you could click on it and it would take you back to the source. Anyway, I looked at that today for the first time in forever, and I noticed that a bunch of my stories have been hit by a plagiarism scanner.

I guess I'll take that as a compliment.

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Best Pony Arrives On The Scene · 3:38pm Sep 6th, 2019

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Fuck · 4:41pm Aug 24th, 2019

And now my house needs $80,000 in foundation repair and bedrock stabilization.

Man, being an adult is super fun...

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