• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 105

You pass by Spike, who was waking up due to the commotion. "Huh..what?...Anon? Hey"

He waves to you, but you don't have ANY time to wave back. You make a turn and head to the front doors. Almo… OH SHIT!

You skid on the ground as you try to stop. Twilight had teleported right in front of you. Ready for another shot at you. Goddamn, she was just as persistent as her brother.

"Yo, hey. What's going on? Is the party happening? I thought it was at Sugarcube Corner… oh boy, how long did I sleep?" Spike was rubbing his eyes, he was feeling a little groggy from his nap.

"SPIKE! THAT'S NOT ANON. IT'S QUEEN CHRYSALIS!" Twilight yelled to her assistant.

"I'M NOT QUEEN CHRYSALIS!" You yelled out, stepping back away from Twilight.

"What? What are you talking about Twilight. That's Anon. You locked up Bug Breath. Remember?" Spike said, confused.

"I thought I did Spike, But she's here somehow. I need you to get out of here! She might try to use you as a hostage!" Twilight warned as she released a wave of magic.

You tried to move, but you once again were caught in the sigil as chains began to bind you back into the spot. Dammit, she works quick. You don't even remember her having this spell in the show. Must be new. Just your luck.

"Woah woah, hold on Twilight. How do you know that's really Chrysalis? Wouldn't she had turned back or something?" Spike got up from the throne chair and walked over to you, he was feeling panicky "Come on, this looks like a little much. Don'tcha think?"

You struggled to break free, but it was useless. You weren't strong enough to break the magical chains. "She's a master of disguise Spike. I managed to figure it out from the way she was talking. And what's worse. I think she has the real Anon hidden away somewhere." Twilight turned towards you "Where is he? Talk or I'll just send you to Tartarus right here, right now!"

GODDAMMIT! No amount of struggling was working. And your mind was racing. Tartarus was never fully shown in the show. Who knows how bad it could be down there. What's worse, even if Discord could get your ass out later. How long would it take him to do it? Would he even know you were down there? Because it seemed pretty clear that he wasn't watching what was going on right now.

"Yo, hey. Twilight!" Spike waved his clawed hands at her, in a motion to suggest she was being way too hasty. "Why don't you just ask him, or er..her, a question only Anon would know?"


You looked to Twilight, with a meek and frightened look. Not even faking. You were fucking scared. This was the second time you couldn't escape a situation. And if you somehow failed this test. You'd be in Pony Hell soon enough.

Twilight eyed you, and sidestepped directly between you and the exit. "...I Don't know.."


"COME ON! JUST ASK ME A QUESTION! ANYTHING! COME ON!" You yell out in panic. You needed her to try.

"Twilight, come on. If that's really Anon and you send him away." Spike cringes hard "Yeah, I don't even want to imagine what would happen..."

Twilight took a moment to imagine it however. It didn't take her long to realize perhaps she was being TOO hasty. Sending a colt to Tartarus? If that happened. All her friends would look at her as if she was a monster. She'd lose the favor of the town… maybe even her teacher.

But it was hard. If Chrysalis somehow knew everything you knew, even though the case was that IT IS you. Then she'd be letting a villain go, one who could plot a deadly revenge. And that too, would be her fault. She'd have to think of a question that only you, as Anon, would know. But what?

You were breathing hard, scared. Hoping Discord to show up at some point. Your eyes never left Twilight as you shook. You'd never think you'd be this scared of her.

Twilight sighed, she never loosened the spell. But she didn't send you away, no, she was going to try Spike's plan. "You're right Spike, But… what question do we ask?"

"Leave that to me" Spike walked over to you and prepped his question"Trust me, I got a question only the REAL Anon would know"

Twilight raised an eyebrow "...Spike. Are you sure? Maybe we need somepony else. Like Fluttershy." Twilight knew that Spike had, like herself, very little interaction with the colt. But all the interactions they did have suggested a cute happy little colt.

Twilight was even hoping Discord would show up, he could clear things up easily. She could cast a spell that would reveal the truth. But that would require her to drop the sealing spell. Giving "you a chance to escape".

"Trust me Twilight, I've got this." Spike looked to you, you said nothing. Wondering what he was going to ask, while waiting, if for a chance, to run out of the castle if possible.

"Ok, you ready erm… I dunno if I should call you Chrysalis or Anon. So er, do yo-" Spike was now suddenly nervous

"GET ON WITH IT GEEZ!" You yell out in a burst of anger. Your fear making you more and more hostile to any kind of stalling. You feel the chains get a little tighter after your outburst. Shit..

"Yikes, ok ok." Spike was still willing to give it a shot, but your complaint made Twilight even more suspicious. "Ok, so. If you're REEAAALLLLYYY Anon. Then what kind of gems did you collect for Rarity. And for what?"

Twilight slapped her hoof to her face "Spike, really?"

"Hey, relax Twilight. It's still a really good question. I really doubt Queen Stinkbug would know about it. In fact, where did you get the gems too. That'll really clench it."

...You really hoped Twilight would accept your answer. "Radiant Gems. Rarity needed them for a dress! But I bought her enough with money Dad gave me! In fact! More than enough! Enough for four dresses! I got them in a shop at the Crystal Empire. These two brothers. Flim and Flam were the new managers at the time! Please, that's the truth! Please let me go!"

Twilight cringed… that was an awfully pinpoint answer. You could already feel the chains loosen up. "S-Spike?"

Spike nodded, he was convinced. It hadn't hit him yet though that Twilight was now chaining up a colt. "That's all pretty correct."

"Even the Flim Flam brothers managing the shop?" Twilight asked

Spike nodded "Yup, I know that because I wanted to see if I could order some of those gems myself for… er… tasting reasons. But the prices for delivery were INSANE! Wait hold on!"

You stayed silent, and watched as Spike exited the room. And came back with a sheet of paper. "Check it out. See? This was the price for even ONE gem. And look at the bottom. It's from their desk… and… oh boy Twilight..." It finally hit him.

Twilight's horn began to dim. as the chains on you began to dissipate into nothingness. Twilight didn't know what to say. She just looked at you, shocked at what she had done.

You look at her, you were angry. Beyond angry. But you only stared at her. You were in disbelief. That Twilight, of ALL ponies. Would do something like this.

"...Anon.I-" Twilight was about to apologize, but you snap at her. With a growling low voice.

"Save it… I don't want to hear it."

"Woah..hey Anon. It was ju-" Spike was going to try to speak up for Twilight, but you quickly turn, and snipe at him too.

"I SAID SHUT UP!...I can't believe this." You never thought you'd be cutting it so close. Even if Spike was the one to save you. You were beyond angry. Discord was definitely busy with something. Because he didn't even show up to stop this madness.

You start to step towards the door, eyeing Twilight with dagger filled eyes. Twilight tried again, raising her hoof towards you for you to stop so she could explain herself. "Anon, please, I did-"

"You didn't what? Mean it? You're sorry? You think I'm just going to accept it because I'm a kid? I know exactly what would have happened if you sent me down there Twilight. I'm not stupid. I just wanted to have a civil debate with WHO I THOUGHT was a levelheaded and very smart pony. Because who else could I have this kind of discussion with? Nopony else, that's who!"

Twilight cringed "A-Anon it's. I'm… I just didn't. You have to understand. I-I made the wrong call. I… mnnn" Twilight realized she was making excuses, and then said nothing. She looked horrified with herself. She had felt she was so right. She couldn't believe how wrong she truly was. And felt terrible for what she just caused.

You drew closer to her. Your eyes growing ever sterner, harder. "Yeah, you did. You really did… I'm leaving now. Don't even bother trying to apologize. I won't care."

Spike muttered under his breath. He wasn't understanding it as much as you or Twilight was. "Harsh..."

You head towards the exit. You don't even look back. Nor does Twilight try again to apologize or talk to you. She doesn't even beg you not to tell anyone. She'd probably never do that anyway. But you felt, in some way, she would have. No, she was too crushed by her own actions.

You exit through the door, and close them. You look up into the sky. It was getting dark. Your legs began to shake. But you press on. You try to rationalize with the fact that hopefully. Discord wouldn't have left you hanging.

But you didn't know. You could think of a few times where he couldn't find someone. He couldn't locate Starlight. But he was able to find Chrysalis due to her home apparently being obvious to find. So that begged the question. Would he have been able to find you? And… what if you ran into someone like Tirek while down there?

You looked back at the castle doors. You weren't being followed. Good. You wondered what Twilight was feeling right now. You hoped she was absolutely miserable. You didn't even need to tell her not to come to the party. She wouldn't. And that was fine with you.

You went back to walking, aimlessly forward. With each step. you started to feel your anger turn into fright and sadness. You didn't realize how possible it really was for you to get fucked over in what you saw as a paradise. With each step, you came to realize Discord probably saved your life more times than you could count. When you went to Twilight's. You thought you could have a debate with her, and it would be fun. Maybe bounce off ideas. Maybe even allude to a few human inventions. You would have gotten a kick out of it.

Instead, because of your form. She saw you as someone else, and immediately condemned you. Or, Chrysalis really.

You didn't know where you were going. You were heading down an empty street. You head over to the side of a house and sit near a small garden patch beside it. Gathering your thoughts.
You looked at your hooves. You were still shaking. You began to realize just how helpless you were in this world without help. Without Discord, without miraculous luck, without your horn. You were at your opponent's mercy. Even if that opponent was a pony you thought was at least ok for so many seasons.

You laid there for quite some time. You didn't want to go home. Chrysalis was right. Or, that's what you felt. But you couldn't shake off something was off about her. Or maybe… just maybe. That sort of thinking was the same as Twilight's. You didn't want to think about it all.

You looked up at the sky again, you could see the moon. How much time had passed? You didn't know. It didn't even look like Discord was looking for you. Why would he? He's still probably off doing whatever he was still doing. You didn't want to go home to just Chrysalis. no, you couldn't. even if she wanted to be your "friend". You'd feel alone. You were, at this moment, wishing for Discord's company...

You got up and began to wander. Again, you tried to rationalize that everything should be ok. It had to be. Twilight was just an idiot who got in over her head. Right?...Well, even if you just tried to think of it lightly. The fact she so hard headedly and immediately jumped to conclusions without so much as a fucking test both infuriated and terrified you every time you thought about it.

You didn't feel safe. You didn't feel safe on the streets of Ponyville at night. You, who were supposed to be this man. This adult. You were now terrified. To the point that it matched your form well. You weakly called out. "Discord?...You around?...Applebloom? Scootaloo?...Sweetie Belle? Diamond?...F-Fluttershy?"

...Fluttershy… What would she say about this? It would crush her so badly. You couldn't just tell her. Not because you gave a shit about Twilight. But because you didn't want her to worry.

...You started making a heading towards her cottage. You kept your composure the best you could while on the way. You were trying to convince yourself that you were only going for a friendly visit. With any luck, Discord would be there too. You wished for him to be there.

Through a tireless walk. You could see the cottage in the distance. The windows were a light. So Fluttershy still had to be awake.

You cross the little bridge, slowly, gathering as much willpower as you could. You stop just short of the door and turn to your left. The three statues still sat there. Still in perfect condition.

You stepped up to the door. One last time. You tried to rationalize things. "Twilight's an idiot. Come on Anon, you knew that. Remember Lesson Zero? Or It's About Time? Hell, she couldn't even fix her friendship with Moondancer without Pinkie. Ngh..It's fine… It's fine… It's fine.......it's....fine..."

It wasn't, it didn't fix the fact that being sent to pony hell, with a chance of no escape, was a possibility. "Come on Anon… don't be a wimp, c-come on. Discord's fucked with you so many times..."

And he never meant to actually do you any harm.


"...Just.....play it cool." You prevent yourself from knocking at first, hoping to see Discord. You even look at his statue for… you dunno… a wink?


You sigh. You knock on the door. You wait....

The door doesn't open, but you head a very soft "Hello?" She was probably wondering who was knocking on her door so late. You say nothing at first.

"H-hello? Is anypony out there?" Fluttershy was beginning to think maybe it was the wind… or something.

You gulp. "A-aunt Fluttershy, it's me… A-anon" You were stuttering… good going dipshit.

"Anon?" Fluttershy opened the door, she didn't even crack it open to check, she just opened it, she was smiling. At least for a moment. The moment she looked at you, she got worried. Even you hadn't noticed that you looked raggedy and even dirty from laying around on the street. "A-Anon?..are you.." She steps aside, to let you in "Please come in, what happened?"

"U-uhm, what do you mean?" You looked away from her. There was still something obvious about you that she caught on to. Best to just not look her in the eye.

Fluttershy closed the door as you stepped inside. "Well, Anon… you don't look well. Actually… Anon… what are you doing outside at night? Don't you know there's school tomorrow and… Oh." Fluttershy giggled.

You cringed, still looking away so she couldn't see. What did she find so funny? "W-what's so funny?"

Fluttershy walked up from behind you and gave you a gentle nuzzle from behind your neck. It was… reassuring. But not enough for you to look back. "You must be nervous about the party tomorrow. Well, don't you worry Anon. I know crowds can be a little scary. But you'll be around all your friends. And it's going to be lots of fun, you'll see!"

You had to not look at her. That's all you had to do. But as you looked ahead, towards the couch. You could see Angel, staring back at you. He was wrapped around a blue blanket. Dammit… him. Just keep it together.

"O-oh, right..yeah...the party...I-I guess...I am a little...nervous..."

"Oh Anon, please don't be nervous." Fluttershy went to look into your face, so she could give you one of her bonafide reassuring smiles "I'll be there too, and I'm sure y-.... Anon?" Fluttershy noticed that everytime she entered your peripheral vision. You'd slowly turned away from her. "Anon, why… why won't you look at me? I-I know you're nervous but..."

...This was a mistake. She was already seeing something was wrong. And this wasn't related to Discord. You couldn't lie… because the moment she went to Twilight's castle… she was going to… You started to tear up, you fucked up Anon. You fucked up.

And as you hid it from her, Angel was able to see you were crying.

"Anon?...please answer me...please.." You didn't want to upset her.

Angel got up from his blanket and rushed over to Fluttershy, grabbing her attention. "Angel? What's the matter?"

He was trying to pull her away from you. For what purpose? You didn't know. But, you were actually thankful for him taking the attention this time. You wiped your tears away. And tried better to compose yourself.

Angel on the other hand, could tell that's exactly what you were trying to do. And while he considered you an enemy when it came to Fluttershy and her affections. Even he had never seen you cry. And considering he was now, at this moment, in third place in knowing anything about your secrets. For him to come to your rescue. If you knew, you'd thank him later for it.

"Angel, come on now. I-I'm dealing with something important. I promise I'll get you a snack when I'm done ok? I'll even give you some extra, just for you." Fluttershy was trying to shoo away Angel. She couldn't do it by just telling him to go away, wasn't in her nature. But maybe with the promise of treats?

After you were sure your tears were wiped off. You turned to Fluttershy, who was looking down at Angel. And the moment Angel saw you were ok. He just backed off from Fluttershy. But not without giving you the "I'm watching you" gesture. While he believed you were really hurt, he still had some doubt. And seeing that, you could tell he definitely did you a favor. Though, you weren't sure yourself why he did such a gesture.

"Angel?...Angel Bunny?" Fluttershy called out to him

But he just hopped off, just out of the room itself. Without telling her a word apparently.

"I-I sure hope I didn't upset you..." Fluttershy was talking to nobody now, but she was afraid she hurt Angel's feelings. In fact, she was starting to think she hurt yours, somehow.

She turned towards you, she could see you were facing her now. But despite your tears gone. your somber smile was off putting. "A-Anon… did I hurt your feelings when I mentioned you were nervous about the party?"

...Even trying to put up a false front. Fluttershy was upset about something. Maybe she could tell something even deeper was wrong. Or maybe she really thought she had hurt you… and...
...nope, you started to tear up again. All you needed her to do was just smile and cheer you up. Not act sad.

"N-no, I'm fine… I'm just… tired" Why couldn't you get over this? WHY?! Chrysalis threatened to kill you before. So why did this affect you more?

...You couldn't figure it out. And you couldn't stop your tears. Your lie was easily saw through.

"Anon...." Fluttershy stepped up to you and wiped your tear away gently with her hoof. "Please tell me what's the matter. If it's not the party, then what is it? Maybe I can help? Oh! In fact! I know just the trick to turn that frown upside down!"

Her maternal instinct was kicking in as she put on a bright smile, even though she was still worried, she knew you always calmed down when she was affectionate towards you. She, like before, gently grabbed you, and flipped onto her back, so you could hug onto her tummy. "Are you feeling bett-.....Anon?" She was smiling up until she looked onto your face. You still looked miserable to her.

But you still took the opportunity to lay your head down on her belly. even feeling as shitty as you did. It made you feel safe, but not enough to make this a distant memory. Maybe it was because someone you seen for so many seasons, go through so many friendship issues, and get through them with her friends. Suddenly went full retard on you and tried to banish you. And if the show was any indication… it could have even been for a 1000 years… if you lived that long. "......Aunt Fluttershy....Au...nt.."

You grasped onto her tightly, and just nuzzled, taking in her warmth. You didn't want to be anywhere else. "C-can I stay here tonight. Can I sleep here? Can I sleep here with you..please… please..please?"

Fluttershy's mind only grew with grimmer thoughts when she heard that. What could have happened to make you want to sleep in her home? Not that she minded, you were always welcome. But she never thought your first real sleepover with her would be because of… whatever it was. "Of course Anon… but… won't you please tell me what's the matter?"

...You can't. ...You can't.

"....is...it's not your father is it? Is something going on at home?" You open your mouth to tell her yes.


You can't, you see a look of genuine worry in her face. Not just Flutterbutter worrying. REAL worrying. You clam up.

"Yes?....oh… oh no. I… he didn't do anything… t-to bad. Did he? Maybe just..a prank?" Fluttershy was hoping it was just one of Discord's silly pranks.

...Great, she was blaming Discord now. No, you couldn't let he blame him. For his sake, your sake, and her sake. You shake your head. "No, it's not him, or anything at home.."

"...Then what is it? Is there anything I can do to help? Whatever it is Anon, you tell me. I'm here for you" Fluttershy started to gently rock herself the best she could while on her back. Wrapping her front hooves around your body.

...You thought about it, just keeping it to yourself. But what good would that do? Once one of the ponies went to see Twilight. They'd know, and it'd spread among them. Including Fluttershy. It was inevitable. And as you tried to contain it. You knew, holding it in would only make it worse.

"...Aunt Fluttershy..." You thought about asking her to promise not to get upset. But you knew that was futile.

You took a breath. Between hiding it, and talking about it. You weighed the options one last time.
By not telling her. Life could eventually proceed as normal. But you knew everyone would find out, probably during the party. You would get barraged with questions. The hassle would be great. And Fluttershy, she might even be hurt that you didn't trust her enough to actually tell her whats wrong. And if she had to react at all, you didn't want her to do it in public.

But by telling her. You'd have someone who you could talk to about it. Maybe, to help you sort your thoughts and maybe not be so upset. Maybe even not be pissed off at Twilight. But that was going to be hard. The problem was, you knew this would upset Fluttershy and cause a catastrophe. So no matter what the choice. You were fucked.

...You decided to tell her. You would just have to make sure to try to cheer her up somehow right after. And even looking at her, you hesitated. And so you thought one last time. Was Twilight really at fault for her actions? You thought on Chrysalis. even you didn't fully believe her when it came to prejudice. And Twilight just attacked you right when she suspected you. And even with all the ways to think of another way. It was Spike who essentially saved your ass.

She was. She was totally at fault. And within your fear, your hurt on being attacked by a character who you essentially felt you watched "grow up". You felt anger, that this same character would be so damn aggressive. "...It's about Twilight.."

Fluttershy was extremely confused, she even held her breath for just a moment upon hearing Twilight's name. That… that couldn't be right. "...about Twilight? Anon what do you mean?"

You were shaking, just from hearing and saying her name. That was it, wasn't it? The terrible realization that Twilight just condemned you for even trying to talk with her about something you were sure would be ok to talk about. And then the fact that you knew if you were sent into Tartarus. It'd be the end. Period.

You could have possibly been lost forever. And the very fact that Twilight would have caused it. Made you cry, you didn't want to be alone again. You didn't want to know that could have happened. That was it. The fact you could have ended up alone because Twilight was being a fucking FUCKING SHIT! A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! You would have been alone in a place worse than earth, in a near literal hell. even if you found the exit. You'd be torn apart by Cerberus.

"Twilight, she tried to send me to Tartarus..." And that’s all it took.

Fluttershy went wide eyed. Utterly shocked. No, that couldn't be right. "A-Anon, a-are you sure? I mean… that just sounds like a bad dream."

You shake your head. as tears began to well up. You never EVER wanted to be alone. or a chance to be forced to be alone. "It wasn't a dream. It wasn't. S-she thought I was the changeling queen. She thought..."

You tell Fluttershy what had transpired at the castle. With each sentence. Fluttershy's heart grew heavier with sadness… and as the story went on. She even started to feel anger. The details you gave didn't sound like the imagination of a child. Fluttershy wanted to get up, and go find out Twilight's side of the story. And she was hoping she had a good one. Because Fluttershy thought that if she had succeeded. Then it was DEFINITE you weren't coming back.

"...I was afraid… I thought I'd never see you, or dad, or my friends again..I… I" You started crying. Now that you figured it out. You just cried. Telling the story, while it got it off your chest. Didn't help in the ways of calming you down. You were a pathetic ball of fluff.

You liked your life here. You liked the excitement. You liked being dragged around for stupid shit, even if you didn't like it at the same time. You liked how different each of your friends were. You liked having friends. You liked looking forward to the new day, even if on school days, you got slammed into it head first by a bed alarm. Hell, even falling on your head multiple times wasn't that bad. Because you would always get back up, because you still had a good day ahead of you… or you were running for your life. Whatever it was.

And you never wanted to lose it. Ever...

Fluttershy, could feel you shaking on her belly as the tears from you flowed more and more. No, She wouldn't go confront Twilight now. She held you tight. Gently rubbing her right hoof along your back. "Anon… would you like to sleep with me tonight? We can cuddle close, and I'll tell you a story. Would you like that?"

You sob and cry, nuzzling firmer into her. You just wanted to feel her warmth, and her love. Things you'd never feel ever again back on earth. You tell her, in a weak, sobbing voice. "I-I'd like that… s-s-o much.."

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