• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 54

You readied yourself. You were going to have fun with this one. You expected Bonbon to be really confused. And you really really hoped Lyra was around. No doubt she'd find you super adorable. You felt a new spring in your step. You were happier, as if the last of the chains you felt holding you back had been removed.

You clear your throat, and take the ribbon roll and hide it under your top hat. Yeah, This time was fun time. Finally, Bonbon came and opened the door. Good, you were happy she was home.

"Hello, who's… Anon?" Bonbon looked at you awkwardly, then a small smile formed on her face, she looked like she wanted to laugh "I-is that you?"

You wish you had a monocle for this. Oh well, you stood as regally as you could and gave your tie a tug. "Indeed, it is I, Anon. Good evening lady Bonbon, I trust you are well?"

Bonbon had to stifle a giggle. what was this all about? "Anon..what are you doing? You look like you're dressed for a fancy dinner date."

Hmmm… that doesn't sound like a bad idea… eh. "On the contrary, I am actually here to provide you, lady Bonbon, with a gift that you in fact wanted earlier today."

"A gift?" Now Bonbon was really confused, and her smile started to subside "I don't remember asking for one… Anon, what are you doing here? You know it's almost sundown right? Shouldn't you be getting home?"

You just give her a gentlemanly smile and remove your top hat, holding it to her upside down. "I mean what I said. A gift for you young maiden, so that you may frolic with your friend in matching sunhats, behold!"

Bonbon looks down into your hat as you hold it closer to her. She notices the ribbon roll. Then she got it. "Oh Anon, you didn't need to get this for me." She gives you a warm smile "I could have just gotten it tomorrow." She takes the ribbon roll and slips it behind her ear. "Still, that doesn't explain the top hat and suit. I really hope you weren't trying to ask me out for a date."

You give her a surly smirk, you didn't react unusually this time. You were not only getting used to it. But you were in this only for fun. "Well, if you're not doing anything."

Bonbon burst out laughing, that sounded absurd to her. She was now sure you were just joking. "Ok Hahaha, ok ok… you got me Anon, I almost thought you were trying something."

You chuckle confidently. "Yeah, I just wanted to have a little fun with this. I could never ever think of any actual reason I'd need a top hat. You almost looked convinced I wanted something like that… Hey is Lyra here? I wanna see how she reacts to my "classieness"."

Bonbon calms herself to titters, and shakes her head. "No, she isn't. She went home a little while ago. I wish she was here to see you though. I would have loved to see her react too." Bonbon removes the ribbon roll from behind her ear and examines it. "And this...this is exactly what I needed. Thank you Anon, I appreciate you going out of your way to give this to me"

You nod. "Hey, no problem. I mean. You guys just let me come in and have tea with you. It's the least I could do, you guys just let me be friends with you just like that. Thanks."

Bonbon knew in reality, it was more Lyra than her. But, to her, especially right now. You seemed like not only an intelligent colt, but you got the modest and humble hero thing going for you.

Bonbon smile becomes more gentle and warming as she gives you a pat on the head "You're alright Anon. If you want to hang out with me and Lyra at anytime. Don't hesitate to look for us… but, you really should be getting home ok? Before it gets dark."

"Ok, I'm glad you're happy with your gift Bonbon… and now." You place the top hat firmly on your head and give it a tip "I bid you ado and a pleasant night" You bow

Bonbon giggles again, and waves "And a good night to you too young colt" She does her best to sound fancy, she's actually pretty good at it. agent training? who knows.

You thought about asking her to use her bathroom to go home. But eh, you wanted to take a stroll, just to enjoy the air without any worry in your mind. Hell, by Discord's word you were gonna have some kind of fun tomorrow messing with Changelings. Finally, you can do something super fun for a change without having to worry about consequences. You just wondered what Discord had in mind.

And you know what you told Rarity, but dammit. It was just a small detour. You could use the fountain by town hall to get back home. So it wouldn't be that long a trip anyway. It was a good time to be Anon. You felt happy, and you felt loved. It was a good feeling. You turn the corner, with a little spring in your step. A little more positivity and you could burst into song about how great you feel. I guess the truth really does liberate people… well… truth to certain degrees.

Then suddenly...


That voice… no… way… what?

You immediately stop your prancing. And slowly turn around.

...Diamond Tiara

She looked… a lot more gentle than every time you've run into her before. And you couldn't just greet her nastily… You saw the episode through the potion… and the CMC told you the version that happened in this universe.

"Diamond Tiara? Uhh… what are you doing out?"

Diamond Tiara was eyeing your getup. "I was going home… What are you doing out?"

You noticed her staring at you, it must have been your top hat and suit. "Umm..the same..Was just going home."

"Oh..." She looked a little nervous "Can I… talk to you? Since you're here?"

Talk…? looking at her, it looked like she had a lot to say. She was looking around, and she looked a little upset just by running into you.

"Yeah umm, let's talk and walk actually. Cover more ground that way"

She agrees, and the both of you begin walking to the fountain. You feel a little nervous. Considering what Spoiled Rich told you. Then again, fuck that bitch. She’s a cunt. You were just a little thrown off by running into DT out of the blue.

"So… uhh… what's on your mind? " You ask.

What was on her mind indeed...

"Well… I heard you ran into my mother."

Yup, you did. "Yeah… she kind of told me to stay away from you."

"She told me the same thing. She said you were only after our family fortune. I told her that wasn't true. But… the way she explained it. It sort of made sense to me… but, you didn't seem like you would do that… In fact… do you know anything about what happened today? Did you happen to run into Applebloom and her friends?"

You nod. "Yeah… they told me what happened. Considering how your mom is, that was a pretty gutsy move to stand up to her."

"Well, that's the thing. At that moment. I realized just how wrong she really was. About me, my cutie mark, you, and Applebloom and her friends… Anon, I'm sorry about everything. About how I tried to take you away from your new friends… It's just, I saw how they made a friend out of you so easily… I got angry. I thought "How could this new colt just latch on to these blank flanks instead of me"...Though, umm, if you did come to me first… I… probably would have just laughed at you… sorry..."

Oh boy… you looked at her. With every word she was looking sadder, more apologetic. "It's fine… didn't sound like your mom gave you much choice of anything but to act that way. She told you guys like me, and fillies like the crusaders were pretty much scum, huh?"

She silently nods. Geez Diamond Tiara... You weren't used to this. She wasn't acting at all like her normal self… which was a good thing… but still.

"But, they showed me… they showed me there was another way. That's why I'm glad to be with you right now Anon, I wanted to tell you how I feel... and just to apologize… You know, when you saved me. I thought… “Why? Why did he save me?” And... It bothered me. I started to feel different about you. And when you fell down… I got really scared. I… I was never in a scary situation like that before… and you risked your life for me… Me… who treated you and your friends like di-..d..."

She couldn't hold it in. She nuzzled her head to your side as she cried, she felt so bad. You could feel it through her tears. All that time being a bitch had caught up to her. She was trying to be good, but those feelings, knowing who she originally was, must have made her feel like shit. And, you were the one she was dumping this on… You felt really bad for her.

"Hey hey, come on. I forgive you. You didn't know any better. Your mom did… but she just wanted you to be like her, to uphold some sort of social standing instead of letting you grow into who you wanted to be..." Christ, you sounded like a end of episode moral. But you weren't dumb. You had insight others didn't have. "But I forgive you, and Applebloom,Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle I'm sure forgives you too. They wouldn't have helped you out if they did. Just forget about what you did, and focus on what you can do. You're not a bad pony."

You could hear her cries die down a little, she looks to you. Her face was a mess, she was still crying. "I feel like I am… I tried today… I felt confident trying to fix things… but… Now I'm going home… My mother is going back to Manehatten. And I don't know… how to feel. She's my mother Anon, I care about her… but, now that I know there's another way… what am I supposed to do?"

Damn, that's right. That's still her mother. And despite being a massive bitch cunt. She's probably more angry than willing to accept she was wrong.

"Do you know how your dad feels?"

"Daddy?...I don't think he even really knows."

...You wondered something. "How is your dad? I mean, when nopony is around? Is he how I know him?"

Diamond Tiara takes a breath, her weeping was slowing, good, she was becoming more comfortable. "Daddy is always like that… he's not mean, and he listens to me."

Yeah, you didn't have much to go on. But he never seemed like an asshole and seemed to care a lot more than his wife. That's good… he did seem ignorant though. "Is anypony gonna tell him what happened?"

Diamond Tiara shook her head "I don't want to… I don't want him to get mad at my mother. And I don't think she's going to tell him either… I just want to leave it alone. I don't want them to fight..."

Aye geez… If it was up to you. You'd tell him. But given the politics… it'd be better to leave that to her.

You reach the fountain. But, if you left now. She'd be alone… "Hey Diamond… How about I take you home? It doesn't look like you're gonna get there before that sun goes down."

She looks up in the sky. No, the sun was visibly inches away from being fully down. She didn't realize she was out that late. "..You'll take me home?"

You shrug. "Yeah, you still look like you have things to say, and pfft. I'm in a top hat and suit, it'd be very ungentlecoltly to just leave you here."

She looked at your top hat and suit, then back to you. She lit up a little. You could see it. "I, I was wondering about that. I didn't want to say anything about it. I didn't want you to think I was making fun of you."

You give her a smile as you dismissively roll your eyes. "Pfft, I wouldn't care. Scootaloo already laughed at me for it."

Diamond Tiara reacted negatively to that, almost angrily "She did?! But she's your friend… that's just rude!"

Oh boy..here we go. "Hey hey, it's fine. It was just in fun.."

"But...doesn't that make you feel bad?"

"It depends. Sometimes friends joke and make fun of eachother in good nature. It's only really bad if they keep it up or say something that's really hurtful. Everypony is different about it. I don't mind too much."

Diamond Tiara took in your words, and just looked at you silently for a moment before speaking. “You do look a little silly."
She smiles a little bit. Heh, guess you can't take that part out of her completely. But that smile. It wasn't one of malice.

You smirk at her. "Silly huh? Is this better?" You pop off your top hat, knocking it to the ground, and grab Diamond Tiara's… diamond tiara… and place it on your head.

"Welp, I'm now one step closer to being a princess now. All I need is a horn and some wings." And that's what did it. She couldn't hold it in. She nearly fell over laughing at you. She found it hysterical.

Smooth Anon, maybe you should see if you could use that element of laughter one day. "Feeling better?"

You hold the tiara towards her. She has to calm herself from laughing so much before she could take it and put it back on. You yourself grab your top hat and place it back on your head.

"See? Just gotta be good natured about it. You'll get the hang of it… Feeling better?" You ask again.

"Mhmm… Thanks Anon, I really needed that."

"It's fine, it's what I do. So… what does the future hold for miss Diamond Tiara, what are you gonna do?"

Diamond Tiara looks towards the slowly rising moon. "Well, I want to be a better pony. I want to lead… but not push. I want to make things better for everypony without driving them away."

Heh, that's good. She really did manage to pull a 180 after getting out of the clutches of her mother.

"That sounds good to me. And if you fall down, me and Applebloom and the others will be there to help you if you need us, and.." You realized something. "Actually, how are you and Silver Spoon? She got really upset when you, well, you know.."

"Oh… we're friends again. After what happened. I apologized to her. She was really happy to hear it. I didn't realize I hurt her so bad. She was even trying to help me with the election. I almost screwed that up too... but, she forgave me. I'm really glad though, that we could be friends again."

"How does she feel about the new you?"

Diamond smiles at that question "It's kind of weird, but she's all for it. She said she just wants to be friends again no matter what."

Heh… a follower to the end. Even willing to make changes if it meant being her best friend. It's probably one of the only things she ever knew in life. Well, that's something you didn't need to worry about.

You both were approaching the manor. boy, you hoped Spoiled didn't show up. "Looks like things are really looking up for you then. I'm really happy for you Diamond Tiara. I really like the new you."

Diamond Tiara stopped, then continued walking beside you, she looked shocked. then she started to blush. "You like me?"

Oh shit, you fucking forgot. She did have a crush on you. You didn't even think to consider it. "U-umm..well..the new you I mean. It just feels nice to hang out with you."

"O-oh, well, I like hanging out with you Anon, you're really nice and understanding." Diamond Tiara was losing focus, she was looking about. Nervous.

Aye geez… You pass the gates and head towards the door. You didn't have to the heart to crush her. No, just, act natural.

"Yeah well. I mean, it is what it is and I am who I am. Ummm… here we are." You both reached the front door.

Diamond Tiara wouldn't stop looking at you. she looked so gentle and soft at this moment. "Th-thank you for taking me home Anon, that was really sweet of you… you know you didn't have to do that.."

You shrug "Like I said..." You point to the top hat.

"Right… umm.." She knocks on the door. she had forgotten that you mentioned it was just you being a "Gentlecolt". She felt it was more than that.

On that, you felt it would be good to leave before things got serious.

"Welp, I've gotta be getting home. You take care of yourself...ok? You're doing really good Diamond. I know things will only get better for you."

You wave to her, and go to leave. But, she wasn't done yet. “Wait… Anon… can I tell you one more thing before you go?"

One more? "Yeah sure, What is it?"

"Can you come closer?"

...Ok. You comply, and step closer.

"Yup… Is it something you got to whisper or something?"

"Sorta… a little closer."

Your face comes up right to hers. you turn your head so she could whisper to you. But instead, she gives you a kiss on the cheek and blushes deeply.

Oohh… No… Ohhh… Nooo… Ohh… Noo… Oh.. No..

You couldn't help but blush yourself… That was so sudden… So soft… You even felt wobbly… Come on man, this was DT… yeah, this was a newly reformed, not shitty DT. BUT IT WAS STILL A DAMNED FILLY!

"G-goodnight Anon..."

"G-goodnight Diamond..."

Woo… you stepped away, giving her a wave as you head towards the gate. Keeping an eye on her as the door opens..it was the maid that opens it. She looks back towards you, but you were already out of sight.

Oh god… Good fucking god. It happened. It fucking happened. Nope, couldn't be Ponk. Couldn't be Fluttershy. Couldn't even be the CMC who would be your age. It was Diamond Tiara… for five years you knew her as a gigantic fucking cunt. And now, in one fell swoop. She was different. She was trying to be a confident leader. And she was falling in love with you and you had no idea how to actually feel about that. Geez, you wondered what the CMC would think if they saw this shit.

But, at the same time. You couldn't just crush her feelings after she had just reformed. Who knows how she would react… and, would it really be that bad anyway? Is it a bad thing? You just didn't know. And even then… this is going to be something you sure would pop up day after tomorrow.

You needed to get home, and try to forget this for now.

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