• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 40

"Let's see… let's seeee" You looked around, you could see Town Hall behind you. but you had no interest in seeing Mayor Mare. No, you wanted to do something you could never do as a human. "...come on Anon...think.."

You started walking, humming a little ditty from your past. Trying to get an idea. "...hmmn hmmmm… mhhnnn… come on, this should be easy, there's like a million things I can do. Visit Pinkie?... Nah, she's probably off somewhere. Have an adventure?... like where? Maybe find a background pony and have a chat? nah, had enough talking. Come on Anon..."

You stopped, tapped your hoof to the ground. "Come on song cue...." You perked your ears up for any notes. Nothing. "...dammit..come on. not even a cool song and dance number where things get zany? Ugh… this bites."

You looked around at all the other ponies going about their day, roseluck buying seeds. Berry Punch having a chat with Amethyst… something… You forget. You even spot Carrot Top going about her day humming a tune of her own.

"Ok....maybe I should just go shop around for....something. lessee...what do I need? What could a pony like me want?" You began to sit and ponder. silently. You didn't want to spend it on anything temporary, you wanted a souvenir.


"Come one! Come All! Come get your very own Princess Twilight Sparkle Figurine!"

Hrn? oh god… Hasbro has breached the dimensions… No, not actually. Your turn to see a bunch of ponies gathering around a stall ran by a rather stylish and quick talking blue stallion with a black mustache and mane. His Cutie Mark being of two ponyquinn dolls looking away from each other.

"That's right, How could you all live in the very town the Princess of Friendship herself resides in and not have these wonderful figurines in support of her rule! These figurines may not do much but look at the craftsmanship in each one, all hoofmade, and all in amazingly high quality. And you can get yours today for only 20 bits! It's practically high treason to be selling such gorgeous royal items at such a price!"

And just like that, the ponies of the town started flocking to get their own figurine. Boy, the Flim Flam bros could take a lesson from this guy. Or maybe not, their first escapade was pretty legit, sorta. Still, you weren't too much in a hurry to get one of your own. You wanted to make sure it was of fine quality first.

With your smaller size, you weave through the crowd, even forcefully pushing a few to the side without getting noticed and move up to the front of the stall. You start eyeing the models he was selling. All of them, Twilight in different poses, None silly, and most regal. It's like this guy doesn't know she isn't exactly the "proper" type. Still...They looked pretty damn good. Way higher quality than Hasbro's usual slock.

You squeeze your hoof into your saddle bag and pull out the needed bits to get one. You kind of wish there were Pinkies and Fluttershys, but it seems this guy was definitely working an angle as well.
You manage to get one amongst the sea of ponies. Woah...it's made of wood. You'd have never had noticed without touching it. If only you could post a picture on how exact it looked.
You put it in your saddle bag and nod your head. One fun thing down.....sorta...kinda....Now for something else.

But as you walk away from the crowd and head off in an aimless direction. You can feel a sense that you were being followed. You walk a little more aways, faking ignorance, you can definitely hear hoof steps behind you. "AHHAAAAA! YOU AREN'T GOING...to......why are you following me?"

What you thought may have been a pony after your figurine. Was instead Silver Spoon, and only her. one half of the tyrannic duo. She didn't seem to pleased that you were mucking about.

"Because...I'm on to you" She said as she narrowed her eyes at you


"Excuse me? on to me about what?"

"You think I totally don't know? Do you even realize what you did?!" Nope, she was definitely angry about something.

Wut?... "What did I do? What, are you still mad about the whole threatening thing I said? That was a long time ago, get over it and leave me be" You snort at her, and go to turn, until she starts yelling at you.

"Don't turn away from me you friend stealer! I know you did it on purpose!"

Friend stealer? What? You turn to her, annoyed and confused. "Friend stealer? I have no clue what you are talking about. Why don't you go on with your other half and just leave me alone, I'm trying to have fun here."

A tear runs down her eye as she looks at you with a stern look, but her voice, it's weaker, stuttering "I-I can't, she..she doesn't want to hang out with me anymore"

Wuuuuuuuuuuut? "who, Diamond Tiara? Seriously? Why not?"

Suddenly, Silver started yelling at you, angry "WHY NOT?! YOU KNOW WHY!" She began to pant "I know you somehow took my photos, I didn't lose them. I know I didn't."

...Oh shit… Oohh shit… "W-well, I didn't take them. Not my fault you lost your blackmail centerpiece."

"Don't lie! Some ponies are already hailing you as some sort of brave hero now! Yeah… right... You probably hired those thugs to just CONVENIENTLY show up. No way a colt like you could beat up two stallions"

...Not exactly true on both counts. Seems she didn't have the whole story. "I did, I just don't play fairly. You think I'm just going to let some thugs do what they want?"

Silver didn't buy it. "oh? Then what's this I hear of your "Father" finding them and then them ending up as plant food in the Everfree forest? hmmmm?"

"Uhhhh....they were dumb? You do know Rainbow Dash was with him right? Are you suggesting he was in on this ridiculous theory you are just throwing at me? Because you sound pretty stupid right now"

She stomps her hoof. "Don't call me stupid! You're stupid! You think you're clever? You even managed to fool Discord. I wonder if you planned for him to get eaten too just to look like a victim. Look at you, you don't even have a single injury. Why did you even go to the hospital?!"

No injuries? Well you did heal kind of fast… but… oh right. Rarity...

"I do have an injury."

Whatever, it's fine. You rub your hoof along your hidden black eye. It doesn't sting anymore, but you begin to wipe away the mascara that Rarity used to cover it up.

"Do you see it?"

Silver Spoon seemed shocked, she didn't seem to understand how you made a black eye appear "Huh?... How?"

"Rarity said it looked pretty ugly and used her talents to cover it up. I took a beating."

She was already relenting. She was no Diamond Tiara. She couldn't keep up her relentless hatred like she could. "I didn't..I thought...but..still!"

Suddenly, Silver went back on the offensive "You still took my friend away!"

ugh...this was annoying. She was probably overreacting or something.

"Look...to tell you the truth, I don't care what you actually mean. She's probably just shaken up still. Why don't you go see her again and leave… me… be"

"I-I can't. Her dad took her out somewhere to relax.."

"...And? You can't wait for her?"

Silver Spoon shook her head, she was sad , she looked down in her sorrow "....No, she doesn't want to see me. When I knocked on her door, she came out… and… do you know what she said?"


Silver Spoon shook her head as more tears started to flow. "She said your name, she looked really happy one moment...then disappointed the next. I asked her what was wrong. She didn't say anything. I asked her if she wanted to go out and spy on the crusaders… she said she didn't feel like it anymore. When I asked her what you did to her, She yelled at me...and told me to leave..."

Then she looked at you with tearful anger. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

...ohhhhh… that… that didn't sound good at all. you take a moment to think before answering. This… really sounded like you messed with the natural order of the status quot.

"I-I I didn't do anything! I just saved her. that's it! Look, I don't know. Like I said, she's probably just scared. Why don't you just wait til she gets back?"

Silver Spoon didn't say anything at first. Christ… she was still crying though. Was she this dependent on Diamond Tiara? Then again, on the show, they were ALWAYS together and Diamond was always the brains. What happened?

"Look...uhmm..Silver Spoon..why don't you just go back home huh? just uhh...wait it out a day, and, she'll probably go back to normal" You did your best to sound sincere. You didn't like her, but geez. She looked so sad and pathetic.

She wiped her tears, she was done. "D-do you think so?" Finally, she was giving in.

You nod. "Yeah, I mean. That kind of shock can get to you. Just give her a day. Trust me."

Silver Spoon sniffed, and wiped her tears away once again "B-but...why would she expect you instead of me? Why would she say your name?"

...You didn't have an answer for that one… Not one she'd like to hear.
"U-uhhh...well. I was with her when we got attacked, she may have thought I was just..uhh...gonna see if she was ok. Or maybe she wanted to yell at me because I didn't save her sooner. Who knows? Just… just give it a day alright?"

Silver Spoon didn't say anything, she was too busy crying.


You reach into your saddlebag and pull out your map. "Here...blow on this"

Silver Spoon takes off her glasses completely and takes the map, and takes a big blow, and hands it back to you. You take the map, and shake it a little to get the tears and boogers out. Now you knew how every cartoon character felt ever about this. It was kind of gross.

"Feel better?"

Silver Spoon slightly nods "m-mhmmm...So...just...wait a day?"

You nod. "Yeah, should be fine by then"

"O-ok… s-sorry, for… I'm sorry"

...Oh boy, if this didn't blow over, you were going to be the one to be sorry.

"It's fine. Just, just have a safe trip home ok?"

She nods, you thought about escorting her. But this was not something you wanted to make worse by spending more time with her than you had to. You had a feeling what was actually wrong. And you didn't like it one bit. Silver Spoon silently nods. turns away, gives you one last sorrowful look, and walks away in the other direction.

"...geez… why do I feel like this is really gonna come back to bite me in the ass?" You sigh… "Dammit… I reallllllly hope this blows over..."

You needed a hell of a pick me up now. ugh...well...whenever you feel lonely and sad. Pinkie is there to tell you it isn't so bad. Of course… even if she was available. There's no way you could just dump this on her. She'd ask too many questions.

...No, you could at least go there and just hang out. If anyone could brighten up anyone's day. It was her. You just hoped she wasn't doing anything. You take out your map, give it another shake, and open it up. and Look for the best path to Sugarcube corner and head off on your way.

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