• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 297

Author's Note:

Chryssi gets angry
Twilight gets angry
And Anon gets angry

Outside, you head towards the nearest water source to return home, trying to get the other you out of your mind...the jerk. The party would be soon. You had to get home, you had to convince Chrysalis in coming with you to the castle. You were sure Pinkie had things set by now.

You headed into the nearby farm, and looked over by the barn. The farm itself seemed to be devoid of any pony life. The Apples must have already gone to the castle. Aha! Near the barn, you find a large bucket of water. Perfect! You give it a swift buck, and dab your map into it, creating the portal into your room.

You fall in, and then head towards your floor door after nabbing your map. But then....you slow down for a moment. You head over to your window, you felt you needed a cheering up.

You open the blinds to reveal the X-Captain, still there, his golden eye had turned a bloodshot red as he stared intently at you, murderous rage in his voice. "ANNNOOOOOONNN! YOU CAN'T KEEP ME OUT FOREVER! SOONER OR-" You close the blinds on him.

Then you open it, as he screeches in anger. "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP DOING THAT! I'LL OBLITERATE YOU! I SWE-...what are you doing?" The X-Captain noticed you reaching for the lock on your window. You start to gently flick at it. He suddenly becomes happy, jovial even, as he smashes his face onto the window, staring at your hoof. "DO IT! DO IT! PLEASE, DO IT! C'MONNNNN" Every tentacle on his ball mass was trembling in anticipation.

You smirk at him, and remove your hoof. "Nahhhhhhh, no"

"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He becomes so batshit insane he just starts firing bolts of magic everywhere from his eye. But just like with the laser, it does nothing.

"Well...I feel a little better now. Thanks dipshit" You smirk at him as you salute. But he was too crazed to even notice.

You close the blinds during his screeching and head down into the living room and through the trap door. "Alright, just keep in mind of what Discord said. Just ask her to prove it, prove to you that ponies suck...that’s all. egh..will that really work?"

You could try your idea. But then again, Discord could be right about that. You at least had to think of a back up plan. Well, if nothing else, you could spend a charge to send her there against her will. But that's not good enough. You wanted her to know she could be beat by you as well. You were sick of being seen as a pushover by her. You weren't...

You pull out your map for a moment to even make sure she was down here. She was. So, she probably hasn't found out about the party.

When you finally reach her inner sanctum, you noticed her in some sort of racer gear with a backwards cap. She was personally cleaning her car as the changelings around her watched.

She was chuckling to herself "To think, such a perfect tool of destruction came from such a little contrarian shrimp. Ahh, mummy loves you so much." Chrysalis gives it a few rubs with the sponge, then dips it into soapy water from a bucket next to her. "That little worm, he's so adorably naive. Thinking he could beat me, thinking he can change me...." She starts laughing maniacally. "HAHAHAHAHA! That little fool doesn't know who he's dealing with Haha...ha....hmmm" She starts to groan mid laughter, and drops the sponge. "...Why can't he just join me already? Seriously..what's the point of his stupid endeavors? He is the only pony! ONLY PONY! Who I can see eye to eye with and yet he has to have the flaw known as morality. How? he was a human before, they didn't seem all that moralistic. All the more reason to choose the winning race, my race. Stupid Anon, he's so stupid...STUPID!" She raises the sponge with her magic and causes it to explode, throwing soapy water everywhere, she was angry. "I'M SICK OF BEING DOWN HERE! I'M SICK OF BEING A PONY! ALL HE NEEDS TO DO IS USE THAT HORN AND I'D BE FINE! If only the way to my kingdom was possible. But the form Discord gave me..." She silently growls. "It's too weak to even deal with a simple bugbear"

"My queen!...erm" One of the changelings approach her, as you just stand there, staring.

"WHAT IS IT, CARAPACE!" She barks in anger, losing the clothes she had on in a wisp of green flame.

"A-Ahmm....." the changeling goes silent, and points over behind her.

"Hrmmmm?" Chrysalis looks behind herself, noticing you, realizing you heard everything. Though, she didn't seem to care too much "...eavesdropping, Anon?"

You carefully approach her, stepping away from the soapy spots on the floor. "Err, more like you were just kinda talking to yourself."

"Hmmnnnn.." She just stared and grumbled with a sour face before turning away, looking upon her car. "So I was" She sighs, then shoos you away "...I'm busy, Anon. Unless you're here to help me, then leave. I'm not in the mood to play our game tonight"

"Actually..." You sigh, and drum up some conflicting emotions. "Chrysalis, I was thinking about what you said earlier..."

Chrysalis stops, but she doesn't turn her head to face you, she tries to stay focused on her car as she takes another sponge from the bucket to continue washing her car. "You have? I doubt it. Considering you always find a way to bury yourself in the sought after love of your 'Aunt' and friends"

"....Uh huh, yeah. That's the problem. They only like me because I'm a colt. They don't know who I am, and I'm getting sorta annoyed having to keep silent. Then there's everything else. School is annoying, being treated like a kid sucks. I really had no choice in picking a mature mare to indulge myself in some sex. And everyone is either cheery or freaking out. And then there's Discord, do you know what he did? He made me drink Poison Joke...the fucking asshole!...grrrr....mnnn" You growl for a moment, before "trying to relax" and let out a sigh. "I...I want you to show me how ponies are deep inside. I want to see a real reason for me to give in. and..ah?!"

Chrysalis had quickly turned towards you and placed her hoof on your mouth and pressed slightly into lower your jaw. She cranes her head close as she uses her magic to slowly lift you, keeping her hoof in your mouth the entire time before forcing it up to make you open your mouth completely.

She inspects you thoroughly. She doesn't say anything...but she notices that you did indeed drink Poison Joke, she could still see subtle signs of it. "....Interesting." She gently puts you down and removes her hoof. "So, in the course of a day, you ran into all sorts of undeniable proof. Hurts to know I was right, doesn't it? It hurts to know that despite Discord saying you're so close to him, that he'd still make you suffer for a good laugh. And your dear Aunt, she only likes us because of who we pretend to be, and not for who we are. hehe, Anon..I'm glad you're finally starting to understand. But how do you propose I prove it to you? And...do I have your guarantee you'll join my side if I do?"

You make yourself look as troubled as you can, thinking of both bad and good moments, lowering yourself onto your belly as you sigh. "..I dunno...I..maybe. Look, the pony that really made me start feeling this way? It's Twilight...you remember how she nearly sealed me up, right?"

"That was some time ago..." Chrysalis steps over to you and starts to gently massage your head with your hoof. "Does that still bother you?"

"..I guess, it makes me think that if she knew who I was. Or, if she just got super annoyed with me, that she'd just use her authority to do whatever she wants with me instead of being my friend. And considering she's a princess.....she could get away with it. I know Fluttershy has told me she's not a bad pony....but, she's the princess of friendship, and if she can't actually handle me...then...y'know..what's the point? It'd all be downhill from here until she either makes my life hell or banishes me. She was already up my ass after you told everypony what happened."

"Ohhhh..I see." She picks you up with her magic and places you on her back. "I see how this is. So....all I have to do is show that purple piece of shit that she is indeed, a piece of shit....and you'll help me? And be by my side? hmm?"

You just gently huggle onto her. "...I-I guess...but only if you don't hurt Fluttershy...and don't hurt me..and don't hurt Diamond"

Chrysalis holds in her evil cackle. But looks ahead with a hopeful, evil little smirk. “Oh, that's a promise that's easy to keep." She looks back at her children. "I'll be back, mommy has a little business to attend to."

Chrysalis could feel it, she could feel victory in her hooves. She walked up through the basement trap door and had you hold on tight as she flew up the floor door and went through your portal door into Ponyville. When she stepped out, she felt a sort of...eerie feeling. "...Hmmmm, why does it feel like the entire town is empty?" She says to herself

You keep your mouth shut, and just ride on her back as she walks to the castle, transformed into her sisterly form.

"Anon, Anon, Anon. You can trust me when I say this. Your life will be so much better once I've taken over Equestria. With my hive, and your help, you'll have a place of your own. Think of it. You can have your little marefriend all to yourself. I can use my powers to have her fully entranced, and you could do whatever you wish. And you'd be helping me spread my hive to every corner of Equestria as well. Doesn't that sound fantastic? Doesn't it sound delicious? You'd have everything you could ever want...and so would I" Chrysalis felt confident.

You knew after today, she would probably be able to figure out that you can lie with your feelings at will no matter what the situation was. That's fine..you just needed this to happen.

When you both neared the castle, Chrysalis could feel an odd..something. She knew it was familiar, but she couldn't quite figure out why it seemed so centered around the castle. Unless...

She smirked to herself as she approached. She figured Twilight was in a very very good mood. A mood that must have been amplified through her title somehow. And if she could bring it down, and have her suspicions brought down upon you, then Chrysalis knew she'd have her victory, and her conquest.

"Are you alright, Anon? Are you sure you're comfortable with this?" She tried to act concerned.

"I need this..I just...need to know..y'know?" There was a slight, pained quiver in your voice.

"Well then, there's no turning back. Let us see what Twilight is doing this evening, shall we?" Chrysalis says as she opens the doors to the castle. She thought to herself what an idiot Twilight was for having unguarded doors. It'd make it so easy for her and her hive to take over without anyone being the wiser.

You both looked down upon the empty,dark, and even foreboding hallway to the cutie map room. It would be pretty eerie if you didn't know what was coming next. But you had to keep that in as much as you could, up until Chrysalis stepped through the next set of doors.

Chrysalis wasted no time in opening the next set of doors. Expecting to see Twilight either reading, writing, or doing something she found stupid.

But..it was empty. Yet, she could feel it's not

"Odd..." Chrysalis slowly stepped inside, looking around. She didn't see signs of anyone, but she could taste....like..everyone... "...Something doesn't feel right."

"R-really? What does it feel like?" ..Hehehehe...a surprise maybe?..Oh yes..definitely. You slowly get off her back and approached the cutie map. "Yeah..it is kinda weird..." You start to raise your voice, knowing Ponk..atleast..would catch on. "It's almost as if it was a..." You let that last part linger.


The lights turn on, confetti and balloons burst out, a sign saying "Welcome to Ponyville, Nymous!" comes down, and everypony from Ponyville spills out from the other hallways and from behind the table, pegasi coming out from above.. All there to greet her with a smile. And the Mane 6? Right at the center of it all.

Discord himself was right behind Fluttershy. Heh, considering there was no trouble, Fluttershy must have convinced everyone else he'd behave. And Discord would only behave just to make sure he gets his vengeance on Chrysalis.

Chrysalis herself...for once, she looked utterly defeated. She was taken aback, eyes wide, twitching, mouth agape. her mane even curled at the internal pain she was feeling. So many happy faces..just for her. It made her feel sick.

"Surprise, Sis! Welcome to your 'Welcome to Ponyville' Party! And wow! It looks awesome!" You look around with a smile, you could already see the Cakes bringing in the coffee cheese filled crumb cake, and it was huuuge. enough for everyone. A Disco Ball setup under the tree chandelier. And of course, Vinyl, or rather, DJ-PON3 set up in the back, already blasting a welcoming and thunderous tune. There were even presents on top of the table itself.

"-W...w...w.....w.....w-hat?" Chrysalis couldn't even comprehend it.

Pinkie zipped over and gently pushed her towards the cutie map. "It's a party, Nymy! Welcoming you to Ponyville! Isn't that great! All this..it's all for you!"

Chrysalis gulps as she looks at the presents. She didn't want this. "A-all for me? ..When..how?...." Then she says under her breath as she peers at you angrily. "Anon..."

You just smirk and wave at her.

Fluttershy walks over to her side and gives her a gentle smile as she hugs her, Chrysalis almost looked like she wanted to puke.

"I hope you're not nervous about this Nymous, I didn't know until the last minute. But...I'm happy about it. And I hope you're happy too. All this? It really is all for you." Fluttershy said with warm cheer

Discord walks over with a joyous yet evil little grin. "Oh, that doesn't even come close to describing it, Fluttershy. This, all this, represents all of our cuddly.." Discord picks Chrysalis up, she didn't even notice, she was near mindless at this point...until Discord started squeezing her tightly. "wuddly, shmuggly love towards you! Everypony in Ponyville is here to show you just.." He puts her down, her mane was now frazzled as fuck. He then begins to heavily pet her upon every word he speaks. "how..much..they..carrreee."

Chrysalis was shuddering. She wanted..death..death to every single one of them..to you...she couldn't handle this. So many at once...with seemingly no way out. She forced a horrid and twisted smile and looked over to everyone "Y-you-you're all so kind..b-but that surprise. It m-made me feel a little...winded. Nopony minds if I just take a small moment to step outside..please?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Well, I mean..yeah. If you want, it's your party. But don't take too long!" Rainbow Dash smirks as she pointed over to a picture of a tailless pony. "I got a game to win."

Applejack just gave RD a hard stare. "You do know everypony is gonna get one shot right? Including you. Ya don't know if yer gonna win."

"...Are you saying you're gonna win?" Rainbow Dash took that as a challenge.

"No, ahm saying that everypony has a chance to win. Everypony can win if they all get the tail on the pony. There ain't just one winner" Applejack informs her, perturbed by her attitude

"I guess, but...there's also a chance I could be the only winner too, right?" Rainbow Dash asks. But Applejack just silently stares at her. "Ok, ok..sheesh. Sorry. I guess I got a little over competitive, ehehe..." Rainbow Dash laughs nervously as she finally gets the idea.

Chrysalis says nothing, and wastes no time leaving through the doors from whence she came.

But when she got to the front doors themselves, they wouldn't open. Try as she might, she couldn't at all get it open. She bucked, she struck, she even bit at it...nothing..

"Something wrong sis?"

Her right ear twitched, she slowly turned. And there she saw… You, it was you, with a cocky smirk on your face and your horn firmly placed upon your head. Time for the games...to begin.

She looks at you silently, her gaze slowly being fixated on your horn.
She then realizes what you've done when the horn flashes and changes back to normal.

"...So, this is how it is then? You use your only charge in that dinky little horn of yours to keep me hostage." Her voice was low, but threatening. "Is this some sort of revenge for telling everypony of our adventure together?"

You shake your head. "Not revenge, I'm just upping the ante on the game the same way you did."

"The same way...?" She looked utterly confused for just a moment before figuring it out. She then snarls at you "How dare you..." She slowly approaches you, nearly foaming in anger. "You trapped me in a party full of ponies to show me 'That they can be nice'...didn't you? That's it...isn't it?"

You nod, a smirk still plastered on your face. "Correctamundo. Y'see Chrysalis, the reason why your plan didn't work was because I have friends. Friends and family. Friends and family that will be there for me and care about me because of who I am, rather than what I am. And, before you mention the obvious fact that my true identity is a secret. There are still some ponies who know who I really was, and still see me as Anon, the colt. You....all you got is me, baby" You let out a quick chuckle. "Nopony likes you, buuut, that can change. Because this party? It's all for you, and you know if you just cooperate, you could see that there are ponies that even you can be friends with."

She just plops on her butt and claps her hooves as she looks boredly at you. "Top notch speech, Anon. But you forgot one important thing"

...Wait...did she have a way to escape? Fat chance... "Nah, there's nothing I forgot."

"There is..." She approaches you and looks down at you. "One important thing...very important"

Ok, she was intimidating now. even in her sisterly disguise, she practically had daggers in her eyes. "W-what's then? What did I forget?"

"THAT I CAN DO THIS!" Chrysalis grabs you with her hooves and starts choking the shit out of you.


She was choking the ever living shit out of you. And she wasn't stopping, she just looked at you with deadly eyes as you spurtled and sputtered, turning into a bluish color from lack of air. But as it went on, you could feel her grip slowly loosening. Then, suddenly, she just tosses you forward with a growl. "Ugh!..you're not even worth choking to your own oblivion!"

You were taking deep breaths after hitting the ground. Holy fuck! You actually thought she was going to kill you right then and there. You were rubbing your throat, Coughing.

"Oh don't be overdramatic. Even if I wanted to end you, I would have been found out anyway. No...I have a better idea. You think you've turned the tables on me? No, Anon, you merely changed the rules a little. You forget that I've done this kind of thing for such a looooong time." She approaches you again and gently helps you up as you cough, and pats your head.

But you felt a tinge of anger that forced you back, and brought a smile to her face.

"I see you couldn't keep your little attitude for long. Good, that means your defeat is VERY possible. Especially since you don't have use of your horn. And I doubt daddy dearest is willing to spare you any more." Chrysalis said with a confident smirk.

"...Grrr, Chrysalis....I'm not going to give up" You look intently in her eyes with determination. You got over your anger quickly, because you felt that you knew that her not making it worse was because she cared. Saturday morning villain 101: Villains have compassion for those they care for, even if they are enemies. "You only choked me out of anger. But I felt it, you didn't let me go because of that. You let me go because you care."

Chrysalis rolls her eyes at you. "I let you go because I'd be an idiot to destroy you. But fine, you want me to care? Then let me compliment you on the only thing you did right. And that was tricking me into coming here. Drinking pure poison joke to fool me? Genius"

You shift your eyes left and right when she mentions that. "Y-yeah...thats why I did it..ehehe....but.." Why was she complimenting you now exactly? "So, then..uhh. we good then?"

She slams her hoof down onto your back and forces you onto your belly. "WE'RE NOT GOOD YOU IDIOT! I WAS ONLY TELLING YOU THE ONE THING YOU DID RIGHT BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY THING WORTH COMPLIMENTING!" She groans and growls as she steps back to calm herself, already fearing she may have been heard. "You little twerp....you think you've beaten me? Just remember that I'm still better than you in every way, even when locked down in this frail form. My offer to have you at my side is both out of necessity and the single shred of friendship that actually holds us together. But never...EVER..think you can pull a fast one on me. Oh trust me, Anon....you think you have me right where you want me. But you forget that I'm a master manipulator. And tonight? You're going to see things my way, even if it ends you"

She was keeping her eye on the door the entire time she spoke. No one came through...good. You were just on the ground, groaning. That was a pretty hard press of her hoof.

.....Goddammit. You should have probably not have just come in and taunt her. Bad idea…

"Oh Chryssy...Chryssy, Chryssy, Chryssy. Tsk tsk tsk" Both you and Chrysalis look back at the front doors to see Discord, leaning on them with a smirk on his face. "Is that how you're supposed treat your little brother? Bad form, bad form indeed."

"Discord..." Chrysalis approaches him now, with an even angrier scowl than she showed you. "You actually came to help him?"

"Actually, I was asked to let you both know that we moved the party to the library. The main hall is too small thanks to the cutie map. I've decided to stay out of this one personally, this is Anon's battle. Not mine"

Wut? Actually, you retract that "wut"...that makes things better actually. It makes it one on one...you did have to thank Discord for letting you have that, and arriving just to break the tension...or rather, you nearly being choked and slammed.

"How noble of you, but pardon me if I also don't believe you. Either way, I'm glad you're here. Are you aware your precious stooge has issued a challenge?" She was stoic about his presence.

"I'm very aware. Are you aware that I actually care? Not only that, as a father, I'm very disappointed about what you did." Discord approaches her, an expression that twists from cocky to pure rage as his pupils flash a quick red. "Very...disappointed"

"Please..." Chrysalis pushes him away, making him step a few steps back. "You can't do anything to me. I'm not Anon, I'll crush you using your little yellow friend if you so much as stub my hoof. One little mark on me, and you're through"

Discord chuckles. "You think so? Well, if that's what you want to believe so be it. I've done what I came here to do. But before I go..." Discord gently puts his paw on Chrysalis's head and gives it a rub. "I can't wait for us to be closer as a family"

Chrysalis raised an eyebrow at him. "Come again?"

But he says nothing as he starts to laugh madly, even as he poofs away, his laughter can be heard across the entrance hall.

You dust yourself off as you give Chrysalis a hard stare. "I know there's good in you Chrysalis. and just like your other self, you're going to have a reason to embrace it by the end of the night."

"No, Anon, you're going to see what happens when you aren't the good little colt ponies think you are. I'll find a way to show you just how unforgiving and mean these ponies can be, I assure you." She says as she walks over to the doors that led back into the cutie map room. But she stops when she notices you aren't coming. "Something wrong?"

You sigh, and look towards the front door as you rub your neck. “Just catching my breath. You should just go ahead. You know, look for ways to trip me up."

"Hmmmm" Chrysalis turns away from you as she opens the doors. "Still arrogant I see. I guess physically hurting you doesn't weaken your resolve at all. That's fine, it's better this way. It'll only sting worse when the truth hits you like a train" She walks off without a snicker or a chuckle, without a smile. She just...walks off.

You look down and tap at your horn. "...We'll see about that. I still have plenty of charges left...."

That's right. Anything she does throw at you, if you can't counter it physically, you'd counter it magically. You can't lose. You can look past this...because you can't lose. And what could she really do in a room full of ponies? You had this..for sure.

You pass through the doors to the cutie map room after recollecting your thoughts.
Empty, yeah. they must have all gone to the library. Luckily for you, even if Chrysalis lied and tried to escape, your spell would have her walk where the party is at no matter what door she took.

"Anon, are you crazy or something?" That voice...oh shit...

You turn around as you see Bonbon close to the rightmost door. OH SHIT "Bonbon?! w-what are you doing there?"

"What do you think? Trying to figure out what's really going on. Mind telling me what went on in there?" She didn't look too happy. Did she suspect you of something?

No, she just didn't trust Chrysalis. "You didn't...hear?"

"No, but I'll admit I tried. But these doors must be pretty thick because I didn't hear a thing. So, what's going on? Why are we having this party? We're all food to her. All we're doing is feeding her, you know that right?" Bonbon was pressing hard for information. Of course, being who she really is, she'd want the lowdown on what's going on.

Ugh...it probably would have been a better idea not to have been big boss back in nightmare night. Knowing her identity seems to make things complicated.

"Woah woah, relax. Geez. Look, she may feed on love, but I know her inside and out. She can't focus when all that love is focused on her every second without a way to move away from it. Take the wedding for example. I know for a fact whenever she went to check on something, she'd then try to leave to avoid the attention. But this time? Using my good ole horn, she can't leave."

She was now heavily confused. "So, we're having this party to annoy her? Uhh, not that I wouldn't want her to get some of her own medicine or anything. But that would just make things worse, wouldn't it?"

"It's not like that. I want her to see ponies can be genuine in their love and care. I want her to feel it. I want her to know that ponies care about her as 'Nymous'. As a pony that, despite coming out of nowhere, can be loved anyway despite not knowing anything about her. That way she'll know what love really is. And will want more of it. hopefully, as her true self."

The other door of the double door closes as you hear a more upbeat. "AHA! CALLLLLED IT!" It was Lyra. You should have known she wouldn't be too far behind.

".....Wow..I...I can't believe that’s what you're actually doing." Bonbon still seemed pretty skeptical.

Lyra just walked up to her and gave her a pat on the back as she smiled happily about guessing right. "I told you, Bonbon, I tooold you." She giggled. "You gotta stop being so serious when it comes to being 'Agent Sweetie Drops'. Why else would we be having this party? Anon knows his sister is Queen bugface. So the only reason he'd let this happen is some sort of reformation thing."

Bonbon sighed "I uhhh..yeah. I guess, sorry. Just, I do have a bit of prejudice against her. Considering..y'know. I had to save a bunch of bridesmaids from the crystal caves.Who were only down there...because..y'know...Queen Bugface"

"Oh come onnnn" Lyra gives Bonbon a hug. "Don't be a sourpuss just because she made me into a braindead mare. Anon set this up to try to reform her, soooo we should try to help. Especially since we know now."

"We do know now, don't we? Alright alright. I'll help, but Lyra, the moment you start acting weird, I'm gonna slam her face right into the ground. So no jokes, got it?" Bonbon looks at her with a serious face.

Lyra gives a quick sheepish laugh as she smiles a tad nervously at her. "I ain't gonna do nothing like that. come on...anyway" She shakes her butt like a pup and gives her a cocky stare. "friendship triple team time?"

"Friendship triple team time" Bonbon gives her the same look, and bumps butt with her to seal the deal.

They then raise their hooves to you, expecting you to clap against them.

"Friendship triple team time!" You clap at their hooves a little too quickly and enthusiastically...making you fall on your face. They both cringe when it happens.

"Ohhhh, erm..Anon, you gotta...erm...yeah....You ok?" Lyra comments.

After that little fiasco, you all make your way to the library. It seems the games hadn't begun just yet. There was low but jammin' song coming from the DJ. Ponies were strewed about, either doing some mingling, or some just doing little jigs to the music. Dash was blindfolded, practicing her game, and doing horribly as Applejack just smirked and shook her head.

You noticed the CMC actually mingling with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon....probably a good idea to avoid them at the moment. Ahh there we go...Chrysalis seemed to be chatting with..OH SHIT. SHE WAS CHATTING WITH TWILIGHT! NOT GOOD! NOOOOT GOOD! You try to squeeze through the ponies to get to them. But then you hear her, that usual angelic voice.

"Anon! There you are." You hear Fluttershy moving over to sit and give you a gentle hug....in public.

...Don't fight it. You didn't want her to feel bad. "Hey Aunt Fluttershy. H-how are you doing? Enjoying the party?" Dammmmiiiittt, you needed to find out what was going on.

"Oh, I'm having a great time! Look" Fluttershy pointed over to Discord, who seemed to be talking to two other ponies. He looked bored, but immediately gained interest the moment Fluttershy pointed to him. "Even your father is having fun."

"Yeah, it's really good. erm....would you give me a second?"

"Why? Is something wrong? Oh.." Fluttershy giggles. "Did you want to catch up with your marefriend?"

No...NO! You look over to Twilight and Chrysalis, and whatever she was telling Twilight?...was ticking her off. Dammit, she was already going for the jugular?! What could she possibly be telling her?! "U-um...Aunt Fluttershy. It's just...y'know. I...erm.."

Oh shit...Twilight was walking away, she was walking towards the door. Chrysalis was watching her with a cruel smile on her face, and her eyes showly shift from her...to you.

"Anon?...you're not embarrassed to be seen with me, are you?" Fluttershy's ears drooped when she noticed you being very dodgy

"N-No! that's not it..it's..something else"

"Something else?...Are you sick again? Did you forget something?" Fluttershy just couldn't figure it out. But she wanted to be of help to you, so you wouldn't miss any of the party.

You looked over to Bonbon and Lyra in the distance. It looked like Bonbon was fitting something into Lyra's ear. Was that a listening device? Did ponies have those?..Wait..they did. Iron Will had mics set up during his seminar, and even during the arcade tournament.

"It's just...." You looked around again. Dammit, there had to be an excuse....and then, the excuse came...sort of. You noticed Fluttershy was glowing purple...and so were you.

You both let out an eep as you both got quickly raised and moved towards the library doors, and then across the inner halls.

"W-what's going on!?" Fluttershy yelped in surprise

"I-I don't know!"

But you both found out rather quickly. As you both got immediately dragged right in front of Twilight, A pissy looking Twilight.

"T-Twilight?" Fluttershy was stunned, she looked back at the empty dark hallway, then looked back at her with honest confusion. "W-what's wrong. What happened?!"

You were actually afraid. What the fuck did Chrysalis tell her to piss her off this much?

"Fluttershy, did you know anything about Anon's visit to the Crystal Empire?" Twilight asks her, her tone was struggling to sound friendly to her. But it was so stern.

"Ummm, no. Erm..." Fluttershy looked left and right, then looked to Twilight with a deeper confusion. "Unless you mean when we saw him when the crystal heart shattered."


And Twilight could see it. She could see you flinch at the mention of it, confirming what Chrysalis must have told her. Twilight just turns her gaze to you, she didn't seem too approving of what you did. From what she was told anyway.

"Anon, you were at the Crystal Empire again? Why?..Unless you went to see Flurry Heart again. She is cute, isn't she?"" Fluttershy gave a nervous smile to Twilight. "Twilight, I-I don't think that's much of a problem"

"It's not that, Fluttershy" Twilight sighs. "Anon, I want you to tell us the truth. Did you go to the Crystal Empire on your own without telling anypony?"

....How could you lie about this? If you said no, Chrysalis would just drum up the proof by suddenly "having" Thorax's wings. You could use your horn to stash it. But then Twilight might then just grill and rag on Discord. And for his sake, you didn't want that to happen to him. "...Y-yes..."

"Oh my Celestia..." Twilight put her hoof to her forehead as she shook in disapproval.

"Twilight...what's going on? Anon?" Fluttershy's confusion only grew at this point. What could possibly be going on to cause Twilight to yank the both of them out of the party?

...It was about Thorax. How the fuck could Chrysalis do this. How the fuck did she spin the story to make you look bad?

"Fluttershy, this is the biggest reason why Discord needs to attend those classes. Anon will even go out on his own, in secret, to deal with something on his own INSTEAD of telling me, and everypony else so we can set up a proper defense and strategy. Anon, do you realize you could have been hurt? And furthermore, that kind of irresponsibility could have brought disaster on the Crystal Empire. Maybe even Equestria. " Twilight was in fact, told. Hooolllyyy shit.

"T-Twilight. W-what are you talking about? What did Anon even do? The danger was already over wasn't it? What happened?" Fluttershy was now scared and confused

....You sigh. There was no hiding it now. You lower your head, staring straight down, trying to throw yourself at Twilight's mercy by looking depressed. You were, in fact, actually terribly afraid about how this was going to go. "I went after a changeling"

"YOU WHAT?!" Fluttershy nearly fell back in surprise. "BY YOURSELF?! A-Anon...t-that can't be true. D-do you realize how dangerous that is?! D-did you not even tell your father?"

"He didn't. Nymous told me everything. He went after a dangerous changeling that we somehow missed. Anon, she even told me you found it, and even destroyed it. Is this all true? Do you realize how reckless that is?! Even with your horn, one mistake and you would have been done for! Didn't you think of everypony else before you tried this?" Twilight was drilling into you. She wanted you to know that what you did wasn't right.

"..Anon.." Fluttershy didn't know what to say, she was stunned. She couldn't believe you'd actually go that far on your own after everything that's happened.

...You could feel it. A deep anger. This was what she wanted… You told her about your feelings about Twilight. And despite you fooling her, she ran with it anyway.

She didn't understand. Twilight didn't understand. Fluttershy didn't understand. Chrysalis understood, enough to control the situation....

You shook with anger. What did Twilight know? Why couldn't she just let you do what was needed? As long as Fluttershy never knew, then everything would be ok. Everything would be nice and cuddly.

You looked up at her slowly, anger on your face. You wanted to blast her right in the face for being so damn nosy and pushy and involving Fluttershy. Your frustrations were mounting fast. This could ruin your family, your livelihood.

You quickly grabbed your horn, and placed it on your head. Ready to blast Twilight with something she'd never recover from. She deserved it after what she did to you.

But you heard Fluttershy yelp from surprise from your threatening stance. It subconsciously made you cast a spell you had not intended to cast.

You immediately crossed inbetween dimensions, your horn still on your head as it kept you in place. Everything from where you stood looked like it had frozen in time…

This spell. Was this the same type of spell Discord had cast back in your first days of Equestria?

You could see the fear on Twilight's and Fluttershy's face, both frozen in shock. Both startled from your movement. Looking at Fluttershy, it made you feel shame for losing your cool. But what could you do? That wasn't even the full truth! You couldn't tell her it was Chrysalis's order or you had Scrappy's help. Who knows how she'd react?

"Dammit, DAMMIT!" You wanted to punch Twilight right on her snout. "Fuck you Twilight. Goddamn you! DAMMIT CHRYSALIS, DAMMIT!" You stomped your hooves on the ground in anger. "WHAT AM I EVEN SUPPOSED TO SAY?! THAT ME, A CHANGELING, AND THE PRINCESS OF THE FUCKING NIGHT WENT TO...stop...a....wait"

Luna.. Luna was there…

A small crazed smile formed on your face. Luna was there. She was fucking there. Maybe, if you tell them about that part, they'd both calm the fuck down. Haha! Yes!

Plus, Chrysalis didn't fucking know about Luna either. But you did....and Luna could confirm. Fucking yes!
FUCKING YES! You do your best to calm yourself. But you had your ace in the hole. Even Chrysalis couldn't have thought this far ahead.

You look to Twilight with determination, and tap at your horn, normalizing the dimensions and making "Time" resume. Your horn changing back and falling off your head, two charges down...

"A-Anon?!" Fluttershy gasped.

"Whh-what are you?..wait.." Twilight noticed your horn was suddenly off, almost like it happened at an instant. "....." She didn't know what to say now. Good.

"Twilight, you can't be angry at me. I wasn't alone by myself for long. I went up to that mountain to meet with Princess Luna. And we handled it together"

"Princess...Luna? She was there?" Fluttershy didn't know what to think at all now. Her head started to hurt.

"....Anon, you can't expect me to believe that. You admitted to going there alone. Princess Luna would never be irresponsible enough to allow a colt to help her stop something as dangerous as a changeling" Twilight felt that she was one hundred percent right on this.

...There was no going back now. You just had to hope the princesses didn't castrate you for this. "Then ask her"

"Ask her? Anon...wait..." Fluttershy looks to you, teary eyed. Her emotions were a wreck. "...Just tell me. Are you really telling the truth? Did Princess Luna really agree and helped you with that?"

You nod. "Mhmmm, but I know you don't believe me, Twilight. So go ahead. ask."

Twilight stayed silent as she contemplated. She could see how upset Fluttershy was. How chaotic the situation seemed. "I will, but...." She was conflicted, that was such a bold claim. And she couldn't imagine you just up and lying about something like that given how easy it'd be to prove or disprove. But still..it couldn't be left unchecked. "What I'm about to do, is purely for confirmation reasons."

You wouldn't jump on her for not believing you. You wanted her to check any way she could. You knew, even if it angered them, that Luna would have your back...hopefully. "Ok...how long is it going to take?"

Twilight's horn began to glow. "Hopefully, in a few minutes"

A piece of parchment, a quill, and finally Spike get pulled into the hallway.

"...and then? I almost became like..ruler of all the dragons. But eh, I let Ember take that role. A great dragon such as myself doesn't n-...wha?" Spike looked around when he realized he wasn't talking to to whoever he was talking to. "W-what gives?"

"Spike!" Twilight was quickly writing something on the parchment. "We have an emergency situation. Don't ask, just get this to Princess Celestia"

"W-woah..umm..ok Twilight..erm" Spike takes the time to look around, he noticed you and Fluttershy, and really gets confused. "nopony is in trouble, right?"

"We'll find out..here" Twilight hovers over the hastily written on parchment. "Quickly Spike!"

"Alright, alright...woah. This must be pretty heavy" Spike grabs onto the parchment and blows his fire onto it, sending it straight to Celestia.

And now...you all wait.

"....What about Nymous? If this is all true, why wouldn't she mention that part? It's almost like she just wanted to get Anon in trouble..but that can't be right, right?" Fluttershy's confusion just grew. She couldn't fathom Nymous doing something so heinous. But in this case? She had no reason not to mention Luna if what you said was true.

And that..you had to make sure, that once Luna or Celestia..or both responded, that you tell Fluttershy and Twilight not to mention anything to Chrysalis. But how would you even guarantee that? They only see her as Nymous, and of course they'd be curious to ask why she omitted something even she didn't know about.

"She probably didn't know. Anon, did she know you were going to meet with Luna?" Twilight asked you.

Well, at least you could explain away that part, haha. Though, at the same time, the realization that you may have fucked up and started the process of Twilight AND Fluttershy learning of your secret with Chrysalis...scared the fuck out of you. "She didn't...it was a secret meeting."

"Woah, what's even going on? Princess Luna's involved? What haBLURGh..o-oh, excuse me" Spike burped out a letter and covered his mouth. That particular parchment came out of him relatively quickly, enough to make him feel a small sting on his tummy. "Wow...that was quick. So, anypony going to tell me what's going on now?"

Twilight quickly picked up the parchment and opened it up and prepared herself for what she was about to read. "In a second, Spike, let me just read this"

....You were clenching your asscheeks at this.

Fluttershy was confused and scared. The tension was high. This..could make or break everything.....you hoped you didn't fuck up

.....Oh no..here it comes

"Ok, let's see." Twilight began to read from the letter, already having a few ideas in her mind how it would go, but all of it turning out to be wrong. "Dear Twilight, Before I write down anything else, let me answer your question. Yes, Anon did in fact accompany...my...sis....ter? wHAT?!" Twilight was taken aback, surprised on what she just had read.

"Told you..." You said that in a way that sounded like you were annoyed, but also, you were scared as fuck because....if Celestia admitted it. What else could be on that letter?!

"...S-so...u-umm" Fluttershy was utterly befuddled. If even the princesses thought it was ok to team up on a venture like that in secret, then.. "D-does this mean that Discord has been raising Anon right? I-I mean...I'd rather Anon not do dangerous things. But...if Princess Luna went with Anon to fight that changeling...I..I don't know..I'm so confused"

"......I..uhh...so am I. Hold on, hold on...Anon" Twilight looks over to you, you could already see a few hairs of her mane pop out "H-have you been doing things like this a lot? With the princesses?"

"With the princesses? Changelings...anypony mind telling me what's goiWOAH!" Spike is covered in a purple light as he his slid along the floor back into the library. Welp, apparently Twilight wanted to make sure it stayed between the three of you.

"...Erm..not really. I..just..do things. But, not THAT many..things." You shrug

"...." Twilight had nothing to say about that and looked back to the letter. "Well, we'll see. L-let's just continue reading. ahrm...I understand that you and Fluttershy are deeply worried about Anon. But I can assure you, he's done no wrong."

"See? I did nothing wrong" You nodded, you felt justified....and also a little surprised.

"....At least not this time" Twilight continues to read, taking a quick glance at you.

".....Ok, well...still" ...dammit

"Given that it seems it was his sister that felt the need to alert you, given the operation itself was meant to be secret, must mean she was really worried for him. But there was nothing to be worried about. And I ask Fluttershy to let her know everything will be fine. As for the subject matter itself? I ask for it to be dropped entirely.......entirely? What?..Why would she?" Twilight was deeply confused. She glanced over to you, then Fluttershy, and went back to the letter. "Why would she ask us to drop it?..A-Anon...did..did anything happen between you and Princess Luna"

...Shit...what was Celestia doing? Just dropping it after Chrysalis made her move? She'd get suspicious. And yet, what could she do? You were actually afraid the letter would out you or even Scrappy, who's identity and relations needed to remain a secret. But, so far, so good? You think.... "N-no, not anything I noticed."

"What even happened up there? Anon..please. Tell me" Fluttershy looked to you, she was so so confused. she just wanted something about all of this to make sense.

You sigh. "We defeated a changeling rogue together...that's it really"

It's been a long while since you felt the more intense guilt sting of lying. And it especially stung pretty bad at this moment. Especially since you were teetering on the tightrope of being compromised.

".....Anon..." Fluttershy didn't know what to feel. should she be proud? Should she be upset? What was this? How long have the princesses known you were having adventures away from the public eye? she couldn't even fathom how deep things went.

"Fluttershy..." Twilight was calming down. She put the letter down after reading the rest of it silently and gave her friend a hug. "I'm sorry, I think this may really be my fault. The rest of the letter says that what Anon has done is very important."

Very important..mnn. You go over to join in on the hug, to try to quell her shaking heart. "Aunt Fluttershy, I really really didn't mean to upset anypony."

Tears started to go down her eyes as she grasped onto the both of you. "I-I know, Anon...I just don't want anypony to get hurt. or worse...that's all.C-changelings, they are so mean and vicious. I was just afraid something could have happened...or would happen...ngh" She started to cry "I don't even understand what's going on...." You wish you could explain things to her. If only you could.

"Fluttershy, don't worry. I'll be going to Canterlot tomorrow with Anon in the morning. The last part of the letter mentions a meeting of the princesses to discuss something urgent. I'll ask her about everything, I'll get this figured out. I promise" Twilight ends her hug and gives Fluttershy a soft hopeful smile.

....A meeting of the princesses? With you along? ....What was Celestia doing?..What was she planning? Something about this, something about it seemed scary.

"T-thank you, Twilight, b-but what should we do now?" Fluttershy felt lost. She didn't even know what to do at the moment.

Twilight turned to you, and sighed. "Well, first things first...Anon...I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions based on only half a story and made an assumption based on your age without asking if there was anything more to it. I should have listened. And next time, without fail, I'm going to ask you for your side first and foremost."

Considering you felt pressed into saying Luna was there, and the covert nature of your operations, it's not like you could really tell her the truth anyway. This wasn't Twilight's fault, nor Fluttershy's. Chrysalis made this power play to try to get under your skin. She had no idea what really happened either. You would just have to accept the apology and move on, nothing more. The entire situation was like a lake of thin ice. "It's alright, Twilight...umm..did the letter mention why I have to come along?"

"No, it just said to bring you. I'm sure it has to do with that changeling. Whatever it's hiding, it might involve all of us in some way. Even you, considering you're the one who stopped him. Not to mention that the last thing on the letter itself was to just enjoy the party as normal. It's all so vague and strange."

"....It's all so confusing. so so confusing. Twilight,...Do you think there really isn't anything to worry about?" Fluttershy wanted..no, she needed this answer. The Princess seemed to want everything to go on as if it never even happened. But she had too much trust in Twilight to just go about and do it. She wanted to know what she thought about it all.

"I admit, it's really really weird. But everytime we dig into it, It just leads into more questions. Anon..." Twilight looks to you again. "I know many ponies call you the 'Hero Colt'. Personally, I think this is a little too much, but I'm going to ask for your opinion on one more thing. Do you feel personally that you yourself may be taking things too far? You know what we think, you know what your father thinks, your sister, and apparently even the princesses. But do you personally think that what you're doing is safe? that you feel you can handle it all? That others aren't affected?"

That question, she essentially was asking how you felt about everything you were doing without still knowing the full details on everything. It clouded your mind with uncertainty. You thought about what Celestia had said in the letter. She wanted everything to go on as normal. And yet, it seemed she was gathering all the princesses up to..do what exactly? What reason did she have to gather the princesses together?....wait… No, the answer was obvious, even a braindead monkey could figure it out. Chrysalis did up the ante. But not in a way anyone would have expected.....Twilight was going to know, Cadance was going to know.,You didn't know how much they would be told. But...they were going to know.

Celestia wanted the party to go on because she didn't want anyone else suspecting anything. Nor did she tell any of your secrets by letter because then Chrysalis would be suspicious. Yeah, come tomorrow morning, something was going to happen.....and it scared you.

As for Twilight's question. You answered the best you could. "When it comes to helping ponies and stopping villains. All I want from it is to keep everypony safe. Like my friends, or my Aunt Fluttershy...that's it."

And maybe..SOME glory...just not an excessive amount. not the amount that gets you crazy fans. Just enough that gets you extra snuggles from Diamond Tiara and Fluttershy.

"That's a good answer. I asked the question because everytime something like this happens, new information comes to light that changes everything we knew about it. That's why I needed to know what you thought about it. I can't make any arguments now, I'm not going to go against the words of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. If there is anypony who can always make the right and just decision, It's them. And your reasons for being the 'Hero Colt', while simple, are the words any real hero would say."

Woo, that was pretty deep of Twilight. Then again, it also seemed like she was owning up to her assumptions and mistakes. "Twilight, thanks. That actually means a lot to me that you understand now. By the way, does that mean we don't have to do the whole parenting class thing?" You really didn't want to do it at this point. Tensions was too high.

"What do you think, Fluttershy? I'm willing to call it off now that we have this new information." Twilight asked, leaving it to her.

Fluttershy shook her head. "If anything, I think we need it even more. I feel like we haven't truly become the family Discord really really wants. And I know Discord does have some trouble figuring it out himself too. With these classes, I know we can all come together as a family. And maybe.." Fluttershy looks to you. "Anon, you'd feel more comfortable coming to me about things like this. I don't want to have to wonder if you'll be ok. I don't want to be scared that at any time, you're out doing something dangerous. I admit, I'd rather just...I really really wish you weren't going out and doing things like this. I understand now, that even the princesses support you doing these things, but....I just wish they didn't. And that you weren't doing it too, especially with what happened with that newslady. It-it's not that I don't support you. I'm very very proud of you, especially after all this. But...mnn" Fluttershy didn't know how to word it.

But you knew what she meant. You went in and gave her a personal hug. "It's alright, Aunt Fluttershy. I get it. Would it make you feel better, that after tonight, I'll just hold off from doing anything like this for a long long while? That way we can spend more time together and you don't have to worry about anything."

Or really, perhaps any kind of adventure at this point would just cause even worse circumstances to spring up. You had to cut that shit out.

"I'd like that Anon, I'd like that very much...thank you" Fluttershy hugs you a little tighter. and gives you a gentle peck on the forehead.

Twilight was in deep thought about all of this. She was anxious. The princesses knew...but she didn't. Changelings were involved, and yet she was not called to help. very confusing events have happened, but information about it is fractured and broken. She thought on it, but couldn't even come up with any sound conclusion on what any of it meant. She'd just have to wait til morning.

And as she looked to the worried Fluttershy,and your attempts to calm her, she thought it would be best just to return to the party. She herself would try to enjoy it the best she could, but she was starting to feel something was most definitely off about not only you...but something about Nymous seemed....skewed.

"I think what we just learned and the princess's letter just has all our emotions running high. I say we do what the princess asked, drop the subject, and just try to have some fun. It is your sister's party after all. it'd be selfish of us if we just missed it, right?" Twilight asked.

"...O-oh yes, that's very true. And no doubt she's been as worried as we have about everything" And then Fluttershy realized something. "....oh, I do feel awful talking about all this now without her. But I'm also sure she didn't think it would cause such a big problem either. Let's not give Nymous anything to worry about. Let's just smile, support her, and be happy."

You could see that Fluttershy was trying to make the most of the situation. You just had to be a good colt from now on, as to not worry her anymore. Twilight, you could tell, was not fully over this, but would be patient until the morning came....all hell was going to break loose. You could feel it.

And yeah, as for the party? It was probably best to get back to it. Chrysalis may not be able to leave, but you now had to keep a closer eye on her to avoid anything else like this from happening. Celestia...Luna....what do you have in store for tomorrow?

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