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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 118

The next day came, of course, with no way to tell what the time of day actually was. But you were waking up slowly, meaning the bed hasn't sprung yet. You rub your eyes, and look down at the end of the bed. Starlight was still there, sleeping soundly.

You slowly get up with a yawn, and scooch over to Starlight, you knew you were going to miss school. But that was fine. This was more important. You gently shake Starlight with your hoof. "Hey Starlight, it's the morning. We gotta get going."

Starlight shrugged, and slowly lifted her head, yawning. "Mmm? What?"

"It's morning. Come on, it's time to go."

Starlight looked out your window into the black abyss "Mmnn..are you sure?" She stretches then hops off the bed "Because it doesn't look like this place knows it's morning yet."

You hop off the bed as well, and grab your saddle bag. sifting through for the horn. "It's definitely morning, Very early morning." After grabbing the horn and putting it on your forehead.You walk over to the portal door and open it. You can see the sun just rising over the horizon. "Yeah… not even school yet."

Starlight walks over to the door, and examines it. "So, this is how you get to Ponyville, huh? But how did we get here in the first place?"

"Dad gave me a map to Ponyville, that ironically takes me out of it when I toss it into any kind of body of water. That's how we made that nifty escape"

You tap the horn, yeah, primed and ready to go. You really hoped you could trust Starlight. Because you were about to change her back.

"This entire setup is incredible. But, then what about Chrysalis? Can't she use this door too?"

You shake your head. "If you're worried about anything relating to world conquering. You don't need to worry. She can't pass through this door. For her, it's a brick wall"

"...And why exactly is she here?"

"Because my dad has no limit when it comes to the kind of fun he likes. Trust me, I have my hang ups about it too. But I'm trying to make it work. Anyway, ready to be an adult?"

Starlight raises her hoof, shakes it at you, and shakes her head "Wait, Wait. Not yet. Let's save it until we actually get to the town."


"Because somepony might find it suspicious that a total stranger is taking a colt that just had a party onto a train… alone."

Oh right… yeah, that party did happen. "Right..hah..ok. Umm..anyway.." You take out your map, and look at the spot designated as the train station. Luckily, it was considered one of the major spots on the map. "If I remember, the train goes all the way up to a stop near the town. Shouldn't be too hard at all to actually get there."

"Anon, aren't you forgetting something?"

You take your eyes off the map, and look up at her. "What?"

"Money, we can't just use the train without money. And..." Starlight sighs, she shows that she has no kind of saddlebags whatsoever, no pockets, not even a bag of bits hidden in her mane. "I'm broke, and tickets going out that far are a little on the expensive side."

You snicker, lucky for you. Money was limitless… as long as Discord kept paying out.

You walk over to Starlight, and show her the contents of your bag. It was stuffed with bits.

"What?! how?" She was astonished "The bag should be a lot heavier than...hmnn.." She calms down as she realizes the only solution to the nonsense before her. "or..the bag would be heavier if it wasn't for you and your father, am I right?"

You nod, you actually smile. Many of the other characters don't usually catch on so quick. "Right, you're one of the few ponies I've met that seems to get that rules don't really apply to me and my Dad."

Starlight chuckles, feeling a little arrogant from the praise "Well, when you're as well versed in magic like I am. Things like that become plainly obvious. Though, I never did actually study up on chaos magic. It looks to me like there's no limits, and no consequences to boot. I wonder if there's a way for a unicorn to harness it."

You raise your eyebrow at Starlight, feeling a little suspicious of her. "Why...would you want to?"

"Just curious. I've studied magic for a long time Anon. It's kind of a hard habit to kick. Did you know time magic is much more flexible than books and texts would lead you to believe?"

Wait, it can't be. You remembered the time travel episode. It wasn't very flexible at all. "Pretty sure it actually isn't, even if you do learn the spell. You can only use it once, for five seconds. Or that's how I remember it."

Starlight felt a little giddy, she always wanted to be able to discuss her findings with someone else. She always had to keep it to herself. And you seemed smart enough, at least to her, to have this conversation wish."Well, let's get going and I can explain it on the way."

Right, she's right. Better to keep going than to just stand and talk. "Right yeah… let's get goi… ahh wait wait.." You grab your grappling hook and slip it in your bag. Since you had no wings, this was going to be your backup. "Ok let's go!"

You hop through the portal, Starlight following you. "What's that thing?"

"Grappling hook I got from a friend. Pretty advanced stuff. Basically let's me zip around rooftops like I'm a spider… pony. Haven't mastered it though, but you never know. I might need it"

You both start heading to the Train Station.

"Interesting, I've heard gadgets like that aren't really available for public access. And you just happen to have gotten one from a friend?" Starlight, like you, had very little knowledge of secret agent ponies. Though, her knowing about it was completely different from how you knew. Of course.

"Yep, probably just something she got from a trip or something. I don't know. Anyway, what about that time magic, like I said..doesn't it only work once?" You wanted to move the subject away from the grappling hook, your life was already suspicious enough. You didn't need her getting snoopy… you didn't need any of the ponies getting too snoopy.

Luckily for you, Starlight was very eager to explain her findings. She was also hoping that you'd understand it. And be able to keep up with her. "Well, that's how the spell normally works. But what if I were tell you there's a scroll that would let you do so much more with time, enough to change the events of the present and future."

...uhhhhhh. "I would say, that's kind of scary. How do you know about it?"

"Because… well," Starlight cringed, now that she thought about her plans now, it sort of hurt to talk about what she had planned to do "I sort of have been looking into it, for reasons."

Ohhh, probably for changing the events of the past and turning Equestria into Equalistria. "You mean changing the past to fit your plans right?"

Starlight lowered her head in shame "Yeah… that's... exactly right. B-but, it's not like I'm going to do that now. Still, I would have liked to finish my research on it. I had everything worked out except on a way to control the scroll properly, a way to be able to pinpoint an exact place and time you'd want to go. Without that way, the scroll is useless. Or actually, dangerous to use."

Wow, just talking to Starlight Glimmer. She already seemed a lot more magic savvy than Twilight was. You can't even say Twilight stayed away from learning darker magics because you know she didn't. She used dark magic to open that secret room to Sombra's basement after all. And then there was the fact that she had an alicorn that could move the sun as a teacher. Twilight seemed to have had more privileges, opportunities, and resources to learn the highest tier of magic. And yet here was Starlight, surpassing her. Whether it was with that cutie mark spell or seemingly mastering fucking time magic.

You had to ask her something. "Starlight, who taught you all this stuff? Magic, I mean."

"Taught me? Oh.." Starlight shook her head, her expression became somber as she looked forward into the distance. "Nopony taught me. Like I said..I've been alone for a while. Everything I know about magic is self taught. Besides the town, my magic was all I really had in the world. Without it I feel helpless… And I know I'll be getting it back, but still. When you know anything can happen, like with those timberwolves. Even having that knowledge isn't very comforting."

No wonder she broke down so hard when you took her magic away. God, despite her reasoning, her life had been a pathetic and lonely life because of it. Almost no better than a human down on their luck. The only difference is that she had blinded herself to the way to fix it when it had come to her.

"Well, don't you worry. You'll be getting your magic back soon enough. Along with some friends to go with it."

"Do you really think so? Are you really sure they'll forgive me? Even after all I did?"

"Trust me, all you gotta do is show them that you're ready to change and they'll accept you just like that. Remember, confidence." Haha, confidence. Something you lacked most of the time. And even then, this was a gamble. If you were wrong. She'd probably go full on dark cloak evil.

"Right, confidence… Got it" Starlight nodded to herself, and put on a braver face. She was nervous deep inside. Despite her intelligence. She had no idea of what to do if she was rejected. She didn't know if she could hold it together if she opened her heart. Only for it to be smashed. But she wouldn't tell you that. Half reason being is that she felt an urge not to disappoint you, her other reason is because she wanted her age and magic back. All topped off that she really did… just… want it to work.

You both head up to the train station. There was a booth in which to purchase tickets, and thanks to luck. A train already seemed to have stopped. But, you had to be quick. You had no idea when it'd go off. "Come on, let's get those tickets"

You rush up to the booth, behind it was a tired looking, skinny, and rather nerdyish looking Earth pony stallion running the booth. He was lazily looking through a magazine, yawning every so often.

"Good morning sir! I would like to tickets to… erm.." You had no idea what the town actually was called.

"Anon?" Starlight was confused as to why you stopped. "You know where we're going right?"

"Yeah, I just don't know how to ask for it. I never actually done this before. And I don't know the name of the location it stops at."

Confidence..right. Starlight steps past you, and knocks on the glass of the booth. "Hey, we would like two tickets to the "End of the Line", if you don't mind."

The pony in the booth leaned forward, and looked down at the two of you "...shouldn't you both be in school?"

"We have someplace to be. We need those tickets." Starlight says in a cuter yet sterner way

"Listen little filly, I'm not about to give tickets to some children. Where are your parents?" The ticketseller told her

You were thinking of bribing the guy, but Starlight bucked the booth hard enough for her leg to go through, geez!

the booth was pretty weak. It probably needed maintenance.

"Listen you little stooge! We demand tickets to the "End of the Line"! We have the money for them, so you have no reason to deny us. I don't see any rules saying you can't sell it to fillies, colts, or even changelings" She barks at him

The pony behind the booth started to freak out at the hole "H-hey, d-d-don't do that! Any damages to the booth comes out of my paycheck!"

Starlight smirks at him "Oh really? Wouldn't it be a shame if you had to explain to your boss that your entire booth came down because of an angry little filly? You know they'd never believe it. Tickets… now..." Starlight growled at him.

"O-ok! J-just stop.." The pony slid two tickets, he was stuttering, he already knew he'd have to pay for the holes she punched in already. "J-just put forty bits i-in the s-s-s-lot there, in front of you."

Woah… you keep your mouth shut. And take out the required bits and slide them into the slots as Starlight takes the tickets.

"Thank you" Starlight smiles happily at him and nods as she walks towards the train. "Come on Anon, according to these tickets, we don't have a lot of time to get on."

"O-ok..." You look at the pony in the booth, who was looking at you. He was absolutely petrified with terror. Mostly over his paycheck.

You both enter the train and find a more private seat to sit at where you wouldn't be bothered. You could already hear the conductor making final calls for everyone to get aboard.

Thinking about what just happened, it actually struck you funny, you started laughing on your seat. Starlight tilted her head at you, her expression was a adorable look of confusion. "What's so funny?"

"You are, I didn't expect that. I was gonna try to bribe him. But you just went in and kicked in some of his booth. That was insane!"

"Well... I wasn't going to just let him talk down to us. I'm a fully grown mare, and you're obviously an intelligent colt. He had no right to stop us" She tells you. It seems her fillyish form also made her more brash in tone and thought.

You smirk at her, something about that seemed hypocritical to you. You could also hear the train starting to chug. "Talk down huh? I thought you believed in equal everything."

Starlight shook her head "I did, until a snarky little colt decided to zap me into a filly. Things aren't as black, white, and equal as I thought they could be. I know that now." She then smirks back. "And besides, I definitely know we're not equals. I can still beat you up, even in this form. You really need to learn to fight better, an earth pony who can't fight is like a pegasus pony who can't fly. In other words, a baby foal could probably beat you up."

Woah woah, hey. That wasn't nice. "Hey now, I'm not THAT bad. I could beat up some ponies. Sort of. Kinda… Oh geez.." She was right, you sucked. You could only beat Snips and Snails. "I'm really bad. But..eh. Fine, so I can't beat anypony up. Not like I need to when I could just turn their worlds inside out with my horn."

Starlight found you fascinating. Just from the way you talked. you spoke like an adult, yet had moments where you acted like a child. "Anon, where are you from?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's simple, where are you from? Where were you born? What were your parents like… or… do you not remember anything?"

You just sat there, frozen in thought. Things were going pretty fine. Up until this point. You now have to lie, lie again about everything. Every time you did it, it ate at you more and more. But, it should come to no surprise to you. Everyone was eventually going to ask that question anyway. But dammit, if she had held off from that question till you were done. Then you would have never had to lie. "I don't remember, I only really remember the orphanage. And, well. I don't know if you heard. But the place was pretty awful. Or at least, nopony liked me there."

Starlight rolled her eyes "Obviously because they didn't understand anything. I've worked with a few fillys and colts back in my town. They had the same problem, I showed them that they had nothing to fear if they stayed with me. And...." She didn't continue, she didn't want to say that she became the new thing they had to fear.

"You don't have to say it, I think I get it. But that's why we're going there now, to show them that you're a better pony now. So, like I said, stay confident."

Starlight nodded. "I know, I trust you. And when I say that, I really mean it."

You figured she did, Starlight did seem to be pretty trusting depending on the situation. She trusted Fluttershy after all. Before Fluttershy tried to throw that water on her.

"So, I was meaning to ask this...." You were curious as to what she thought of Twilight.

"How do you feel about Twilight and her friends? I was kind of curious because..well, I know you don't like them very much."

Starlight didn't say anything at first, she was in deep thought. Her voice became less mirthful, and more serious when she finally decided to speak. "That's… difficult. I don't think I can ever stop being mad at Twilight. I don't even understand how she has the title "Princess of Friendship". She ruined everything I had, and yes. I know, looking back on it now, it may have not been the best thing for everypony. But then there's also the fact that she tried to seal you up. I don't know, but she seems like the type to just go off assumptions. I'd rather, just not deal with her at all."

You nod, that was fair. And she wasn't wrong. If she knew about what happened during "Lesson Zero", she'd probably lean to just hating her if that's her reasoning.


"Speaking of sealing. How do you feel about her?" Starlight asks, which was… a fair question. She was curious, considering she did in fact, try to seal you in Tartarus.

"Shes alright. I'll still be her friend. I know you didn't see it. But she didn't even sleep after it happened. She showed up super tired at the party and had to go to bed shortly after. I think she's suffered enough for it, she's sorry. And I'm willing to give her another chance."

Starlight nods "I see, I hope you understand that I won't… at least. Not for awhile, I just don't trust her. I feel if she knew I returned to the town. That she'd show up and snoop. I want to try to prove that I can change without her showing up… can you keep it a secret that I went back? I know there's a possibility that they might send a letter to her, but that could be a while. And I'd rather deal with it when I've had more time to settle."

That was no problem. "No problem, if you promise not to say a word about Chrysalis."

Starlight nods "I can do that, I know if anypony found out about it that you'd probably be seen as a villain. And, after getting to know you. I know, in my heart, that you aren't. Anon, I know I shouldn't be giving advice to you. But I want to give you one piece of advice that I think will be useful to you."

A piece of advice? You wondered what that could be. She looked timid, you glanced out the window, it's been some time. it couldn't be long now, she was probably getting anxious. "What is it?"

"Don't ever give up on your friends, no matter the circumstances. you should never take a friendship for granted, nor should you let one die because of some stupid reason. I know that now. I let friendship in me die because one went bad. So, if you ever need a friend. Somepony who you need to talk to on an equal level. Just come by, ok? I'll always be willing to have a chat, or a debate, or if it's just a friendly visit. That's fine too."

Awwww, hmmm. You know, that doesn't sound too bad. You'd just have to ask Discord to make a dial to the town. Or… maybe you could do it for yourself with the horn.

Before you could even open your mouth. Starlight gets up and gives you a hug as she starts to cry. "Anon, I'm scared. What if they still hate me? What if it turns out it's not ok? I..I don't want to be alone"

...Oh geez. Poor Starlight, she kept it together for awhile. But you could already hear the train slowing. Down to it's last stop. the "End of the Line". You gently rub her back, she had jumped right on top of you while you were sitting on the chair. without warning, it had totally caught you off guard. "Hey, hey! Starlight, Starlight..it's gonna be ok, alright? I'm gonna be there with you. Even logically, they aren't going to attack a colt. I'll be your shield if I have to, how about that?"

"Y-you can't do that, Anon… you can't."

"Hey, what else am I going to do? Let them run you out of town? Bah, look..don't worry. you're thinking worst case scenario. I got a plan. I'll go into town first. I'll find whoever is leading the town, talk to him or her. And see how that goes."

Starlight moved back away from you, and shook her head. "No, I can't let you do that. I'd rather just step in with you and..."

"No, I know you’re upset. But we also have to think logically too. If you just step in, they are probably going to get uppity. Let me go in first, let me get them to agree to meet with you. And then Starlight, it's going to be all up to you. That's where being confident is going to come in."

She was taking deep breaths, she was visibly shaking. Geez, she had been friendless for so long. You could only guess her mind was still stuck that making friends might be an impossibility. You were internally having a few issues yourself. If you failed… you couldn't just leave her. you are… her only friend at the moment. And possibly...

The train stops.

Starlight tried to stand brave, but she was still shaking. "We're here..."

"Yeah… let's just take it a step at a time… remember, whatever bad can happen is worst case scenario. We gotta stay positive."

Starlight hesitatingly nodded "A-agreed… stay… positive." You really hoped you could help her. You really… really did.

You both leave the train, and you let Starlight lead the way. You had no idea where the town was.

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