• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 123

You had to put a lot more focus into writing with your mouth than you ever did with your hands. With every letter you had to think of to write down, your mind wanted to trail off more and more. It was slower, required more effort, and was just fucking boring. Dammit, you hate homework.

You could probably just use your horn in the morning to zap the report complete, but the writing might not match up. Heck, you had to look at your schoolwork after all this. To see how it syncs up with Discord's work.

Chrysalis could see you were still struggling, but she didn't pay it any mind. In fact, she was avoiding bothering you. But every time she glanced at you, she would look annoyed within a few seconds, maybe it was because you were slow? Or maybe because she thinks your writing is still bad. You'd ask, but you didn't want to lose focus.

Chrysalis walked over to the window to peer outside "..Pure emptiness..how anypony could live in this realm is a miracle..." She was speaking to herself. She curved her head slightly to look over to what you were writing. "hrnn...decent..." She then started looking through your dresser, she finds the tin of cards the fillies gave you. And starts to look through them. "Power Ponies....hmph,"

She was so bored.

The fact she was going through your things made you a little anxious, you were constantly shifting your eyes between her and your paper. Dammit, does she not understand boundaries? You didn't care that much about the cards. But the fillies went through so much trouble collecting them for you. You didn't want a single one ruined.

".....what are you doing?" You ask, putting the pencil down so you can observe her.

"I'm bored Anon, and I'm letting you focus on your work. Why do you even have these cards? I doubt you've been here long enough to read all the comics. In fact...You don't have a single one, do you? Pathetic."

Pathetic? wut?

"What do you mean "Pathetic"? Are you saying i'm terrible for NOT having the comics?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. Why would you have merchandise to something you're not even into?"

what? where does she get off saying that?

"Woah woah woah..mph"
You cough, you had to try to not react too much. you were still sick.
"ok..ok..so tell me then, what makes you an expert on the comics then?"

"Nothing, I don't know anything about the comics. But part of being a changeling is pretending to enjoy and like things that are obviously terrible. I at least have an excuse. For you, well, it just makes you look like one of those children that are only into something because the others are into it. Which then goes back into the reason why you are pathetic. Understand?"

that actually upset you. you didn't have them for those reasons, you had them because they were a gift.

"Or maybe they were given to me as a gift by some friends who like me but didn't know I didn't read the comics. Friends do that you know, they like to be giving."

Chrysalis continues to sift through the cards. Even going so far as to order them by collection number. "Well then I apologize...it's your friends who are the idiots."

"Hey! Don't say that..."

You lean up, despite the pain in your stomach, you actually felt a need to protect their actions.
"Haven't you ever gotten anything from somepony just...oh wait. Never mind, I'm walking into such a cliche. Of course you've never received a gift that was genuinely meant for you."

"No, I haven't. Because there's nothing in this world I'd ever need. Unless of course, it was an entire kingdom. But I'm not so lucky to know a pony that generous."

something about that made you both angry, and yet, made you feel sorry for her. You knew how cliche you were about to sound. But, you can't make progress without going down familiar roads.
"That's really selfish. Isn't there anything you've ever wanted that wasn't the world? Something small, something you could cherish because it reminds you of a happy memory or an event that meant something to you?"

Chrysalis continued to organize the cards as she put some serious thought into that question. "hmmmmm... How about a castle that isn't in disrepair and ruin? I'd actually like it if I didn't have to be worried that a step I might take has a possibility of sending me a few floors down."

ugh, that's still too much.

"I don't think you get it. Just picture this. You're a young little princess queen...bug...changeling. your parents take you sh-"

Chrysalis stops you "What?! I seriously hope you aren't making some sort of comparison on how pony parents are like. Because I don't remember if I ever had any. Who knows? I may have ate them."

oh, just the thought of that made your stomach churn worse than usual.

"ok...fine, how about this then. In all the times you've EVER been other ponies. Have you ever come across an object or song or SOMETHING that you wanted to have, to keep as a memento?"

Again, Chrysalis entered deep thought. Trying to think of any particular thing. But then she realized something. "Well, this is a useless line of questioning. You do realize that if I did want a memento. I could have just taken it while I was actually there, right?"

But you had a retort for that one.
"What if it was too big to take? Like a record player?"

"or a castle."

"Right, like a ca-...hey...stop that!"

Chrysalis chuckled, and then went back to organizing the cards while still speaking to you. "You know, Anon, that's a thinking I'd expect out of Twilight Sparkle. Thinking that there has to be a reason, a something, an ANYTHING as to why a being such as myself do the things we do. The thing is, we just do. If you want to call it "evil" then so be it, we're evil. I've long since embraced it"

She was right, but then. as she said it, it made you realize something as well. Starlight was good now. But she still probably hated Twilight deep inside. all in all,her redemption and her feelings were two different things altogether...and so...
"It's fine if you're evil. But I still want to be your friend...I don't even know why. I think you're kind of awesome. For a villain."

Chrysalis stopped organizing the cards. Those words...they didn't click right with her, she looks at you with pure confusion. "What? excuse me if this sounds like you..." Chrysalis changes her head into yours "But that doesn't make any fucking sense" She then changes her head back to her normal form "That is the correct usage of that word, right?"

You nod, but you did have an explanation.
"You mean because of how I condemned you? and pretty much any villain? Yeah, it's because I live here now. I got to see what the lives here are like, and I went to assuming that villains really are one dimensional and not worth my time. There's a difference between watching, and living it. By watching, you know eventually things are going to be ok. And there can be discussions about villains, fanfictions, or even thinking up ways to improve upon their evil and their plans. But now that I live here, I didn't want any part of it anymore. Because anypony,including myself could, end up a victim of said plans."

"So, what you're telling me is. That when you saw things from your world, everything was fine because you weren't personally involved. But now that you're here, you just flipped your thinking? Sounds to me like you only care about yourself, since now anything can happen to you."

"Don't,just don't... because the difference between me watching and me being here is that I didn't even know this world was real. I had no idea about the dimensional rifts and idea lines and all of that. Come on, are you telling me you've ever given it a thought that any storybook you may have read might actually be real, but in another dimension?"

"No, and that's because.....hmmm.." Chrysalis then starts to see your point. But she still had one last argument up her sleeve. "Well, you may have some sort of point. If you were to tell me something like these Power Ponies being real, I'd probably laugh at you and not even find your love worth my time."

"...actually...they do have a world of their own. I'm not sure exactly how it works. But, they exist too."

Chrysalis didn't know how to reply to that. Instead, her mind was running through a million possibilities. "Are you telling me that anything that's fiction could actually be a real world?"

You nod

"Absolutely, it really could be anything. There's even a possibility of a world where you're super nice and Celestia and Luna are evil."

Oh god, it was just sinking in that the comics might actually be canon in some other universe. After Reflections, you couldn't imagine there being anything worse than that. The only thing worse would be Sombra being brought back to life and some stupid romance plot being thrown in.

Chrysalis found that intriguing, and horrifying. "A goody four shoes version of me?....I'd rather...I'd rather not talk about this anymore. I think I get it..."

Even then, she only got it about alternate universes. Not about what you meant on friendship.
"I figure that would bring things into perspective. But I still want to explain my reasoning. Look, if you want to be all big and bad. Fine, I'm not too worried about it because of how the situation is. You can be as evil as you want to be. Want to devise different ways to get revenge? I'm cool with that. But I also, want to try to be your friend."

Chrysalis found no sense in those words. "Why? I thought you wanted to try to "reform" me. Isn't that the reason you want to befriend me?"

it was, but maybe it didn't really have to be.
"That was a reason, but maybe someponies just can't be redeemed. Even then, that doesn't mean we can't be friends."

"And how do you figure that?"

"Because, well. You said it yourself actually. Friends accept each other for their opinions,and who they are. And although I'll never be evil, I can learn to be your friend despite the fact that you ARE evil."

Chrysalis narrowed her eyes at you "I didn't say that..."

"Actually you did, you used it to turn my reasoning around. Remember?"

Chrysalis tapped her chin "Hmmm, now that you mention it, I do remember saying something like that to make you look the fool. But I didn't seriously mean it."

"Well, whether you meant it or not. I'm gonna take it to heart. And I can start by saying. Thank you, I know I said it before. But really...thank you for helping me with my homework, Without you, I'd probably never get it done. Not on my own."

Chrysalis could tell you were being truly serious on your thank you. No sarcasm, no hint of deception. Truly genuine, but she still felt you were trying to change her. "Don't do that, you know my reasons for helping you. So you don't need to tell me “thank you”. I know you're just trying to get me to "soften" up. There's nothing there, Anon. Nothing for you at least."

Well you tried. But if she was going to be that way, then best to leave it be.

You don't say another word. And go back to your homework. To get it finished up and reread it for errors.

Chrysalis just stares at you "Well...?"

Well? Well what?"
You spit out the pencil.
"Huh? What do you mean "Well"?"

Chrysalis was getting irritated. "Don't tell me that. I know that you were really just trying to get me to act more "Friendly". There was no reason to thank me otherwise."

You shrug
"Ok, but I told you that I just wanted to be a friend. It's up to you if you want to accept my thanks or not. Nothing more than that, in anycase. I've got homework to do."

You go back to writing, and as you do. Chrysalis walks up to you and pushes the lunchbox away to look directly into your eyes. She looked very annoyed. "You don't think I know what you're doing? I am the MASTER of deception. And I know when a pony is trying to deceive me."

You pull the lunchbox away and prop it back up.

"I'm not trying to deceive you. I was being serious. You can be evil and malicious and all that. I don't really care about it anymore. All I'd really like is to try to be your friend. There doesn't need to be a redemption for it to happen. Now...do you mind? I gotta finish this report."

Chrysalis slapped the lunchbox away. "what do you take me for?! Nopony is willing to be friends with an evil being just like that!"

You sigh, you were starting to get annoyed yourself

"And you forget I'm not originally a pony. And if I keep fighting to try to redeem you, you're just going to fight back by messing with me. There's no point. So let's just look past our differences ok? We have to live with each other, right? You're gonna be my sister soon, right? Does it make sense for us just not to have ANY kind of relationship when that happens?"

"I don't even think it matters. I think Discord is just doing it to toy with the both of us."

"The both of us"? Hrn, you never actually gave it too much thought on the effect it'd have on Chrysalis. Just more on yourself. It made you curious.

"Why would it bother you? You get to be out and about and you get to toy with my life as a bonus."

"Because I don't get to be myself. I actually have to play a part I don't want any part of for the amusement of your "father". No amount of tormenting you can take that away. Didn't you realize this?"
you didn't..or, not that far. You didn't really think how'd it effect her too much. You tried to come up with a good answer for her. But as you laid silent, she spoke up for you.

"If you wanted to be my friend, you wouldn't be so selfish as to think of how things only affect you."

Woah...what?! Did she just Friendship lesson you....AGAIN?!
"ah-...ah...I. Woah...hold on. you're going all over the place. And what do you mean "If I wanted to be friends"? I do, but it's hard when you're being all over the place. Especially when you're saying I'm selfish because I didn't think how being my sister would affect you. I mean, I thought it was obvious that you'd get a kick out of messing with me."

Chrysalis snickers at the thought "And I will, but. It's still humiliating, and limits me to acting like a useless child. I'm used to a day of scheming, planning, and sucking the love out of whatever unfortunate fool happens into my lair. So, I'm sure you can understand at least what it's like to be stripped away from something you love. Or did you truly care for nothing in your old world?"

hmmm, that didn't require deep thought. You didn't even care if it surprised her.
"There's nothing worth going back for. That's all I have to say about that. I'm actually a lot happier here."

Chrysalis however, wasn't surprised. She knew that was probably the case. She's never ever heard you ever complain about that before. "Of course, what a silly thing for me to ask.....well then..."
Chrysalis looks directly into your eyes, she started to read you, and read your emotions. "So, are you serious, truly serious in wanting to be my friend despite the fact that I am indeed evil?"

you sigh, yes, a million times yes.
"Yes Chrysalis, I don't care if you’re evil. I'd just like to be your friend rather than your enemy. Especially since we're pretty much stuck with each other anyway."

Chrysalis walks over to the end of the bed...and something was different...was she..deliberately shaking her ass at you? because she was adding a little swagger to her walk. "...then, do something for me. And I'll put considerable thought in becoming your real friend."

even the way she was climbing on the bed, she took a stretch..u-unf. Your irritation left you, in trade of desire...ohhhhh, if she said to fuck her....maybe...mmaaaybbeee

"it d-depends, I w-won't do anything evil."

you felt your ill feelings from being sick even subside as she laid at the end of the bed on her side. Looking at you with seductive eyes. "Oh, you needn't do anything evil. All I want to do, is cuddle with you."


It's not even the fact that she said that. it was the fact that she went from terribly annoyed to suddenly wanting to cuddle? That doesn't even make any sense. holy shit, what was her reason? Was she going to try to hypnotize you? That doesn't work, you'd never let that happen.

"...why?"You said, with much skepticism.

"I'll be honest with you Anon. I'm very hungry. And I'd leave to go acquire the food Discord had given us. But, the door being locked is a problem. So, if you don't mind. I'd like to cuddle with you as you think gentle and loving thoughts. Is that ok with you?"

Is she serious?
"Why would I let you feed off me?"

"Because I need the nourishment. And it's not like it's going to destroy you. You'll be fine, just a little tired. You might even fall asleep. But is that so bad when embraced by the likes of me?"
She was looking at you with bedroom eyes, you had to look away.

"I-I dunno."

"It's your choice Anon. You don't have to do it. I won't force you. But it would be appreciated. Especially if your love is delicious. I'll be gentle, like a mother would. It could be the first stage of our bonding. Are you telling me you aren't interested, just a little?"

you started to sweat, you couldn't just say no.
"But...w-what about my homework?"

"It'll still be there when we're done..." She pats the bed, near her chitin tummy. "I'll nibble your ear a little."

you gasped, oh shit. oh shit...what to fucking do?...oohh fuck. W-what if she toyed with you..in those ways? Oh god, if you said no. You'd be considered a beta faggot for refusing the queen. But if you said yes, you'd be considered a cuck because there's probably no sex in this. ughhhhhh...



"F-fine...just..just for a little bit though. I'm only doing this because, you know, friendship.."

Chrysalis giggled "I know it's more than that, but I'll let you keep your delusions. Now come on, put your back against my stomach. And just...relax. Think nothing but your happiest thoughts."

you stood up, and cautiously walked over to her. The warmth of the bed under your hooves did not help. Were you seriously going to do this?

You felt this may be a mistake. But fuck, if you go back on it. Then you'd just be a hypocrite. But...she was gonna feed on you. And you were just going to let it happen. oh crap, your life is such a mess sometimes.

You gulp as you stand in front of her, you point down near her belly.
"J-just lay there? and that's it?"

Chrysalis nodded

ok...ok..here we go. Here we go.
You take a breath,and slip in and put your back against her belly. and as you do, she takes her forelegs and gently holds you close with them, hugging onto you as if you were her child.

And, despite her legs being tough and hard. She was putting on gentle pressure. as the silky lace of her maid outfit cushioned your backside just a little.

"See, was that so bad?" She says in a warm and inviting voice.

"I guess not, It just feels, kind of weird."

"What do you mean? I haven't even started feeding yet. Or does the possibility that this might turn into something more excite you?"

You blush deep, something more?
"U-uh...what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean. I can already sense it in you" Chrysalis brought you up closer to her chest so your head would be close enough to hers

she didn't, she couldn't....oh man. But if she did...

"I-I dunno I HMNNNK"

Chrysalis began to gently nibble on your ear "hush now, and think of only your loving thoughts. I know you're in the mood, but do it for me..."

Chrysalis couldn't believe how easy this was. She knew you were easier than any pony she's ever met or seduced. But this was too much. even for her. It was just way too easy.

she started licking the back of your head gently, she then opened her mouth to suck in any love you were producing. But there was no love, just lust.

Chrysalis grumbled "Anon...dear.."

But you were so lost

Chrysalis rolled her eyes "Anon, snap out of it. You're not doing what I told you"


She wasn't even hypnotizing you. you were just that lost.

Chrysalis realized you were TOO easy. And too riddled with lust to think more loving thoughts.
"Anon, let me ask you a question"

You look up at her, only half snapping to attention.

"Are all humans so riddled with lust that they can't follow a simple instruction?" She asked you, her aggravation not apparent to you yet.

"What instruction?"

Chrysalis sighed "You're such an idiot. I need you to think of something you love. Don't you care about that moronic pegasus pony?"

"Which one is that?"

Chrysalis shook her head, annoyed you'd even ask that. "The yellow one"

Fluttershy? Right..right. You did, and. Oh...yeah. You were supposed to be feeding her your love.
"ok, I see why you're annoyed at me. But can you blame me? I don't usually get to be this close to a girl in a maid outfit."

"I doubt you ever get close to a girl period. It's so pathetic that I actually feel an urge to help you with that."

ouch, and after all that confidence you had gathered. She just stuck a pin right in it.
"Hey, I can get any mare I want. They find me cute."

"And yet you can't because of the age you currently are. and we all know you can’t be lustful towards a filly either. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for you. And I can only imagine how terrible it will be for you once you've grown up. If you act like this around mares like you do towards me, you will never EVER find any love."

ouch..and yet. It was common sense. You doubted there were any mares that would appreciate you acting like this. Except maybe Diamond Tiara...maybe? Nah, she'd mature up like any other pony. Chrysalis was right, and you had to accept it.

"I know, but hey. It's not like I can't clean up my act. I'm just a little on the perverted side. That's all. It doesn't help when you're in that maid outfit either."

"Well excuse me, but I don't have a choice in taking it off. So if you want to prove to me that you aren't just looking for a mare's behind. Try to think more genuine loving thoughts."

ugh, she really wanted the good stuff. You could use Fluttershy...but.
"Ok, but. If I use my love for Fluttershy. Will you feeding off of me just...make me not care about her?"

Chrysalis shook her head "No, you'll just feel a little empty inside for just a moment or two. It should be fine, I'm sure you're used to it"

Ouch, that lust you felt for her just drained right out of you.
"You know that's not a very friendly thing to say, right?"

"And I don't care, I haven't considered you a friend yet. So, can we do this already? I'm tired of being hungry."

You needed her to promise. A Pinkie Promise. even if she were to break it. a Pinkie Promise might help her think otherwise.
"Fine, I can do it. But I need one tiny thing from you before I let it happen."

"And what is that?"

"I need you to Pinkie Promise me, that you will seriously consider being my friend after this. I'm not even asking you to be my friend, just..to seriously consider it."

To Chrysalis, that seemed reasonable enough, it's not like she had to actually do it.
"I promise"

"No no, Pinkie Promise"

Chrysalis rolled her eyes "A regular promise is all you'll get. Don't ask me for things when you've done nothing thus far but ruin my life. Even Discord has done a little to make things more comfortable for me. What have you done?"


"Fine, I'll take the regular promise.."

You snuggle back up with her, your lust for her definitely gone.

"Good, now then. Let's start the feeding."

And so you started, reluctant at first. You began to remember Fluttershy through the episodes, with you, and all the kindness and love she brings.

Chrysalis could taste it, it surprised her even. Genuine love. She avoided talking to you as she fed. She didn't want to break your train of thought.

As for you, you could feel her draining you. But it didn't feel too bad, it just made you feel a little more ill than you already were. But besides an upset stomach. It was manageable.

But the longer it went on, the more you realized you were losing something else. You know she said you would, but actually feeling like you love Fluttershy less was actually...scaring you.
"H-hey Chrysalis...are you done?"

"No, keep going. I'll let you know when I've had my fill."

"I don't want to, I don't like what I'm feeling...or starting not to feel."

You started to squirm

"Anon, relax. It's only temporary. Don't be such a wimp" She holds you closer, to try to stop you from squirming or escaping.

"Please don't. I'm serious, I don't like this."

Chrysalis didn't want to listen to you, but as you became uncomfortable. The taste and amount of love she could feed off began to lost it's luster.

"Fine...." She loosen's her grip, allowing you to crawl away.

You take a moment to recover, you didn't know how it'd feel to recover. You didn't know how'd you know if you knew the difference in the love you felt or not.

You said nothing as Chrysalis plopped off the bed. What she was able to take from you would be sufficient. It was better than Smooze love at least. "Relax Anon, I've done this to many a pony. You know about my work at Canterlot, so tell me. Did that fool, Shining Armor, love his wife any less than he did before?"

No, he loved her just the same. Enough to have a kid apparently.

"No, he seemed to recover just fine. Enough to even..."

"DON'T SAY IT! You've already reminded me enough times of that particular day." She felt you were going to mention being defeated by love again. "In anycase. thank you. Your genuine love for the yellow one made for quite a meal."

You turn to face Chrysalis. You didn't know how to take that. You were surprised she just thanked you. But dammit...you didn't know having your love drained like that would make you feel so...off.

Chrysalis just stared at you. She thought you would have reacted to her "Thank You". She had a whole second line to add afterwards. But you just sat there. Quiet. "Anon?"

"Yeah? sorry, just not used to this..."

You sounded stoic. You were cycling through your thoughts. making sure everything worked. Having your love drained like that was different than having your lust drained. It was terrifying. Maybe this was one of the real reasons ponies feared that changelings.

"You'll get used to it, eventually. Nopony ever loses their love permanently. You have nothing to fear"

"Maybe...but I'd rather not do this again. Not unless it's absolutely necessary."

"What do you mean necessary? I told you those loss of feelings is temporary. And I need a better food source if I'm going to stay in a good condition."

You shook your head. You agreed to be drained because she couldn't reach her food source. But you won't be a battery.
"No, I did this for you because I wanted you to consider being friends. And because you were hungry and I understood that you need love as food. I won't let you take advantage of me. And THAT wouldn't be friendly if you did do that."

Chrysalis stood silent for a moment. Sooner or later, she realized that you would have eventually been able to pull a friendship lesson out. She started to consider if a friendship with you was really worth it. She'd be stuck with you. And while she could just fake it. She was a bug who always thought ahead, or tried to at least

She knew that she said she'd consider your friendship. But actually thinking about it. What else could she do? Not having your cooperation would only cause more frustration. WITH your friendship, especially since you said you'd accept her evil ways, meant that you would probably look the other way or sympathize with her more often than if she continued to make enemies with you. No, there was no reason to not be friends with you. It might even get Discord off her back. "You're right, it wouldn't be. I apologize"

"Just because your queen doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, you shou....wait what?"
Did she just...
"You're actually sorry? Or are you being sarcastic?"

Chrysalis shook her head "No, I meant it. And that's because I have considered your offer of friendship. And I accept it. No tricks, no sarcasm, and certainly no evil schemes. That's what you wanted, isn't it?"

you did...but....that was...really goddamn quick.
"...you know it's not about what I want right? it should be something you want."

"And I do want it. I don't want to fight the same pointless fight with you anymore. It's just a headache"

Ok...you could say that this was probably some sort of trick. But, even as obvious as it could be. You said you'd accept her evil ways. But....
"You know what, I'm gonna trust you. And I'm going to trust you because this would be the first time we're officially friends. Let me tell you something though, in my world. That alone wouldn't fly in terms of friendship. So, this is a lot of trust i'm putting in you Chrysalis. You got it?"

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