• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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EXTRA 2: Face your fears

Author's Note:

Decided to spend the night getting another one of the 'after years' chapters up. This one, I felt, was too cute not to put up. So enjoy

It's the dead of night.

You were walking through the unpaved streets of Ponyville Your little daughter, Crown Jewel, or Jewely as you call her, in tow.

She was shaking something fierce. Not from the cold, but from the fear she had of the dark. "D-daddy, I'm scared...I-I want to go home" Jewel said with a shaky voice.

"C'mon, you're the one who got me up for this, Jewely. You don't want to be scared of the dark all your life, do you?" You say with a tired yawn. She had pulled you out of bed under the guise of getting her water. Which she did want, but then she asked you if you could take her outside to conquer her fears of the dark. You thought it odd she'd ask something like that out of the blue, but apparently her doll had told her that she needed to overcome her fears if she wanted to become great. She must have been dreaming it, because there's no way a doll could tell her anything.

Being the great father you were and loving Jewely as you do, you agreed to her terms and decided to take her out to show her that the dark was nothing to be afraid of. All you were going to have her do was walk towards you. You were going to place her down, have her wait as you step back, and call her over. That's it. nothing stressful

"..No. But I didn't know the nighttime was going to be this scary...There's nopony out here. It's really spooky"

"Well, it's a little after midnight, Jewely."

"Really?...Daddy...I didn't mean to wake you up this late. I thought it was earlier." She whined in a soft tone as she cuddled onto your back. "You're not upset with me, are you?"

awwww..how could you be? She was too adorable to be mad at. "Nah, I used to stay up like this all the time."

"Really? But wouldn't grandpa send you to bed early?" She asked

You chuckle at that. As if Discord would ever force you into bed early. "Nope, but just because he wouldn't put me to bed doesn't mean it's good to do. I'd be late for school sometimes because I would still be asleep."

Jewely suddenly took a familiar stern tone with you and gently patted her hoof on your head. "Bad Daddy, Bad! School is very important. You should never be late for school."

You giggle at that. "Yeah, I know. That's why I'm so glad you don't sleep late or have trouble waking up. It makes me proud that I didn't mess up when raising you. I-I mean...not like I messed up with your brothers or anything..." Though, you did seem to really mess up with Illustrious. No matter what you tried. He never really seemed to take you seriously.

It was saddening really. If only you could figure out a way to connect to him. It hurt that he never really seemed to look at you as a father figure. It was almost like he was son of some other colt, or a manifestation of one.

"You never mess up, Daddy! That's why you're the greatest Daddy ever" She hugs the back of your neck.

"I know I am. Alright, so this looks like a good spot" You say as you lower yourself to let Jewely off.

"A good spot?" Jewely looks around, and realizes she's still outside...in the dark. "W-wait! Daddy! no! I'm not ready!" She holds on as tightly as she can as she hides her face in your mane. But a gentle head flick had her easily lose her grip and fall to the ground on her side. you quickly got up to prevent her from getting on your back. But she went for your leg and hugged on tight "Daddy! Daddy! please don't leave me in the dark, Daddy! I'm scared!"

That twisted your heart something fierce.maybe it was a bad idea, maybe you shouldn't be forcing her to get over her fear of the dark. But it wasn't like she was going to get hurt either. Maybe if you coaxed her a little… "Jewely, I know it's a little scary. But you're the daughter of the AMAZING hero stallion. That's me, of course. Which means, in your very blood, lies the soul of a legendary hero."

"L-legendary?" She looks up at you with shimmering scared eyes "Do...you think I'm legendary?"

You give her a snarky smirk "I ‘think’ that you're better than I am."

She started to show hope in her eyes "Really? B-but, you're so awesome, Daddy....." Then she started to feel sad, feeling she could never amount to how great you were "...Too awesome. I could never ever be as great as you are."

"Jewely, let me tell you something." You gently brushed her aside so you could lower yourself and look at her at eye level. "Heroes aren't something that can really be compared. I mean, look at Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. They are heroes, even today, for maintaining the balance of harmony in Equestria."

Jewely just looked at you. Confused "But didn't they also beat up bad guys too? Wouldn't that be the reason they're heroes?"

You shrug "Yeah, I mean, sure. But they did that kind of stuff since before even your daddy was around. Today? They just make sure everything goes smoothly here in Equestria. And that alone makes them heroes"

"So...what you're saying is. If I manage to overcome how scary the dark is, I'll be a hero?"

You gently boop her nose, causing her to giggle. "That's right, kiddo! Plus, I'll be super impressed too. So impressed, that I think my little legendary hero deserves a night with mommy and daddy."

Her face lit up like a christmas, or rather, Hearth Warming's light. "Really? I can sleep with you and mommy if I can do this?"

You nod "You bet"

you give her head a gentle rub as she squees in delight "EEE! Yes! Yes! I can do it! Don't worry, Daddy! I won't let you down!"

Well then, she changed her attitude real quick. You were such a good dad. "Ok, so check this out, Jewely. You stay here, and I'm going to walk over there by the town hall. Ok? Then all you have to do is walk towards me, and you'll have conquered your fears"

"Wait..." Jewely moved her head to the side to look behind you. To her, the town hall did look awfully far. "All the way over there?"

"Mhmm, should be no problem for my little legendary hero, right?"

She started to shiver, feeling a little spooked. But she nodded just the same "R-right..."

"Good, now you wait here while I step over there and we'll get started." You turned to make your trek to town hall. But as you did, you could hear the clippity clop of little hooves.

You don't even turn around as you say in a gentle tone "Jewely, you can't just follow me. You have to wait."

"...o-oh..I thought..." Jewely's voice was stuttering. She knew she had to wait, but she got scared and tried to follow you.

"It's ok." You turn around and pet her head once more. "We'll just try it again. Now, just wait here, ok?" you say as you plop your horn on your head.

"Ok...." She just looks up at you with worried innocence.

"C'mon Jewely, I know you can do it. Now, do you remember what to do when I tell you ‘let me see your war face’ ?"

"I'm supposed to growl, like this! Grrrrrr!" She made an adorable squeaky growl as she angrily grit her teeth.

It was just too adorable, your heart would explode if you were a lesser pony. "Good, now hold that thought."

You instantly poofed in a flash of light from in front of Jewely towards the side of the town hall building.

"Ah! Daddy! Where are you!" Jewely cried as you disappeared from her sight. She was looking around frantically for you without moving from her spot.

"Jewely! Jewely! Calm down, I'm right here. Ok! Right here!" You waved to her and called for her attention.

When she noticed you, she plopped her butt down and started to look around in every which direction, feeling that the darkness all around her would not let her reach you in any capacity. "D-Daddy...p-please come back. I'm scared...it's cold" She whines in a low voice. Even with the promise of sleeping with you and Diamond, she was still very scared.

You weren't even too far from her. it'd only take her about ten seconds for her to trot on over to you. "Jewely, come on, face your fears! Whatever they are, just look them in the face and laugh. Laugh at how silly they are."

"But Daddy..." She says as she begins to shiver more

"Yes sweetie?"

"...Darkness doesn't have a face"

.........fuck "E-erm. Well, just walk over to me in a straight line then. It'll be ok! There's nothing that can possibly hurt you. This is Ponyville after all, the only time there's ever any real big trouble is when a monster attacks"

"Monster?! EEEEP!" Jewely ducked down and covered her head in fright "Daddy! Daddy! Please! Help!"

....why the fuck did you even say that? Even if it was true, you should have known it would have scared her. "Jewely, there's no monsters out. Come on, it's not so bad. there REALLY is nothing to be afraid of. If anything tries to hurt you, I'll beat them within an inch of their life"

Jewely slowly pokes her head up from her forelegs. "R-really?"

"Course. Again, I'm the hero stallion. Hehehe" You snicker in arrogance.

Jewel tries to raise herself up, she tries to be brave. But then she hears a bird, and ducks her head again, shivering. "Daddy! C-could you come closer. P-p-p-p-please?"

"Jewely...c'mon, you'll never learn to conquer your fear unless you take it down by the neck."

But she couldn't. She felt she couldn't. So she called again, the will to move was lost on her. "Please...."

"Jewely...I...mnnn" The poor little thing. Maybe one step wouldn't hurt.

But no, if you do, she'll just ask for another. And then another.

You had to stand your ground. "I'm sorry, Jewely. But I'm not going to move. If you want to be near me, you have to come over here"

you sounded stern and strong.

She however, didn't take that in a bad way. But it did make her even more scared, if that was even possible at this point. "D-daddy...I'm sorry. It's just..so scary"

Dammit. There had to be some way to convince her to face her fears. But how?

Then she called out again "Daddy...I'm not a hero! I'm sorry! I'll never be as brave as you. I'll never be as brave as Mommy,AJ, the princesses, or Chryssy...nopony. I'm sorry that I'm a big scaredy cat! Please don't hate me! Please!"


Her words, it pierced your soul.

You started to tear up. Your little Crown Jewel, who brightens up your day, every day, even moreso if you ended up on the couch. She was losing hope. Hope in the situation.Hope in herself.

She always seemed to be at her happiest when among friends. But she always got scared at night. She was happy to share a room with her two brothers if only for their ‘protection’.

But you knew one day she'd have to have a room of her own. And if she never got over this...


No, you can't lose hope in her. She is your daughter after all. And she looks up to you in a way others haven't in such a long time.You couldn't fail her now.

in fact, maybe you could turn that around....maybe, you could look at hope...through her. "Jewely...I'm really scared too" When you said that, her little ears perked up. But she hadn't moved from her spot yet. "Being here by myself...it reminds me of all the times I fought in battles, thought I nearly lost somepony, and worst yet...made your mother angry at me..."

"...Daddy?" She slowly starts to look up at you. "I-Is that true?"


You look down, filling your head with as many dark memories as you could. "I remember the time I made my own Tantabus...you remember when I told you about that, right?..that was...probably one of the scariest things I ever saw...because it meant I was about to give up...and I'm scared, of ever ending up like that again..like how I used to be"

"Daddy...I-I would never let you go into that kind of darkness..." She said, with sincerity and love in her heart

"Jewely..." You call out to her weakly, quietly.

And then you noticed it. She was getting up, she was forcing herself to stand, and step towards you, itty bitty step by itty bitty step, each step becoming braver and bolder which every movement. "Daddy, I-I won't let you be scared. I'll snuggle with you until y-you're not scared anymore"

She was doing it,your little filly was doing it,she was marching on over to you.

You were...so proud of her.Your little girl, walking in the late night, by herself, towards you. She was determined to make the bad feelings you conjured up go away. And as you looked on in pride...something sinister was about to occur


Out of nowhere, an anvil,piano, and crate of heavy balls landed onto Jewely's position, creating a small crater.

You immediately turned white in dread.

You look up..to see a familiar clumsy pegasus fly by with a now empty cart. "J-J...J...Je..."

You couldn't get the words out.
You couldn't speak
You couldn't move...
Your little filly...
Your innocent little girl

"JEWELY!" You rushed over to the pile, forgetting that you had the power of the horn, and instead tried to move the heavy objects with your hooves. "JEWELY! JEWELY! SPEAK TO ME! PLEASE! OH GOD!"

You started to cry hysterically as you did your best to remove the debris.

What you hadn't noticed however, was a little filly innocently stepping away from the pile, with only a teeny tiny little bump on her head. "Daddy, look, I did it! I walked all the way over to you and I didn't get scared! Are you proud of me?"

But you weren't paying attention, you were trying to move the damned piano!

"Daddy? Are you ok? What are you looking for?" She tilted her head, curious

"Jewely! I'm looking for you, Jewely!" You said frantically

"Daddy, don't be silly. I'm right here, see?" She waved to you



You slowly turn over, still white with fright.

You see a smiling little filly. waggling her tail about, looking up at you with pure pride in her heart. "Hi Daddy!" She says with a cheer

"....Jewely...y-you're ok..." There she was, safe and sound...

"Mhmm! I think something hit my head though. But I'm fine, see! I barely felt it! Are you proud of me?"

You gave a crazed chuckle as you slowly went to lay on your side."Something" landed on her head, she says. That fucking anvil landed on her head..Holy shit...just… "Yes Jewely, but Daddy is feeling more scared than your Aunt Fluttershy in a haunted house right now. And so I'm just going to lose consciousness for a second or thousand..ok? Ok" And then you conked out like a light.

"Oh no! Daddy must have really gotten afraid of the dark!" Jewely went and cuddled under your belly as you laid on your side, she then slowly climbed up and hung around on your side as she looked behind your back with vigilant eyes. "Don't worry, Daddy! I'll protect you from the darkness until the sun comes up! I'm a brave legendary hero now! Just like you! And I'll protect you no matter what!"

And little Jewely was true to her word, for the most part.

She tried staying awake as long as she could until she eventually fell asleep, snuggling onto your belly after she slid off your side.

in your unconscious mind. You could see her...feel her.

She was safe with you, and that's all that mattered.

Everybody was probably going to wonder what the fuck happened when they find you in the middle of town, asleep with your little filly in tow. But you didn't care, little Jewely conquered her fear, and thats all that mattered.

The only thing now was trying to explain away the anvil and such. Your wife would kill you if she found out any of those came even close to Jewely.

You probably wouldn't wake up in time to make them vanish with the horn.

Ah well, what's another night on the couch? If it meant that Jewely is a better filly out of it.

You were so proud of her.

You'd always would be, and that included your sons too.

You were lucky to have them, and lucky to have such a wife. Even if you did fuck up sometimes.

This was your family. And they came first. And you would protect them the best you could.

And that thought made you gently hold Jewely ever closer in your sleep, your precious little Jewel.

You did good, Anon, you did good.

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Comments ( 81 )

that doll IS Chrysalis isn't it? Also it wouldn't be far fetch if she did felt lonely and become a doll to suck their love for one another... but to also protect her niece.. That anvil did hit her in the head but it was Chryssy who made sure it didn't do too much damage

The doll is Chryssy, but the anvil did hit her head. The joke is that Jewel's head is EVEN MORE POWERFUL than Anon's

You were...so proud of her.Your little girl, walking in the late night, by herself, towards you. She wasdetermined to make the bad feelings you conjured up go away. And as you looked on in pride...something sinister was about to occur

I can't deter you enough from these mines known as "spacing".

You did good,Anon...You did good.

Space after the comma, and three periods.

maybe so, butistillhaveprideinmyheart

well from all the times anon hit his head, not surprised genes for hard heads was passed down xD.

hot dang.. still i believe Chryssy actually wants to protect lil Jewely

i do have pre-written chapters that confirm this

Anon's Ability is Rock Head, while Jewely can use Iron Head.

What you hadn't noticed however, was a little filly innocently stepping away from the pile, with only a teeny tiny little bump on her head.

Well i guess she takes after her father alright.


Huzzah! Let the Princesses Quake before his might! Although its going to be pretty interesting seeing how they know about a lot of it already...

:pinkiehappy: I think I could live with that.


Could he handle so much pony pussy though?

Anons never thought his decisions through before, why start now? At least this one results in a net gain no matter what.

Diamond destroys him for even thinking of anyone else

Hot dang you put too much effort in this story and that's what I like about people that they put time and effort and using that think meat. I'm gonna enjoy this.


A ton. not all the decisions made in the story was good, but, for the parts that are. well, I hope you enjoy

Well, that's expected. It's just something really obvious when you watch a TV show and he certainly did.

Hilarity ensues, gotcha! Well, guess I won't miss this if I keep reading, will I?
It's actually fun story so far, but Anon irks me quite fierce every now and then.


The story was originally written on 4chan with input from users (though the flim flam arc was entirely my doing). Later in the story, it started to become something I didn't like but others enjoyed. But the most enjoyed aspect was the interaction between Anon and Chrysalis once they got used to each other

you shut your cocksucker. i watch rick and morty and my iq is over 99999999999. i could snap my fingers right now and you'd turn to dust soley because of the sheer power in my iq level you absolute plebian.

i am so humble that god himself (who doesn't exist you fuckwit) looks at me and says "i wish I could be as humble as garfilth"

Over 300 chapters jesus christ man

"Gah! Second person?!"

*looks at description*

"Ohhhh, it was originally greentext. All right, I'll give this a go."

I'm not that sure anymore, but I think you sadly won't get that if I remember it right. That was one of the elements I didn't liked so much I believe.


If I may suggest reading the Flim Flam arc, it's a real gem

Wow this was a rather good story and its rather well done. My only real complaint is that Anon in the first couple chapters acts more like an Anti-Brony rather than someone who actually wants to be there.

Beside that This story does win a award. I don't actually read these stories. I convert them to Audio Books and listen to them as I go about my day. Previously the longest story in my iTunes was the story "Shifting Melodies by Thadius0". Its 104 chapters long and has a run time of 99.5 hours of listening time.

You beat him by quite a bit. This is now the longest story in my collection, consisting of 328 chapters with a run time of 128 hours long. That works out to be five and a half days to hear the whole story, assuming your listening to it non stop all twenty four hours each day.

Congratulations, and a well earned thumbs up.

The Monk

wow, woo. that's a lot of audio listening. Thank you btw, for enjoying the story

lots of creammy frosting

Sorry but that is telling me nothing would have to look for it.

I guess you're right.

Dont remember that

Ignoring the fact that some little girls may never see most of these stories until they are older.

to be fair, there will be a turnabout in book 2

I think iw rote this before I saw Zaku, but idk. I would say both of them. Zaku is the first ship master though.

I really don't remember much of this story from where I left off. gotta skim through the ark I'm on to remember

I'm finally done. I loved it and I still don't like Celestia. This is an amazing story and I'm about to read the otherels right in a minute.:derpytongue2:


hope you enjoy the movie book

I was referring to the Prank Off.

Maybe you do, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the way they act in the show does not reflect a normal teenage mentality most of the time.

So most people I know view them in that age range.

About to read 1.3 mil words, holy Celie...


have fun, there are stretches of good and bad and even ugly (if you do drop out at any point, read the Flim Flam Arc, my favorite arc)

Well if I read it wrong, "of course" i will complain about it or voice my concern, I think it would be bad if I wouldn't do that at all.
As much english as I understand and as much as it seems to help me in other stories it may not help me with this one.

However I don't think this story would get much better if I would understand what you think I'm missunderstanding.

Well..... I might but it wasn’t the fact it was all a dream that doesn’t bug me what DOES is what Celestia and Luna did to them..... that was actually REALLY terrible..... not unexpected but I would never trust the princesses again..... period.

If anything, this is why i'm writing book 2, to fix the sins of book 1. Anon has already gotten Luna back tenfold for this, shattering her world view on "love"

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