• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 60

You look around. The place was very… purple. The couches and seats looked soft and there was a few bookcases, and tapestries and supplies strewn about. Damn, Coco must get overworked...


You put your hoof to your face. "Dammit Discord… Outside the room… Not inside..."

You immediately hide and look about. No sign of Coco… Well of course there wouldn't. She's probably busy. You take a dare to look around the apartment. man, even the floor carpet was soft. You can see a candle light coming from the crack of a door leading to another room.

Curious, you head over to the door and notice it is slightly ajar, you peek through the crack and… Ha… There she is. Seems she's getting ready to put some fabric together.

You take a look around the room and try to find the exit. You easily find it and head over to it. Locked...

You unlock it, knock on the door, open the door and shut it. Creating the illusion that you "Let yourself in"

"Hello? Anypony home?" You almost let out a laugh, you felt like a cartoon character doing that.

The door leading to the room Coco was in opens slowly as she peeks out. "Hello?"


"Oh hello. You must be Miss Coco Pommel, a pleasure to meet your acquaintance" You give a polite bow… Nailed it

"I am… How did you get in?" She looked nervously adorable about your presence

"Well uhh, you see, the door was unlocked so I let myself in"

Coco get's curious just from that and pops out of the room and investigates her locks, they seemed fine, she thought to herself on how she could ever forget to lock it. "Oh, well....hmmm"

She seemed perplexed on how that could happen. but she didn't want to be rude and focus on it. "Hello." Coco turns to you and smiles "What can I do for you today?"

Huh… Just like that, huh? She didn't seemed worried anymore, must be your adorably good looks. Great! Makes things easier. "I'm here on official business from my employer, "The Magnificent Q", I'm sure you've heard of him?"

That seemed to have caught Coco off guard. She wasn't expecting a colt to just come in and throw business at her. She looks left and right, seeing if there was anyone else around who could have gotten in. She felt like something was off. "Ummm… no, but, aren't you a little young for this sort of thing?" Maybe it was a joke someone was playing on her? She couldn't be sure. "I don't want to be rude… but I'm very very busy. But if you want, you can take some cookies from my kitchen if you'd like"

Grrmmmm… She wasn't taking you seriously. "Busy? Miss Coco I come to you with a business proposal of a lifetime! If you'd just hear me out. I'm sure you'd at the chance to take it."

She looked at your attire. it was pretty swanky and nice. She's never seen a colt gussied up like that for no reason. Not wanting to take the chance that this was in fact a real thing. She decides to at least listen to you before sending you off. "Alright, would you like a seat? Mr..."

"You may call me Anon, and thank you miss Coco, I'd love a seat." You hop on the couch and… ohhh goooddddddd… It's sooo soft… Must... Resist… Urge… To… Roll… On it...

You take a moment to compose yourself, but Coco notices the odd expression on your face as you sit on the sofa. "Is something wrong?"

You cough nervously. "What?..o-oh no. Just have some achy joints from walking all the way over here"

"Oh, well, I have some cream rub if you'd like some. I use it on my hooves on my busier days."

Damn, she's so nice. And cuuuuute. The fact she's even taking the time to hear you out puts her above most ponies in her industry… You think… You wouldn't actually know.

"No it's alright. Ahrm… anyway. My boss has a business proposition for you that I'm sure you wouldn't pass up."

"I am intrigued. I've never had a colt come make me any offers before. Especially one who speaks as well as you do."

"Well, when you’re in the fashion business like me and my employer, having proper etiquette in all fields of the fashion world is of utmost importance"

Coco giggled… Why is she giggling? "Is something funny, Miss Coco?"

Coco realized how rude that must have sounded. She meant no disrespect to you. She just thought it was cute and funny that a little colt was sounding this serious. You fit the part for everything but your age. Her smile immediately turned to frown as she looked down, feeling shameful at her lack of professionalism. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me..."

D'awww, she's cute… but… you had a mission to complete. You gave her a snooty look, hrnn… maybe Discord had a point on this whole "act a little like a snooty jackass" thing. "Right… in anycase, my employer has been wowing ponies across the north. Mostly in Yakyakistan and the Crystal Empire. Well beloved there, don't even question it, he does not like to be questioned. With our success we have come down to Manehatten to set up shop. But, my employer is very conscious of the competition and does not approve of having to fight for top spot. Therefore my employer is looking for, well… an employer of sorts. We are willing to split profits 80/20 in your favor. All we ask is that you take us on as your faithful workers. You needn't even take your time up with us as we do all the work… All we ask is you come see our fashion studio… and that you immediately accept our offer."

Coco was impressed. you handled it like a true professional. She found it adorable. But… this did actually sound serious. And so out of the blue.. "That's a very generous offer. But, do I have to decide right now? I haven't even met your employer."

You nod, you needed her to say yes so Suri would realize she was working for her. "He's a very busy stallion, that's why I always do the more menial work for him."

Coco found that odd… and even abusive. Sending a single colt out into the city to do these kinds of jobs, she felt a little deja vu. "Anon… do you always do these kinds of things for your employer? Doesn't he have any adults to go out and do these things for him"

Oh… what is this? "Well, yes. "The Magnificent Q" is my employer after all, and I do whatever he asks me to."

Coco frowned at that… She was hoping he wasn't taking advantage of you. "Anon, colts or fillies as young as you shouldn't be travelling around this city by themselves. It's very dangerous. Don't you know that?"

Come on, dammit. Is she concerned about you? Fuck… being a kid sucks sometimes. You just needed a yes out of her… dammit. "I do, but I am a professional. So you needn't worry."

But she did worry. Enough to want to meet this "Magnificent Q". In fact, if she would be the boss over him. Then she could make immediate changes if she didn't like what she saw. She felt that you were probably being taken advantage of. "I accept your offer"

That was easy… You bow your head. "Thank you, Miss Coco. You won't regret it… Oh and, here's our business card… We can leave immediately"

You had to hope the trip would be a long one. Discord not only had to get Suri in the studio, but get her hired for the reveal to work. You felt things were being rushed… Felt like a season 3 episode.

"Actually… I have to finish work on a client's dress. It'll take a while, I hope you don't mind. If you'd like, you can stay and wait. You can help yourself to anything in my kitchen. Even the cookies" She gives you a smile, she did have work to do. And she wanted to meet her new employee if only to figure out what he's up to and fix it. But she had obligations before you. She also didn't want you just walking back out into the streets of the city. She didn't know how it was in the Crystal Empire, and she only knew so much about Yaktakistan. She only knew they were waayyy up north. But she knew the city, and some ponies weren't the nicest.

FUCK… Wait… Maybe that's not a bad thing. Certainly gives Discord the time he needs to get things set up… hopefully. And it's not like you knew how to get there. You had no way of navigating the city. And due to not having your saddle bag. You couldn't pay for a cab either. Plus… cookies were nice.

But… remain professional. You didn't want to give the impression anything was wrong. "I have no reason to say no. And I wouldn't want to tear you away from your work. Yes… I think I'll accept your offer. My employer needed time to prepare for your arrival anyway."

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