• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 26

Diamond Tiara, satisfied with being on top once more. looked onto the horizon, she could feel her sweet tooth aching. "You know Anon...I know what we should spend our bits on first. Let's go get me an ice cream"

You were still reeling from her power play. You were also getting hungry. That sandwich back at Fluttershy's wasn't a whole lot. Surely Diamond Tiara would at least agree to actual food.
"Actually, we could go to the diner. I think they sell shakes there. And I kind of want some solid food. Kinda hungry"

Diamond Tiara looked at you and scoffed "Anon, I think I said I want some ice cream. I've already eaten. Or do you want me to cry again. Because if I cry this time...I'm not stopping."


fantastic...she now had a WMD-tier method of obliterating everything. You couldn't even argue with her....maybe a compromise?

You reach into your saddlebag and pull out your magical map, taking a quick study. You notice a few fun places. an Arcade, Roller rink, Bowling alley.
"What are you doing? You don't need to look at that map. All you have to do is follow me"

you take a special notice at the bowling alley, surely they'd sell some food.
"Maybe we can go here instead? Waste some time bowling, and I bet they sell ice cream here. So we both win, we wouldn't even have to deal with each other. You can have your ice cream and we can play on different lanes."

Diamond Tiara shook her head.
"They don't have the ice cream I like Anon, now for the last time. Either we go and get me some ice cream...or I'm going to cry."



Looking at your map, you both head off to the ice cream shop. Your internal rage piqued. But there was nothing you could do. Your plan backfired. And this now truly became a punishment. And there was no one you could turn to. The CMC would be useless, you don't really know anyone else, and unless Discord takes things more seriously, then he probably wouldn't care about your suffering.

Diamond Tiara glances at you as you both keep a steady walking pace. "What's wrong Anon? Do you know how many colts would give their right hoof to be around me? You'd just realize how good you'd have it if you just listened to what I said, you'd probably realize how silly you're being right now."

You grumbled. You didn't reply to her. You were focusing on a way to make a reversal on the situation.

"Besides, you heard that pony. We make a cute couple..." Suddenly, she rubs up against your side "don't we?"

Every person on the board you used to visit would call you a colossal faggot for not giving in. But you could call them fucking pussies for just giving in to this steaming pile of horseshit you found yourself in now.

You move away from her, and snort
"That really isn't going to work. I'm not some stupid kid who can't get a girlfriend, I'm not desperate"

No, you were a stupid man who couldn't get a girlfriend...but that's splitting hairs.

Diamond Tiara moves back into you "That's too bad, normally I wouldn't give you a second thought. But you really are...well..better looking than most of the boys in my class. The only imperfection I can see being on your flank. But that can be fixed"

You moved away again, you could feel your body warming up to her advances. You just couldn't though...
"Do you mind not doing that?"

Diamond Tiara moves into you again "Why? Does it bother you?"

"Yes. Please stop"

"Why? You can't do anything about it. So why avoid it?"

"It's...inappropriate, this isn't a date.."

God...you felt mixed feelings about this. As much as a superior as you believed yourself to be. You were actually being a pussy about a girl FINALLY rubbing up on you. She wasn't being overly sexual about it...but still...it was enough.

"Of course it isn't...but it could be later. Everything I said before was because I got a little angry. Just like you did, were not so different" Diamond probably had no idea what you meant by inappropriate, but that line was tempting to say the least. Still, you couldn’t give in

At last, you can see the ice cream shop ahead. perhaps that'll break her train of thought.
"We're here...why don't you.."
You reach into your saddle bag for the bag of bits and hold it towards her.
"...go get the ice cream you want."

She just stared at it, then looked to you with a smug smile "Aren't you supposed to be the gentlecolt and handle the order for me?"

You huffed
"No. We are actually supposed to be learning our lessons and working together."

Diamond Tiara placed her head under yours and gently rubbed "And yet here we are. I don't really mind this punishment at all. It could go on forever for all I care. All it means for me is that I get to have my own personal little butler."

You growled, you were finally losing some of your fortitude. Both at the situation and the absurdity that you had to be a child. You tried to reason with yourself that you had no reason to give a shit about Discord's truth or Fluttershy or just him in general. You didn't actually know Fluttershy enough at all to care about her feelings. Yet thinking about her crying, with the added scenario of Discord being angry at you. Kept you from making a rash decision. The only thing you could do...is ride this punishment to the end. Because after it was over, she'd have no power over you. Sad you didn't have the mettle to just kill her. But you didn't have that much of a sharpened edge. And guilt is a bitch.
"But it won't go on forever. And once it's over. This little truce is over."

Diamond Tiara could sense you breathing deeper as she nuzzled you, but your words were cold as ice. she stopped her advances and looked at you dismissively "whatever, even if that's the case. I can still tell those Crusaders how you react when I rub against you"

You raise an eyebrow, what did she mean by that?

Diamond Tiara giggled an arrogant giggle "Don't play coy, Anon, every time I do this.." She rubs her hoof gently up your chest and off your chin "You blush. It's funny enough that I think it should be shared with other ponies...like your friends."

did you really blush from her touching? Were you THAT lonely? Just thinking about it sent a cold shiver of fear down your spine. How could you let yourself get manipulated by a child?

Diamond Tiara studied your expression closely, she could tell you had realized she was telling the truth "Let me tell you something Anon, in the end, I will have my way. Sometimes things don't work out. But theres always next time. And you're so easy. To think I was actually afraid of you. But all you turned out to be was a puppy. I can already tell, you now realize you can't get away with getting all angry here like you probably did at your orphanage. And I can make your friends totally hate you.It's easy enough, so easy that I'd really recommend you reconsider things. Remember Anon, I always get what I want"

You couldn't let her get to you. She couldn't prove anything anyway. If she tried in front of Applebloom and the others. Then you'd just edge yourself to saying something to really insult her, really try to demoralize her. Tell her off.
"Big words, but again. I'm not stupid. Even if I was blushing, I've already told Applebloom and the others about this whole thing. And you could lie through your teeth all you want, but when I tell them my side of the story, they'll believe me. So far, you have nothing. Nothing but me being your "Butler". And I'm sure I can fix that before this whole thing is over too. So quit it, tell me what ice cream you want, and then go leave me alone."

Diamond Tiara nodded "How about....photography flavor?"

Photogr? what?
"Is that a special or something?"

her smirk became almost evil as she nodded to you "You can say something like that" Then she suddenly called out "SILVER SPOON! GET OVER HERE!"

from behind some boxes, Silver Spoon popped out and daintily walked over to Diamond Tiara, there was a camera hung around her neck.

"Did you get it all?" Diamond Tiara looked to her friend

Silver Spoon nodded "I snapped all the best bits, every time his face turn red, I took a shot"

The hell...was all this? No...No...there was no way she could plan something like this far ahead of time.

"....what is this?"

Diamond Tiara turned to you, and then pointed to her friend "Pictures Anon, Pictures of you enjoying my attention. You had your words, but a picture is worth a thousand more of whatever you have to say"

"How did...how did you even know to plan all this?!"

"Easy, for one...I wasn't turned into a grape. You were put under the same punishment I was. In fact, when I first heard that we had to stick together...that's when I thought about our first meeting"

"....you mean how I scared you? what does that have to do with anything?"

"Ohh no no Anon, I mean when me and Silver Spoon was giving you our attention. You didn't seem to hate it all that much...you blushed then too....even if you didn't notice...the rest even a foal can figure out." She snickered "Really Anon? Did you totally expect me not to have a back up plan?"


You give Silver Spoon a terrible scowl and hold your hoof out
"Give me the camera"

The moment Silver Spoon's eyes look unto your vicious gaze, she suddenly feels a tinge of fear, and steps back.

Diamond Tiara looks at her, disgusted with her action "Silver Spoon, will you stop? He can't do anything. Don't be scared."

Silver Spoon takes a position behind Diamond Tiara, she was still scared of you it seems "But..but..he doesn't look too happy about this. What if Discord does something to us?"

Diamond Tiara shook her head "He won't, he didn't even care enough to show up today. He probably doesn't really care about him either, there's nothing he can do"

You stepped forward threateningly, growling louder
"Give me the camera, or else!"

Silver Spoon didn't like this, she began to cower "D-diamond..."

Diamond Tiara held her ground "I said don't worry..watch.." She takes a step towards you, and gets in your way "..Come on Anon, do something"

You look at her, and grit you teeth...one punch...thats all it'd take. Thats all it would take to wipe that smug off her face.....but you couldn't do it. You knew you shouldn't care about characters you just met too much. But you've sat through the show for so many years, it felt as if you already knew them.

You stop your advance....you were defeated

Diamond Tiara looked to her friend, and chided her "See? I told you to stop acting like a chicken, he can't do anything..." She then turns to you "But don't worry Anon, nopony has to see these pictures. All you have to do is be nicer to me...and do what I say"

You had several choices. but everything stripped away because you didn't want to cause any trouble. You didn't even realize she was capable of such a low handed scheme.

You only had one viable option to fix this and get rid of the photos......and thats only if he cared enough to do it. Otherwise, you'd have to admit total defeat to a pony you were sure you could dominate.

You can't think of anything to say.

Diamond Tiara looks to her friend one last time "Silver Spoon, if you'd please get those photos developed. That'd be great. And don't screw up a single one"

Silver Spoon nodded, and went off with the camera.

It was just you and Diamond Tiara again. And you were at a disadvantage.

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