• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 100

"So Anon, have you ever been to Canterlot before?" Lyra asked, she wanted to go somewhere with this.

"Erm" You did, for only a few minutes. Actually, since it's common knowledge that you're Discord's "Son". You felt saying the truth would be fine. "I have, Dad sorta whisked me away there once. But only for a few minutes."

Lyra's smile grew upon hearing that "So you've never actually been. Like, you've never got to see the sights or anything?"

You shook your head. "No, not at all."

Lyra giggled and clapped her hooves "Neat! Then you wouldn't mind coming on one of my trips with me, would you? It'd be pretty fun!"

Bon Bon cocked an eyebrow towards Lyra before you could answer "Ahm, Lyra. You do know he isn't your son right?"

"Pffft, come on Bon Bon, I'm only borrowing him for a little bit. And besides,it could be like a learning experience for his education. Sorta..."

Hrn, though Bon Bon already gave you an answer, you wanted to ask Lyra directly why she seemed so taken with you. See if her answer changed any. "Lyra, I don't want to offend you or anything. But, erm. You treat me like I'm special or something. You know I'm just a normal pony right? Normal as any other… right?"

"I know you are Anon." Lyra refills your tea cup with some more tea "It's just, I dunno. Let me think. Have you ever had a feeling like you really really liked something, but you can't explain what it is? It's like this..." Lyra slowly rubs her front hooves together, as if she was trying to do a gesture she's never seen before "...feeling, And then, you're sure this pony that you know has known this feeling. But this, even that pony might not know what it is. I feel like, there this bond between you and me."

"HOLY MOLY! ANON! YOU DIDN'T TELL ME LYRA WAS YOUR MAREFRIEND!" Pinkie screeched in surprised excitement,. Causing Bon Bon to spit and choke on her tea.

"W-what? She's not my marefriend" Play it cool Anon, you knew that wasn't the case.

"What? Nah." Lyra laughed "Anon's too young. I meant like this spiritual bond thing. That transcends time and space… hey, Bon Bon. You ok?"

Bon Bon was hitting her chest, coughing out tea as she tried to compose herself "I-I'm alright..I-I just swallowed wrong. ngh"

"Time and Space huh? Hey Nonny. Doesn't the place you live at transcend time and space?" Pinkie asks, that's actually a valid question.

Did it? Time seemed to run the same as Equestria there. Or Discord was just doing that so he wouldn't be late or early for something. "I think it just transcends space. Dad is always changing the dimensions, doors, and rooms to the house. It can get pretty weird sometimes. But the time there and the time here always matches up. I think."

Lyra was getting into some real treehugger territory here. Just without the aura and chi stuff. You were definitely getting your own vibe though that the whole idea thing Discord explained was somehow at play here. You figured, just from watching Lyra tap her hooves together. That she could have meant "hands".

"Well, anyway. I feel like Anon and me just, click. Almost like you and me Bon Bon. But in a different sense." Lyra looks to you, looking pleasant yet serious in her next words. "Anon, you get what I'm saying right? Have you ever had that kind of feeling?"

Time to put your theory to the test. "I think, Lyra. is this feeling you get. It wouldn't be like, ten little feelings poking out, like.." You point at points of your hooves where fingers would be if it was a hand. "five here, and five on the other hoof?"

Lyra's eyes went wide "Woah… THAT'S THE FEELING! BON BON! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! THAT'S THE FEELING I GET!" Lyra slammed her left hoof on the table and she leaned closer to you, she was stoked and giddy."THIS IS MINDBLOWING!"

Bon Bon looked to you, then to Lyra, then back to you. She herself was baffled. But then she came to a conclusion of her own. "Wait, hold on. Don't get too excited. I mean, you've told me the same thing before plenty of times. Maybe you told Anon about it too. "

You shook your head, Lyra had never gone into specifics about it. "No, she never has."

"He's right Bon Bon, I never did. But I knew it, I just knew. From the moment I saw Anon, I knew he'd fit right in. How does this sound Bon bon?" Lyra sits up, like a human almost, and raises her front hooves, close together, and slowly spreads them apart "Lyra, Bon Bon, and Anon. Roaming the streets of Ponyville, as bestest of friends!"

Pinkie clapped, this time doing the ground stomp clap on her chair. ahh yeah, they did clap like that too… right. "I LIKE IT! BESTEST FRIENDS FOR EVERYPONY!"

You blush a little in embarrassment from Lyra's enthusiasm. "Bestest of friends already? I don't think I've ever had a bestest friend before, and so fast..."

Bon Bon cringed, she didn't want to put you that far up. But as far as she knew, you were an orphan. And after hearing you say that. She didn't want to break your heart, or Lyra's. She didn't mind having you as a friend. Just not bestest do everything together kind of friend like she was with Lyra. "That sounds… fine. But Lyra. Just remember. Anon has things like school and friends his own age to worry about. And curfews. Don't go thinking we can just take him along everywhere we go."

"Awwww, ok." Lyra looks down, sad, her ears twitching and drooping before she instantly lights up again "But we can take him if he just happens to show up right?"

Bon Bon nods "I don't see why not."

"Hoo boy Nonny, maybe you didn't need the "Welcome to Ponyville" Party after all. You already have so many friends here! I bet you feel really welcomed!" Pinkie was absolutely beside herself with joy, seeing that you already had many friends in Ponyville.

You did, it was nice to have… friends. Nice, caring, thoughtful friends who actually gave a damn about you. It made you feel, pretty warm inside. Even if they sometimes got you into some sort of trouble, or shit hit the fan. They never abandoned you.

You felt your head go heavy. Even Discord has never abandoned you. For all the shit he's pulled, for all the torment he's given you. He's never ever actually abandoned you. Did he treat you like shit?...yeah. But he also treated you good, fed you with not but delicious and nutritious food. And given you abilities that you were sure were beyond even Twilight's level… even if it was once a day. And without him, you wouldn't have been able to make Scootaloo so happy… or meet Fluttershy… or meet anypony really.


You look at your saddle bag again, Thinking of the invitation to Discord. you felt the feelings of guilt bubble up in you. One thing Discord has been good about was inviting you out on his more fun or relaxing ventures. Such as the picnic. And here you were, being a dipshit and not returning the favor. So what if he fucks shit up? It'd fall on him anyway. It was up to him to behave, And who knows, maybe he will? To prevent bugbutt from being a thing, all you had to do was ask him not to spring that little number at the party. And everything would generally be ok. Hell, it might even be fun. Who knows, him wrecking things might actually be hilarious. Not like any of the ponies would take it too seriously or hold it against him if you said you were ok with it.

Yeah, you'll give him the invite.

"Hey Nonny. What's the matter?" Pinkie had noticed you weren't looking too hot, and came up and whispered to you. Though, that didn't stop Lyra and Bon Bon from noticing as well.

"Anon, what's wro-" Before Lyra could finish her sentence, Pinkie shushed her

"Shhhhhhhhh, I'm trying to have a private chat with Nonny so you two won't notice and get upset that he's upset about something." Pinkie was doing her loud whispering again, then looked at you and winked.

Pinkie… dammit.

"Pinkie, we al-" Bon Bon was going to explain to Pinkie that she had already noticed, but her words are broken by a breakout of laughter.

Your laughter.

You couldn't contain it. You just laughed. Pinkie was ridiculous. The fact that she wanted to cheer you up before anyone noticing, even though they had already noticed due to her drawing attention to the situation. You don't know what it was about it. But you just laughed. "P-Ponk hahaha, y-you're too muchaha!"

You go in for a hug, and hug Ponk tight. Whatever guilt you felt had instantly washed off from her silliness.

"Are you feeling better now Nonny? What was making you sad?" Pinkie asked as she cuddle hugged you back.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about the party, that's all"

"Well, if you were worried or nervous about it. Then don't worry. Pinkie is gonna be there to make sure everything is A-OK. You're gonna be around your closest friends, and family. And the best part is that it's already a good sized party because you've been really good at making friends! In fact, I think this calls for a… GROUP HUG! COME ON EVERYPONY! JOIN IN ON THE HUGGING!" Pinkie cries out as she extends her forelegs out for a hug

Lyra didn't need to be told twice, she jumped right in for the hug. Bon Bon was a little hesitant at first. It wasn't that she didn't want to join in. It was just so sudden. It didn't take her long at all to join in however. It was one big nuzzle hug party! Woo!

The tea party didn't last long after that. Or at least it didn't last much longer for you. After that hug, and getting over your guilt. You felt you needed to redeem yourself over your thoughts of not inviting Discord. "Hey girls, I hate to cut and run like this. But I want to go give the invite to my dad."

Lyra didn't seem to mind. "That's ok! you go right ahead. But hey Anon, we gotta talk about that "Feeling" thing next time I see you, Don't worry about bringing it up at your party. Because I might just accidently end up taking all your attention then"

"That's cool, I'd really like that Lyra, and thanks for the tea. It was really good" Hah, you could absolutely blow her mind with the shit you knew.

"You take care Anon, oh… yes. Have you been taking good care of the gift I gave you?" Bon Bon asked.

Right, the grappling hook. If Discord wouldn't give you a second pair of wings. You always had the grappling hook. And that shit had unlimited uses.

You nod. "Yup, it's safe and sound back at the house."

Bon Bon smiled, she was glad you were taking good care of it. "Good, have you used it at all?"

"Once, haha. It's a little tricky. But I think I can get the hang of it with a little more practice."

"Well, I would hope the first thing you're doing with it IS practice. It's not a toy, and I don't expect you to treat it as such."

"Yeah, I know. You can trust me. Bon Bon"

"Oh right, Nonny, right after school tomorrow. I want you to go STRAIGHT to Sugarcube Corner. Ok? That's where the party is gonna be. I hope you don't mind Mr. and Mrs. Cake being at the party. I didn't put them down as guests because, well" Pinkie giggled "They are the caterers and it IS their place. It'd be rude to not invite them in their own shop."

You nod, that was fine. The cakes were cool. "That's alright, I don't mind."

"Yay! Trust me Anon, you won't even know what excitement actually is until you've partied, Pinkie Pie style!"

Oh, you knew what excitement was. Just not the positive kind. More like, "the almost died" kind.

With that, you bid farewell to the trio and went on your way to the fountain with the pinkish purple pony statue near city hall.

You look down at the water. You we're hesitant to toss the map in as another realization reminded you of something. Chrysalis was also there. In the house. You hoped she was in the basement, wherever that was. And you just had to hope that if Discord was going to spring her on you during the party. That you could talk him out of it. Or maybe he wasn't even being serious about that. You didn't know. You had to be optimistic.

You take a deep breath, and ready yourself as you take out the map. "Here we go Anon, just go in, and give him the invite. It'll be ok. It'll be fine." You toss the map and immediately jump into the portal. But you are not met with the warm snugness of your bed. No, you slam headfirst right onto the ground as your map plops off your back.

"NGH!..w-what happened? Ngh..." You rub your head, then slowly stand and shake to regain your vision. And what you saw wasn't pretty.

Your room was covered in green goop, both hardened and gelatinous. Even your grappling hook, still hanging where you left it. had some gunk on it. And your bed? It was moved into the corner. You could see the captain and four other changelings sleeping and cuddling on it...

You grimace at the fact that your room had been desecrated. But you couldn't just shove them off your bed. Well you could… if your horn had a charge. You mutter to yourself. "...bastards..."

You walk up to your grappling hook and wipe off the gunk and put it inside your dresser. The top of it now missing both pictures. They both must have been blasted by Chrysalis when she was in that fit of rage. Strange though, you would have expected her to have taken your bed if they were just going to move up into your room.

You walk over to your floor door, you hesitate opening it. You could only imagine the horrors of what the living room had been transformed into. You slowly open the door, gently as to not wake the sleeping shitheads that have made your room their own.

You peer down through the door. The living room looked exactly the same, untouched, not a single changeling could be seen from your position. "...typical. Of course they leave Discord's things alone… Discord? You down there?" You whisper out, but no reply.

You focus on the invisible stairs, and head downwards. Gently closing the door above you and walking down to ground level. You call Discord in a louder tone. But no reply.

...well shit.You we're really hoping you didn't come down here for nothing. You look ahead, and you see something new. A trap door, with some sounds coming from it. Your heart fills with dread. That had to be the basement. Who knows how many of those bastards were down there.
as you stepped away from the trap door. You suddenly hear a gentle humming. Discord? ...nope, it was... no...

"Fluttershy?" You turn, as the tune becomes recognizable. That's not something Fluttershy would hum. She wouldn't hum "This Day Aria". You look towards the couch, there, gazing at you was Fluttershy. But you knew better.

"Hello Anon..." The false Fluttershy said in a gentle tone as she opened her wing to you, inviting you to sit with her on the couch. "Would you like to nap with me?"

You just stand there, silent, staring down at her with a mean look. Fluttershy snickers evilly at you "What's the matter Anon? Too old to snuggle with your mother?"

"Aunt… actually. Your goons really suck at intelligence gathering" But the false equine didn't react surprised or angered, her smile just remained plastered on her face.

"Well, it's not like any of us has gotten an opportunity to leave since we got here. I had to work with what I could find." Find? So Discord didn't say anything?

"How'd you know Fluttershy was considered family?"

"A picture is worth a thousand words Anon" She giggled as she brought out the family photo from under her, still in it's frame. She stared at it, licking her lips intently. "You look so happy here, when I saw it for the first time I actually thought to myself "Gee, is this colt so heartless that he's willing to fool such a loving fool such as this yellow pony?". And it made me curious." She went back to looking at you, with an evil smirk. "I had never met a pony before with no love in their heart, especially a colt so young. It made me wonder if you were just some creature Discord had conjured up for some scheme. But now I know… I was very wrong."

You didn't like where this was heading. "What are you talking about?"

Her smile became evil to caring and loving as she tapped the couch again. "Why, love Anon. Your love. For just a brief moment. I tasted it. Pure love."

"What? that's not possible. I figured you out, like, the moment I saw you."

Chrysalis giggled cutely "ahh, but not when you heard me. How interesting. You are capable of love, you're just very good at hiding it. Nopony I've ever met has been able to stop their love from flowing in my presence. They always worry about their loved ones, they are always scared and wishing to see them one last time. They hope to be saved by their partners or their friends. But not you, you bottle it all up inside. But it's there Anon… it's there." She snickers.

Fuck… you knew you weren't fooled. You only thought it was Fluttershy for a second just because of the voice. But you knew it couldn't be her. She never comes to the house. But it looks like you foolishly made it apparent that you loved her like a mother.

It's fine… it's fine Anon. Even if she got a taste. That's all she got. She can't kill you. Discord wouldn't let it happen… you just wished he was here right now. So you could give him the invite and leave. "So what? Not like you'll be getting any more than the taste you got. Kind of pathetic really, were you waiting for me this whole time?"

She shook her head, and pointed to the ceiling door that led to your room "Oh no, I was helping the captain rearrange your room for you. Since we're going to be living together. I thought it'd be nice if you saw how a changeling lives. Did you learn anything Anon?"

That bitch… You started to grind your right hoof into the ground, twisting in anger. "You can't just come in here and do whatever you want. I was here first. And that's MY room. You have the basement. why don't you and your drones just go down there like the creepy little shits that you are."

Chrysalis, still in Fluttershy form, frowns, and puts her hoof to her chest "Anon… that hurts. Although I myself don't fully agree with your father's terms. I thought it'd give us a chance to learn from one another. And maybe be friends. Come now, are you telling me you don't wish to indulge in a delusion of being snuggled by your aunt? I'll keep it up all day, all you have to do is lay by my side."

You notice her eyes flash green… NOOOOPE. She was being a typical villain. Predictable in every way. While Discord had surprised you with how truly clever he could be. Chrysalis… while her offer was definitely tempting… was being predictable, she wanted food. "I'd rather not go through a predictable dialogue with you. So, I'm just going to say this instead."

You look into your saddle bag, and bring out your horn. You were going to bluff her. "You see this?"

"Is that some sort of horn for a costume? What about it? I fail to see it's relevance." Chrysalis was indeed confused by your gesture.

"Actually, that's exactly what it is, until Dad enchanted it to give me his level of power. I can only use it once a day. But don't think for a second that I won't use it to send you and your entire hive flying out of here."

Chrysalis immediately changed back into her original form, staring at the horn, feeling a little anxious, but overall unimpressed. "You're bluffing. Nopony would be foolish enough to give a child so much power."

You smirk at her "You seem to forget who my Dad is. Just to give you an example, do you remember a day where the sun and moon went out of whack?"

Chrysalis was feeling more anxious, she didn't even think that had anything to do with Discord. Let alone you. "You can't be serious. You can't just do that Anon. Your father and I have a deal. Just as I can't harm you, you cannot harm me or my children."

Deal? "What? He just agreed you could live here. I don't think he cares if you and your entire hive just suddenly got jettisoned off to the far reaches of this dimensional nightmare."

Chrysalis got up from the couch, and slowly approached you… holy shit was she tall. You hadn't really noticed until now. When you were meeting her on equal ground. "Try it then Anon, do with me as you will. But your father does seem to be one who loves his fun. He told me I'd be safe from harm as long as my hive and I abide by his "rules". And that does include being your nanny"

Nmmmgh… "I don't think he was being serious"

Chrysalis started to draw near. she was starting to get the idea you were bluffing "I do"

You shake the horn at her "Stop, or I swear."

"Why are you hesitating Anon? Use it already. I said you could. I know you don't like me. It's depressing, yes. But if you must." She snickers at you "Then do it"

...you can't. The charge was spent. You put the horn back into your bag.

"I thought so" Chrysalis moves up close to you, and gently lifts your head up with her hoof so she can look into your face "Nice try Anon, but like it or not. We are stuck with each other. And you only have you and your father to blame.. You still have yet to even apologize for what you've done to me and my hive."

You back off, and look at her with a nasty, distasteful look. "Don't even. I don't owe you anything. If anything, I managed to do what you wish you could. I conquered an entire race. Your race. Indirectly of course, but I still did it. And if you were in my position, I know you wouldn't hesitate for a second to send me, Dad, and the princesses to rot in Tartarus if you could. Would you?"

Chrysalis shakes her head "Only the princesses. Truth be told, trapping your father would be a waste of time and energy. I can't tap into the force that can actually stop him. As for you, why would I waste my time sealing a colt? Especially you. I'm supposed to be taking care of you after all. All I ask of you is simply follow my command. Is that so hard, Anon?"

"Do you really think I'm just going to bow down just because you're my "Nanny"? Get real, even if I can't kick you out. I can make you want to leave. Dad and me had fun messing with you, you know that right?"

"I don't doubt it." Chrysalis, you noticed, scrunched her nose when you said that, she was obviously keeping her composure from that particular memory. "But making me want to leave? Sorry to tell you, but I have an entire hive I am responsible for. Try as you might, but I won't let my children suffer just because of a few childish pranks. I'm here to stay Anon."

You both we're standing your ground. Neither willing to give the other an edge in the conversation. "Fine then. If we HAVE to be stuck with each other. Then so be it, I can live with you if you can't hurt me. But I still want your drones out of my room. It's my room. They got their crap all over it, and I won't stand for it. You have an entire basement, stick them in there. And you right along with it."

"Oh… I get it, if we both stick to our own rooms. Then we don't have to deal with each other. I can do my own thing… and you can do your own thing. That's what you'd like, right Anon?" Chrysalis gave an expression of understanding. Fucking finally, looked like she was getting the idea.

"Yes… yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. Doesn't that sound better, you know, for the both of us? You wouldn't have to deal with me or my Dad. And you could plot and scheme all you want. Doesn't that sound great?"

Chrysalis nods, with a happy smile on her face "It does!"

"Good! So, we agree then. Greeaatt" You sigh in relief

Chrysalis gives you a sly smile, and chuckles "I never said I agreed, I just agreed it was a good idea. Want to know a better idea?"

You sigh, and grumble "No, because I'm sure it only benefits you"

"It does. Too bad there's nothing you can do about it. Your father isn't here to do anything about it either… too bad" Chrysalis starts to speak in a fake tone of grief "If only he was here, he could probably settle this mess." She then looks upon you with cruelty "Too bad he isn't."

...ugh… fine… you were going back to Equestria. Fuck this noise. You turn silently, and go back to the gravity stairs. but the moment you start going up, Chrysalis taps you, making you fall down on your head. "AGH! WHAT THE HELL!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. We're you leaving Anon? I'm afraid I can't let you do that. For me to be your nanny, I have to learn more about you. I WANT to learn more about you. You aren't normal. And it's made me terribly curious. No colt in Equestria talks like you, Nopony even speaks some of the words you speak. Not even Discord. These words like "Hell" and "Fuck". Those aren't words Anon… that's not even slang. And yet, you are the only one who speaks those kinds of words. And speaking of words, you're very well spoken. Your manner of speech isn't that of a child. And although you are pitifully childish in some of your mannerisms. It's more like an adult that never grew up as opposed to an actual child. So Anon… let's be friends… shall we?"

You get up, and back away from her. You didn't like where this was going. "I'd r-rather not."

Shit… she wasn't going to let you leave. And you couldn't fight her. Wait… maybe you could? Her power seemed to be dependent on how much love she's absorbed. Surely under all that smug, she was pitifully weak. "I'll fight you if I have to."


If you had a fist, you'd be clenching it right now. If it was one thing you were getting tired of. Was the fact you couldn't beat anything up besides a couple of retards. Maybe… maybe you could do it. "I'm calling your bluff Chrysalis, just like you called mine. I'm going to walk out of here. So let me go now, or I'll be leaving while your "children" put you back together."

Chrysalis says nothing, she just gestures her hoof towards herself in a "Bring it on" sort of way. She's a typical villain, she'll expect a frontal attack. All you to do was kick her in that green glowy spot under her belly and you were sure she'd go down. Instant K.O.. You were going to try a quick "Shoryuken." You could do that faster than setting up for a buck. Without screaming like a moron, you zig zag towards Chrysalis.

She just observes you, not moving. Good, stupid bitch probably didn't know what to do. or was arrogantly waiting to smack you away. You try baiting her into jabbing you by moving close to her frontside. You dodge to the side, despite her doing nothing anyway. Here we go, you go for the instant K.O.

You duck under, and jump with your hoof straight up. And she… just flies up as you jump upwards, spin, miss your landing. and fall on your face.

Right… She can fly…

Chrysalis claps, hovering in mid air as she looks down at you "Bravo Anon, what are you going to do now that I am thoroughly defeated?"


"...shut up"

Chrysalis started cackling "Oh, oh. Now I see why your father keeps you around. You are cute when you think you are better than me"

You slowly get up as Chrysalis lands down in front of you. You slowly raise yourself, and as you look at Chrysalis. She was in a younger, filly form. "Perhaps this will make it more fair"

You growl. "Don't mock me..."

"I'm not, I'm simply trying to level the playing field for you. I won't even use my wings. Now, let's begin. Tell me Anon, what orphanage did you come from? I happen to know of some. I go to a few personally sometimes with the promise of adoption… and then never do it"

...that bitch. That's pretty fucking low. Then again, you always imagined orphaned pones as cute and innocent. "You're a monster"

Chrysalis giggled adorably "oh, there we go. That's something I expect a pony to say. So then, your answer?"

You stare at her. You were getting angrier at her mocking you. She even insinuated you were a manchild.You weren't. YOU WEREN'T. You just weren't used to a few things yet. That's all. You wouldn't be deterred. You were going to win, maybe after you beat her. Her children would follow you instead.

Chrysalis yawns "Come on Anon, before I go down because you bored me to death."

THAT’S IT! You pounce her, and she doesn't even dodge it. Haha! You had her now. You were right on top of her. "Gotcha!"

Chrysalis yelped cutely, and gave you an adorable frown. "Pwease don't hurt me Anon, I'm onwy twying to be yer fweind"

"Don't even. You can change your size and shape. But deep down you're cruel and heartless.."

Egh… you were starting to sound pretty cliched yourself. "Don't think I won't pound your face in, I'll go easy if you just clear my room out. Final chance"

Chrysalis shivered and hid her face "B-but Anon..."

Dammit, her cuteness was getting to you, but it was fake, it was a lie, and you wouldn't be fooled. "three..."

Chrysalis looked at you with glistening eyes "A-anon?...pwease...pwease don't"

Ngh… "Two..." If she produced a tear, you might relent. But even she couldn't fake that.


"One..." But before you can reach Zero, Chrysalis does a power move. She latches onto you, and starts kissing you, even forcing her tongue in your mouth, and gently rubbing it around. "GMMMGGMMMHH"

You tried to back off, but even in her small form, she was stronger than you could hope to be. And she wouldn't stop.

You could feel yourself feeling warmer, no..no NO..BAD!..BAD! You try pushing backwards, but that only causes her to flip on top of you, she kisses you a little more before breaking the lock. Then looks at you with seductive eyes as she sits on top of you, silently.

You just pant, blushing, silent. And she just looks at you, with a seductively sly grin "What's wrong Anon? You don't feel disgusted that you just kissed a girl? Aren't you afraid that you have contracted an imaginary disease?"

...What was she doing? Oh geez.. WHAT WAS SHE DOING?! Chrysalis sat on top of you, you were too stunned to struggle.

"Your essence Anon, I can taste it. It doesn't taste like a child's love Anon. It doesn't even taste like a pony. What's your secret Anon? What are you? If you tell me… I'll give you more" She gently rubbed her hoof along the side of your neck. "You don't want to hate me Anon, I know you'd rather somepony just love, and cuddle you. I can taste it. It fills me"

You gulp, you didn't know what to feel. Any horsefucker would have probably dreamed of this moment. Hell, maybe if she had done this before you got to know the other ponies. You would have completely submitted. And although your body wanted to go further. You couldn't do it. If Chrysalis ever learned the truth. You couldn't imagine the kind of damage she could do.

...Sorry little Anon… Not today. You started to speak to Chrysalis, soft spoken, betraying your lustful feelings. "You're right. I've really gotten used to cuddling and being loved. But you could never love me back. I've tasted what real love is like. And I could never betray it just for a quick fix."

Chrysalis's lustful look started to turn into a peeved one "Don't lie to me, you want me. I can feel it all over you."

You sigh, then smirk at her. "Not gonna lie, if you came to me before I got to know my friends, I'd be all over you. Sucks doesn't it? But guilt trumps lust"

Chrysalis changed into her original form, she now stood over you, you were right under her belly, but she was standing too high for you to kick. "SUBMIT TO ME!"

You shake your head. "Nope"


Well… you beat her. Now, you hoped she wasn't going to beat you. "Give it up Chrysalis, there's a reason why they say love conquers all."

Chrysalis's eye twitched as she raised her right hoof and hovered it over you.. "I tire of you Anon… your sentiments of love and friendship is something that I find repulsive."

You don't say anything, it was time to get the hell out of dodge. You try crawling backwards, but the moment you moved a muscle, she shot from her horn right a bolt that hit right next to your head "Ah ah Anon, don't move. Or you might get hit next time… no… you'll DEFINITELY be hit next time"

Dammit, you should have hit her in the vajayjay instead of giving her some cliche'd friendship speech. She wouldn't have saw that coming… but ergh… she was pretty cute… and… seductive, and stuff… You couldn't lie. You were entranced. Damn your sensibilities! Now she was going to stomp you. "Just give up, y-you won't break me."

"This is no longer about secrets Anon, I just want some revenge. TAKE THIS!" Chrysalis brought her right hoof down.

You cover yourself to defend yourself. But it doesn't come straight down on you. No instead, she pushes you to your side, then rolls you to your other side, then she hovers over you and just starts rolling you across the ground. What the fuck?

You tried getting up, but every attempt was met with a push back to the ground, before being rolled about some more. "W-what are you doing?!"

"Relieving stress" Chrysalis said, becoming calmer she she continued to roll you around.

You were getting dizzy, and your tummy was starting to rumble. "S-stop, I'm getting dizzy!"

"Who cares… I'm bored and there's nothing else I can do. And since I can't destroy you and you refused my fair offer of cuddling. I'm just going to roll you about until I get bored." She continued to roll you about, you couldn't overpower her at all, she was floating. Using the tip of her hooves to just roll and tumble you about. Like a predator toying with their food.

"C-come on already! t-this is stupid. Y-you're q-q-queen Chrysalis. You're supposed to b-be better than this." Urgh, you weren't feeling good at all.

"You should have thought of that before. Now? You're my stress ball until I'm done with you… is it humiliating? Yes, for the both of us I suspect. But at least there's SOME pleasure to be had."

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