• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 89

You decide to take the more scenic route to the cottage. As in, you don't just teleport there. You wanted to see if you'd see Pinkie or Lyra along the way. They weren't.

You could see the small little bridge ahead that was in front of the cottage. You really did want to see Fluttershy. Your internal thinking of Pinkie being best pony may just be your prior bias. Fluttershy has done nothing but care about you, cuddle you, and love you as if you were her own. You haven't seen her that much. Which would be the same for her. But she's treated you as such just the same.

In fact, as you near the bridge. You could see Fluttershy coming out of her cottage. She looked like she was in a hurry. Well damn, you wanted to visit her. Wonder where she was off to? You wave to her and call her name out as she begins to lift off "Aunt Fluttershy! Hi!"

Then something unexpected occurred. She flew and rushed right into you, picking you up and hugging you tightly in mid air. "A-ANON! You're ok!"

Wut? "Yeah, uhhh. Hi Aunt Fluttershy. u-uhhh, what's up?"

Fluttershy gently put you back to the ground and immediately started checking your body… for something. "Hmm, no injuries, bruises, cuts. Nothing." She wipes some sweat from her forehead with her hoof and calms down. "Thank Celestia"

"Aunt Fluttershy?" You were deeply confused

Especially when she suddenly gave you a stern look. "Anon..."


"Y-yeah? Is everything ok? Aunt Fluttershy?"

She shook her head at you, she looked worried and angry. "No, everything is NOT ok! What were you doing fighting Big Mac?!"


"U-uhh… I. I wasn't really fight-wait. How did you know about that?"

Fluttershy never broke her stare "Angel told me. Anon, really, fighting? Why were you fighting Big Mac?!"

That cocksucking asshole rabbit. He didn't even seem to explain the situation properly to her. "A-ah..I..I didn't even really want to. I was going to the clubhouse and there was this fighting ring on the farm. Applebloom and the others were there, Applejack too!"

Fluttershy tapped her hoof on the ground, she was both confused and irritated that it looked like you we're set up to fight for some reason. "Applejack? Applebloom and the others? Why would they ever want you to fight?"

"Uhm… they thought i'd get a cutie mark in fighting. And I didn't. And, it wasn't that bad really. It was more of a staged fight thing."

"They thought? THEY THOUGHT?!!?! Ohhhh..that makes me so angry. Don't they realize the last time you fought you ended up in the hospital?! And now they wanted you to try to get a cutie mark in fighting?! Which would only make you go to the hospital even more?! No! That's wrong!"

"U-ummm" You didn't know what to say. Or do. Or even think. This was Fluttershy, any kind of outburst from her was always baffling.

"And you went right along with it, didn't you mister?" Fluttershy gave you a very hard stare, not "The Stare". But close

"...U-umm....yeah" Wow, you don't know what she did to make you feel this way. But you felt ashamed of yourself, you put your head down in shame. "Sorry..."

Fluttershy took a breath, she knew she had to calm down, she was afraid she was scaring you. But she also felt she was in the right. "I-it's ok Anon, but. Fighting under any circumstance is wrong. If you have to fight, it has to be a last last last last last resort. Hasn't your father taught you this?"

Pfft, he'd probably encourage it. "N-no"

"Hmmm, I'm going to have to talk to him about this. I also want to talk to your friends. I don't want them trying to get you into anything dangerous. And… and Applejack" Fluttershy muttered to herself "Applejack, really?"

You felt she didn't need to do that. The situation was already over. Goddammit. Fucking Angel, if only you could toss him into the wall or something. "A-aunt Fluttershy. It's ok really. I promise, we aren't trying to do that anymore. Fight's over, and I didn't get hurt. Big Mac just sorta stood there while I tried to tackle him down. I promise, it was really more just… y'know… play fighting." And then you quickly add, as you show her your blank flank "See? I didn't even get a cutie mark in it. Fighting is definitely never gonna be my thing. So, c-can we just not mention anything? please please please?"

You started to notice how childish you were acting all of a sudden, you weren't even actually acting this time. You were actually really feeling these feelings.

Fluttershy moaned, still disapproving of what happened. "Mmmnnn. Anon. I just. mnnn. Anon, I. I still need to talk to your father. Please understand, I am only looking out for your well being. I agreed to be your aunt, and." Fluttershy gently nuzzled into you "I mean it when I say it, you're family to me Anon. That's how I feel anyway."

...awww come on Fluttershy, don't say that shit.

She barely really knew you, and she was already so emotionally invested. You didn't know where Angel was. But you were sure he was now going to regret his decision of fucking with you. You were going to turn this around and make Fluttershy smile. Fuck him for trying to make her angry at you. He didn't realize he was dealing with a superior human mind.

"I do understand Aunt Fluttershy. I'm not worried about that. I just don't want you to get angry or upset over something so small. I'm ok, I really am. Can we go inside? Please? Maybe have some snacks and um..other things?" You nuzzle into her, to show her everything is ok. She was so soft, and she was still tense. Poor girl.

Fluttershy gave it some thought. She decided you may be right, it wouldn't do much good to go and talk to Applebloom and the others now that a "fighting" Cutie Mark seemed to not be your destiny. You seemed ok, and she knew Applejack wouldn't put a child into any serious danger. She started to realize she may have overreacted. But still… "Anon, I want you to make a promise"

A promise? "What is it?"

"Promise me that you won't start fights. And that you won't fight unless you really really really have to. Promise me. Please"

That, that was something you know you'd have trouble keeping. Come on Fluttershy. Don't.

You don't say anything, your bottom lip quivers. You don't know if you should. Fluttershy becomes more worried, her eyes shimmering. She was looking more upset the longer you stayed silent. "Anon? please?"

You break… You hold in your sigh. You didn't want her to feel as if she was forcing you. "I promise.."

That was good enough for her. She moves into you for another nuzzle. "Thank you Anon." You nuzzle into her nuzzle. enjoying her motherly warmth. You felt awful that she was so worried. Even if it wasn't your fault. You felt even worse that you knew you'd probably not be able to keep that promise. But you'd at least try. You'd try for her.

Fluttershy moved back so she could give you a visible smile. She seemed much happier now that she felt she didn't need to worry. "Anon, before we go inside. Can I ask you a question?"

You nod, what else could she want to know?

"Has your father ever told you that he loves you?"

....ohh nooo. nooo..Fluttershy why? You didn't know how to answer that. Of course he's never said that. But before you could even answer, she could tell from your hesitation that he hasn't.

"I love you Anon" She then gave you a wide grin.


Tears start to flow from your eyes. You didn't know why. It was just a simple phrase. You already had friends here. So why did you get teary eyed over this? You raise your hooves to hug onto fluttershy, as you hide your face under her muzzle, nuzzling.

You knew what it was. You knew exactly what it was. It was love. And not the kind of love of you wanting to sex a pony. The fuzzy kind of love. The kind of love that you knew that if anything ever happened. Then that person would be there, that she'd drop anything, to help you, and love you. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. You were blubbering like a baby. "ah, luuoovee you taooowwnngh"

Fluttershy could feel your tears, she gave you a gentle rub with her hoof. "There there Anon. It's ok. I… I never knew Discord never told you that before."

Fluttershy felt she really had to talk to him now. About how you and him interacted. She started to gently hold you as she hovered in the air. She did her best to maintain balance, she wanted to do this for you. You didn't even notice as she brought you onto her belly in mid air. You found yourself laying on top of her as she hovered in place, she was rubbing her hoof gently through your mane.

You rub your head on her chest as you hug onto her, still crying. Even when you notice that you were in the air. You felt so safe with her that you didn't care. This was genuine, this was a genuine love. You hadn't felt this kind of love since… well, you were an actual kid.

Fluttershy didn't say anything. She was feeling a maternal instinct kick in. She didn't need to understand why. She was the element of kindness after all. And she wanted to be your Aunt. And as far as she knew. You were a loving child. That her friend had taken in so you wouldn't have to suffer being alone and parentless. She was feeling more like a mother than anything else at this moment.

Fluttershy, she was doing fine, she was hovering upside down. Belly up. Being your bed. "Anon, I never want you to feel scared around me, I never want you to feel like you can't tell me anything. If there's anything you ever want to tell me. Then please, tell me. I won't judge. I never want you to feel as if you can't be yourself around me. I never want you to feel like you have to hide things from me"

d-d-ddd DAMMIT FLUTTERSHY STOP. You wanted to tell her everything all of a sudden. You wanted to tell her that everything was a massive lie. So badly.

So badly.

But you don't. You just cry. Knowing you can't tell her anything. You cry, you cry like a pathetic little being. You could feel a huge weight on your back. Up until now you only felt a little bad about lying. But it was a necessity you could live with if it meant being happy in pony world. But Fluttershy. She didn't love you, she loved who you were presenting yourself to be.

But, you did love her. You loved her as your Aunt. As family. You could feel it. It wasn't a lie, it wasn't a fucking lie. You just cried, and cried. Fluttershy didn't expect this from you. Not this much. She started to hum a gentle song.

You knew what it was. it was "Hush now, quiet now" Her humming was so soothing. You just, you just clung to her. Like nothing else mattered at that moment. You hadn't felt this feeling, this deep loving feeling for so long.

She cared that you were in a fight, she cared enough to tell you and make you promise not to fight, she cared enough that she was going to go have a talk with your friends and even Applejack, she cared enough to tell you that she loved you, she cared enough to hold you, love onto you, in mid air, pumping her wings at what must have been an uncomfortable position, just for you. Just so you could feel loved.

No, she did love you. It's not like you were pretending completely. You just had to hide a few things from her. Otherwise. This was you. You didn't want to hurt her, you didn't want to worry her. You wanted to slam her rabbit to a wall. But that was about it.

Her humming, it was starting to course through you. You felt relaxed, your tears. Your crying was beginning to stop. You could feel yourself wanting to take a nap. That was fine. Fluttershy wasn't going to hurt you. You were fine. Things would be fine. You had to visit her more often. Hopefully, under happier circumstances next time.

Fluttershy could hear that you were calming down. But she didn't stop humming. She cuddled you as if you were a baby foal. She did this until you fell asleep. She never expected this to happen. She did mean what she said about loving you. But she just wanted to be cute and make you smile. Not make you cry. She'd never understand the complexities of the situation. But, she didn't care to. She just wanted you to rest your head, and recover yourself through sleep. She would talk with you some more after you woke up.

She only wondered what Discord was up to, she wondered how much time he spent with you really. She'd really have to talk to him too. Fluttershy gave you a peck on your head as you slept soundly. "Please dream a sweet dream Anon..."

Some time passes, but you don't remember any dreams. Or if you even had one. You wake up. You could feel a cool breeze, and a gentle warmth under you. You were outside. On top of a sleeping Fluttershy. The wind gently passing through, making the grass bend ever so slightly. The sky was going darker. The sun was going down. How long were you out?

Fluttershy… she must have landed on her back to let you sleep , and had fallen asleep herself. You hoped she hadn't hurt herself attempting that. It must have been awkward to do so.

Fluttershy… You rest your head on her chest for a little bit. You could hear her heartbeat, it was as soft and gentle as she was. You could remember what happened before you knocked out. She told you that she loved you. Just thinking about it nearly choked you up again. You held it down, you didn't want to cry again.

She looked so peaceful. But, you had your doubts that she just wanted to sleep outside on the ground like that.

Another thought occurred to you. If that rabbit intended you to be in big trouble, then things pretty much just got turned around on him. Hmmm… You gently get off of Fluttershy, and gently nuzzle the side of her head. Slowly waking her up.


You look at her with a smile, and lay on your belly next to her. "Hi Aunt Fluttershy, did you sleep good?"

She gave you a gentle giggle. "Mhmmm, did you Anon?"

You nod. "Mhmmm, some of the best sleep I've ever gotten."

She couldn't help but smile from hearing that. "That's very very good. I'm happy to hear that."

And you were happy that she was happy to hear that. Everything would be ok.

Fluttershy stretched and yawned, and looked up to the sky. "Oh my, we slept for a while haven't we? Did Discord need you for anything today Anon?"

You shook your head. "Nah, he's busy with other things right now."

"Really, with what?" Fluttershy wondered what he could be doing. . Ugh, you started to feel that hurt again. You couldn't just tell her what he was doing. That he was seeing what the princesses were up to in Twilight's castle. But… after all that. You didn't want to straight up lie to her.

"Ummm. I forget."

Terrible Anon, simply terrible. Way to be a good nephew. You nearly cringed at yourself.

"Oh… well. I guess that gives us plenty of time with something I wanted to do before we had our little nap" Fluttershy had a big cheery grin about this. You wonder what got her so giddy.

"What is it Aunt Fluttershy?"

"Well, I know we don't actually get to talk very much. So I was hoping you and me could sit down on the couch and" She got cheerier with every sentence "Have a nephew aunt conversation! Doesn't that sound like fun!"

You know what, it did. You'd do it for her, with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart. "It does sound like fun. I want to learn a lot more about you Aunt Fluttershy"

You really did, on a more personal level than what you gathered from the show. "I do too. Oohhh, this is going to be so much fun!" Fluttershy was beside herself. These were the times she felt like a true Aunt.

You both went inside the cottage. To be courteous, she asked if you wanted to eat anything before you both started. You told her you weren't hungry. With that, she invited you to the couch. She sat on one side, you the other. Facing each other.

"Ok! now, do you want to ask a question Anon? Or should I?"

Haha! if it was one thing you could never forget. Was to be the courteous guy. Never worked back home. But… this wasn't back home. "Oh no no, it's always ladies first right?"

Fluttershy giggled "Now I can see why Applebloom and that other filly fell for you... Me and Discord have talked about it quite a bit. Though, he was a little mean about it. I had to remind him that just because he didn't like those kinds of relationships that he shouldn't find it funny that you were in one. Or was..." Fluttershy became a little more somber, and concerned "I don't know much of the details actually. About the… well… we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to."

No, you wanted to talk about it. She wanted to get to know you. And you didn't want to hide anything that didn't need hiding. You wanted her to get to know you as best and as well as possible. "It's alright. It doesn't bother me none. If you're wondering about the whole break up thing. Yeah, it definitely happened" You showed no hint of faltering. You were being upfront and truthful. "I knew it wouldn't work out in the end. I'm currently too young to handle all of that right now. And I never ever wanted to hurt Diamond Tiara or Applebloom. And I knew if I continued, then it would end badly. That's why I ended it. I didn't want to hurt anypony. By breaking up now, I not only stop the problem, but I can still be friends with both without them being jealous or fighting over me."

"That's a very mature way of thinking Anon. I think you did the right thing. I wouldn't want to hurt anypony either. I like the idea of love, it's very romantic. But I don't think I'm cut out for it myself yet. I think I'd just end up hurting somepony."

Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? "Aunt Fluttershy! What are you saying!? You're the nicest pony I ever met. I mean, you're the element of kindness! KINDNESS! And I happen to think you're really beautiful. Any stallion would be lucky to have you"

Fucking Discord, he could have this if he just made a goddamn move. But he was so adamant on keeping it a friendship it was almost disgusting. It'd probably mellow him out if he went with Fluttershy.

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