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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 117

Chrysalis hears the sound of a little filly before her, and looks down upon Starlight. "Well Well, what is this? I didn't think Discord would take my request seriously. A midnight snack indeed. Hello, little one..." She smiles a fanged smirk at Starlight.

"S-stay back! I'm warning you!!" Starlight began to step back, frightened as Chrysalis stepped ever closer. Shit, and it's not like you could actually stop her. Any attempt you'd make would either be too weak or send you into the wall.

"Chrysalis, wait!"

But she pays no heed as she licks her lips, opening her mouth to feed, lowering her head towards Starlight. "Come now, think of your parents, yes… think of them worrying about you as I..." She stops, raises her head, and has a confused expression "....not feed from the love you don't have. Alright, what's going on?" Chrysalis looks over to you. "Anon? Ahh… hmm. That makes sense then. Of course somepony like you with the lack of female interaction would choose a marefriend who doesn't actually love you at all."

MAREFRIEND!? "Hey! She isn't my marefriend!"

"Riiiiiight..." Chrysalis moved over to the frightened, spooked to the bone Starlight, looking down at her "Hrn, interesting. Do I detect hatred? Oh, this is quite familiar. But I can't put my hoof on it. hrnnnnn."

Starlight looked to you, then Chrysalis, then slowly back to you "T-t-this...this is impossible. How? Why?....what is this?! You both know each other?"

"Starlight, look.." You step up to her to try to calm her down, but she moved back against the wall. She was powerless, up in front of a known evil, and couldn't even escape. "Look, I know this looks bad. But..."

Chrysalis puts her hoof right over your mouth. And smiles an evil grin. Hearing you even attempting to give an explanation gave her a wicked idea. "Buuuut, you're right. We do know each other, we are very good friends..." She swiftly changes into her filly form and glomps you. "See? Lookie, he's even blushing!"

You try to push her away, you knew what she was doing, she just wanted to make the situation worse for fun. Too bad, despite her smaller form, she was still physically stronger than you… being a colt sucked sometimes. "S-stop! You're gonna give her the wrong idea! I-I'm trying to have a c-conversation with her… s-sthap that!"

Chrysalis just giggled and licked along your neck. "Don't be shy, we're all friends here..."

"Friends!? We're not friends! You are a terrible bug that travels around and sucks the love out of everything you see, and you Anon… you're just evil. To think, a plan to take over Equestria was going on right here..."

"T-that's not whaHMMPH!"

Chrysalis put her hoof to your mouth, and gave an evil, yet cute grin to Starlight. "That's right, and I can only guess Anon used his horn to turn you into a filly. Cute, so I can only assume you know how we plan to do it. With his horn, and my skills. We plan to take over Equestria without any resistance whatsoever. So… you best start bowing, go… go ahead and bow to us… And maybe I'll let you survive"

Chrysalis, deprived of her meal, was only wanting to make the situation worse on purpose just for a laugh. Just to make everyone suffer.

Starlight however, was slowly calculating things in her head, her fear leaving her. "I want in..."

"Mph?" you said, muffled

"What?" Chrysalis cocked an eyebrow, she wasn't expecting that.

"I said I want in. Anon's horn only has a single charge per day. You're going to need somepony who has a knowledge of magic even Alicorns don't have. You won't be able to win otherwise...."

Chrysalis rolled her eyes, sighed, and tossed you away "Well good, I can't even have fun terrorizing ponies without it becoming ridiculously stupid. I'm really thinking Tartarus may have been the better option, at least things aren't nonsense there" She changes back to her normal form as she walks away, then stops to look at you "Oh and Anon, when you're done with this filly, come down to see me. We still have friendship topics to talk about."

"WAIT! Just wait! What about taking over Equestria? We can bring about an order that brings equality to everypony, and everything!" Starlight didn't understand what was going on. But she still wanted in.

"Are you serious? Even if there was an actual plan, I'd NEVER share Equestria with the likes of you." Chrysalis scoffed

"There's… no plan? Then… why are you here?" Starlight was so confused, why would Chrysalis be here if there was no plan?

Chrysalis stopped, just the thought of how she ended up stuck at Discord's home infuriated her, just on his whim. There was no way to escape, not even a chance. She probably could have found a way to slip through by herself in Tartarus, but this was somehow a much more secure prison.

"Figure it out...I'm done here." Chrysalis yawns, and slips back down into the basement.

Meanwhile, you just realized that Starlight really was willing to team up just to bring her dream a reality. Damn, you wondered what villain she teamed up with for the season finale. Though, looking at her now. She didn't know what to think. Her mind looked like it snapped.

"I need to lie down, I… think I'm dreaming" Starlight falls over, laying her head on the ground.

"You're not dreaming, you're just now dealing with what I deal with on a daily basis." Still, just wanting to jump in on a plan like that? Even if there was none? "Still… Really, what the hay was with the "I'm in" stuff? You would really go as far as to join up with the changelings?"

Starlight just laid her head down, filled with hopelessness. "It doesn't matter now, does it? I don't even understand what's going on anymore. Am I going to be trapped here forever?"

You didn't know now, she knew you and Discord actually had Chrysalis. But then, she didn't look like she'd be able to stomach being here for too long. Her brain would melt, she seemed more bent on revenge than any other villain on the show. What the hell did she really want? Why was she willing to go so far. WHY?!

"Starlight, what happened? What would make you want revenge so badly? Why do you hate Cutie Marks? Just tell me already."

"...Do you even really care?"

You didn't even know, this was more of a curiosity thing than a "I care" thing. You didn't know her enough to care. But whatever made her so angry inside. It had to be something.

But just to get the answer, you lie. It looked like she was just going to keep dodging until you found a way in. "Yes, so please. Tell me, and maybe we can figure something out."

Starlight let's out a single "ha" in hopeless abandon. "I don't believe you… But whatever, it doesn't matter anymore now that you took everything away from me." Starlight slowly picked herself up, and looked at you, her eyes were glistening, tears slowly dropping down her cheek. "..I just wonder if you really can understand the pain I've gone through..."

"Just try me, I'm listening. And who knows, I really think we can figure… something out. Something that doesn't end in trying to ruin everyponys' lives."

"You still think I'd be ruining their lives? Hmph..." Starlight sighs "Though… if there was one life I wish I could ruin. It would be Twilight's. She ruined everything before you did. She didn't even give the town a chance..."

"Starlight, you keep trying to divert the conversation. Stop, please. And just tell me already. We're never going to get anywhere if you keep doing that.."

Even in her depression. She was going to attempt one more time to persuade you. Or at least she was. She finally noticed that you weren't going for it. "Fine… then before I start, all I have to ask is that you accept this as the truth. Because… well… This is something I could never lie about. It's the whole reason I've done everything I've ever done. Ok?"

You nod, you didn't know if this was actually going to be the truth. But, you were finally going to hear her "Tale". "When… I was a filly. And I mean a REAL filly. I had a friend named Sunburst. And… we did everything together. We didn't have Cutie Marks at the time, and the other kids. Well, they could be really cruel about it. But it didn't matter. Sunburst always cheered me up whenever I was down. We played games, talked about the future, studied, and laughed together. We were inseparable. A real team. We didn't need anypony else. Are you following so far?"

You nod. "Mhmm, you two were the best of friends. But, what does that have to do with Cutie Marks?"

"It didn't, not yet anyway. You see, one day. We were playing a game of book stacking. But, it became too unsturdy and was about to fall on me. Sunburst, well. He saved me that day..."

"Saved you? I don't think you would have kicked the bucket from being hit by a couple of books."

"I probably wouldn't, and to tell you the truth. I wish he hadn't. After he saved me, he got his Cutie Mark. And… he… he just left. I never saw him again, he went to study in Canterlot. And, he never even wrote back to me. Not once… I was alone. I was the only filly in town without a cutie mark, and everypony made fun of me.."

Nooooooo, that can't be it. You sit there silent for the rest of the story. Because that was sounding like shit Applebloom and her friends went through. Maybe not so harsh with them getting dumped the moment a friend got a cutie mark. But still....

"So, I vowed to follow a solemn oath. I would unite everypony in Equestria under one flag, one nation… one Cutie Mark. Nopony would ever have to suffer because of their differences. Nopony would have a reason to leave a friend if everypony’s lives and goals were the same. And I knew I had to do it alone, I studied in magic that unicorns could only dream to be able to cast. I built the first few houses of the town on my own. And slowly but surely, we were flourishing. There was, at times, a pony who stepped out of line. But they would always see the light sooner or later. Everything was ok. And I was happy again… And that's my story."

...Nooooooo, there had to be more to it than that. And yet, her tears were plentiful. That was it… that was the reason. And nothing more… "I… I can understand that losing Sunburst like that can be heartbreaking. I know what it's like to be betrayed by many a friend. But, I also know what it's like to have friends who always stick by you. So… what happened to all the friends you made after Sunburst? Or did you make a few after getting your cutie mark."

Starlight grimaced "Another friend?...I couldn't, nopony could be trusted. There was no reason to make another friend. I… I couldn't make another one.""

...Wut? Noooooooo......noooooooooooooo.... "Woah..ok… hold on, are you telling me. That after the whole thing with Sunburst, you didn't even attempt to make another friend?"

"No...but" Starlight felt her reasons were justified, she was feeling deeply insulted that you'd question them "...but… mnngrr… HOW DARE YOU! HOW CAN YOU QUESTION ME? WHE-"


Starlight started crying, bawling like a baby, she didn't even know what to say.


...Fuck… there she was. Just crying her eyes out. Yeah, that was what really happened all right. You didn't even know what to say after that. You could stab in the fact that it was her lie with her cutie mark that made her lose her potential friends back in the town… in fact, no… you would. But more calmly. "...and then there's the fact you had an entire town of ponies dedicated to your cause. And yet you never actually attempted to make friends with any of them. They probably would have liked it there better if you tried being their friend instead of locking them in that shack. You had no reason not to befriend them, but no. You just towered over them, keeping your cutie mark while taking theirs. You're no better than a villain like Sombra. Taking ponies livelihoods, and ruling over them."

Whether you got through to her or not. You didn't know. You were so flabbergasted with that explanation. in fact, you went through each villain's reasoning to see how it matched up. Nightmare Moon, well, there did seem to be some dark forces going with that. That and the fact Luna was a bit on the dramatic side. Celestia never did seem to attempt to help get her sister more of the recognition she might have deserved. Discord was Discord, Chrysalis has a hive to feed, Sombra is straight up evil, as is Tirek.

Nope, everything checks out. Her reasoning sucks. Starlight herself, just laid there, crying, defeated, hopelessly lost and full of doubt.

You did it, you. On your own defeated your first villain of the show.

So why were you starting to feel like shit over it? Her reasoning was shit, and she straight up tried to join with Chrysalis. You should be turning a blind eye to her crying. But that crying, all that sobbing. No, fuck it, you wouldn't be sentimental over this. She'd have to just sit there, and realize that her reasoning was terrible. And..

And what… She knew some of the secrets of the house already. And Discord was bound to find out about her presence. Though, maybe you could fix that with your horn… hnnn… What to do..?

You turn away from Starlight, and started to head to your room. Your mind was clouded, you didn't even know if leaving her in the living room was a good idea. But you doubted she was in a state of mind to be able to get on the gravity stairs.

Starlight looked up at you, and held her hoof out towards you "W-wait....."

You turn around, but say nothing… god… she looked so miserable.

"Please… I… I don't want to be alone… I'm… so lonely..." She whined

You cringe hard, geez. You beat her alright, you won the season. Yay…

She looked so scared, so sad. The tears never stopped. And she was shaking.

"Starlight..." You could feel your guilt rising, but you knew you were right. Her reasons DID suck.

She didn't respond. You take a breath… You walk up to her, and give her a gentle rub on the back. "Starlight… hey"

She didn't say anything, she just cried and pathetically latched to your leg. Told by a colt, her life was now in shambles. She felt so stupid. So weak. And now her reasoning had been obliterated.

You wouldn't be able to get her into your room if she couldn't focus. So, you opt to sit beside her. And the moment you do, she just cuddles up close, still crying. You couldn't imagine what she was feeling right now. If that was what her drive was her entire life, you could only imagine how the season would have ended. Twilight probably would have ended up her friend or something. Would have given her a second chance, to be her second friend. Well, it was too late for that now… probably.

"Anon… you're a colt… do you know why… Sunburst would just… leave like that?"

You didn't. What he did. If her side could be fully trusted, was a truly dickish thing to do. Just run off on her because he got a cutie mark? You could see where it'd hurt like no tomorrow. But still, not to this level.

"Starlight, you shouldn't even worry about him. He's pretty scummy for doing that to you."


She didn't say anything, she only continued to cuddle and sob. "What do I do now?...Where do I go? I don't even have a home anymore… I have no friends..." ...She was right, she had burnt a ton of bridges. But you couldn't keep her here. Even if Discord let her stay. She wasn't like Chrysalis. Chrysalis in the end could handle being stuck here. You were sure of it. Starlight couldn't, she'd go mad… but… you could be her friend.

Why not? Surely it would have been the way Twilight would have handled it.

"You have one friend.."

"Who...?" Starlight sobbed

"...I..can be your friend. I know it seems silly having a-HRNM!"

She hugged onto you tightly.

Yeah. She was taking what she could get. You could only imagine her trying to use this as some sort of trap if you had said this back in the cave. But now, it was genuine, and desperate.

"..I would..." Then she suddenly stopped hugging you, and moved away from you instead. "...wait… w-why would you want to be my friend?...After all that… I thought you hated me."

"Because, everypony needs at least one friend. And, despite your reasoning, no offense, being dumb. You must have been lonely for a real long time trying to achieve that dream. So yeah, I'll be your friend. I mean, If I can try to be Bugbutt over there's friend, then It should be fine with you."

Starlight looked down in shame. "But… what about a home? I have no place to live..."

...true, but...maybe..

"Maybe not, but… maybe there'd be a town willing to welcome you back."

Starlight shuddered at the thought. She felt she wouldn't be accepted back. "I can't go back there… they hate me."

"Nah..they were just upset. If it's anything I've gathered about other ponies. They are usually really REALLY easy to forgive. Look at my Dad. Guy committed high treason and is a threat to all of Equestria, especially since my Aunt refuses to help seal him up again. Still forgiven. You just have to show that you're willing to try again. And by try again, I mean not zapping their cutie marks and taking over… right?"

Starlight slowly nodded "R-right...b-but...are you sure? Would they really take me back?"

All your cartoon knowledge was telling you yes. "I'm pretty sure, and if you want. I'll even go with you. Help sell your case. How does that sound? We'll go in the morning, I'm… probably going to miss another day of school. But in the end, I know my dad won't care."

Starlight was feeling a little more confident, her tears were slowing, but she looked upon her own filly form. "W-what about this?"

"Easily fixed in the morning, I'll just zap you back to normal. The horn works on my thought process, so all I gotta do is focus on changing you back… speaking of focusing.." You look up at the ceiling door. "If you want to sleep on an actual bed, we're gonna have to get into my room, and for that, you're gonna have to focus."

Starlight looked upon the door, but saw no way of getting up. "Focus? Focus on what? there's no way up.."

"Just watch this.." You focus on the gravity stairs, and slowly start to walk upwards, seemingly in midair. "All you have to do is focus on there being stairs, and just like that, there's stairs. Just try, and come on up." You go up into your room, and look down from the door.

Starlight walks into position. "Focus on stairs?...that shouldn't be too hard.." She takes a step...and...manages it her first try. She starts to smile, as if that was a step towards hope. "Hey, I did it!"

"Yep, just keep focusing though. And head on up." And so she did, not failing once. Despite having the form of a filly, she was still able to focus like any adult would. Or she was just ridiculously gifted.

You hop up onto bed, and take in the warmth it gives out. Today has been a long day, and you were ready to snooze. Starlight curled around, and laid on the floor. and then looked up at you. "I… really can't believe a colt like you exists. The way you speak, the way you think. You had to grow up really fast in that orphanage, huh?"


...Yeah… "...I did, things were… well, they were tough. And… hey, why are you sleeping down there?"

"I just didn't want to be rude and..."

You roll your eyes at her and smile, beckoning to her with your hoof.

"Just come on up, you can lay at the end of the bed." She was a lot different now that she wasn't trying to change the world or enact revenge. She was unsure, and her confidence was gone.

"A-are you sure? I can j-"

You cut her off. "Stop that, and just hop on up. You need to be more confident, otherwise you’re just gonna stutter up a storm tomorrow."

Starlight took a breath, and gave those words a hard thought. "Right.." She climbs up onto your bed. and curls up at the end of it like a cat. It's a good thing she's an adult… you didn't need another filly somehow getting a crush on you.

Though… you were also going to have to swear her to secrecy about what she had seen inside the house. Absolute… secrecy. "You comfy?"

Starlight nodded, fluffing up some of your blanket to rest her head on. "mhmm, the bed is enchanted with some sort of spell I noticed. Is it always this warm?"

"Yeah, it makes it really comfy. Since the temperature inside the house is always the same."

"It takes a really powerful spell to keep a bed warm like this forever. Your father cast this spell, right?"

"Mhmm, but it shouldn't be too surprising. He can cast a spell for just about anything."

"To me, it's still surprising. Most unicorns only can do rudimentary things unless they practice and study very hard. I've studied for so long, that I can do spells beyond any level of a unicorn. And yet, your father is capable of so much more..."

...You didn't like where this was heading. "Is there any reason you're mentioning all this?" You do your best to sound understanding and pleasant.

"I'm just curious. And, I guess I wanted to see what a normal conversation with you is like. Since we're friends now. Would you know anything about magic theory?".

...Nope. You shake your head. "No, never gave it much thought. I'm an earth pony. So magic isn't really my thing. I mean, I know I got the horn. But there's nothing to get when it works differently from a unicorn's horn. And how it works? Well, it's as easy as a thought."

"How about alchemy then? Earth ponies have a knack for all things nature. A pony as smart as you could make a fantastic alchemist."

Alchemist? You wondered if Applebloom was even still doing that. She didn't really need to do it now that she got her Cutie Mark. You could make a suggestion. "I… could try being an alchemist. I'm ok at remembering a few elements, and I'm sure with some practice I could remember even more. But, I dunno. I have this awful feeling bringing chemicals in this house to practice would be a pretty bad idea. My dad, among some others. Are pretty bad at personal space."

"It's something to think about at least, I just wouldn't want to see a..." Starlight stopped. She, realized what she was going to say. And felt uncomfortable saying it.

"You ok?" You also had noticed she had stopped mid sentence

"Y-yeah..I'm just tired" She faked a yawn "I just needed to yawn… I guess we should sleep now, before it gets way too late"

It was pretty damn late, the party ended at night. So you could only imagine what time it was now. "You're right… and Starlight.."

"Yes, Anon?" She looked at you with worried eyes. She wasn't used to all of this.

"Everything is going to be ok tomorrow, so don't worry, and relax. And, you have a good night. alright?"

Starlight felt a warmth in her heart. Not the "I am in love with you" warmth. But the warmth of a friend, a warmth she hadn't felt in many a year. "I will, good night Anon."

And with that, you both went to sleep..

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