• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 248 - Flim Flam Future Arc

Author's Note:

Anon uses the horn.
Chrysalis acts like a child.
And Sunset writes a thing.

"Wait...Celestia..." You hold your hoof towards her

she stops, and looks at you with tear filled eyes as she tries to smile. "Y-yes Anon?"

Celestia...was so damn broken by this world. You couldn't call in Discord to warp you out now. You had to stay until you could fix this. And right now? You'd try an age old Pinkie maneuver. You rush up and put yourself on your hind legs as you reach up and give her an adorable smile, standing like a dog for a treat. "You want a hug? You look like you can use one"

"I-I'd love one Anon...." Celestia's tears came down harder as her smile became more genuine, she raised you with her magic, and gave you a gentler hug with a sweet nuzzling from her muzzle. You could feel her tears dampen your coat.

Flim and Flam...you made an eternal promise to yourself that they would pay for this...at least this world's Flim and Flam anyway.

Celestia put you down gently as she stood from her stool, she was subtly crying.. She turned her head, feeling a small crack of happiness in her woeful heart that she had long since forgotten the feeling of. As if, she had a semblance of an idea that things would get better. But then, something clicked in her head. It was a dreadful click that was like her story. A shine of hope that simply passed and died out. And she frowned once more as she headed out. "..I must go tend to the garden now...I did like the hug though...Sunset, I know you'll do a good job keeping our guests happy....I know I can't"

Celestia sniffed, her speech full of sorrow, she just...walked off. and stepped out through the back as Chrysalis walked back in.

Sunset just put her head on the table and sighed, annoyed. "And that's why I didn't want her to tell that story. She always gets like this..."

"...What a miserable being she's become" Chrysalis comments as she steps back to the table.

"...." Sunset just turns her head and looks to Chrysalis with stoic disdain. "You know, if it wasn't for the fact you'd starve, you'd fit right in....Gertrude"

Chrysalis held her breath for a second, but then slowly exhaled with a chuckle. "Not this time, My discipline is much better now...especially since it's my goal to crush those two insolent whelps for what they have done to me. Since I plan to "date" that fool who was eyeing me...I'll need all the patience I can get. But when to take his offer? Today, tomorrow? Perhaps breakfast time, ponies are usually less wary when they haven't had a good breakfast....yes, that will do nicely."

"Revenge huh?....I've been down that route. Look, even if you "Crush" them, how exactly does that help us?" Sunset asks

"Help you? No, you don't understand. Crushing them is for my personal pleasure. I don't think helping anypony is a requirement here. Only taking those two out of power seems enough to me now that I think about it. Discord isn't one to care, So he should teleport us back after I'm done making those two suffer for a week before feeding them to a Tatzleworm." Chrysalis chuckles at the thought.

"No Chrysalis, we have to fix this world. THAT'S the requirement. I know dethroning them won't be enough. We have to put Celestia back in power...." This...this had to happen.

"Oh? And what good will that do? The ponies here have chosen their fate. A fate that does not include her. She's a broken mess, Anon, there is no fixing that" Of this, Chrysalis was sure of.

Sunset just sighed, hear head still on the table as she turned away. "She's right. The best we can do for her is make sure she's comfortable."

What?! So that's it?! You slam your hoof to the ground, angry. There had to be a solution. "NO! WE CAN'T JUST GIVE UP ON HER!"

Chrysalis was unimpressed by your bravado. "Well then Twilight Sparkle, what do you intend to do? Sing a song? Fix a friendship problem? Or maybe just blast the problem with a rainbow? Face it Anon, this is beyond us. How could we possibly succeed? Discord must know it's impossible, so simply making them bend to our will should be enough."

You stood there, quietly.....thinking… Chrysalis was going to try to get closer to Flim, get some information, and then eventually invade and crush them. But could she really do it alone? Maybe, but she'd only get so far. Those loyal to the kings would surely rescue them, especially if they have a paid defense force. No, this world worked by different rules. But all worlds worked.....like a saturday morning cartoon.


".....Chrysalis, you're on to something there. We are going to fix the friendship problem. The ENTIRE problem."

Sunset put her head up, wondering what you meant.

"....Are you serious? Look around you Anon, these ponies are far gone. It's hopeless. Besides, I don't want to stay here longer than I have to. It's not healthy here for me. And furthermore, whatever you're thinking, I want no part in it. Fixing the problem is less appealing than beating the tar out of it." Chyrsalis said.

You smirk at her. "Oh..you can still beat the tar out of it. In fact, I think you'll like this plan Chrysalis. It's right up your alley"

"....Hmm?" Chrysalis looked to you with interest.

..Yeah, this plan...oddly enough..would fit both the methods of Twilight Sparkle and Chrysalis. Both an underhanded and a friendly way of getting everything fixed… were there flaws? ...Hopefully not. But everyone had to do their part.

"Look, it's simple. You have the right idea of tricking Flim and getting in good with him. But that isn't enough. You can't just take them and make them suffer. You need a hive for that."

"I don't need a hive for that. I only need to make him fall hopelessly in love with me and then use him to bait his brother so they both come meet me in a secret location...and then I do terrible things to them" Chrysalis grinned at the thought.

...Cripes. "..Ok, well..we need to do more than that. Look, why make them suffer when we can strip them to less than nothing? You really want to hurt them? Then we need to beat them at their own game."

"....Hmnnn" Chrysalis rubbed her chin "Con the con ponies....And how would we do that? It's easier to fool one with love than just conning the both of them."

You smirk at Chrysalis, you were sure she'd love this. "Well, you'd already have Flim handled right? That'd leave Flam to me. Taking away their title doesn't really work if you kidnap them. But how do you think they'd react if they signed away their title?"

Chrysalis eyes went wide, then her mouth made a foul and twisted smile. ".....I like that better. The devastation would be intense. So then, we make them sign contracts that make them give up their title, hmmm? Is that the plan? I'm sure I can make Flim sign it...but what about his brother?”

You nod, she got the idea. "That's going to be tough. Maybe we can just use enchanted contracts to trick them?"

Sunset...was intrigued by what you were saying. And threw in her two cents. "That won't work, any kind of contract that has been enchanted in any way has been outlawed. Even the kings don't use it. So even if they signed it, it'd be null and void."

Shit… Chrysalis could already see some hope leaving you, just by looking into your eyes. "As I said, it's no problem with Flim. I can make him sign anything without him reading it."

Sunset spoke up. "Don't be so sure, these two have been conning everypony for years. You're going to have to do something amazing for him to sign without looking. Same with Flam. Even if Chrysalis CAN do it, without a signature from Flam, It won't mean anything. And even then, I'm sure they can find some loophole to get back into power. The ponies of Equestria aren't going to want to lose their kings...even if they are jerks."

...Hmmnnn...Sunset was right...you had to think deeper. "..You're right...so....Well, for now, I'll think of something for Flam later. Because if there's anypony I know who can trick a con pony..it's Chrysalis"

Chrysalis actually felt a sense of honor in that remark as her grin became more smug. "Well then, it's nice to have some actual recognition for my skills for once. And good on you Anon, you're thinking more like a changeling"

"Don't thank me yet. Because there's still getting Celestia back into power."

"...I take back my compliment. Anon, I already told you. There's no point. She's too far gone" Chrysalis clearly had no hope for her.

"....." Sunset was in deep thought, like she hadn't quite given up, but still had hopelessness bouncing around her mind. She then sighed, and turned her head away again. "I thought I had an idea...but it's no use..there's no way it would happen."

An idea? No, you needed all the help you could get. you had the outline. you just needed help filling it in. "Sunset, please. Whatever you have to say..it'd help us a buttload."

"....Mnn, it's impossible. That's why it's pointless. But if you really want to know, then I'll just say it." Sunset hopped off her chair and stood up, leading on her next sentence with a hopeless sigh. "Celestia needs to be reminded that there are ponies who not only just care about her, but about her ideals too. But good luck with that, you'd never be able to find a group of ponies who'd want to come see her. And even then, it still might not be enough to snap her out of it."

....That was actually....a seriously good idea...something you could actually add on to. Yeah..if Celestia's story is true...which you knew it was. Then you had something that could work. Though, you'd only be able to get maybe one or two of them. "What if the group consisted of the Elements of Harmony? The ones meant to have fulfilled the prophecy?"

"...." Sunset raises a doubtful eyebrow at you. "..Excuse me? That's not even funny. How would you even go about doing that?"

"Well, one of them is where Ponyville used to be. And despite how the norm seems to go. She's just as cheery and nice as she was in my world. I think just having her would put us at a major advantage. I wouldn't know about how getting the others would work though. But I also want to try to get Twilight Sparkle, she was a big big big big part of the whole thing. I'm sure her prophecies had her in it...a lot"

Chrysalis scoffed at that. "Anon, seriously? This Twilight is nothing like that goody four hooves back in our world. How would you even go about making her anywhere close to how we know her?"

.......Shit. "....I don't know. I'll think about it later. We have to do this one step at a time and right now Pinkie is our best bet. If we could somehow get Twilight...all the better."

"Hmph...alright, then say we do snap Celestia back to reality and give her back her title. How would we get the ponies who had turned their back on her to "see the light", hmmm?" This, Chrysalis had to hear.



"Uhhh...yeah, you didn't have to yell that.....weird..." Sunset comments.

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad. But how do you know they have some "diabolical" plan? And how would we get our hooves on it?"

Errrr… "...It's all a work in progress. But trust me, these are both con ponies and business ponies at the same time. Somewhere in that castle are records and dirty dealings tucked away somewhere safe. We only need to find it"

"...Or....I could perhaps trick Flim into at least admitting it exists. That way I don't press too hard and out myself while also getting a clue you're on the right track. Hmnnn...Anon, this actually doesn't sound too bad." Chrysalis let out a cruel little titter. "I'm actually happy to be a part of this. I don't mind helping, it'll just mean those two dolts will see everything they worked for crumble back to zero. And nopony would ever give them the time of day again. An existence with no love, no money, no friends, no hope...a pony's worst nightmare. If you can actually make this work, I'll be very impressed. Yes, we'll be helping ponies...a shame. But it will be on the terms that we changelings do best at; Deception and lies." And in the back of Chrysalis's mind was a hope that you'd see that the changeling way is superior. Even if it helps ponies, she could see you giving into the dark side of the victory "Perhaps we'll torture those two false kings together before we depart, hmmm?"

You found that tempting. Actually, eh, why not? If it can be worked in, you'd totally do it to make those bastards know never ever to try this shit again, letting you leave this world in peace. "If we can get some in, I don't see why not. I want those guys to burn as much as you do for what they did to Celestia."

Chrysalis found that confusing. She was sure you'd have some qualms with it. For as long as she's known you, she always had the impression you were on the side of "Justice" unless Discord tempted you to do naughty things. She knew of the darker side of humans from the "Documentary". But had thought you hadn't been fully depussified yet. "Interesting...you have nothing against it?"

You shake your head. "Nope, totally wouldn't mind"

"Hmmnn, well alright then...So....pony" She looks over to Sunset. "Do we get our own rooms? If so, I'd like you to show me to it so I can do my planning in peace."

"Actually...most of the rooms we would have are full of stuff from the castle. I can set up a bed for you both right here and that's it. Also..." Sunset looks to you. She wanted to know something. "Anon, I know I didn't believe you before. But that plan sounds...it sounds like it can work. All I've wanted since I found Celestia was to...Well..." She looks down in shame. "Was to help her, and to find a way to forgive myself for what I've done. I really feel if I had just listened. None of this would never have happened. If there's anything I can do to help, you have to let me know...ok. ?"

There probably was a place for her in your plan. You were going to have to outsource some magic to make this work. Most likely anyway. "Don't worry Sunset, we're all gonna have to pull our weight to make this work."

Sunset doesn't nod, instead, she sighs in relief and leans back on the chair. "...Good to know. Because I'm still trying to believe that this is actually happening. It's so unreal, y'know? Nopony could have seen you two coming. Ok...let me set up your beds around the room and go help Princess Celestia. I don't like it when she's alone too long with her "friends"."

And so Sunset did just that. The bedding and mattresses she rolled out with her magic was unbelievably dusty. "Sorry, they haven't been used in awhile.". She then used her magic to make some sort of dust filter effect. scraping the dust into a ball and then tossing it into a garbage bin. She then lays them down and straightens them out. Two beds, for you and Chrysalis. "There you go, now if you excuse me.." She then steps out onto the back to check up on Celestia.

After Sunset had stepped out. Chrysalis gently planted herself on the bed and then looked towards you, with some doubt in her mind. "So...how sure are you on this plan of yours?"

You were..pretty sure… "I think it'll work. Everypony involved is going to have to pull off a few miracles, but ponies are pretty gullible already. If Flim and Flam can trick them like that, then we can retrick them back to how it's supposed to be. It just takes proof, some fancy magic to showcase the good the world can have, and a lot of luck. I just need to work out a few chinks."

Chrysalis made herself as comfortable as she could and looks straight up at the ceiling." You better Anon, this is a big gamble we're all taking. You need to spend the day planning every facet of your plan before executing it. Just like I must lay here and contemplate my breakfast date with the contemptible king. If I am going to find out if they have anything incriminating. I will have to think on and imagine exactly how the date should go. I will not be taking him lightly."

"That actually sounds like a good idea." You agreed, there were a few holes in your plan you had to think about. Especially if it turned out you were wrong about some hidden evil plan. You plopped down onto your own bed and snuggled into the blankets as you stared up at the ceiling. "I just have to meditate on everything and I'm sure I can make the perfect plan."

"It takes more than just meditation, Anon. It requires you to be cunning, vicious, and uncaring towards your enemy. You need to imagine every scenario that could happen and then plan accordingly. I know I don't need to make this analogy, but I will anyway just to cement a point in that hard head of yours. This plan is like chess, in order to win, you need to make all the right moves. Even making sacrifices along the way. It might be stupid of me to put my trust in you Anon, but I don't know when Discord will acknowledge letting us back. So I leave it up to you."

"Got it...and don't worry. I can definitely think of something"

And so you laid there, plotting, scheming, and perfecting your plan. You knew...that for tomorrow, you'd have to go back to Flimsville and Flamsville to pick up Pinkie Pie. This was the part of your plan with a flaw. You knew you needed more than her. But really, who else could you convince to come? You couldn't even think of anything right now...maybe Pinkie knew Fluttershy?...Flutters seemed alright.

And then there was Flam, you were going to have to think long and hard to get him to agree to sign something without looking at it.

Time passed, or what little there was as you and Chrysalis laid in your beds. Plotting, scheming. She didn't bother you, and you didn't bother her. You both knew what you had to do. Sunset helped Celestia tend to the garden. But this did go on for an awful long time. Until the sun set to be exact.

"So this is what our lives have become..." Chrysalis says as she stares up at the ceiling

Hmm? "What?"

"Our lives Anon, Celestia's and mine. I somehow was reduced to a maid, and her? She tends to a garden when she is upset. It's pitiful."

"...Yeah, I admit. Seeing you like that was pretty bad. It was like she just gave up."

Chrysalis just continued to stare. "I can't imagine what it was like...losing your entire hive, your entire kingdom, just like that. She probably never gave up. And fought to the bitter end."

"Chrysalis?" You look over to her. "Are you ok?"

Chrysalis shook her head. "No...I'll never be ok..." She suddenly growled, and raised her hoof up as it shook. "I SWEAR, I WILL TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING THOSE TWO HAVE EVER COME TO ACQUIRE! THEY WILL RUE THE DAY THEY MESSED WITH ME! EVEN IF IT'S ANOTHER ME!"

Uh oh… "W-woah, calm down Chrysalis. We'll get them, but you don't have to be so loud. I'm guessing you’re hungry again, right?"

"No, I've been feeding since I've got here on the love that pony has produced. She truly cares for Celestia, despite Celestia being utterly useless and a burden......why would anypony go through such...what was that word?...Ahh yes....Hell" Chrysalis didn't understand. "Why go through such deliberate pain for somepony who doesn't fully acknowledge your existence. It's clear Celestia mentally comes and goes...so why?"

"Because..." ....God, that just made you think how badly Sunset is suffering. She can't atone for what she has done in the human world. And everything she's done here she's done with such hopeless abandon. "That's what it means to care. To love.... Chrysalis, I know you care for your changeling children. Are you telling me if you were in your other self's place. You wouldn't do anything to save them?"

Chrysalis scoffs. "Save them? Ha, if I was actually there I'd overthrow myself and double my numbers. Equestria wouldn't be able to stop an attack that massive!" She laughs evilly

"Oh come on!" You flip onto your belly and look at her with seriousness. "Stop deflecting! Come on! I'm being serious. The little runt, he is like..the most useless and dumb of them all. And you gave him the privilege of captain. You can't tell me that's not a form of love. And you and me are friends..you saved me. I know you saved me here because you need me. But you could have let me die to your old captain. You could have, and then taken my horn for yourself. Are you telling me you couldn't hide the horn for a full day? You? Who can fool anyone?"

Chrysalis doesn't hesitate to answer, she doesn't sound confused or distraught, she just replies with a straightforward demeanor. "Anon, our friendship is on a completely different basis than that of a pony. It's more of a mutual understanding. As for the care I have for my children." And that's where she stopped. She had this worried look, it was almost unnoticeable, but it was there, for a split second. "It is because they are a part of me. It's a kind of survival instinct. As for the runt. He does have a tenacity that is to be admired, wouldn't you agree?"

You slam your hoof down. That was crap! "Bullshit! If it's one thing you and Discord have in common. It's the crap that comes from both your mouths. I know somewhere in your heart that you have some love of your own. You're not like Tirek or Sombra. And if the runt is capable of friendship, that means the rest of your hive is. Which means even you are capable of love!"

Chrysalis started to get annoyed. But she remained calm. "...So, is that what you think? Brilliant deduction, but you're wrong. And all this? It's because we're stuck together, so don't be putting it in your little proof pile. And DON'T go thinking that just because I admired your idea that it means I respect you. You're a friend on my terms. Nothing more."

You raise an eyebrow in doubt. "Really?" You get up and walk over to Chrysalis.You then remove the horn from around your neck and toss it in front of her.

She just looks down at it. "...What are you doing?"

"Giving you the horn. It's weak, but who knows. You can probably use what power it does have to escape on your own. Then you can wait a day, get your hive back, wait another day, and blast Twilight and her friends to pieces."

You give her a smug smile and lean in, nuzzling right under her chin. "I know you waaannnnttt it"

Chrysalis backs off, looking at you with disgust. "Don't do that! It's creepy..." She pushes the horn away.

but you slide it back. "If you didn't love me, you'd take the horn."

"Or maybe.." She pushes it back. "I want to stay here and demolish those two brothers"

You push it back, getting more determined. "Or maybe you actually truly care deep down."

She pushes it back. "Or maybe I just have some form of respect for you"

You push it back. "Or maybe it's because we have a loving, near sibling bond!"

She pushes it back. "Or maybe it's because Discord might still catch on, and I don't want to risk it!"

You growl as you push it back. "Or maybe, it's because you have a heart!"

She pushes it into your chest "I do, and it's black in color!"

You slam it into her chest. "But you have one! And if you got one, it means you care!"

She slams it into your chest, pushing you back a little. "BLACK HEARTS DON'T FEEL LOVE!"


She takes it and puts it around your neck before pulling at it, causing you to choke. "You listen here you little worm! You will believe what I tell you to believe. You want to stay good with me? Then follow me as well as my children do and we WON'T have a problem. Now, as I said. You are going to keep that horn or I'll shove it down your throat! Discussion over, Got it?!"

You couldn't even speak, you were turning blue, pointing at her hoof.

"I'll take that as a yes..." She lets you go, making you fall to the ground, coughing

"S-sheesh..Ok..geez..But.." You look back at her, bracing yourself with a smile. "I know you're lying"

Chrysalis went from normal to red as she stood up and reverted to her original form. Actually losing her cool. "THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO END YOU LIKE I SHOULD HAVE BACK AT DISCORD'S! AND THIS TIME HE CAN'T SAVE YOU!" Her horn glowed as she made you hover. And then she took aim "Any last words?"

....Ok, now things were scary. S-she wouldn't do it? Would she? Crap...you were scared to bluff her. B-but...saturday morning cartoons..r-right? "Yeah...I love you Chrysalis....I really think of you as a sister. And if you want to destroy me...that's fine"

"Pathetic..." Her horn began to intensify. Oh crap..

You flinched, and covered yourself fruitlessly with your hooves. But the blast didn't happen, you instead fell right on your head. "Agh! Ogh!"

You rub your head as Chrysalis rolls her eyes and lays back down on her bed. "Truly pathetic, it's not even worth destroying you.....now leave me be. I have planning to do."

And she just transformed back, and laid there. Goddammit. You almost thought you had it...though thank christ...you still had your head.

You whisper under your breath. "...one of these days Chrysalis..dammit"

Not soon after, Celestia and Sunset stepped back into the house.

It was night at this point, so Sunset lit some candles. Celestia looked down to the both of you with a broken and false smile. "Hello friends...I know it's sudden that I am coming inside to say hello..and then goodnight. But, I get very busy during this time and...I don't have any time for chit chat...b-but..please feel free to stay. And perhaps we can spend time with each other...tomorrow. Good night!" She says with false optimism as she heads into the tower and goes up stairs. Without even waiting for an answer.

"...Please don't think that was weird. She's just very anxious at night" Sunset informs you, Chrysalis not caring.

"Why?" She didn't even wait for you to say good night back. considering how desperate she was for companionship. it seemed off she'd just leave without a goodnight.

"I wish I could say, but I just don't know. Everytime I go to check up on her at night she keeps the door locked with an enchantment I can't break. Look, just don't worry about it. I have some work to do myself in my room. So, goodnight, and seeya both in the morning. I'll have breakfast ready by the time you get up."

Mnnnnn… You bid Sunset a goodnight. And nothing more. You were too interested in why Celestia locks herself up at night.

In fact.. You put your hoof on your horn....maybe...come midnight...you should go see her. Maybe, whatever it was. Was a key in helping her...or maybe it was a bad idea.

And you waited. Chrysalis had nothing more to say to you. It was as if she was purposely avoiding talking to you because her attitude was that of a teenager rather than a queen, she wasn't fully herself yet. Why won't she take the horn?...Surely her reason was bullshit. But you couldn't get a reason out of her, it was like beating a dead horse.

The later the night became, the more anxious you felt. Chrysalis had finally fallen asleep. And the clocks around the house were saying it was close to midnight. Very close...

..This may be a stupid idea, but you had to know why. It must have to do with why Celestia was keeping everything an eternal night before Sunset got to her. You got up, and silently made your way to where the tower steps started and moved on upwards. You went higher, higher, and higher still. Until you reached a lone door with a sun on it.

..You couldn't hear anything coming from the other side of the door. And moving the doorknob didn't work. It was stuck tight. But there was a keyhole you could peer through. You bring your face in close to peer through it. On the other side you could see Celestia on the balcony at the other side of the room. Silently sitting, and staring at the moon.

Why...why is she just sitting there?

Against your better judgement. You use the horn to unlock the door. It seems the horn still had enough power to dispel any magic Celestia had put on the door. You were too curious. You had to know why. She was hurting..she had to be. If she didn't want Sunset up here, then...well...what could that mean?

...Oh god...as you slowly opened the door and snuck up on her. You started to think about the consequences of your actions...that's what your timeline’s Celestia would tell you anyway, to think on the consequnces. But god dammit, you felt you could help her with...whatever this could be.

No, you knew what this was. This was your gambit. You were risking possible failure by spooking Celestia. But if this worked, she would know she isn't alone, and you'd be willing to disobey her if it meant she had loving company. Now you just had to hope she didn't toss you off the fucking balcony.

Oh god....please don't get thrown off the balcony. You don't think your head could protect you from a fall this great. You nearly gulped, but you stayed quiet, and snuck up and waited. She wasn't saying anything. She just continued to stare.

Then suddenly, like a fucking whip, she turned her head to the side, enough to look at you. It was so sudden it was fucking scary. Like some kind of monster. It made you flinch and duck. "O-Oh geez! W-wait! Celestia! P-please! I..I just wanted to check up on...huh?"

She just turned her head and went back to staring at the moon. She stayed silent for another moment. But then she started to speak. "..Do I scare you...Anon?"

...Oh shit...well..this could be bad...Fuck. You should have just left well enough alone. First you pissed Chrysalis off...now this mess. "No...a little..that was kind of scary...you're not gonna hurt me right?...Please?"

"....No. But, perhaps I turned my head too suddenly. But you startled me. Nopony should be able to open that door. Not with the spell I put on it....Why are you here?" She asks, her voice stoic and cold

You gulp. Her tone...it sounded..so dead.... "Celestia...please. I only snuck in because I didn't want you to be alone. I wanted to see if you would be willing to talk to me, personally, one on one. I know it's sudden, I know I broke in, but we might not have a lot of time to spend with each other. I wanted to at least let you know that I care, that you're my friend, and that I want to help you in any way I can."

"Anon...I'm not worth your time. I've failed everypony. I failed Equestria...I even failed..." Celestia looked down in shame, too much shame, she was tearing up. "Please go...forget about this old mare. Who could love a princess who could not do what is right? A princess who lacked the power to destroy those who would harm her subjects...All I can do is sit here..." She looks up to the moon, her tears flowing, she was crying...she was crying, but without so much as a whimper. "..and hope my sister has forgiven me. I could not even save her....Luna...please...I'm sorry..."

It was if, in just a small instant. Celestia had forgotten you were even there. She reached her hoof up to the sky. Her tears never stopping. "Even if you came down as Nightmare Moon, even if you hated me, even if you made me suffer your fate...please...let me see you again. I miss you..., Luna. I would suffer banishment a thousand fold if it meant I could see you. I have no other purpose...Nopony cares anymore..."

......Oh god...Celestia… You could feel your own tears come out. This was.. "Celestia...I really am sorry I barged in. But, you have to believe me when I say I did it because I was worried about you. I was scared. I wanted to know why you lock yourself in your room every night..."

"And now you know.." Celestia said, still acknowledging your presence. "If you wish, you can mock me. Mock me like everypony else has. It's alright, what good am I when I cannot even save my own sister....from myself...from...ngh" Celestia put her hoof to her heart, then began yelling up to the sky "SISTER! PLEASE! PLEASE HEAR MY PLEA! YOUR BIG SISTER WANTS YOU BACK...I NEVER STOPPED MISSING YOU! PLEASE....please...say something...come back to me...Luna.."

...And now it was clear...Celestia, the reason why. She just wanted her sister back at this point. Even if it meant Nightmare Moon....

It seems Celestia just cared about one thing right now. Her sister. She didn't even care HOW you got in. But it did appear that she felt that you weren't there for anything pleasant. Celestia herself was now just staring up at the moon. awaiting a reply that would never come.

"Celestia...Would you mind, if...I gave you another hug?" That was the best you could think of. What else could you say? Maybe if you told her you wanted to hug her...

Celestia hung her head low, she wasn't looking at you. But she was depressed all the same. She didn't even answer you.

...Ok...maybe..if you..actually hugged her? Come on Anon, it can't be that fucking difficult. But as you look at her....perhaps you really were thinking too simply. Too..childishly.

...No, you had another idea. You walked over and sat right next to Celestia. You avoided making eye contact. Instead, you just looked up at the sky. You didn't want to gaze upon her pain and lose your focus. "...Celestia, I have a story for you..."

You perk your ear up, to hear if she had an answer. It took a moment. But she finally put her attention entirely towards you. Enough to break her focus from the moon. "Anon, why do you approach me? Is my misery that interesting?"

You shake your head. and continue to look up at the sky. "You got it all wrong, I really do just want to tell you a story...I think it might help."

Celestia looks to you, taking a glance at your flank. "....Why would a spawn of Discord want to help me?"

...Spawn of Discord? "...What? What do you mean?" You look to her, confused as to why she called you that.

"I suspected something was off when you could break the spell on my door… But that cutie mark... You are either an avatar of Discord...or some sort of spawn. There's nothing I can do...so just...do your worst. You have caught me at my weakest moment...and perhaps...this would be better." She just looked back to the moon. closing her eyes...awaiting..something.

"N-no...Celestia...mnnnn" You sigh, you should've known that even in this state. She was perceptive. You lean into her, and nuzzle into her, hoping it would show that you had no ill will. "Celestia, you're kind of right...I am related to Discord. But, it's a Discord you never met. Look.." You take a breath. this was going to be a mouthful.

"I come from another Equestria. The Equestria you foresaw when it came to the Elements of Harmony. And...hm?"

You are stopped short as Celestia magically picks you up, and holds you up high enough to meet you face to face. "....Tell me the truth. Look right into my eyes and tell me you wish to be my friend. No spawn of chaos would be able to do that with a straight face. If you wish to have me believe you mean me no harm....then tell me..."

Ok....she didn't care to hear the story. T-that's fine. If this is what it took to convince her. So be it.

You look her dead in the eye. and keep your stare. not flinching, smiling, or looking away. "I want to be your friend. I mean it...one hundred percent." And she just kept you there, both of you staring at each other for ten whole minutes. She just stared into your eyes as you looked right back. She could see a gentleness in your eyes a cruel chaos bringer could never have. After another moment, she gently puts you down.

"Anon....I believe you. I haven't felt this feeling...in quite some time..." Celestia walked further, to the edge of the balcony and looked down upon Canterlot. "I never would have thought something that came from Discord would be capable of friendship. But looking at what's become of my kingdom....Maybe it makes more sense than I realize" Celestia seemed to actually be coming to her senses. "Anon, why have you come to see me?"

There we go. But, did she even hear you the first time? She seemed lucid now. "Celestia, I just want to make sure you're ok. And keep you company. Don't you get lonely up here? I know Sunset has tried to come in, but you always keep the door locked."

Celestia walks back towards her room, past you, and heads towards her bed. The room, now that you look at it, was pretty plain. All it had was a seat, a mirror with a few drawers under it, and a nightstand. Not what you call royalty. "Because, It is my shame to bear alone. Nopony must know my suffering. It's my way of punishing myself for what I let happen. I was fooled by the two ponies that they call their kings. And the world itself thought to punish me by taking everything I have. And thus, I must make sure nopony else knows. So they do not suffer along with me. If Sunset knew the truth of this, she would not be able to stay composed. She already suffers from her own mistakes, she needn't suffer mine." Celestia climbs onto bed, and rests her head. "I wish you to keep this a secret Anon, and I'd like you to leave. You'll see me tomorrow"

No. You start inching towards her bed. "Then, what about how you acted earlier? All chippy and happy?"

".....Sometimes I lose myself...I'm not always lucid. I try, but sometimes it's simply too much. I lose myself in some vain attempt to try to see good in the world. But it's gone, everything I believe is just an illusion. Perhaps it's just to further keep Sunset safe from the truth. Maybe one day I'll stay delusional, and she'll never have to worry again."

Goddammit Celestia...how the fuck did this happen? Was this all really caused by Starlight, or a Starlight that had finished her reaearch on time? This couldn't have been what she actually wanted. Is it? Why did Discord even bother with this? It was better off knowing that these worlds never existed.

But it was too late now, you had to press forward. And if you were going to help Celestia...

Celestia's eyes went wide when she felt something hug her from behind "A-anon?..What are you doing?"

You hugged her tight, you nuzzled along her back, you grasped onto her like she was your mother. "What's it look like? I'm not leaving you like this. The Celestia I know would never give up, I mean, geez...the Celestia I know would punish me for doing a bad thing..."

"Bad thing?" Celestia was hesitant to ask, feeling it might have been Discord tier. "...And what is that "Bad Thing”?"

"Well..erm. See, I come from another Equestria, dunno if you heard that or knew." You say sheepishly

"It doesn't sound impossible to me, I remember catching what you were about to say"

"Well...yeah. See, you were having some important meeting and I wanted to have my marefriend meet you or Luna. And you got pretty mad at me. You took this really important magical item away from me for a week as punishment so I can learn not to be a dingbat."

Celestia's breath became irregular, as if she was shocked. "My sister?...She had returned?"

You gulp, you did say Luna...didn't you? You hoped what you were about to tell her didn't cause her to break down. "Y-yeah, that prophecy you mentioned in the story? It happened. The Equestria I come from is a pretty friendly place."

Suddenly, Celestia burst into laughter. Almost crazy laughter. She turned over to you, tears in her eyes, and grasped you tightly, giving you a firm yet gentle hug as the vibrations of her belly laugh coursed through you. Oh god...you broke her. "C-celestia, a-are you ok?"

She couldn't stop laughing for a few more moments. You expected her to break into sobbing at any moment. But despite the tears in her eyes, she didn't cry. She just caressed your back, laid down with you. "I'm alright Anon, it's just. That sounds like something I'd do. But, do you want to know why it's so funny?"

...Do you? "Erm, sure?"

Celestia snickered again, and whispered. "It was probably because I was teaching you a lesson. I don't think I'd care if you actually came in during a meeting as long as you behaved properly. But there must have already been a pony who told you what I was doing before you tried...right?"

.......Nooooooooooo, wut? "E-ergh..a-are you serious?"

Celestia giggled. "Mhmmm, I must have taken it from you because you thought you could do what you want. Actions have consequences, Anon. Buuuuuut, if you had done it without a warning. I probably wouldn't have minded at all." Celestia rustled your mane gently and laughed again. "You must be a pretty silly colt to be friends with me but still disregard one's warning like that. And..." She stopped her giggling, her tone becoming serious, with a hint of relief. "I'm glad to know my sister is not beyond redemption after all. Anon..."

Celestia cuddled you close again, and craned her neck over your head in a position to sleep. "Would you keep me company this night? It has been awhile since I have genuinely smiled. And I fear I may enter one of my episodes again tomorrow. I just want to have one night where I remember what things used to be like. The chirps of the birds, the smiles of the ponies, the clean air, and soft sunshine that emanated from beyond the clouds"

Of course you fucking would spend the night with her.

And so the night passed. You and Celestia embracing each other as for at least one night, Celestia's troubles left her. The burden of her past lifted temporarily so she may enjoy the company of the little colt who dared to break into her room. She was as warm as the Celestia you knew. It was like a mother who had reunited with her son. Celestia would have a good dream this night. And hopefully, once your mission was done, she'd never have to have a night suffering alone ever again.

And as the night left and the morning came, you opened your eyes and yawned. You moved your hoof around and called for Celestia, but she had already gotten up. "Mnnnn, She's probably down stairs. Ok, I have a job to do."

You leave her room and head down the tower back down to the bottom and exited towards the living room. Sunset Shimmer was alone writing on some parchment as a smell permeated in the air. The smell of delicious food. But, if Sunset was here, who was cooking? And where was Chrysalis. "Sunset? Hey, good morning. Whatcha doing there?"

"Writing the contracts, double checking, triple checking, quadruple checking. I'm making sure there's no loopholes whatsoever on both of them." Sunset said as she continued writing. The second contract,compared to the first, that she was writing on was as thick as a fucking book.

"Erm, what's with that contract? It's huge. I thought they'd be the same for both brothers"

"They technically are. But the bigger one is for Flam. Y'see, me and Chrysalis had a long talk. She told me you had a tendency to screw up as badly as you succeed. She was afraid you'd screw up the contracts. So I decided to write them instead. It's no problem for me, I've done this kind of thing lots of times. It's how I got into Canterlot High without anyone, ahrm, anypony being the wiser." Sunset stops for a moment and then looks at you. "So...wanna tell me what you were doing in Celestia's room? I already know how you got in."

You take a seat and look at her from across the table. You weren't afraid to say it. You accomplished what you went in there to do. You knew not to tell more than you needed. "I was just making sure she was alright. And then I just sort of ended up as her cuddle buddy."

"That's it?" Sunset was sure there'd be more. She Really just wanted to grill you. But she noticed something change in Celestia, something better, so she didn't press too hard and tried to keep her curiousness in check

You nod. "Yep."

"Hrn, well I guess that explains why she wanted to cook us a meal. Which, by the way. I have to tell you," Sunset goes back to writing. "Chrysalis convinced her to make a ridiculous feast to stall for time."

Hm? "Why? Why would she tell her that? Where is she anyway?"

"She went to do what she said she'd do. She's having breakfast with King Flim. As to why she told her that, Chrysalis has this weird notion that you'll be able to bring in ponies that would actually snap Princess Celestia out of it. It's super weird; Queen Chrysalis, one of the most feared beings in YOUR Equestria who has obviously not been reformed actually wants to help and is putting her faith in you. Of course, you're not exactly just a kid are you? Chrysalis filled me on some of the story you left out. You're lucky I believe it because it's the craziest story I've ever heard."

Sunset stopped writing and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling with hope in her eyes. "I can't even believe this is happening. It's so unreal..." Sunset looked back to you with determination. "That's why we can't mess this up, look. Chrysalis also told me you'd try asking me why she cares. She told me to tell you not to worry about it, focus on the mission, and point you out the door. I called a cab for you about a half an hour ago and it's still waiting outside."

W-what? "But wa-"

Sunset stops you, using her magic to put your saddle bag around you before making your chair do a 180. "No buts, Anon, just leave me be so I can get this done. If you want my opinion on Chrysalis, then here's a quick one. She seems to like you, sorta. But I don't think she actually cares for anypony else. Or maybe she's just super rude, I don't know. Just go already, ok? We can't waste time"

Well then. If you didn't have time to waste, then so be it. You tell Sunset goodbye and head off into the cab. Presenting your gold card to the driver before making your way back to Flimsville and Flamsville. It seemed Chrysalis had started the game and everyone was focused. Sunset had to have known you didn't tell her the full story. But her love for Celestia was stronger than her curiousness on what happened, if she had a chance to help with fixing things. She was going to take it.

As for Chrysalis, it seemed she was going to follow your plan after all. She knew what she was doing though. She must have had Sunset set up the cab too. You should have known she would have taken the initiative. As for having Celestia cook, that was both a smart and dumb move. Of course, since the results depended on you. You'd be at fault if you couldn't succeed in your mission. The stage was set, it was time to bring back Equestria.

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