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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 120

Night Glider didn't know what to think. Maybe the happenings of the town became public knowledge. But she didn't remember any new ponies around the town at the time. She was thinking maybe you came from Ponyville, maybe even ran into Twilight and her friends. But she wouldn't speak further about it until she was sure you were feeling ok. As for your title...

"Son of who now? Hey, I don't know what you mean by that. But we don't have any discord or chaos around here. Are you sure you're ok? Feeling faint? Do you need some water?"

This wasn't working. You just wanted to blurt out exactly what you were up to. But you had to hold your tongue, not until the right moment. For now, you'd humor her. Try to get her and as many as the other townsponies together as possible so you could work things out with them. "I am feeling a little thirsty, it was a pretty long trip. I could use some water. But after that, do you think we can talk?"

Night Glider nodded "Sure, about anything you want. Come on, follow me. We'll get you a drink, a little something to eat, then we can talk."

You nod and follow Night Glider deeper into the town. Until you reach Sugar Belle's. Sugar Belle herself looked so much more vibrant now that she had her Cutie Mark back. She was serving up pastries and drinks to some of the other townsponies. As Night Glider and you drew near. She took the time to wave and greet the both of you in a very cheerful manner. "Hey Night Glider, oh hey? Who's your cute little friend?"

"Hey" Night Glider waved back. "I dunno, he just sort of showed up out of nowhere. I think he might be a run away from Ponyville."

Sugar Belle gasped "A run away? Oh dear.."

Goddammit, you thought you explained you weren't a run away.

"Yeah, can you get him a drink and some food? I'll pay for it"

Sugar Belle shook her head, she wasn't going to let her friend pay for the food for a lost foal. "No need, consider it on the house."

As Sugar Belle rushed off to fetch something for you. Night Glider again gives you a gentle and welcoming smile "Ok, let's take a seat over by that table and have a chat. Ok?"

...Restraint Anon, it's been awhile since you been genuinely condescended too. Even if it was unintentional. It was still blood boiling. "Ok.."

Night Glider chooses a spot for the both of you as you both take a seat opposite of eachother. She leans a little closer to you, and, curious of exactly what was going on. She once again speaks to you about the situation at hand. "Ok, so let's start from the beginning. You're from Ponyville, right?"

You nod. "Yes."

"Do you know Princess Twilight? or any of her friends?"

"All of them, actually."

Night Glider nodded, thinking to herself and slightly muttering "Well, that explains that.." She now believes she understands how you knew about their situation. "So, what made you want to "visit" our town? By yourself I mean. Trouble at home?"

That's it, if you didn't get it out, they were just going to assume you were a lost kid the entire time. You appreciated that she cared. But you had someone counting on you. You had to think. You just sat there, contemplating.

"Hey, you ok?"

...You ok?...Hrn… Those words. AHA! You got it, most every pony was sympathetic. Maybe if you purposely acted depressed and sad. She would actually listen to you. You hang your head down, and try to look as sad as possible.

"...I don't understand" Atta boy Anon, that's a good start. Be upset, be angry, be miserable. It's a low tactic, but it should be effective.

"..Don't understand? Hey, come on. What's wrong. Whatever it is, we can figure it out together" Night Glider tried to console you

"We can't, we can't because you're not listening to me."

Night Glider stopped, She felt you may have been right. She's been making so many assumptions. She didn't actually give you a chance to speak. And considering how you were sounding, she thought she was making you upset. "O-ok, then. Tell me what's on your mind. I won't say a word until you tell me to, how does that sound?"

You nod, that was perfect. "Ok, but… can we step inside? I want Miss Sugar Belle to hear this too. Please?" You made a pouty face, your eyes had no tears. But your voice was trembling. This had to work.

"Sure, if that will make you feel more comfortable, then it's no problem. Come on." Night Glider got up, and led you inside Sugar Belle's shop. The aroma was very pleasant and delicious. Sugar Belle herself was hard at work at making you a delicious sweetbread, your drink seemed ready already. It was sitting up on a counter. It was some sort of fruit drink. "Hey Sugar Belle, could you stop for a sec?"

Sugar Belle was busy pulling the bread out of the oven, and gently placed it on the counter. " Huh, but I just finis-..." She turned over to see that Night Glider looked rather upset, as did you. "..What happened? What's going on?"

Night Glider stepped over to Sugar Belle, then turned towards you. "This colt, Anon I think his name is. He wants to talk to us about something. Whatever it is, it's important to him. And I told him I'd listen. But he wants you to listen too." She then whispers to her "I think it's something to do with his home, I don't think his parents are on the up and up"

Whatever Night Glider whispered to Sugar Belle, it made her instantly upset. That vibrant and upbeat attitude had vanished in a flash. "...Oh no..."

You paid it no mind, because in a moment, you were about to make things clear. You dropped the act, but still kept a face that would concern some. A face of somber attitude. "So, do I have your attention?"

They both nod. Sugar Belle prepared for the worst. You had to ready yourself. You were about to open some old wounds you knew you'd have to try to mend. You couldn't fail Starlight now, you were this close.

"Ok… The reason I'm here is because I'm helping a friend. She's… well. She's alone, she has no home, and she's scared. She has no friends, and she's afraid everypony from this town will hate her. She really needs help. And I'm doing my best to get her what she needs. And what she needs, are friends." Perfect, that seemed pretty Twilight tier. If that didn't tug at their hearts. Nothing will.

And it seemed to. While Night Glider looked like she was greatly concerned, Sugar Belle was already ready to head out. "Who needs our help? Where is she? Whoever this foal is, we're going to be there. If she's homeless, we'll give her a home. If she needs friends, then by Celestia, We'll be her friends! If she needs food... Well, they don't call me Sugar Belle for nothing!"

...Now comes the hard part. You had their attention. Time to hit it home. Oh geez, the way you knew they would react, you hoped you weren't in over your head. "H-hold on. It's not a filly or a colt. It's a mare… You might know her."

They both looked puzzled from that. "A mare we know? That's… weird. Night Glider, was there anypony we know that just left... Did we scare one of the townsponies?" Sugar Belle was scared that she may have acted badly towards another pony, she couldn't think of anyone she reacted badly to. Or reacting at all. She was usually very nice and cheery.

"I couldn't tell you… that's… really weird. Who could it be?" Night Glider looked to you for answers, deeply puzzled. "Anon, uhhh, are you sure it's a pony from our town?"

You nod… Here we go. "It is… Look, this is going to come as a major shock to you both. But the pony I'm about to name, she really needs help. She's really sorry for what she did, and all she wants is the trust and friendship of the town."

"But… who is it? Where is she?" Sugar Belle asked, her concern peaked.

"She's just outside of town… the pony I'm talking about. It's Starlight Glimmer"

They both looked to each other as the information processed in their brain. You expected a gasp, or panic. But instead you got. "Wow… she really came back, Party Favor was right… we should have listened." Night Glider said to Sugar Belle, concerned, but not panicky, not even a break in her voice.

"I didn't think she would. We chased her out of the town in such an angry flurry..." Sugar Belle said back to Night Glider

...Wut? You expected them to freak out. For Sugar Belle to panic and hide. Well, you didn't want that to happen, but you also weren't expecting them to handle it this calmly.

Night Glider then turned to you, she still looked concerned. She didn't eye you as if you were a suspicious individual or anything. She just wanted information. "How did you meet Starlight?"

You were so caught off guard, you were the one stuttering in your speech as you recollected your thoughts. "U-umm… Well, actually. That's uh..a funny story. She sort of pseudo foalnapped me. And then using a magical item I had, I turned her into a filly earth pony and.."

You explain in detail the events of your time with Starlight. Answering any questions they might have. You only omit the information on her past. Feeling that it was kind of a negative in this narrative.

"And… that's it. She's out there, wanting a second chance, ready to change, and scared to death about being rejected. I know it must be hard for you both, but, that's why I wanted to talk with you. To discuss maybe giving her a second chance..."

Sugar Belle's expression changed, from deep concern to one of pure seriousness "There's nothing to discuss, right Night Glider?"

Night Glider practically donned the same expression as she looked to Sugar Belle "Right..."

...ahh shit.

"L-look, I know you guys hate her. But she seriously wants to turn her life around."

Sugar Belle nodded. "We know, you told us. And as I said, there's nothing to discuss. Because if she really wants a second chance." Sugar Belle then, started to put on a warming smile "Then who are we to turn her away?"

Wha? That easily?! THAT EASILY?! Holy shit! you had to keep in your surprise. You felt like you were about to have a stroke. You felt dizzy.

"Anon, you ok?" Night Glider noticed you were a little wobbly.

"Y-yeah..I-I'm fine. Just a little bit of a...I dunno"

Sugar Belle quickly grabbed the plate with the sweet bread with her teeth and brought it to the counter in front of you., next to the drink. "Here Anon, it might be because you’re hungry. Take a bite, drink a drink, and relax."

You needed a drink, you take the cup and take a quick sip before biting into the sweet bread… pretty yum. And it gave you enough time to absorb what just happened. "So, you guys are willing to give her a second chance? Just like that?"

Night Glider nodded "Yeah, but we weren't at first. We were all still pretty angry about what she did, how she lied."

"But then after a few days, when we got back to our lives, we realized something." Sugar Belle said "A lot of the things she taught us, about working together, doing our equal share, being welcoming to every newcomer and helping them adjust… well… we still kept to it."

"Not completely though. Forcing ponies to give up their Cutie Marks and follow our ideology had to go. We want everypony to actually feel welcome, and if they want to stay or leave, that's their choice. Every pony in Equestria has their own talents. So we worked to improve the town, to work together as one, and make everything even better than before using our talents. " Night Glider added.

"And that's the thing. If it wasn't for Starlight, we'd still be lost. And we wouldn't have a home. We wouldn't even know how much our cutie marks meant to us without her. If she was still the same though, then we couldn't let her come back. But if she's willing to change, then it was already agreed we'd let her come back, and we'd show her our way." Sugar Belle smiled, she was very happy for this. Excited even.

.....wow..... Just wow. Here you were expecting some crazy bullshit. And they were already willing to accept her back. And… that was actually ok. You were sure Starlight would be happy to hear this. "...Well then, she'll be happy to hear that. Ummm, so the entire town is decided on this?"

They both nod.

"Well then, I'm going to go see Starlight and tell her the news. Can you both come with me ?"

Night Glider shook her head "Nah, I got a better idea. Just give me ten minutes. But before you go, where exactly is Starlight?"

"A huge boulder outside of town, can't miss it."

"Gotcha, Sugar Belle, you take all the houses on the left. I'll take the right." Night Glider was going to get the entire town in on this.

"Right" Sugar Belle nodded.

"Alright Anon, better go get her ready, if you really mean what you say, then we're going to welcome her back. Our style." Night Glider gave you a wink.

...Well, shit. Haha! Success. And it didn't cost you an arm and a leg. You felt pretty good about this. Sure you fucked up with Suri, but you probably beat Twilight's fucking record. HAHAHAH. "Alright, seeya guys in ten minutes! haha! she'll be so happy to hear this!"

The three of you set out, you rush outside of town towards the boulder. You felt a cozy cuddly feeling in your heart for helping out Starlight Glimmer.

Until a dread hit your head mid run. Shit, what about that shitty trope where they ran off when you got back! GODDAMMIT! You rushed outside of town, double time, and headed towards the boulder. "STARLIGHT! STARLIGHT! I SWEAR IF YOU!...."

You were running so fast. that when you turned behind the boulder to check, you slipped and tumbled away from it, falling on your back. You didn't even have a chance to see if Starlight had run off.

Starlight however, didn't. She walked over to you. And seeing you run and slip up so fast. She feared the worst "Anon? what happened? D-did they chase you out of town? Did they..."

You shook your head out of the daze you were in. You didn't even catch what Starlight asked. "Ugh… that hurt..what, what did you say?"

But Starlight didn't answer, she was looking past the other side of the boulder. And could see the town gathering up. "Oh no..." Starlight rushed back up to you, knocking you down as you tried to get back up "WHAT HAPPENED?! WHAT'S GOING ON! ARE THEY GOING TO TRY TO RUN US OUT? THEY ARE GATHERING UP TOGETHER!"

G-geez, this seemed familiar. Almost like… you.

"Woah woah, hey relax. relax,. Everything went ok. they aren't gathering to run you out."

As you once again tried to get up, she covered you in a magical aura and shook you "THEN WHAT?! ARE THEY GOING TO DRIVE BOTH OF US OUT?!"


Starlight drops you as she turns around and panics "I knew I shouldn't have come back! I should have just gone back when I had the chance. I could have probably found a magic to change my look forever. Or maybe..."

"...Why would you do that? When you're home already?" That wasn't you… but Starlight responded just the same. She didn't notice who was talking behind her.

"Anon, it's over. This isn't my home anymore...."

You however, were still shaken up, she shook you damn hard. you felt like your brain was going to fall out. "gmmmm..t...t-that wasn't me...ogh"

"What?" Starlight turned around, she hadn't noticed. But the entire town had already converged behind her in her panic. Sugar Belle was to the front, giving her a gentle smile.

"......." Starlight stood silent.

"So, we heard you wanted to come back" Sugar Belle said, in the softest, comforting voice she could muster.

Starlight didn't reply. She was shaking, frightened, and ready to hightail it and run. Then Sugar Belle giggled "You know if you had let us know ahead of time, we probably could’ve fixed up your old house for you. It's gotten pretty dusty since you left."

"...I..." Starlight was speechless, she was still scared, it hadn't processed in her yet.

As you got up, you could see Party Favor stepping up, rolling his eyes "See? I told you she wouldn't get it. You can't just talk to her."

Starlight stepped back away from him, she thought she felt animosity from him. But she was wrong. Party Favor stepped up and hugged her, hugged her tightly. "Welcome back Starlight"

She was shaking, silent. And as Party Favor hugged, everyone else started to join in. Night Glider, Sugar Belle, Double Diamond, one after another. And as the hug grew, Starlight started to break down in silent tears as she began to hug back.

You didn't join in, you wanted to see this, you just looked at the giant hug orgy. It was… beautiful.

Starlight cried, she cried hard. "I… I'm so sorry everypony, I was wrong… I shouldn't have done what I had done."

"Hey, don't even worry about it. It's all water under the bridge Starlight. We're just glad you're back, and willing to change." Night Glider said as she continued to hug.

"B-but I thought you all hated me… after what I did, after tricking you all..." Starlight couldn't control her tears.

"You didn't trick us, you just… saw things in your own way" Double Diamond said.

"Mhmm, it just went too far. Starlight, we want to show you our way. We want to show you that things can always get better, and that we can work together and be friends despite the differences we have. If you're willing to come back, then we will welcome you back with open hooves!" Sugar Belle felt so ecstatic that everything was going so well. that she just had to yell out "COME ON EVERYPONY! FREE FOOD AND DRINKS ON ME!" And then suddenly loud cheering.

"Alright everypony, we aren't going to get to that food and drink just by cheering, grab our new friend, and let's head back! come on! move it, move it!" Night Glider flew up as she started to direct the other townsponies to pick up Starlight, and run her back to the town.

She wasn't saying much, but she despite her crying, there was a smile behind those tears. Her heart was mended, her past could be let go, she had friends. And you were sure they wouldn't abandon her. They never really did anyway. The town thrived because of Starlights teachings that didn't relate to her crazy bullshit. And they always kept that with them. If it was christmas, or rather… Hearthswarming. This would probably make this absolutely perfect. But eh… it was good enough.

You watched as they all went back to town, you followed them all the way up to the entrance. But that was it. You had to go back home. And besides, a hero like you knows that internally. she was thanking you, and that was enough. Or maybe you were just cemented in your old cartoons that you watched. "Take care Starlight."

You turn to walk away, until you hear "Anon wait!"

...Oh..right..that happens in cartoons too..haha.

You turn around, and it was Starlight, she wasn't crying, but her coat still was damp under her eyes. Her smile was no longer evil or cunning. It was soft and sweet.

"Hey, what'd I EWGRFDRSGFD"

Goddammit, what was with these ponies and hugging you so damn tightly!

"o-oh..sorry, I didn't mean to hug you so hard. I got excited" Starlight puts you down, and steps back.

You pump your chest a bit with your hoof, and let out a cough. "N-no problem… hehe… heh.."

"Anon, I couldn't let you just go without thanking you… and uh." Starlight's horn glew as she brought forth… your horn. "I need to return this to you."

...Oh crap. You didn't know whether to laugh or be surprised. And since somehow you weren't surprised, you just laugh… because thank god, you didn't fucking notice that she took it. That… would have been bad.

Starlight was cringing as you looked at it, but you laughed, hell, you should have expected it. She had a backup plan after all in case things didn't work out. "Wow, I should have seen that coming. Pretty nifty actually, when did you take it?"

"While you were walking towards the town, I used my magic to slip it out of your bag. I'm sorry… I just thought if everything went wrong. That'd… well, you always got to have a backup plan, right?" Starlight laughed nervously.

"Tell me about it, and you don't even have to say it, I'm not mad or upset. Because all in all. You didn't run away, you waited for me. That tells me enough that you at least cared to try, instead of just tricking me and running off. Yeah, you're alright Starlight."

That made her tear up a little again, and she hugged you. Not so hard this time. She was just happy that you didn't hate her for what she did. "Anon, really. Thank you for everything. But, you're going home now right?"

You nod. "Yeah, my job here is done and it's time for this little colt to ride off into the..is it still morning?"

Starlight shook her head "No, it's the afternoon now. You're not going to get in trouble are you?"

"...I really hope not, but who knows. After this, I'm sure I could just weasel my way out of it" You give a light hearted chuckle, the way you phrased it even made Starlight laugh a little.

"Smart and sneaky, I like it… So, you're gonna visit me at one point right? Hate to say it, but you're the only pony in a long time I feel I can talk with when it comes to my research and findings."

Well, that was true until, and if, Twilight ever made friends with her. You actually wonder how things would play out when Twilight finds out about this. "Sure, wouldn't mind bouncing a few things off you myself. But, that's for another time. You go enjoy your new life Starlight."

with that, Starlight gives you one, more compassionate hug before letting you go.

You watch as she joins up with her new friends, yeah Anon. You did good. You felt so proud of yourself. You just started walking away from the town, with your head up high. Yeah, shit was real good man.

Then when the reality of the fact that she DID take the horn hit you, you fell over, shaking. Because that could have been game over. "...Oh shit… That could have ended so badly..."

You stood up, took a breath, and thanked God..or Celestia… or whatever the fuck that she didn't run off. Actually, why the hell did you even walk away from the town? You needed water to get back home. Well fuck, you just got into the moment, didn't you? "Fuck, gotta go… wha?" Then you hear it, you hear… clapping.

"Bravo Anon, bravo. You defeated this season's villain with the power of friendship. Though to be honest, I give the finale a two out of ten. You changed her thinking in what, a night? I could only suspend so much disbelief."

...Oh shit...

You turn around, and there he was. Discord, leaning against the boulder like a gang member.

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