• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 106

Fluttershy didn't do anything to get you off her belly. She let you take your time. She was even willing to lay on her back all night if you felt you couldn't get up to head to her bed. But it made no sense to you to not lay in her bed if that's what you said you wanted. So you slowly and carefully get off her belly, and head to her room while Fluttershy follows.

Fluttershy was internally trying to figure out what actually happened in her head. She thought she herself may have been jumping the gun in her mind. Twilight could be irrational sure, but actually going through the means and measures to seal up a colt without at least making some sort of check? But Fluttershy knew you were smart, she felt while the changeling debate that you mentioned was a little odd, that you were indeed capable of keeping up with Twilight. She didn't know how to feel, and at this moment, she would disregard things for now. And be there for you.

You said nothing, you just hopped up on her bed. Fluttershy giving you a little push with her muzzle to get you up there. You immediately lay on your belly and curl up like a cat while you look into Fluttershy's eyes.

Fluttershy, noticing your sad soaked eyed, took the opportunity to once again give you one of her warming smiles. She even gives you a peck on the forehead. Your expression only changes a little.

Fluttershy notices your small smile. This calmed her heart. She was afraid you'd be too traumatized to react. She hovers up a few feet and lays on her belly next to you. Cuddles up next to you. And wraps her wing around you like a blanket.

You could feel your heart slowly calm itself. You felt safe with Fluttershy. Her wings were so soft, and yet, pretty good at keeping you warm. You nuzzle your head to her side. This was fine. This was good. Maybe if you calmed down enough. You could try to rationalize better without breaking down.

"So, what story would you like to hear? I may not have any storybooks with me right now. But I'm sure I can come up with something that will make you feel better." ...You didn't know any pony stories that'd you'd be willing to hear right now. No, you were fine with just cuddling. You still wanted to manage your thoughts.

"Can we just lay here? Until we fall asleep?"

"Of course Anon, anything you want. But are you sure you wouldn't like to hear a story? It might help"

You nuzzle again on her side, resting your head against it. "...It's fine, just being near you makes me feel better."

Fluttershy doesn't argue with you. "Then I won't get up, for any reason. I'll lay here until you want me to move. Ok?"

"Ok..." You were fine with that. You closed your eyes. And just waited for sleep to hit. You felt nothing more could happen. Not while you were in Fluttershy's gentle presence.

You give it one last thought before drifting to sleep. Could you forgive Twilight? ...Maybe. Once you calmed down, maybe, you should go talk to her. But then, you felt a tinge of anger. If she tried to rationalize her assault on you, or play it down as if it was nothing. You knew. You knew you'd lose it. You'd have to see tomorrow.

You were falling asleep. You were finally calming down thanks to Fluttershy's presence.

Fluttershy had begun to hum. She wanted to do something that would help further ease the tension. Her humming was like a massage to your ears. You didn't protest. No, you were too far gone now.

You fall asleep.

No dreams tonight. Or none you could remember, or cared to remember. But luckily, no nightmares either. Fluttershy must have been some bonafide Dream-catcher or something.

you felt at peace in your sleep.

Or you did, until you heard a yell. "SHE DID WHAT?!" You slowly open your eyes. That voice?... You could only hear muffled talking after that. Fluttershy was no longer next to you, and there was sunlight in the room. It had to be morning.

You yawn, you didn't catch the noises coming from the other room at first. And you were disappointed Fluttershy wasn't around you upon waking. But the moment you hear voices in the other room. You snap to attention. The quieter voice was obviously Fluttershy. And the other… Discord… finally.

You move over to the door, and put your ear against it. That yell from before. That had to have been Discord. Fluttershy must have told him what you said.

"N-now Discord. Please calm down. T-there is a possibility it's just one big misunderstanding. M-maybe Anon imagined some of it?" Fluttershy, from the sounds of it. Had done some rationalizing on her own. And seemed to try to want to look at things from a not so dark side.

"Fluttershy. I know you want to see this optimistically, but I know Anon. He wouldn't imagine chains sprouting from the ground and holding him down. And he wouldn't lie about it either..."

Woah… Discord was not sounding like his usual self. There was no joviality in his voice.

"I don't think he'd lie either. But Discord, do you think Twilight would really go that far without at least confirming if Anon was a changeling or not? I don't want to doubt Anon, he was so… he looked dreadful. I had to do my very best to make him comfortable. But Twilight is also my friend, I've known her since she first arrived in Ponyville. Something doesn't seem right..."

"Weren't you the one who told me of a certain time Twilight tried to cause a friendship problem, that if Celestia had not arrived, then the entire town would have clobbered each other into submission for a doll?"

You open the door slightly to eavesdrop further on them. Fluttershy cringed and looked down "...yes."

"Then I have no doubt that Anon is telling the truth. You do realize, Fluttershy, that if she had succeeded. I wouldn't be able to just bring him back, right? I'd have no way of tracing him."

Fluttershy grimaced "...no..."

...So you were right. If you ended up in Tartarus… you were fucked. And that didn't sit well with you at all. Discord started tapping his paw digits with his talons. "I am his father Fluttershy, you do realize I have to see that this matter is resolved."

"I-I know. B-but… Discord, please let me come along. Please? Pretty please? I'm afraid something bad might happen. Maybe I could… erm… moderate?" Fluttershy was afraid that if she wasn't there. Either Discord or Twilight was going to go overboard.

Discord slithered over to Fluttershy, giving her a hug "Fluttershy, Fluttershy. I appreciate your worry. But I promise I'll handle this just fine. Trust me. Besides, how am I going to learn to deal with fatherly issues if I can't do it on my own? Hmmm?" He sounded calmer. But you swear you could see his eyes having internal flames.

"But Discord, wouldn't this be more of a family issue? I am Anon's Aunt, remember?" Fluttershy reminded him.

"Yes but..." Discord really didn't want her coming "...this is really more of just… a father thing."

"Discord… I feel… I need to go. He came to me in a way I had never seen him before. I can't just stay here and do nothing. I think he needs both of us for this. We need to go… as a family."

Discord clenched his talons, it looked like he wanted to scream. But he held it in. And sighed, defeated "You really won't take no for an answer. Will you?"

Fluttershy shook her head, hovered up, and gave Discord a hug "It'll be ok, I'm sure we'll get everything sorted out together."

Discord hugged her back, knowing he couldn't and wouldn't do anything underhanded to make her back out. Still...

"I'm at least going to have a one on one with Anon, where is he by the way?" Discord looked around, not seeing you.

Fluttershy pointed towards her room, making you hide your head behind the door. "He's in my room… but can you wake him gently? I don't want him having a fright."

Discord nodded. "Of course, would you mind waiting outside? I'll only be a moment."

Fluttershy nodded, but, she was curious on something "What are you going to talk about?"

"I just want to talk to him about what happened. But privately"

"Privately?" Fluttershy tilted her head, she didn't understand.

"Yes. If he knows you're overhearing the conversation then he might hold certain things back. It's a guy thing really. Not wanting to say things that would trouble one with such a gentle heart. Such as yourself." Discord was laying it on smooth, But clearly he just wanted to talk with you more candidly.

"I… well… mnnn." Fluttershy already felt bad about what happened. She couldn't think of what you might be holding back that could be worse than what you already said. "I won't argue with you. But please, just don't pressure him or scare him. He's been through enough."

Discord nodded "I promise."

With that Fluttershy went through her front door and waited outside. Discord hovered over into Fluttershy's room, you waiting by the bedroom door for him. You still weren't too pleased with the situation. But the sleep, and Fluttershy's loving care really did help you settle your mind and not be as disturbed like you were yesterday. For now, you were thinking clearly.

But still… knowing the fact that you could have indeed been fucked. It made you feel angry inside.

Discord looked upon the bed first, but didn't see you.

"Over here Discord." You call to him as you close the door. Even with Fluttershy another door away. You understood why the conversation had to be private.

Discord's head span around, and then literally turned behind himself as he looked at you. And smiled his usual welcoming but at times, suspicious looking smile. "Ahh, there you are. Hmmm… weren't you supposed to be sleeping?"

"I was, until you woke me up with a yell. I don't even have to guess what that was about. I overheard you and Fluttershy talking a little after that. Is it true? You really wouldn't have been able to find me?" You wanted to know. Directly.

Discord shook his head "I could. But it would take a long time. And that's assuming nothing had happened to you between then. Tartarus is a terrible place. And a pony would get lost, and most likely never be heard from again should they wander around aimlessly."

"Then… how were you able to find the hive?"

"Simple, one, that tower fortress was already a giant eyesore. And two, I could see where the fortress and it's occupants were going during the actual sealing. But that's the thing, I wouldn't know where you had ended up going unless I was witnessing the sealing. And even then, I wouldn't allow that to happen had I known"

You look at him, a little skeptical. "Not even for a cheap laugh?"

Discord shook his head. "Tartarus is not a joke Anon… well… it is for me. But for somepony like you, it is a dangerous place only meant to hold those who only wish to cause harm. Somepony like you wouldn't last two minutes down there. And if I lost you A… ahrm..."

You notice a tear go down Discord's cheek, as he turned around to wipe it away. Was he being genuine?

"Discord?" He wouldn't turn around, not even to try to pull a joke on you. You walk over to him and poke at his tail with your hoof. "Hey, Discord… you-HRNGK!"

Discord turned, picked you up, and latched onto you tightly "I COULD HAVE LOST YOU, MY CHAOS BUDDY, MY PARTNER, MY… friend." In fact, he was hugging you so tightly that you couldn't breath.


"A-anon...I-I'm being serious when I say this. You are my second best friend in the world. And… I don't want to insult Fluttershy's name but. You are the only one I could see as being my partner. To think, I could have lost you. I never thought something like that could happen, I swear it. If I lost you… who would I have to help me in my merry making? Who would I have to tease and taunt without having to worry about them trying to leave me? Who would I have to discuss topics of chaos with? Nopony, that's who!"

"REGREGFDGFD" You were turning different shades of blue.

Discord gently put you on Fluttershy's bed so you could be at constant eye level with him. Though, you were just glad he let you go. You almost felt you were going to die from that. "And to think, this was all caused by the" Discord made a very mocking tone. "Princess of friendship"

You took a deep breath to get some air into your lungs, exhaled. And looked towards Discord. Wondering if he was truly being genuine when he was hugging you. "Discord?"

"Ooooohhh! This is why I don't want Fluttershy coming. I want to give Twilight a piece of my mind!" Discord reached into his own head and pulled out a cherry bomb. "I'm so steamed up about this that I swear, I'm going to burst!"

OH SHIT! You cover yourself in fear of an explosion. But… There was none, you peek through your forelegs to see what became of the bomb.

Discord was still holding it."But… for Fluttershy's sake. I have to keep it together" He slips the bomb back inside. "Anyway Anon, did you have something to say?"

You blink, you really were..or still are rather...waiting for one of his usual shenanigans. "..y-yeah..I just wanted to ask. If you really really meant those things you just said."

"I do..I know I've admitted to a few things before. But knowing you could have been lost in Tartarus. Possibly gone forever. I suppose it just… hit me on how much I cared about you. You have stuck to the plan and have played the part as my son without fail. And for that, I thank you." Discord was using an eraser at this point to literally rub out any cube shaped tears that fell out of his eyes.

So, he was truly being honest. You weren't used to him acting… normal. Or as normal as he was going to get. ...And yet, the way he was acting. And your thoughts from before. You felt, since he made this confession. You had one to make of your own.

"Discord, I feel the same way. You know, I used to think you were mostly a dipshit. You could be cool, and I appreciated when you were nice. But usually I wanted to strangle you for most of the things you do to me. But, I always thought that deep down still. You thought as me as a plaything that just happened to be your friend and "Partner". But thinking back, like when you covered up the fact I moved the sun and the moon. Or when you snapped at Suri for talking down to me. Or hell, right now. I realized you treat me better than you treat anyone else… except for maybe Fluttershy. But… the point is.You're my best friend. And you could probably play the biggest prank on me ever, and I would still consider you my best friend."

Discord sniffed, he was feeling both happy, and sad at the same time "Please don't say that Anon..."

Wha? "Why not, it's true..."

Discord nodded, doing his best to keep his composure "I'm aware it's true. And I'd rather not think of it that way. I don't want to feel tremendous guilt for when I pull little pranks on you."

You smile, and even laugh at that. That was a hilariously absurd way of thinking. "Are you serious?! HAHAHAH!"

Discord flicked your nose, but it did little to stop you "Don't laugh, it wasn't meant to be funny"

You had to take a moment or two to calm down. because that was both cute and hilarious. You had your hoof to your face, propping it up as your laughter turned to light giggling. "S-hahas-s-orry. I m-mean. Hmmmm… ok. I guess. Still… thank you anyway Discord. You're a great guy, deep inside."

"Fluttershy tells me the same thing. Not like I need to be told however, I already know I'm great. That being said, you are pretty good yourself. But let's move this conversation right along before I start coughing up rainbows and kittens. I heard you weren't doing too well last night. What exactly happened?"

You sigh, and explain the exact version of events that transpired. Only leaving out that Chrysalis was the one who told you this would pretty much happen. That particular note interested you and you would investigate that later. "...I'm not happy with her, Discord. I'm actually afraid I might even hate her."

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