• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 17

Behind the door, was of course Fluttershy. It was her cottage after all.
She gave a cute little yawn and greeted both you and Discord

"Good morning you two. Sorry it took me so long to get to the door. I wasn't expecting you two so early" Fluttershy said, in a calm, soothing voice. She seemed a little shamed that she wasn't ready for you two.

"Oh it's quite alright Fluttershy, I'll take it as a compliment. You know how I enjoy not being expected." Discord gave her a reassuring smile. Coming from him, it looked a little on the smug side. But it can't be helped.

Fluttershy giggled anyway. soft gentle giggles that made you feel a warmth inside your heart. You immediately speak up in a cheerful tone.

"Good morning Aunt Fluttershy! I really hope you're doing well today!"
god that sounded sappy, but you didn't care. Fluttershy is one of the few ponies you are sure just from the show is just about one hundred percent good natured. It was endearing.

Fluttershy smiled sweetly at you and gave your head a gentle rub with her hoof...so warming..
"I'm doing very well, thank you Anon."

Fluttershy then looks up at Discord with a smile "Discord, may I ask you a question?"

Discord nodded with a proud smile "Why of course, what is it?"

"Well...umm..I was just wondering. Can I take a picture of you together? I think it'd be very nice and cute. I could make copies for you and Anon...I think it'd be very nice to have."

"That would be wonderful. But why just me and Anon? you are the "Aunt" you know. I think it should be of the three of us." He magically produces a camera in his talons "Wouldn't you agree?"

A family photo? That sounded ok with you. Especially if Fluttershy was in the picture...oh if only you could go back home for just a moment to shove it in every flutterfags’ face.

"Oh..I don't want to impose. Not unless it's ok with Anon too.." Fluttershy said with adorable meekness

SOOO CUTE. This is why her and Ponk was the best.

With a cute hop, you said with excitement in your voice "I don't mind at all! We're all a big family right? You, me, and Dad!"

Discord chuckled, he knew you were milking this for all it's worth. But as long as it made Fluttershy happy...He didn't mind. "Well then it's settled. Anon, if you can please stand next to your aunt if you don't mind."

You comply immediately, darting right next to her and nuzzling to her side. Making her giggle. "Anon, why don't you stand in front of me instead?"
in front? but then you wouldn't be able to nuzzle her. She was so soft ...And this picture was probably going to be one of the few chances you can get this close. Then again...if it makes her happy...

You reluctantly moved to her front. Where she immediately wrapped her hooves around you in a gentle embrace before looking at the camera. You immediately blush a deep red, stunned.

.....sooooo......warm...she's so....ohhhhh...she was hugging you....

Discord clenched his teeth, a little annoyed at the attention you were receiving. "Fluttershy, you needn't cuddle him so closely. He isn't a filly you know."

"Oh, but look at him Discord...he's so cute and nice. I'm sure he'd appreciate a hug. It’s one of the things that always makes me feel better." Fluttershy gave you a gentle squeeze

...oh yeah..you appreciated it alright. You were on cloud nine.

Discord tapped his chin, that gave him an idea. "It does, does it?...hrn..alright then. Fluttershy, Anon, be at the ready." Discord rips his taloned arm off as it floats in midair with the camera. "I'm about to take the picture"

Discord slithered speedily behind Fluttershy and grabbed you both for his own embrace. He then scoops you up and raises you to Fluttershy’s side "Everypony say oats!"

Fluttershy lets out a gentle titter from Discord's hug as you get startled from being lifted. Breaking you out of your trance.

The camera snapshots. Releasing a blinding light that stuns both you and Fluttershy as a photo shoots out from the bottom of the camera and into Discord's paw. his talon then reattaches itself as he shakes the photo and takes a look. "It's perfect!"

Fluttershy had to rub her eyes and compose herself. before moving to Discord's side so she can take a look for herself. You however were still rubbing your eyes. you were caught offguard more than Fluttershy was.

"...uhhh ..Discord...I don't want to sound negative..or upset you...but umm..This picture isn't very family esque"

Discord takes a harder look at the photo "What's wrong with it? I think it looks fine."

Fluttershy points her hoof towards you on the photo "Umm well...Anon looks like he he just saw something very scary."

"But look at me!" Discord points to himself "When have you ever seen a more vibrant smile from me? And look at you! you look stunning!"

"Umm....actually..I think I was just stunned. Maybe we can take the photo again without the flash? it's already bright enough..I think"

You blink several times until your vision clears. You rub your forehead. Still slightly dazed.
Unbeknownst to the both of you. He did it on purpose. Not really to be malicious. Just to snap you out of your little stupor. He felt a little jealous of you.

"Alright.Fine, I suppose we can do it your way; Like how the other ponies would have it..let's see..Anon...you'll be over here"

You're suddenly lifted up and placed down gently a few inches from Fluttershy.

"awww...Why can't I be in front of Aunt Fluttershy? I didn't mind being hugged for the picture...can't we go with that?" You pouted at Discord, you really enjoyed her loving embrace

Discord shook his head. "Of course not, I want this photo to reflect absolute perfection."

Dammit Discord..come onnnnn. You started to think he was getting jealous. He shouldn't have made you so cute then if he was just gonna muscle in on cuddle time.

You look over to Fluttershy."You didn't mind. Right Aunt Fluttershy?"

she shakes her head "No...but your father is right. We should take pride that he wants to take a professional photo. He only wants us to look our best. Isn't that right Discord?"

Discord grinned, looking dishonest "But of course!"

You frowned....you wanted flutter cuddles.

Fluttershy, being the empathetic pone that she is. notices your disapproval and gives you a warming smile. "Of course, if you want a hug after the photo. Then i'm perfectly alright with that."

Yes! You were ecstatic for more flutterhugs

Discord rolled his eyes at your excitement. "Alright alright, positions. Fluttershy. if you please, make some space between you and Anon."

Fluttershy scootched a little ways from you "Like this?"

“Perfect!”Discord immediately teleports between the two of you.. And gives a huge smile as he brings Fluttershy closer to himself "Everypony say oats!"

Fluttershy, being none the wiser. Says oats with a happy smile.
You however fake it. You now fully realized what Discord was doing.

The camera takes a snapshot.This time without a flash. Discord teleports the photo into his grip and looks at it. It looks a lot better, much happier. "There we are. Is this better Flu-"

Discord turns to her, and is shocked by what he sees.

You immediately took the advantage and was cuddling with Fluttershy as she held you gently and nuzzled her face into yours and giggled "Oh my, you're so affectionate Anon."

You were enjoying every second of her softness

"..well..I never had a mom..and nopony really cuddled with me before. And after you did..well..I really really like it!"

Fluttershy started to gently rub her hoof along your back and held you closer like a mother would "I can see that. Well you don't need to worry about a lack of affection Anon, you have me and your father now."

"Thank you Aunt Fluttershy! I wuvv you very much"

You were like a little kid in a candy store. Discord however felt the fires of jealousy burning within him.
You were taking his attention away. Something he didn't consider to be part of the plan.

Discord tried to hide his jealous growls as he spoke to you "Anon..do you mind if I have a word with you outside.....about.." he took a moment to think...but couldn't come up with anything. so he just said "...things?"

Things? the hell?..oh yeah, he was jealous alright, perfect. You nod happily to keep the ruse.

"Ok, be right back Aunt Fluttershy!"

She nodded "Alright. I'll make us all some breakfast...well umm..actually..have you eaten?"

You shake your head "nu uh"

"Oh, then I'll make us all some quick sandwiches to eat. Would you like some too Discord?"

"...yes...I'd..love some." Discord minced his teeth. staring at you.

Fluttershy, ignorant of the situation, merely smiled "Alright. I'll defini-" Suddenly you and Discord disappear out of the cottage. "...oh my..that was sudden..."

You both warp outside, away from the cottage and earshot. and without a moments hesitation. Discord starts drilling into you. "Would you mind telling me what you are doing?!"

you smirk at him "Getting cuddles and hugs from Fluttershy. Does that bother you?"

"I...thought...we came to an understanding." His snaggletooth snapped in half from clenching his teeth so hard.

You snicker, This is probably how it felt for him whenever he messed with you.

"We did...just getting some well deserved revenge though. Gotta at least make it even. You know? come on, you gotta at least let me have this one. Besides..she's so soft...." You blush just thinking about it.

"I should send you to meet those tentacles." Discord’s eyes were flaring up

"You won't. Because that would upset Fluttershy. Come on, why are you getting so bent out of shape. I already know I have no chance with her. Not my fault that i'm so damn cute...that would actually be your fault." You winked and pointed at him with your hooves
Discord raised his finger, in thought to counter you.....but he realized you had a point "hrnnn...I did indeed do that"

"Yup...you did."

Discord rubbed his temples, annoyed with his own mistake of making you adorable. "Alright Anon, I know when I'm beat. If you cease your ridiculous affections. Then I will definitely do my best to not pull any of my usual shenanigans on you."

You cock an eyebrow. wut?

"Wait...you weren't before?"

Discord rolled his eyes "Of course I was...by just a smaller amount. But now that I see you're willing to play dirty. Then you have forced my hand"

You rolled your eyes
"I'm not even going to begin to say what's wrong with that sentence. But fine.if you really REALLY mean it this time. I'll ease up and just be regular affectionate. But don't blame me if she's the one who decides to hug and nuzzle me, that's on her"

Discord sighed "..Fine...I'll agree on those terms. As long as you don't encroach on my friendship with Fluttershy. Then I can forgive her being affectionate towards you. If only because it makes her happy"

You smirk at him
"You're a stand up guy Discord."

You then walk up to him and and pat his long backside "Look, I really want to be friends with you. I know we got the whole father son thing to keep up. But even when I first saw you. You became my favorite villain turned good guy..I thought you were pretty cool...I mean..I guess it's not hard considering most of the other villains were eh..but still"

Discord seemed surprised by those words "hrn? You thought I was "cool" "?

"Yep, but...agh..somethings nagging me. Why did you just stand still and take the hit from the elements of harmony. I never really got that. "

Discord snickered "You would if I put you right in front of a speeding train"

...ahh shit.

You immediately brace yourself and close your eyes. But instead you feel a soft patting on your head.
"....but since I won't. I will only describe it as a "Stunning" experience. I really did think I had defeated Twilight and her friends. But, I suppose even I can be wrong sometimes...does that answer your question?"

You slowly open your eyes...yup...you were in the same spot...no train in sight.
"..u-um..yeah..yeah it does"

"Good, now let's get back to Fluttershy. I wouldn't want to tell her that the reasons the sandwiches got cold is because of you"

You roll your eyes and chuckle
"it's fine, all I'd have to do is give her big sad eyes and say "I'm so sowwwwyy""

Discord actually chuckled from that "quite underhanded. But just stick to the agreement Anon. You can be affectionate, just don't over do it. And I won't torture you tonight"

You chuckled in turn "Alright, but whatever tortures you had would totally be worth it"

you both laugh at the same time as Discord snaps his fingers. Sending you both back into the cottage.

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