• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 301

Author's Note:

Twilight is surprised.
Luna makes a joke.
And Anon thinks about things.

As you both walked over to the castle, you couldn't help but look at Twilight with admiration. She handled that like a pro. Meanwhile you had failure on your face, defeated by Anti Twilight's hatred of pancakes. Twilight even apologized for her, that was kind of cool of her.

"Anon, By the way. I don't think we'll be needing that chaos class." She says to you as you both walk

Hrn? "What? Why not? I thought you were interested in learning about chaos magic."

"I am, but not to actually use it. I think that encounter with my negative self was all I need. Or are there a few more finer points I'm missing?" However, when Twilight asked that question, you realized you really didn't have anything more to teach her if she was never going to cast it. She seemed to have figured it out even better than you did just dealing with that Anti-Twilight.

" No, not really. I think you got it. Beating your other self is like beating a final exam, I think."

"Hah!" Twilight smiled with a small hop. "Lesson learned! I knew I could figure it all out when facing down that other me. Yeah!"

Wow, she actually was really cheery about it. You'd think she'd have some reservations about what happened in the train. "That whole thing didn't bother you at all?"

"Hmm? Oh.." Twilight sighed as she calmed down, frowning a very small frown as she thought of it. "Yes, at first. I felt I may have been in over my head. But I soon came to realize that my other self really was just an opposite me. She may have been as smart and as crafty, but she didn't have the real know how or bonds of friendship like I do. And that's how I managed to bring her down and bring order to the chaos that surrounded me" Twilight's frown turned into a gentle smile as she spoke about it in her typical friendly tone. She was obviously proud of herself.

"Didn't think of it like that, I'm just glad nothing bad happened."

"Oh yeah, me too. When she threw that table aside, I almost got scared things were going to get out of hoof. But instead, the containment held the whole way through. So you know what that tells me?" Twilight said as she continued to look towards the castle.

"Ummm, no?" You really didn't

Twilight had a giggle at that. "Really? Well, I'll tell you then. It tells me you've grown more responsibly with your magic. That you have a much better handle of it now than you did when you accidentally shifted the sun and moon."

....Holy shit, you did do that didn't you? It seemed like so long ago. It was an accident. Also, you may be misremembering, but didn't Discord toss you down some stairs? Maybe not. But you remember he did something jerkish. Ahh, the good old days. "Thanks Twilight." You felt good, being acknowledged that you got better with chaos magic. It's been a long road. But you learned how to handle it......like, eighty percent of the time

"No problem, Anon, now let's find out what we're here for." Twilight said, with determination in her voice.

The two of you approached the castle's front door. The guards, upon noticing Twilight's presence, simply stood in place as they welcomed Twilight and yourself, and let you both know that Princess Cadance was waiting inside in the dining hall.

Dining hall? More food? Yeah!

When you both enter the Dining Hall, you could see Cadance sitting at the end closest to the both of you. The Dining Hall looked like your generic royal dining hall. complete with chandelier, Rome styled columns, and a long but bulky table for patrons to eat from and for food to be spread upon.

"Twilight!" Cadance called out to her happily

"Cadance!" Twilight said, with equal eagerness as Cadance hopped off her chair to greet her sister-in-law

...Oh boy...here we go.

"Sunshine,Sunshine. Ladybugs Awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!" Both Twilight and Cadance did their cute little dance as if they were still children.

But they weren't, and both of them didn't realize that their booty shaking got something in you shaking too. Hell, it made you think back to drunk Chrysalis. To think, maybe, possibly, if you weren't with Diamond. You may have finally been able to get some sweet sweet poon. Ugh, being committed really sucks sometimes. But you loved the girl, and hell, you'd die for her if anyone messed with her. Like, with a vengeance.

"Have you seen Princess Celestia or Luna yet, Cadance?" Twilight asked, a much more relaxed and even girlish tone in her voice as she spoke to her sister-in-law.

"Not yet" Cadance sighed. "I can't believe there was a changeling near the Crystal Empire. Right under all our noses."

"I can't believe it either. I thought we got every single one of them." Twilight commented

"Apparently not. I asked Shining if he could stay at home with the baby while we get this all sorted out. Speaking of which" Cadance turned to you with a smile, and did a small bow of her head. "Anon, I heard you were the one who dealt with it with Princess Luna. I have to admit, I guess sometimes being high and mighty has it perks." She had a small giggle at that. Which to you, just irked you. C'mon, you got it already, no need to poke.

But then her smile became gentle and loving. "But seriously though, I thank you. Shining Armor thanks you too. And I'm sure my little Flurry Heart and all the crystal ponies would thank you too if they were all here right now."

ugh, you WOULD fully accept that thanks if that's how things really went. Instead, it made you more worried about what was going to happen."Thanks..." You got a really bad feeling about this.

The doors at the other end of the room opened. You all looked towards them, expecting Celestia, Luna, or both. But who you saw made your heart really sink to your stomach. Thorax, disguised as Crystal Hoof, was rushing towards the table with a large plate in his mouth. It had two tea cups and a small tower of little cakes on it.

You all observed him as he set up two cups on the table and put the plate, with the cakes on it still. There were three cups already set up on the table, and a very large teapot for serving tea.

"Who's that?" Twilight asked, she had never seen him before.

"That's Crystal Hoof. Apparently Princess Luna and Celestia took him in, and now he's their attendant." Cadance says

Attendant? "They just made him one?"

Cadance nodded. "Yes, but he apparently requested it himself. At least, that's what he told me. He wouldn't say much else, he was really nervous when he served me tea, it was kind of cute actually " Cadance giggled

Of course he'd be nervous. He's serving a pony his queen said was an enemy. And given how cowardly he seemed, you couldn't believe he managed to not drop anything. "Oh, that's normal, at least the nervous part. But as an attendant?" she watched him pour tea into each of the cups. "I never thought Princess Celestia or Luna would be comfortable with a colt as an attendant. He's so young, he should be in school."

Ohhhhh god. Please leave Thorax. PLEASE LEAVE. You'd rather they not talk about him, it made you as nervous as he was. "I don't see a problem with it. I mean, my Dad took me in. Something like this seems normal to me, yup. No problem"

"No problem to you maybe, but I've been Princess Celestia's student for a very very long time and not once have I known her to just take in a foal as 'just an attendant'. Student, yes. But not an attendant." Twilight said, getting more curious about Thorax and Celestia's relationship.

Thorax, after serving the tea, looked to all of you and bowed before saying "T-the princesses will b-be out shortly, erm. Ummm, ok, I, I'm going to go for a bit." Thorax turned to trot out through the doors, but Twilight called out to him. It caught both you and him by surprise.

"Crystal Hoof, wait! can you come here for a second? I want to talk with you for a little while if you don't mind" Twilight sounded gentle and sweet as she said this. She had no suspicions about anything. And given his timidness, she wanted to make sure she spoke as carefully as possible as to not spook him.

"HUH?! Ummmm. I dunno, I really should meet back with Princess Luna and Princess Celestia." He started to slowly back up.

"Oh come on" Twilight gave him an inviting grin. "I just want to talk with you. I find it interesting that you're the princesses' attendant. I'd like to get to know you."

NOPE! "I dunno Twilight, he might be right. The princesses might need him for something."

"Y-yes, that's umm. right! They need me! Yup! need this pony, this one, the one talking and erm." Crystal Hoof backed up slowly as he spoke, up until he was at the door. "Bye!" And then he scooted off.

That was close. Geez, the guy was a huge contrast to Scrappy. Where Scrappy would fight to the death. He can't even handle a simple conversation. Something changelings should be able to do.

"Well that was really weird. It was like he was scared of us or something" Twilight was a little baffled by his behavior.

"He's just nervous, Twilight" Cadance said as she took a seat and took a sip from her cup. She was being very calm about everything "I seem to remember a certain filly who'd get nervous whenever she thought she was messing something up in front of Princess Celestia"

Twilight blushed in embarrassment. "Well, I, erm. You mean me? Don't you?"

"Mhmmm" Cadance said with a small giggle.

Twilight chuckled sheepishly as she took her seat and took a sip from her cup as well. "Ok, I guess it makes sense now."

That was close. Wooo, he looked like a guy who was about to just spew secrets everywhere. You get up on a seat that was higher than the others. You assumed that was yours.

After getting up on the seat, you too, decided to have some tea. Huh, ACTUAL royal tea was pretty good. And didn't make your heart want to rip itself in two for not being close to Diamond Tiara.

"So uh, how do these things usually go?" You were tapping your hooves on the table nervously. You took one of the cakes from the plate and started to bite into it.

"It's nothing to worry about really. We meet, we talk, we figure a few things out, We hug, and then it's all over." Cadance then looked to you with a smirk. "In fact, I heard you really like hugging, Anon. Any reason why that is?"

Dammit, She was staring at you with almost like some sleazy hooker. But you knew she was just teasing you. And yet you still blushed! "Erm, uhhh. Ya know. It feels nice"

"Oh, he's very affectionate, Cadance." Twilight raised one of her wings and curled it up a bit. "He really likes cuddling too. He's like a completely different foal when it comes to bedtime. I admit, when I had him over a few times, I felt this maternal feeling towards him when slept under my wing. He was as sweet as a rabbit."

Oh god, you went from blushing to deep red. D-dammit. And you could tell Twilight said that just to say it. And even if she didn't mean to embarrass you, you felt it. All along your body.

"Really?" Cadance giggled. "So, the mighty hero colt really does have a soft spot after all. Well, while we wait. I want to see it for myself"


You didn't even struggle, by the time she was holding you and hugging you close like a baby, you softened up. It felt so nice. Cadance held in a giggle as she gently rubbed her hoof along your head.

"Uhhhh, Cadance. Don't you think that's a little much?" Twilight didn't expect Cadance to be so forward with it.

"No, and he doesn't seem to mind. Awww, Anon. I knew you could be cute!" She said as she gave you a big hug. "Almost makes me wish you could be Flurry Heart's big brother." She only half meant that however. In her mind, there was still a few quirks about you that would be considered a bad influence. But still, you were nice enough.

If you could pur, you'd pur. Her princess pampered hoovsies were even softer than Fluttershy's.

"Anon, I know I've given you advice before. But now, I want you to remember something for me. Ok?" Cadance says as she continue to pat you.

"Mhmmmmmmhmmm" You answer in a happy and calm daze.

"I want you to always do your best for your Aunt, your friends, your sister, and even your father. They love you dearly, I can tell. I'm telling you this because I believe in you. And I never want anything to tear you apart from those who care about you. Do you understand?" Cadance's voice, it was as motherly as Fluttershy. Her words, they snake through your hard skull and into your mind.

You nodded as you pressed your face across her chest. "I promise" You say, almost involuntarily. You'd do your best, even for Chrysalis. Or that's what you were telling yourself through all this haze. Being a cute innocent colt had it's perks!

Twilight herself, weirded out at first, eventually came to find the whole moment rather loving and cute and said nothing more about it. Cadance eventually let you go back to your seat as the double doors at the end of the hall swung open. It was finally time, Celestia and Luna stepped into the room, with Thorax right behind.

There was an air of silence in the room as Celestia and Luna took their seats. Thorax didn't seem comfortable taking the seat reserved for him, and instead just sat beside Luna.

"Hrn? What is wrong, little one?" Luna asked as she looked down at Thorax.

Thorax looked straight down, unable to make eye contact as he spoke in a low, nervous voice. "O-oh, you know. I don't want to seem too important. T-this is a meeting among the princesses"

"True, but young Anon is not a princess. Though..." Luna turned to you, narrowing her eyes as she focused on your mane. "A little brushing, grooming, and some perfume perhaps. And he may just pass off as one"

WHAT?! "Hey! I thought this was a serious meeting! B-besides...I-I'm all stallion, remember? Hero COLT! It's in the title." As you snapped back, you could hear a small chorus of giggling coming from Cadance and Celestia. It seems those two found that pretty funny.

"......Whatever" You just lower your head. Great, not two seconds in and you were getting fucking teased. Wasn't this important? And Thorax...what exactly are they planning to do with him?

"See, we are all friends here. It is alright for you to have a seat." Luna smiled at Thorax as she gave him a gentle pat.

"Yeah, c'mon , Crystal Hoof. It's not like we're going to bite. Besides, what’s the point of having a teacup set up for yourself if you're not going to use it?" Cadance spoke up, a smile still plastered on her face.

"A-alright, I-if you all say so" Thorax clambered slowly up his seat and sat down. He then took his cup, his leg shaking as he took small sips. He did his best not to shake, but you could hear it just from the click clack when he set the teacup down.

"Well, we're all here Princess Celestia. Please, tell us what's going on" Twilight asked, curious to know what was going on.

"In a second, Twilight" Celestia said as she gazed upon you. What the fuck was she looking at?

"U-umm, what are you looking at, Princess Celestia?" You asked

"Oh, nothing. Just imagining you with a cute little bow on your head. You'd look adorable" Celestia smiled, then giggled at the very thought.

OH COME ON! You just wanted this over with. You tried to speak as calmly as you could, a small tic in your eye making your annoyance visible. "O-ok, then...that was, informational. Can we just get on with it, please?"

You'd probably be in a better mood if the sight of Thorax didn't make things uber tense. Hell, you saw Twilight trying to force down a smile when you glanced over to her. Well then, It seems you being a girl is funny. Hardy har har.

"Erm, Anon is right Princess Celestia. Changelings are a very serious matter." Twilight said as she finally contained that small grin

Celestia nodded, her expression becoming more regal as the subject matter finally takes off. "Indeed they are, Princess Twilight. In fact, we are here for that reason, and many more concerning them."

Many more? No, she couldn't mean.

"Many more? What do you mean?" Cadance seemed pretty shaken up by those words. No doubt she had a deep dislike for changelings. Probably more so than Twilight. So it irked her to know there was seemingly much more to this.

"My sister means we have many things to discuss about them. Such as the fact that Anon has the entire hive in his basement" Luna spoke, blunt and true.

"...Oh no" Celestia muttered as she put her hoof on her forehead, she whispered to herself "...A tad too soon, my sister, a tad too soon."

"WHAT IN THE?! LUNA!" You couldn't believe it. SO FUCKING BLUNT?!

However, as you looked around. Cadance nor Twilight reacted as you thought they would. They looked confused.

"W-was that a joke?" Twilight asked, confused and worried

"If it is, I'm sorry Princess Luna, it wasn't a very good one" Cadance adds.

You were biting your lip, hell, even thorax looked nervous as fuck.

"Joke? it is no joke. sister, why would they think it was a joke when it is in fact truth?" Luna asked Celestia, confused from the reaction.

"It was due to being so forward. But now that it's out, and given Anon's reaction" Celestia stopped her words right there as she took a sip of her tea.

And if the sipping of the tea itself was some sort of trigger, Twilight's pupils shrunk to the size of dimes as she exclaimed "IT'S TRUE?! IT'S ACTUALLY TRUE!? T-THAT'S NOT POSSIBLE!"

You slam your head onto the table to hide your shame. Holy fucking shit. the madmare actually did it. Why?! Wasn't the judgement called off?

Cadance noted your silence, that’s when she realized it was all true as well and became a little frantic. "Why? How? We banished all of them. Why would Anon have them in his basement?"

You sigh, your mind was melting from the sudden reveal. Should you be angry? Should you be sad? Scared? Or maybe you should just bash your head until it cracks open.

You just slowly rest your head on your hooves as you look down at the table. Your head starting to hurt from all this craziness hitting it at such an instant rate. You open your mouth to speak, but you can't just get the words out. It scared you. How much do you reveal? How much would the princesses' reveal?

"Actually, there happens to be multiple circumstances as to how this occurred. First and most foremost, we, as the rulers and protectors of Equestria, had failed to collect proper intelligence on our enemy. The queen we sealed had turned out to be a common tactic decoy. The real Queen Chrysalis had been out with a scouting party at the time." Celestia speaks for you. Staying strong, never faltering, just moving forward to keep the meeting going along.

"W-what? So, we didn't...but, I was. No, I refuse to believe that Anon was protecting them. That isn't like him. Furthermore, I know Discord enough that he wouldn't let them in his house, he'd find them boring or something like that." Twilight went back to her previous notions. She hadn't come to fully believe it yet.

"I share some of your sentiments Twilight. However, that too is wrong. Queen Chrysalis has forced her way, along with her remaining troops, into Discord's home while he was out. To recruit Anon through her hypnotic abilities. But thanks to an intervention by Discord, he instead kept her and her entire hive in his home 'for the fun of it'." Celestia says.

"Indeed, my sister. Discord can be quite the lunatic at most times, this being no exception. However, I can see in both your eyes that there is still some doubt. Perhaps if Anon told you what his goal became once this happened, There would be a better understanding." Luna adds.

"Egh...why don't you two just tell it? I'm not in the mood. Why don't you just banish me and be done with it." You just...gave up

Celestia acts surprised by your depressive statement. "Anon, we are not having this meeting because we are going to banish you. We are having this meeting to discuss what is to be done."

Cadance crosses her forelegs as she gives a hard stare towards Celestia, angry that the bugs that threatened her family were still around. "Well isn't that obvious? Let's just get Discord to banish them. Then we figure out what to do with him since this is clearly all his fault. He's obviously been raising Anon like some sort of villain in hero's clothing. And this time? We make sure every single one of them are gone. They attacked my husband and me. And then tried again while I was still pregnant with Flurry Heart."

...Oh good gravy. "Nmmgh. A-actually, they didn't do that. That was actually me, on something completely unrelated."

" W-what?! Is that true?! Anon, w-why? Why would you.." Cadance had taken it wrong. Thinking you had tried to actually hurt her family.

Celestia shook her head. "Do not think ill of him, Cadance, he was merely made a part of his father's prank. There was nothing malicious about it. It was just Discord being Discord and causing well....discord."

"Right now, I don't know if I should consider that good or bad" Cadance was not amused.

"Me neither." Twilight practically imitated her sister-in-law's reaction.

"Yes, well. That aside. I agree with my sister. Anon, please tell Princess Cadance and Princess Twilight the mission you had placed upon yourself." Celestia looks at you with a motherly expression. "Please do not worry, this will not end in the way you think it will."

Would it? Just looking at Thorax, despite his silence, he was jittery as all fuck. "Fine..." You raise your head, roll back your mane with your foreleg, and speak with hopeless abandon. "I wanted to reform Queen Chrysalis. It felt wrong to just condemn her when some others had done just as bad and has gotten a chance."

"Reform?" Cadance was not expecting that.

"...." Twilight was in deep thought as a memory had struck her noggin instantly. It filled her with regret and sorrow. This memory, it just had to keep coming back to her. "....So when you came to ask me about...." She gasped and put her hooves to her mouth. "Anon, you really meant to do it, didn't you?"

You slowly nodded as you slumped your head back down. "Yeah. I had them in my basement and I thought I could do it. Dad made sure to pretty much defang them. They can't hurt me, and even when Queen Chrysalis is out and about in Ponyville. She's so weak that she can't actually do anything."

"Anon..." Twilight became melancholic as she looked down, she found something admirable about it. She saw that through Discord's shenanigans, you had the opportunity to reform one of Equestria's biggest villains. But, in the end, to her, you were too young, too inexperienced, And Chrysalis? Too cunning and merciless. "I admire the fact that you...wait" And then she heard she was walking around Ponyville "SHE'S WHAT?!" Twilight then turned her head towards Celestia and Luna. "SHE'S BEEN WALKING AROUND PONYVILLE,AND YOU BOTH KNEW?! Ahrm" She then forced herself to calm her tone when she realized who she was talking to. "Ahm.. Umm..h-how long did you both know exactly?" She gives them a worried smile. But god, it looked like she was about to detonate again if the answer wasn't good enough.

"Hrn, well my sister knew before I did. But I'd say it was very close to when it started" Luna answered, unshaken and unwavered by anything so far. Solid as a rock.

Then, from both Cadance and Twilight, a collective "WHAT?!" can be heard.

Your ear twitched. did you hear right? Did Luna just mention that they themselves knew for as long as you did? Even though that was mostly true. There was no way Twilight nor Cadance could find that agreeable. And yet the princesses put themselves in that place.

While a feeling of solidarity was hitting you, since the princesses were putting themselves under scrutiny. so was a feeling of dread. This could be some sort of endgame.

"My sister speaks the truth. So Discord and Anon are not the only ones to blame. We have given Anon our permission to continue his efforts, even when things started going a little out of control" Celestia did it, she made it official. They were to blame as much as you were.

"Yes, such as the vile queen portraying herself as Anon's dear sister. Something I find atrocious given the sanctity of a sibling bond" Luna adds, still forward as ever.

You felt everything crash, burn, explode, wither, and die as your face hit the table. Celestia nearly spit up her tea when Luna let out that bit.


"...It was her." You mumble.

"Ok, alright" Cadance seemed to have had enough. "So you three knew and we didn't. I get all of that. And given how it was you who also allowed the reformation of Discord. Part of me can understand all this. I can only guess the reason you didn't want anypony else finding out is because Queen Chrysalis isn't fully aware of who knows and who doesn't. But let me know this. Please, at least tell me some progress has been made. That no good love trampling insect doesn't deserve as much mercy as she has gotten so far. Not her, and not her hive." Oh yeah, she looked like she was ready to give you all a piece of her mind if she couldn't be assured Chrysalis was under control. She was doing her best to control herself.

"That is not for us to tell. Anon, you must add something to this. We cannot speak on this matter alone." Celestia's tone was a bit tougher this time. she wanted you to speak for yourself on this.

You slowly lift your head up again. It felt like their was weights tied to it. This felt so damn difficult. You looked over to Twilight and Cadance with a pathetic expression. Had you made progress? You let the thought linger for a moment, you then turned to Thorax. Surely Cadance meant the four of them. But perhaps things were so heated, and him so quiet, that she didn't notice or care that he was still in the room listening in. Or she felt that "Crystal Hoof" was out of the loop.

You sigh, and say your thoughts. If anything, Chrysalis was still your friend. You didn't want her gone, especially since you knew she could be reformed. "I think I have. While she is still mostly herself on the outside. She actually did help me save that other Equestria she had mentioned. Sure, she didn't say she was a part of it so she didn't look like a hero or something like that. But, and hear me out on this, she can be reformed. We already have a pretty close friendship. And if anything, that dimension we went to had a Chrysalis who was ALREADY reformed. So, given my educated opinion, I'd say I've made good progress." And then you stop, and wait for a reaction.

Twilight just closes her eyes and puts her hoof on her forehead. "I can't believe this. so we're just supposed to just hear these secrets then say it's ok just because there's some hope?"

"Anon, I'm sorry. But just because she's reformed in another dimension doesn't mean anything for OUR Chrysalis. Have you ever considered she's just been pulling one massive act? This wouldn't be the first time she's done that. she's a master of it, Anon. More than enough to trick a kid like you, no offense" Cadance felt you were unprepared. And felt unconvinced even if there was a GOOD Chrysalis.

But, it wasn't. Not all of it… "Hey! look. I'll be honest, she still doesn't like ponies. But despite all that, we have a good connection. She's saved my life more than once. She's risked her life for me. No matter what, anypony who was really evil wouldn't do that. All in all, I'd like to think Tirek is more evil than she is."

You felt a small defensive spark, you had to defend her. You felt like they were just going to banish her at the end of all this if you didn't say something.

"So you two have become friends." Twilight sighed as she shook her head. "All these secrets and putting ponies at risk. Anon, I would tell you, scold you even, on how everything was wrong if the princesses weren't in on this too. Because in my opinion, and I'm sorry Princess Celestia, Princess Luna.....But this is really wrong. This could easily end up like how Tirek and Discord worked out. It seemed good for Discord until the last second when Tirek got control of everything. I for one, am not willing to make that mistake by trusting her. And nothing more can be said to change that."

Twilight.... "TWILIGHT! C'MON! SHE'S MY FRIEND! I TOLD YOU I HAVE IT UNDER CONTROL! I JUST NEED MORE TIME!" Who the fuck says she can have final say?

"I agree with Twilight. Anon, a monster like her can never be reformed" Cadance seconded Twilight's notion. Of course she would.

Fuck.... "A-and? so what? It's still Celestia and Luna's decision. And their behind me on this"

"Actually Anon, part of the reason we are having this meeting is due to the fact that we have come to a unanimous decision. At least, with the way things are going so far" Celestia....her too?


Suddenly, you get enveloped in Luna's magical blue aura and get softly planted back onto your seat. "Calm yourself, Anon, we aren't banishing her either, not yet. We have just decided to make an alteration to the plan."


Cadance sighed. "So we're still going to attempt this? Despite the fact that she's still a huge danger?"

You were breathing hard. What the fuck was going on? What was next? Were they going to shatter your life too? Were they going to tell them...your past?

"Actually, we are going to try flipping things around. Instead of reforming Queen Chrysalis and working our way down. We'll be reforming her hive, and work our way up. I want everypony's support on this. But not without revealing a few other details first." Celestia says

"There's more?! What else could there be?" Twilight couldn't believe it.

"P-please don't tell me the entire hive has had access to Equestria too" Cadance was about to call shenanigans. She even wondered if this was a trap of some sort.

"No, only her captain has access. And that's who we'd like to mention first" Celestia says, surprising you. So, they were going to mention Scrappy?...Then...what about Thorax?

"Her Captain? Ohhhh" Twilight slumped her head to the table. "None of this sounds remotely logical."

Celestia's tone became lighter as she gave a small smile to her next words "Indeed Twilight, I too was astounded to find out that Applebloom's dog was the captain of the changelings."

Twilight's eyes went wide again as she sprang from her chair. "YOU WHAT?! SCRAPPY?! SCRAPPY IS THE CAPTAIN?! B-BUT...." She started flapping her wings in mid air almost instinctively, trying to find a place to zip out of the castle. "B-BUT THAT MEANS WE HAVE TO WARN HER, WE HAVE TO-"

"She already knows. she has known since she adopted him. According to a letter I've gotten from her yesterday, and my own sister's words, he's quite gentle and kind. And adores hugs" Celestia says with a calm smile as she sips her tea. What a fine time to crack that one Celestia. it was near cuntish.

Twilight was near pale as she slowly landed, and shakingly took her tea and poured some right on her muzzle without sipping. her mane came out of place from her stress. "Likes hugs.....r-right. Ok, and so...hah, even the crusaders knew before I did. How do....you like that..haha"

Cadance sighed, staying her patience the best she could. she took a sip of tea, then spoke. "You wouldn't let a changeling near that many foals unless you were sure. So what about this 'Captain' makes him different from the others?"

"I'll answer that, since I've been around him the most. As long as my word is taken. I really don't need any distrust right now." Nor did you need anyone else speaking for him. You felt you had this. After Twilight's reaction, maybe you could salvage this. Because all in all, this plan sounded bad. You can't just reform the changelings. They’re loyal to Chrysalis. It's just not done.

"As long as Princess Celestia and Luna don't have any objections, I won't raise any of my own" Cadance says with assurance.

Twilight was just sort of gargling. But you were sure she was listening.

"He's just a kid, like me. He only follows Chrysalis because it's more his mom than his queen. He really doesn't act too much like a changeling. That's why he became friends so fast with the crusaders. They love him, and he loves them. He's also brave enough, no joke, to sacrifice his own life to protect them over anything, even if it was just like, a fork. When he thought they hated him, Well, I think he was willing to just waste away to nothing. He wasn't doing so well. But, as it turned out, It was all just a misunderstanding. BUT he's not a reason to deviate from MY plan. Captain he may be, But he'd never truly betray Chrysalis. He loves her too y'know. That’s why I think my plan is better...just saying, he's not really a good example of anything"

Cadance looks to Celestia and Luna. who just silently nod.

"However, Anon. It is not Scrappy we wish to entrust with our plan. Nor is it you" Celestia goes back into serious mode. Looking stern on this decision

Uhhhhhhhh...wut? "...Are you....are you saying I'm out? Like, are you throwing my plan away completely? Celestia, I'm the only one who can even talk to them properly. Who else is there that has no loyalty towards them?"

Celestia said nothing. Her and Luna instead went and looked at Thorax, who merely gulped, but still kept in place. You could tell he was scared. But, Celestia and Luna? They must have talked to him before this meeting, he already knew. GODDAMMIT! THEY ARE GOING TO USE HIM?!

Cadance and Twilight had just realized he was still in the room. Not only that, but they were also just realizing he wasn't actually a pony. Slowly, but they were realizing it.

"No way." Twilight's eyes became locked to Thorax's as her mind flared with conclusions "Princess Celestia. I...he's not. He's not just a young pony. Is he?"

"Oh no...oh no..." Thorax finally reacted as he hopped off his chair and hid under Luna's. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Yes, I'm a changeling! but I don't want to hurt anypony, I swear!" He covered his head as he shivered under her chair. He was so frightened of having done something wrong, he couldn't even focus on his form and slowly began to change into his buggy self.

Except for one peculiar difference, his wings. While still their buggish self, were blue, and kind of shiny. Weird. Was it always blue? No, no it wasn't. hell, it looked like they were still changing. as if it was some sort of metamorphosis.

"So it is a changeling!" Cadance became angered as she slammed her hooves on the table, staring directly at Celestia and Luna. It looked like she lost it, but she was still trying to hold on to that last shred of understanding she could hold on to. "You two took on a changeling as an attendant!? Do you know what this looks like? Are you even the Princesses?!"

"Princess Celestia, please, e-explain." Twilight look hurt. she couldn't understand how things could have gone so far.

"Alright, I shall. But first." Celestia still looked forward as she called the fear-fillled bug. "Thorax, will you please come back and sit on your seat? I promise you, it'll be alright. We can't proceed until we do what you wanted to do first." Her tone was soft and delicate. So much so, as if it was his actual mother, he looked up at her, gulped, and slowly went back to his seat.

Wanted to do first? What the hell was Celestia getting at here? She was really going to leave things to this pussy? The moment he was found out he ducked and hid like a rat. he's useless!

"Doing what he wants? Princess Celestia...I'm sorry, but if I sense even the smallest bit of deception, I'll have to act. I..ngh, It's my duty" Twilight was conflicted. Everything was spiraling out of control. She didn't know what to attack, what to defend, or where she even really was. Was this truly happening? Her thoughts were scattering as things became more tense.

"And I understand that. I can only ask you to be patient a moment more. But, just for assurance about-...oh" Celestia stopped speaking when suddenly the moon made a quick pass across the sun.

Luna's horn stopped glowing as she sighed "You take too long sometimes, sister. When our very identities are being questioned by our equals, we should really make more of an effort to quell those fears. No hesitation"

"Thank you, Luna. You are right on that." Celestia nods in agreeance, feeling Luna was in the right in that regard.

"Well, that settles that...Then." Cadance eyes shift towards Thorax as she takes a moment to settle down "...What is it exactly does "he" want?"

Thorax still refused to budge. He just began staring at Cadance, trying to get his words out.

"It's alright, young Thorax. We understand your wishes well. But we cannot help make them come true until you can take those first steps yourself. We shall be behind you, but you must make progress so my sister and I may help you along." Luna imparts words of wisdom to him. And like any Saturday Morning ponce, he gives in to it.

"Hrn...Well" Thorax looked down, but then forced himself to look back at Cadance with apologetic eyes. "Miss Princess Cadance, ma'am. I know you hate us, you hate me. And I don't want to waste your time by saying how we're not all bad or anything like that. Instead, I'd just like to say that I'm really really sorry about what happened in Canterlot. And, I want to make it up to you in any way I can. And Princess Twilight, I'm sorry too for what our queen did to your brother and to you and your friends. If I could, I wouldn't have let her do it. I don't like evil, or badness, or being mean. And, that's all I can say really. So if there's anything you need me to do. Please ask, I'll do anything to make it up." There were tears coming down those buggy eyes of his. He was being truthful. That you knew. But did they know?

"You're sorry? After everything you and your entire hive has done. All you can say is "You're sorry?" Do you really think I'll just accept that?" Cadance didn't seem convinced, and just stared at the bug with intense distrust.

"N-no...I-I guess not" Thorax looked down, feeling shame, more tears falling down his eyes. This time, it was noticeable as even his voice began to crack "I-I know ponies could n-never really f-forgive me a-anyway. T-that's why I-I'm fine just being an attendant to the p-princesses. They took me in, even after the b-bad stuff I had done. T-they’re my friends. And I want to r-repay that friendship...with my life. I-if you, or Princess Twilight w-want to hate me forever....it's ok. I deserve it. In fact, maybe if you b-banish me, it'll help make you feel better." He hid his face in his legs and started to sob. "G-go ahead..I-I-i'm read-dy"

No, ok. No fucking way can this guy replace you. He's a total fucking sap. Cadance just stared at him sob and weep. She could see the distress in Luna's and Celestia's face, and yet they sat there doing nothing.

"I-ve...I've never seen a changeling cry before. Twilight, is- Has there ever been any record of a changeling crying?" Cadance, was actually softening up.

Twilight still seemed on the fence as she looked at Thorax with suspicion. "Only crocodile tears. But..." Twilight could see large levels of liquid flowing out and about from under Thorax's legs and face. He was really crying. "T-those don't look like them, I think" Twilight was hesitating. She never EVER had read or seen a changeling react like this before. And she started to notice his wings as well. A peculiar color indeed.

"Thorax, can you look at me please?" Cadance asked him, in a gentler tone."It's alright, I won't hurt you."

Thorax slowly complied. When he looked at her, he was wheezing, sniffing, crying, and sobbing. He wasn't even wiping his tears away. He just wanted to do what he felt was right, such as listening to Cadance.

Cadance cringed. He looked so sorry, so pathetic. She couldn't imagine any changeling degrading themselves this hard to deceive someone. And even if they did, it'd be a pretty pitiful attempt. And this was pretty damn convincing. "Thorax, you can wipe your tears away if you want."

"O-oh..." He sniffed as he started to wipe his tears with his hooves, but then he apologized when he said he couldn't get them to stop coming.

Twilight herself was so stunned that she herself questioned if this was an act. And so, she decided to ask Thorax a question. "Thorax, you seem.....like a nice...changeling. Ahrm" She was having a little trouble getting the words out. But she wanted to sound sincere "What exactly do you want? I don't think anypony would put themselves in a room of powerful ponies without a good reason."

Thorax looked towards Luna, Celestia, then slowly towards Twilight with caution and nervousness. "W-well, I just want want friends. And, I don't want my siblings to be alone anymore."

"You don't want your siblings to be alone anymore? What do you mean by that?" Cadance asked, confused.

"I mean, after everything Princess Celestia and Princess Luna has taught me, I want to be able to share what I've learned about love and friendship. I want the hive to see that we don't have to eat love to survive if we can just learn to love each other. I know we can do it!" He started to become more confident as he spoke from his heart. "I know the queen could never see it. But they can, I know they can. Scrappy was one of the most loyal changelings to the queen and even he's managed to learn what friendship is. I think, after I've learned everything I need to learn, that I could help my siblings see the light!....oh erm.." And then he became nervous again "O-of course, i-if you think it'd be ok."

Cadance got up with a scowl on her face as she slowly approached Thorax. "Is that so? then I only have one thing to say"

"Y-yes?" Thorax whimpered as Cadance drew near.

"I...." Cadance started to smile and gently wiped the remaining tears from Thorax's cheeks. "Believe you"


"And what say you? Princess Twilight?" Celestia asked.

"I" Twilight stopped, and composed her thoughts for a moment before producing a gentle smile of her own. "Am willing to trust him. If Applebloom can trust Scrappy, and you all can trust Thorax. Then, I think, as the Princess of Friendship, I can give him a chance."

Thorax smiled wide, he beamed such a happy smile that he started to cry again. "T-thank you, t-the both of you! I-I promise. You won't regret it."

Holy shit....They were kidding you right? Even with everything said so far. How was this guy going to reform the hive? In fact, it was time to break your silence. "Welp, that's good. We're all friends now and I'm super glad. But the question remains, how exactly is he going to reform the changelings? Chrysalis is usually in the hive and she is NOT going to be happy when he waltz in to do his thing. And, to remind everypony, she thinks he's gone. You're afraid of Chrysalis acting and freeing her hive and all that stuff. But everything will fall apart if she realizes me and her captain betrayed her."

And so, their plan is ruined. And you can continue with your plan. Which while slow, makes more sense and has been slowly working. That's how you felt anyway.

"Oh Anon, thats ok, the princesses have thought of everything" Thorax said with a happy smile as Cadance had allowed him a hug. Totally ignorant to the fact you didn't agree to any of this shit.

Wut? "What do you mean they thought of that?"

"It's exactly as he says. You see, we would like to trust your father with the task of removing the queen from the equation for as long as he can. But it could cause undue suspicion, and then there's the fact that he could, in fact, go back on his word without understanding how dire the situation is. That is why you, Anon, will keep her busy away from her hive as Thorax attempts his work."

That was stupid. "You expect him to reform the hive in a day? Do you realize how unrealistic that is? Those guys cannot be reformed that fast, if ever"

Celestia shook her head. "Not a day, we could make a few arrangements to have you and her go on a trip of any place she'd like to go. You would present it as your gift to her, and that would give Thorax ample time to attempt his work."

That was better, but still stupid. "Uh huh, and what's going to prevent his sibs from ripping him limb from limb?"

"I shall go with him, along with Twilight if she wishes to assist me. And we will keep him safe from harm. I'm sure your father would be willing to give us a few safety nets in trade of a few of our own in case anything does go beyond our control" Celestia was very calm in her explanation. Though, looking into her eyes. she may have suspected that you weren't actually ok with this.

Twilight stood brave and tall towards Celestia, with determination in her eyes. "Of course, I won't let you down, Princess Celestia"

So that’s it? She basically made you a decoy while Thorax gets to do what is literally impossible. He was a fluke, and Scrappy is an idiot. There's no fucking way the entire hive would bend so easily. Which brings you to your final question. "Ok, and what if it doesn't work?"

That question made Thorax's buggy ears lower as his optimism left him. Even Celestia seemed down for what she was about to say "Then we'll have to banish all of them. Thorax would still stay of course. But Scrappy would have to make a decision. To stand by ponies, or stand by his queen."

"So were going with something that might not work. Over something that is slowly working. Is that what I'm hearing?"

Luna as well, had started to notice your objecting tone. "Anon, we have given you more than enough chances. We appreciate what you have done. And to hear that the queen of the changelings is partially responsible for saving an entire dimension as well as keeping your life from extinguishing is most exemplary in good character. But be that as it may, she only shows these tendencies towards you while still wanting the subjugation of Ponykind. And through you, she seems to think she'd be able to make that a reality. Or at least make her escape back to where we cannot reach."

“We can no longer risk Equestria for a goal that may never come. And seeing as Thorax is himself a changeling, he will have a better understanding on how to approach the situation and achieve the goal you yourself should be wanting. It does not matter how we achieve this goal, just as long as it is reached. But there are others at stake, Anon. Others we cannot put in jeopardy just to seek what might truly be unobtainable. I apologize to you, Anon. Considering we are willing to try one last operation before giving up completely should tell you that we still believe in your cause. But we can only believe in it so much. We hope, with one with such high intelligence that you possess, that you'd understand"

You raised her hoof to object. But, what else could you say? It was obvious this was not spontaneous.

"Excuse me, but don't you think I should help too? Even without their queen, the hive can still be dangerous" Cadance offered her help. Of course she did. Because in fucking pony world, prejudice melts away at a soft face. But evil can still use that to their own ends. You highly doubt the hive, especially with how evil the old captain was, would just change. Hell, you should actually try to prove that to yourself. You actually had a reason to talk to that ball bastard.

Celestia shook her head. "No, you are needed by your ponies and by your family. Twilight and I will be more than enough to handle the situation while Thorax does his work. Do not worry, I assure you we will be enough. It is the same reason I am entrusting my sister to handle things while I am out."

You couldn't believe this. All this planning, all this scheming, and they think they can do a better job than you can. How could they? They didn't think like you. You were able to understand Chrysalis. Have fun with her. BEFRIEND HER! And here they thought niceness and goodness could fix everything in a heartbeat. It doesn't work that way.

...It scared you. It actually did. Scared you enough not to want to ask what would happen if they succeeded or failed. You'd lose Chrysalis either way as a good friend. You actually liked her, she kept things fun and interesting. You knew she was evil, but she wasn't worth throwing away. But they were planning it...weren't they? If she didn't go with the program IF THEY SUCCEEDED, they'd just banish her anyway. You felt this was the case. Not like she'd have anywhere to run.

Aside from Discord, she was the only one you could be yourself with. You didn't want to lose that.

And even as devilish thoughts began to fill your head. Like even striking back. You thought of your other friends. Starlight, Scrappy, the CMC, Lyra and Bon Bon. And then… Fluttershy… Discord… Diamond...

They had you. You couldn't warn Chrysalis because she would seek revenge on you while still holding leverage against you AND Scrappy. And if you didn't help them. Who knows what would happen.

But you wanted to protect Chrysalis. You owed her that much. FUCK! WHY COULDN'T SHE JUST BECOME GOOD AND BE DONE WITH IT!? Whatever they were talking about now. You weren't listening. You didn't care. it didn't matter anymore.

"Anon, you seem worried. Will you please follow me so we may speak one on one?" Celestia was at your side, you hadn't even noticed. But you weren't startled. You don't even say anything. You didn't want to cause a scene.

So you just silently nod, and get up. And follow her outside the dining room. You felt so conflicted. Everything was out of your grasp. This one on one time, maybe you could at least get her to understand your position. Maybe make some changes. You didn't want to go through with it, even if it was a success, Chrysalis herself would never change through something like this.

You felt like you'd be the one to defend her, even if she would hate you because you betrayed her. A life for a life. After everything was said and done, you couldn't let Chrysalis suffer cruel and lonely banishment. That....was for sure.

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