• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 116

You look towards the glowing blue light that is within the darkness. You couldn't see who it belonged to. But that voice…

"Hello?" You ask into the glowing darkness

And then, she stepped into the light, Starlight FUCKING Glimmer. Oh… fucking shit. And you without your bag. What were you, a villain magnet?! WHY WAS SHE HERE?!

"Hello, you are Anon...aren't you?" She was giving you a pleasant smile.

"Don't give me that "Hello" stuff. I know who you are. What do you want?" Oh no, fuck this shit. You already had a villain in queue at your fucking house. And although you wanted to reform Starlight before. Suri put you in reality, and Chrysalis, you were suspecting, was just messing with you at this point.

And now this happens?!

Starlight went from a smile to an immediate frown. "You do? Hmmm, then bringing you here in this way was probably a bad idea, huh? Sorry about that, but that was the only way I knew I'd be able to speak with you. I bet, from what you've probably been told by Twilight and her friends is that I'm not a very nice mare."

"Considering this is probably some sort of trap, I'd sa-TWILIGHT! YOU’RE HERE!" You point behind Starlight, she immediately turns around and you bolt towards the entrance of the cave.

Or you would, if you weren't floating in a blue aura.

"Nice try Anon, but I'm not stupid." Starlight turned back to you, an arrogant smirk on her face. "I don't even understand why you're acting this way."

You stop trying to run as you just float there, you were looking at her with a pouty, angry face. You figured she was going to hold you hostage. And you figured she wasn't as violent as Chrysalis was. It'd only be a matter of time before Discord came looking for you. You knew you'd be ok… hopefully. You didn't want a reason to just panic. Oh geez, but that feeling was creeping up on you.

"Oh, I dunno. the fact that you're probably going to use me for something. I'm not stupid either, I know what you want from me. Otherwise you'd have no interest in me whatsoever."

"Oh, and what's that?"

Considering all you knew. All you could deduce. She gave you that present to lure you in for a source of power that would fit her needs. There's no way you could be wrong. She truly has to have been spying upon the town for some time now.

"My horn, what else? I know you've been spying on Twilight. I don't know by how much. But I hate to tell you, I hid my horn in a special place. And you aren't getting it by keeping me hostage. Might as well give up, let me go, and maybe my Dad won't have to pound you."

That was the best you had. You were sure, at this point, that you could handle the situation. Sure, you didn't actually know where you dropped the bag. But she's the only villain you could think of that didn't try to destroy anything. And she couldn't equalize what you didn't have.

Starlight looked to her backside as something glowed behind her, she brought it forward so you could look at it. It was your saddlebag. "Oh, you mean the horn that's in this bag? The bag you dropped halfway through the cave? I found it. I don't appreciate you lying to me, it's very rude for somepony your age."

...Oh shit… You cringed hard. "Ummm… hey, you… found it. Umm, just to let you know. The horn doesn't actually do anyth-.."

Starlight raised her hoof and shook it, stopping you mid sentence "Ah ah, there you go lying again, Anon. I know what the horn does. I did a little investigating after two, poor little colts told me what you did to them. I put two and two together after that, and well. I can only guess how much power this horn has considering you can move the sun and the moon with it. Probably very easily if a colt can do it"

...Ohhhhh… Shiiiiiiiitttt… You didn't know what else to say. Oh fuck, you just fucked everything up. Starlight however, hovered the bag right in front of you. And placed it on the ground. "There you are, I didn't want you to lose it."

You then felt the aura leave you, as you were gently put back to the ground. What hey? "...You're just giving me back my bag?"

Something seemed fishy.

"I am, it doesn't belong to me silly. You can check it if you want, I didn't take anything from it." Her arrogant smile changed to that of a cheerful one "I never said I was taking your horn. The fact that you’re making these kinds of assumptions.." She then looks down, she looked upset now "It hurts, I thought you were smarter than that."

You could see the horn sitting right next to the map. It was there, like she said. But what the fuck? Why didn't she take it? And why was she acting this way? "Don't act like you're hurt. I know this is some sort of trick. In fact. I bet..."

You grab the horn and slap it on your head "This isn't the real..." Sombra's horn changed into the unicorn horn upon being placed on your forehead. "...horn."

"I told you I didn't take it. And now, you are in the position to crush me. Go ahead Anon, if you really feel that you need to. I'll take anything you got." And so she stood, at the ready to be zapped.

Anything you got huh? No matter what, she was a threat. She had the power to remove and replace Cutie Marks. And god knows what else. Maybe she had a tragic backstory? Maybe not. But for once, you weren't going to leave yourself in a position of helplessness.

You aim your horn and zap her, you had the perfect thing in mind for her.

"W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! AGHH!" She yelps in surprise. She clearly didn't expect you to actually do it.

"I'm not taking any chances with you. Besides, it won't be too bad when..." Your magic explodes on her, a cloud of dust covering her from view.

"You're equal to me" You say as the horn pops off. The smoke clears. And what stood before you was a fillified Starlight Glimmer.

"I'm ok?" Starlight thought she had exploded, but she noticed something was odd. First, you were suddenly her height. And two, her voice was lighter and squeakier. "...what's wrong with my voice?"

You step up to her, grinning. Finally, you got the drop on someone before they could royally fuck you up. You didn't need deus ex discordia this time. It also felt fitting, using a spell to make someone else young. "Nothing, I made you as young as I am. I'm no fool Starlight, it's a common trick for a villain to act "Nice" and...OFSDGGSDF"

Suddenly you were slammed into the wall, covered in a blue aura, Starlight was pissed...adorably so. "YOU DID WHAT?!"

This may have not been the best move. As she held you up, you could feel her magic suddenly letting up. You took a look at her forehead. Her horn was shrinking. Good, you were sure you had removed it with that blast. Seemed it needed to discharge before the rest of the magic took effect.

"W-what's going on? What's happening?!" Starlight was now terrified, she could feel her magic weakening. Going completely null when her horn disappeared.

"Ha! There we go! Now we'r… oh..." You fell down from the wall you were flung onto, and crashed onto your head. "..d-darnit… always… always my head..."

Starlight was touching her forehead, she couldn't believe it. Her horn was gone. "What did you do?! How?!"

You slowly got up, and shook your head, looking at her frightened form. "I disarmed you, that's what. I know what happened at the town. I know everything. And not just through word of mouth. My Dad is Discord, remember..I got..GRGSWFD"

She immediatly rushed up and decked you right in the face. "CHANGE ME BACK! NOW!"

Oohhhh, ok. She can still hit. And she was furious. You were barely able to dodge her second blow

"CHANGE ME BACK! CHANGE ME BACK! CHANGE ME BACK!" She screamed as she continued to immaturely slam her hoofs at you

You had a hard time dodging her. Geez, you didn't expect her to get this pissed off this much. She was bucking around like nuts. You manage to dodge her last buck, but she immediately turns around and charges at you swiftly, knocking you down as she towers over you. Staring at you with a terrifyingly adorable expression. "NOW!!!...I was gonna be nice to you. BUT THIS...THIS?! I WON'T TOLERATE IT! YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS TWILIGHT SPARKLE"

"I can't change you back… the horn only works once per day, and geez. Temper much?"


"What importance? I'm just a colt! Just admit you want the horn. That's all you wanted."


Ok, you were tired of getting yelled at. And since she was a filly now. You should be able to easily…

You slip your back hooves under her and push her away, knocking her on her back. You quickly rush up to her and return the favor of holding her down. "Gotcha! and, just to let you know. Your philosophy is uniting all of Equestria under a single banner. Making everypony equal in every way. And removing strife and hatred in the world by making everypony work together. Stop me if I'm wrong."

She growled at you, but… that wasn't wrong. "You're as smart as they say… so if you DO understand. Why would you do this to me?"

"Because, I couldn't risk you using the horn to FORCE it upon everypony. That's what you were going to do, weren't you?"

Starlight cringed, she didn't expect you to have her figured out so easily. "...how..? How did you know I was going to do that?..a-a-and..grr.."

She shoved you off. "And what's wrong with that?! Haven't you noticed Equestria is always dealing with a crisis? Monster attacks, villains breaking out of Tartarus, why..even ponies fighting among themselves..or… just leaving their friends over something stupid..."

You manage to land on your hooves as she got up, she stopped being overly aggressive, instead just opting to stare at you angrily as she spoke. Just like you weren't wrong, She wasn't wrong about that. But still.

"...I can't argue that. That does happen. But you can't just force everypony to just give up their cutie marks. You can't just force it to be like your town."

"But my town was perfect! Everypony worked with one another, everypony smiled everyday. Everything was nice and good until TWILIGHT AND HER LITTLE BAND OF HORRIBLE FRIENDS CAME AND WRECKED EVERYTHING!!" She started breathing hard, just the thought of Twilight was enough to set her off, especially when she was reminiscing on what she did. Being fillified probably didn't help things either. It seemed to affect her temper.

"It wasn't. Sure, you managed to convince the ponies there to give up their cutie marks. But they became miserable without them. And they became afraid of you when it came to ever even thinking of getting them back. They weren't happy. You just brainwashed them, Starlight. You even had a shack dedicated to just spouting your message every second of everyday. How are you going to tell me that everything was fine?"

"You think you understand, Anon? You think it's really like that?" She started to ease up, and this time, you could tell that growing frown on her face was definitely genuine. She was starting to tear up. "That town was everything to me, I spent my LIFE… MY LIFE… making it what it was. I HAD to put in every measure imaginable so nopony would just waltz in and ruin it. Ponies that tried simply didn't understand. Life was better in that town. Anypony that had suffered due to their cutie mark were welcome. And I expected nothing out of them but their loyalty. Is that so wrong? Is it?"

You weren't an idiot though. You saw the opener, anybody who ended up following her. Was never allowed to leave. "And let me ask you this. Anypony that went in, they could never leave if they wanted to, could they? If they weren't actually happy, like you wanted them to be, you'd still keep them there by holding their cutie mark hostage, right? Not very "Equal" since you got to keep yours."

The way you worded that, the knowledge you knew. It was starting to get to Starlight, and make her suspicious. "How can your father possibly give you all that knowledge? He wasn't even there, and I can't imagine ANYPONY even going into that much detail about what happened to a colt. That doesn't make any sense to me. It's as if you know EXACTLY what happened."

"I have my ways, now can you please answer my question?" you were starting to realize that you just defeated a villain on your own. And had no idea what to do with her. You could just leave her here, she wasn't your responsibility.

"Mnnnn… If I let ponies leave, it could be a threat to my cause. What would stop the rest of them from leaving? They'd leave, and go back to their miserable lives. Maybe they'd be happy with their cutie marks back… but it wouldn't be for long… They'd be sorry they ever left my town."

...Christ, what the fuck was with her and cutie marks? That's it, you had to know. "Hold on, what does Cutie Marks have to do with anything anyway? Lots of ponies have differences besides just their Cutie Marks. From coat color to their personality. I don't see what makes Cutie Marks the most important factor..."

"Why should I tell you? It's not like you'd care. You made that obvious"

Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn't. But you were damn curious. "Try me, you went through the trouble to bring me here. And now I'm willing to listen."


"Not my fault, maybe if you didn't send me flying in here with that stupid card. Maybe, I don't know. If you just came up and asked me for a chat. In a public place, then not only would I be willing to listen better. But we wouldn't be able to do anything to each other without attracting any attention. But nope. You flung me in here and expected a rational chat."

"Yes! I did! I thought if I returned your bag as a show of good faith, then you'd relax a little. SILLY ME THAT I DIDN'T EXPECT A COLT TO BLAST ME WITH A SPELL THAT MOST UNICORNS COULDN'T EVEN FATHOM CASTING!"

This was getting annoying now. You just wanted to know the reason. "Whatever, still your fault. And that seems to be your problem. Don't you take the blame for anything?"

"Not when I know it's not my fault. You want to know why I hate cutie marks so much? You want to know the pain it's caused me? Fine..I'll tell-...huh?" Both you and Starlight heard multiple growls coming from down the cave.

"...you know, you don't need to growl with every sentence. If you just calm down, maybe we can work something out." You tell her, just wanting to know the damn story

Starlight was looking past you now, she could see shadows behind you. "...that wasn't me..." She gulped.

"Then who was it? It's just me and you in here."

She looked pretty frightened now, she was taking steps back as the origins of the growling grew nearer. "...and them..."

"Them?" You take a look behind you… oh shiiiiit "...are those...Timberwolves?" You started to take steps back, there were three of them. And they did not look like they came to play.

"What do you think they are? Darnit, my spell keeping the animals away from the cave must have gone away too."

...huh......yeah....maybe turning her into a filly wasn't a good idea. Good job dumb dumb.

You held onto your saddlebag tightly. You picked up your horn and tried putting it on. But no dice. No charge, and the Sombra look wasn't deterring them.

"Can't you do something?! Zap them!" Starlight cried

"I-I can't, like I said… It only get's one shot per day. Isn't there an exit through the other side?"

Starlight shook her head "N-No, it's a dead end. I… I can't believe this… It can't end this way. I was so close...."

You both were stepping back, the timberwolves looked primed and ready to jump and tear you two apart.

No magic, no way out, it was over. By defeating Starlight. You doomed yourself. Why could you never fucking win?


You started to shake as you stepped back. It was only a matter of time before they decided to attack. Starlight didn't look like she was doing much better. It was clear she was giving up already.

As you stepped back, you felt a drop of water hit your nose. You could feel your hooves step into something wet. A shallow puddle? There was a small puddle right under you, and you alone. You look down… OH SWEET MERCY! The cave had moist spots!

You reach into your bag quickly. And pull out your map. Oh thank god for puddles. Fucking yes.

You were going home and… and...

You looked at Starlight… she wasn't under the small puddle you were under. You could escape, and leave her to fry… Can you do it?

.........you can't.

.....Discord wasn't gonna like this. You only had a moment left, you toss the map straight down. And grab onto Starlight as you pull her into the hole. And into your room.

You both land on the safety of your bed. The map falling right on top of you as the portal closes. You managed to escape. "...woo… that was close."

Of course, you also realized that you had brought in someone who really shouldn't have. But, you couldn't just leave her.

"What happened?! Where am I?!...." Starlight looked around, still frightened and completely disoriented. "A-am I… gone?"

You hop off your bed. To be at the ready in case Starlight tries to hit you again. "If you mean dead, no. I brought you to my house."

You had to find a way to get rid of her. If she ran into Chrysalis, then you wouldn't be able to let her leave. But first, that explanation on Cutie Marks… you wanted to know. You just had to.

"Your house? Another one of those trinkets, huh? I hope you're not expecting me to thank you."

You shake your head. "Nope, but now that we have time. I REALLY want to know what your deal with cutie marks are."

Hearing this, Starlight started to feel a huge rage boil inside her, but she hopped off your bed. And smiled innocently at you. "So, after all that happened. After you are basically the one doing the foalnapping. You want to know what my deal is with Cutie Marks?"

"Well, I wouldn't exactly call it foalnapp-"

She let her rage just burst through every orifice of her body. It was near liquid rage. "WHAT IN THE HAY IS WRONG WITH YOU! YOU THINK I WANT TO TALK TO YOU NOW?! AFTER WHAT YOU DID TO ME! ARE YOU INSANE!? OH HOHO......oh haha...Oh..I'll talk all right. RIGHT AFTER I TURN YOU INTO MINCEMEAT! DO YOU THINK I NEED MAGIC TO THRASH YOU? THINK AGAIN!"

Holy shit, she was violent when she was angry. She rushed right at you like a bull. But you manage to easily dodge her ramming attack. Though, she didn't even stop to turn around. Instead she was heading to your floor door.

"Hey! what are you doing?!"

She was going for the doorknob. "Did you really think I was going to fight you? There's a much better way to make you suffer than just pounding you. I mean, what would Twilight think when this poor little filly tells her that you and your father is in league with the changelings? Then she'll be forced to banish you and turn your father back to stone..."

HOLY SHIT?! SHE KNEW?! And that threat… Oh geez…

Then she starts to cackle "And then, when Twilight realizes she condemned the both of you due to a lie. She will stand down as the Princess of Friendship. Then, I'll spend my time getting my body back. And with her crushed by what she had done. Suddenly, I'll appear. And she'll have no choice but to realize that my way is the best way. Pretty good plan, eh Anon? HAHAHAHAHAHA so long" She saluted.

...Wow… That's incredibly dickish. But, now that you realized her path. She couldn't escape through that door. Still, you couldn't let her get any deeper in the house, or her ";ie" would be known as truth. Surely you could explain away the lie she planned to tell. But explaining away the fact that it ISN'T a lie. You couldn't let her discover the truth.

"Starlight, come on. We can talk about this" You edged closer to her, you'd tackle her if you had to.

Starlight opened the door, smirking at you. "Enjoy the rest of the time you have Anon, because you and your friends are going to realize the hard way how wrong you are." She heads down… or moreso...she falls down "WHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

You hear her slam to the ground. Oh geez. You run up to the floor door and look through. No sign of Chrysalis. And Glimmer looked stunned.

"W-what happened to...where's the stairs?...ngh" She slowly began to stand up. Now was the time to stop her.

You rush down the gravity stairs, and tackle her down. "I can't let you leave if you're gonna do that Starlight! What's wrong with you?! I'm sorry, ok?! But you couldn't expect me to just sit there. You said yourself you were after the horn!"

She struggled to try to get out of your grip. "You think sorry is going to work now?! Shut up and let me go! LET ME GO! Or I swear I'll do worse!"

"No, not until you agree to just… look, I'll talk it out with you, ok? Just like you wanted! Maybe we can talk it out!"


"Well! I'm not letting you go then! Do you think I'm going to just let you go after that kind of threat? How about I just turn you into a toad? How about that!"

"As if! You said yourself you already used your charge for the day! What a stupid bluff!"

"I can wait it out! I'll hold you down all night if I have to!"

"You little creep! You little… GRAWR!" You didn't expect that. she slams her head right into yours. Knocking you backwards,

"Ow! ugh! Why the head… always the head.." You hold your head in pain as Starlight rushes towards the front door.

"So long Anon, you brought this on yourself!" She grabs the knob and throws the door open. You started to ponder why you even worried about her escaping. The only thing you had to worry about was Chrysalis. And she wasn't even in the living room. Meaning she was still in the basement.

"Starlight, you're done. You have nowhere to go and you can't even get back in my room. Will you calm down now?"

"Are you serious? You think I'm afraid of whatever is out there? A forest? A mountain? Please, I traveled miles on these hooves many a time… and....I.....I" She turned to look out the door. And there was nothing but floating islands, flying water, crazy creatures, and weird noises. "W-what? What is this?"

"This is where I live. What, you didn't realize I lived in a chaotic dimension?"

"I… didn't realize that. I would have thought your father would have kept you in a more… hospitable area."

You shake your head. "Nope, you’re trapped. But I'd rather you not be. Come on, look. I'm really sorry. And I know you're really really angry. I get it, I shouldn't have zapped you. If you promise to calm down, have a talk with me, and NOT go through with that plan. I'll change you back, and let you go. How does that sound?"

Starlight started to consider it. It really looked like she had no way out of the house. But she was so angry, she had not expected you to just retaliate like that. She really did just want a pleasant talk with you… that would inevitably get her the horn. ".....So, you managed to turn things around. Fine, let's talk. But I hope you realize that this will not make us friends or allies."

"That's fine, but you're sensible right? You realize that I wouldn't let you just go through with your plan all willy nilly, right? You couldn't exactly stop me from stopping you."

"Of course I'm sensible. I'm not an idiot, It's clear that even if I did manage to get out of here. You'd have use of your horn." Starlight was giving up, she sighed as she looked down, defeated "...it's not like you'd care about what I have to say anyway."

...Ngh, her filly form made this sadder than it should be. You were cringing from your heart twisting. "...just… ugh… Look, I'll sit. And I'll listen. And I'll tell you this. I'm smarter than any colt you ever knew, I promise. You'll be really surprised."

"I already was, even during my spying. But it doesn't mean you’re sensible. You've proven that too..." Starlight walks towards you, and sits her butt on the ground. You moving close, and sitting down in front of her.

Now that she knew she couldn't do anything. She was a lot easier to deal with. Easier than Discord or Chrysalis ever was.

"Hey, just try me. That's all I ask."

Starlight only figured you were being more calm and cool because "the ball was in your court". She knew she couldn't fight. And she couldn't calculate any other way to escape. "...so, you want to know what my problem with Cutie Marks is right?"

You nod. "Yeah, why do you hate them so much?"

Her stare became a little harder, her eyes gazing at yours "If you want to know, then answer this question first. Why do you care? From what I know about you, you don't even care about Cutie Marks. Or am I wrong?"

...Hmmmmm, you did and you didn't at this point. "Sorta, I don't really care about getting mine too much. But, I think it'd be nice to have. If only so I could actually know what my special talent was. Living as long as I have, I've sort of never managed to develop a special talent. Everyon- ...everypony usually was better than me at everything."

"Live as long as you have? You do realize you're just a child, right? You still have plenty of time to discover what your talent is… and then realize how much pain it'll cause you."

"What do you mean by "pain"? You have your cutie mark, and for the most part. You seemed fine… until..you know… Twilight showed up."

You saw her lips buckle at the mention of "Twilight". "...I was never really fine. I was just managing. I wouldn't truly be fine until everypony understood what it truly meant to be happy. Only then, would I really be. You're very lucky Anon, you have friends that do have Cutie Marks. That do care about you, and yet at the same time... You're unlucky. They seem to really push you into getting your Cutie Mark. Forcing you even, why would you let them do that to you? You're a smart pony, you could figure it out without forcing yourself to try every random thing"

..Was she?....Was she trying to turn things around on you?

"Because it makes them happy, and really. I don't mind too much. Gives me something to do. Even if it is ridiculous sometimes. That's how friends ar-"

Starlight stomped her hoof, interrupting you "DON'T GIVE ME THAT TRASH! THAT'S HOW FRIENDS ARE!? DON'T… don't Anon… Look, haven't.." She took a breath to calm down. "Haven't you ever suffered because you lacked a cutie mark? Ever?"

...Sorta… "Yeah, but, me and my friends managed to turn that around. I have a friend named Diamond Tiara, and she used to be… well..pretty nasty. Up until I saved her life, and my friends helped her realize that she didn't have to be cruel and nasty just because her mother was. And now we're friends. All it took was a little effort"

Or more luck really, but you weren't going to tell her that to fuel her "lucky" argument.

"Well, aren't you the silver tongued Colt?" She gave you a loathsome look "or maybe it's just because you were adopted by somepony that could manipulate the situation to make you look better. You are "The Little Hero Colt", suspicious considering you haven't been in Ponyville long enough to actually earn that title."

...Well, it was Discord you beat up. Still, that was uncalled for. And she was still dodging your question. You wanted it answered dammit! "Things happen, now can you stop dodging my question and tell me your problem with cutie marks?"

"Anon, there's no way you can understand my pain. I'll give you this. You're smart, but you're still too young to know what it feels like to be betrayed. To be alone..."

...The fuck you didn't. "Stop… stop right there. You have no clue what I've been through either. I know what those are, I know what those are in spades. If you knew Starlight, if you had a peek inside my head. You'd know that what Twilight tried to do to me is nothing compared to the real horrors of what I've been through, what I've seen. I know what loneliness is like. So don't… spare me, and just tell me the problem already" You were getting aggravated with her. Whatever it could be. There's no way it could compare to a human's.

"And you do? Do you really?" Starlight eyed you, she felt insulted that you could compare your pain to her. "I doubt any orphanage could be that bad, You just think it is because you're so young."

You stomp your hoof hard, right on the ground. "Stop! Stop and just tell me then! Stop beating around the bush and tell me!"

"What's all that noise?" a voice calls out from the basement trapdoor, a female voice.

"I'M TRYING TO… Oh no." Your anger instantly vanishes into panic. Shit, SHIT! It was Chrysalis. You look over and you can see the basement trapdoor opening. "H-hold that thought!"

"What, are you serious?! You dare to tell me you have had it tougher than me? And now you're telling me to "hold that thought"? Right when I was about to show you how wrong you are!" Starlight barks

You rush up to the trapdoor and slam your hooves on it. Trying to keep it closed. "Yes! Can you hide somewhere please?! Don't ask why! Just do it!"

"Is the door stuck? Mmnnghh!" Chrysalis started smacking it harder, making you bounce "Will somepony open this thing?!"

"Who is that? What are you keeping down there?" Starlight became curious, and started to inch closer.

"JUST HIDE, PLEASE! Don't come any closer!" You couldn't hold it down much longer.

Starlight started to think about hiding, but whatever it was. Maybe it was something that could help her. Maybe it was something that you and Discord were keeping hostage for… whatever reason. "I think I will come closer. I think I'm gonna let out whatever you have down there. I knew you were smart, but I didn't know you and your father took to actual foalnapping. Out of the way!"

"What?! Ommmph!"

Starlight shoves you out of the way of the trapdoor, ready to see what creature or pony would thank her for releasing them from your prison."Hey! Whatever you are, come on out. I promise I won't hurt you. So please, let me help you, so you can help me."

"Finally, now what is with all that noise!? I was trying to sleep!" ...well good, bugbutt was out.

Starlight Glimmer's pupils shrunk. She started to shake in her little filly hooves. "I-it can't be....."

You put your hoof to your forehead, now she's done it. She should have fucking hid.

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