• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 71

You begin your trek to the cottage. Cursing yourself.

"Good job fuckface, You just made a little girl cry… And for what? Oh yeah, being a regular ole colt was the fucking smartest idea ever… Ugh, why am I even doing this? I like Diamond… but not that much..." You stop to put your hoof to your face. "Not enough to just want to spend my entire life with her… Christ, Anon, when does being a kid involve relationships anyway? What's it going to amount to? Because it ain't gonna amount to sex… no, that's not right either.."

You sigh. "It's just a crush, you know what that's like. Crushes fade with time, right? Goddammit, you knew everything and nothing about how Equestria actually worked. No wonder you had to go to school… aside from more obvious… reasons. "I'm gonna have to find a way to let down Diamond..."

That was a lamentable fact. "Yeah real good Anon, she just turned her life around and you're gonna stomp all over it." You stopped and looked to the sky, The sun was almost down.

You started to think of some old words Bonbon told you before. "I'll have to sit them both down at the same time and explain to them how I feel. I mean.." You felt a little conflicted. "Hanging with Diamond, it was fun. But she's too young, too naive."

Children are children, even in this world. You could never have any kind of meaningful relationship with them no matter how much you tried to be a colt. You could never truly believe yourself to be one. You weren't, you just had the body of one.

But it wasn't like you had a choice in adults either. Just like with your own reasoning, their reasoning would be the same just due to you being a child in body. "Funny, if I was a unicorn, I could probably turn out to be a powerful wizard in a few human years."

You look at the falling sun again. "I'll figure this out later, or else I might lose my virginity to a tentacle or something."

You begin to trot over Fluttershy's cottage, not too fast, but not too slow, giving you enough time to sort your thoughts. Fuck everything, maybe if Applebloom hadn't reacted the way she did, you would have been content with everything as is. Maybe not.

Either way, no matter what you did. You'd be hurting one while leading the other on on what she'd think would be a very fulfilling crush that could turn into love.


Nope… yeah, no, you can't let that happen. With how clingy Diamond was seeming now. If… if she ever said she loved you… yeah, it'd be over… things would explode in the worst sense.

"Man… these things always work out in a greentext.." You'll have to figure out a way to put it delicately. Fuck… what if it only somewhat worked? Either they'd understand… fat chance. Or maybe one of them… namely Diamond Tiara… would either fall apart or go on some… well… you couldn't actually figure out what she'd do… but it wouldn't be good. Your mind was so befuddled that you couldn't keep a coherent thought that didn't end as something else.

You take out your map to make sure you were heading the right way. And continue your trot after making a slight turn. "It'd have to be tomorrow.."

You eventually reach the cottage, it was getting dark. But… Fluttershy should still be awake. No problem...

Ok, how to do this? You approached the door as you began to wonder if Fluttershy was ever going to be let in on the lie. If she ever was, You wonder what'd she'd think… That's probably a good reason for her to never learn the truth in all actuality.

Ok, here we go. You knock on the door and wait. It takes a moment, but the door slowly opens with the cute flutterbutter looking past it to see who knocks on her door.

"Oh… hello Anon..." Fluttershy looks up to the sky "Anon… shouldn't you be home?"

You shake your head and give her your hello "Hey Aunt Fluttershy… umm, no, I kind of came to tell you how my day went. Dad said you were really excited to hear how it went."

Fluttershy steps aside to let you in, she closes the door after you step inside. "I do… but your father told me you went home… with a filly."

You cringe… he really did tell her… you wondered how he worded it. "Y-yeah, I kind of had to practice something for school tomorrow, and she came over to help me."

"...oh" Fluttershy looked confused "Then why were you both sleeping… on the same bed?"

Oh he didn't. He fucking told her that?!

You gulp. "We both got tired. We both didn't get much sleep last night."

Fluttershy was even more confused, but she nodded in understanding. You guessed Discord didn't make it sound lewd… thank fucking god. You could feel your heart miss a beat there.

"That makes sense.But Anon, getting a good night's rest is very very important. What would have happened if you fell asleep in class?"

Easy answer. "I guess I would have gotten in trouble." You make a forced frown, trying to look ashamed. Ugh… you didn't want to fake it. You felt it made the bonding untrue. For your next outing… you felt… you had to ask Discord for it to be a day with just you, him, and Fluttershy. Just so you could be more of yourself around her. If she was going to be your aunt, then you wanted her to know you better. She was trying her best, and you just wanted a more honest setting.

Fluttershy nods "That's right. That's why sleep is important. Anon, I really want you to get a better sleep for tonight. As soon as you go home, you should rest your little head right into bed."

Well, if you ever needed the illusion of you feeling like a real kid. Look no further than Fluttershy. She was good at it.

You nod in respect. "Yes ma'am"

Fluttershy notices your shamed expression, and immediately starts to feel bad. "o-oh, Anon, I hope I… I didn't mean to make you upset. I just wanted you to understand that getting a good sleep is important. You'll feel better if you do, and be more ready for the day."

You could only imagine if Discord had ended up with any of the others as his closest friends. They'd probably be scolding you, even finding it odd that you slept on the same bed with a girl. But not Fluttershy, she was too busy worrying about your health.

You slowly give Fluttershy a reassured and pleasant smile. "I understand, don't you worry Aunt Fluttershy. I'll get a better night's sleep tonight."

It seemed to immediately wash away her worry. She began to feel maybe she was overthinking how hurt you actually were.

Fluttershy smiled cheerfully along with you. "I'm very glad to hear that Anon,"

Yeah, you were super lucky indeed. Especially with Discord not lying about it.

"So uhh, would you like to hear about my day?"

Fluttershy nodded intently "Mhmmm, if you want to sit anywhere, you go right ahead. And if you're hungry, there’s some left over cucumber sandwiches from earlier today. They’re a little cold… you don't mind, do you?"

You shake your head as you take a sat on one of her chairs. It was a little weird to you, sitting like a cat on a chair. But if you sat like Lyra did… oy, you couldn't imagine the back pain. So far so good though, you were slowly dumping the anxiety from visiting Applebloom.

"I don't mind, I could use a little food in my belly."

Fluttershy puts a few sandwich's on the plate "A little food… Anon… didn't you eat the food I put in your lunchbox?"

Oh shit, that's right, she did pack you a lunchbox… but… you didn't think… she never said you had food in it. She must have assumed you'd get hungry and look inside. "No… sorry"

Fluttershy brought you over a plate of sandwiches and put them on a table, and slowly dragged the small table to you before engaging you in further conversation. "Anon… you haven't slept much or ate? Do you know how unhealthy that is? That's very bad for you."

Now… now she was getting stern… or as stern as she could get. You felt a little annoyed yourself, but only because of how she was reacting. And yet… it was pretty adorable… but come on.

No, just let her have it… You should have eaten something at one point. And gotten enough sleep to beat out that "alarm" system. Your ears actually instinctively pull back a little.. You felt a little bad. You were supposed to be here to tell her about your day. And you couldn't even get that right. "I'm sorry Aunt Fluttershy, I just sort of, forgot"

Fluttershy notices you aren't even eating the sandwiches. "You can't forget to eat Anon, it's very important, it keeps your belly full and let's you stay active. And if you eat healthy, you'll grow up to be big and strong. Now please… eat a sandwich or two."

Right, right, the sandwiches… you take one and start to eat. Fluttershy sits silently at first, making sure you take the time to eat before speaking. Once you get halfway down on a single sandwich. She begins to be more content with you. "Are they ok?"

They were fine, cucumber sandwiches wasn't your favorite. But tastes of things had changed immensely since your transformation. You could even eat hay. "Pretty good, thank you Aunt Fluttershy… And sorry that I worried you, I should have come straight here after school."

"Well, I don't want you to feel obligated that you had to. It was more of an ‘if you wanted to’ kind of thing. It was more important for you to practice whatever you needed to practice on for school then to come here to talk to me..."

Oh come on Fluttershy, don't say it like that. That makes you sound like a schmuck. "W-well, I'm here now, and I'd love to tell you about my day."

And hearing that, Fluttershy gave you a wide smile and sat at the ready "And I'm ready to hear it, but then when you're done, it's straight to bed for you mister, you do have another day of school tomorrow… ok? If you don't mind that is… I know I'm not your mother… but, I really do hope you think of me as your Aunt."

you would do it… for her… ugh… some of you wished you could have Fluttershy as a marefriend just a little… to protect that smile. But, this was fine. You were happy with her as an Aunt. She just wanted the best for you.

You nod profusely "I do Aunt Fluttershy! You're like a mom to me..."

You meant that. That was the truth. You were happy with those words.

"I don't know about mother… I know I could never replace your real mother Anon..." Fluttershy felt that she shouldn't put herself that high on the pedestal. She didn't want to replace whatever feelings you may have had for your birth mother.

Oh… ohhh… come on. You didn't know how to take that… but that sure was a depressing thought. "Aunt Fluttershy, I… think you're great either way… and I think you'd make a good mom! Just saying."

Fluttershy, like yourself, didn't know how to take those words. She giggled a cute soft yet nervous giggle and looked at you "Now Anon, I don't know about that… I, well, why don't you tell me about your day." She tried to shift the conversation before it became too awkward

Ahhh, she didn't want to talk about it. You wondered if she ever wanted to be a mother. She probably did, they probably all did at one point… except maybe Twilight. "Well..."

You tell Fluttershy mostly of the day you had prior to Applebloom. from introducing yourself to the class to the hole digging gem hunting thing. She giggles at that one, while compliments you on doing your best with the painting. She didn't like the sounds of what Snips and Snails were doing. Sounded like trouble.

"...And that's it. It was pretty good for a first day."

Fluttershy gave you a nod "It sounds like it was. But you do know you don't need to rush getting your Cutie Mark right? You'll get yours eventually, you don't need to spend your recess trying to get one. That's your time to relax and have fun"

"I know, but you know Applebloom and the others. Always looking for that Cutie Mark, even when they already have theirs."

You both laugh at that.

You finish the sandwiches as Fluttershy looks out the window… It was getting really dark now. "Oh dear..it's already night time. You should be getting to bed Anon. You have school in the morning."

Yeah, she was probably right. Even with your mighty adult mind. Your body couldn't hold off the feel of sleep. "Alright, can I have a cup of water Aunt Fluttershy?"

Fluttershy nodded and got up to get you one. "Are you going to use it to go home?"

Oh, she knows about the map. Discord must have told her. "Mhmmm, that's the plan."

Fluttershy gets you a good enough cup of water, but sets it down on the table and floats a little in the air as she holds her front hooves open to you "Can I have a hug before you go then?"

Fuck yeah she can have a hug! You always felt warm and happy when you hugged her. "Mhmm! Definitely"

You hopped up and hugged onto her tightly. She span in the air once as she grasped you into a gentle but firm enough hug to hold you before putting you down and smiling at you "I'm so glad you're so good and affectionate… I know I never have to worry about you getting into trouble."

Of course she meant, you causing trouble… She must never see that photo of bugbutt.

"Well, you know… mnnn… you have a good night Aunt Fluttershy, seeya tomorrow?"

Fluttershy nods and gives you a quick nuzzle with her head "Mhmmm, if you want. If you're coming to see me in the morning. Then I'll wake up early and prepare you another lunch… but you better eat it this time Anon, or I'll be very… upset"

Upset… yeah, no. You got it this time. "No problem Aunt Fluttershy, you can count on me"

"I know I can .you have a very good night Anon."

"You too Aunt Fluttershy" With that, you both hug again. You get the cup of water and head just outside the door as to not wet her floor. or portalize it. It was her floor after all, she understood your reasoning and watched just outside the door to make sure nothing happened to you… as if anything would.

You look to your side to see the set of statues… it really looked nice. Even in the dark. And it seems she was taking good care of it so far. You wondered a little how come Fluttershy was so happy to be an aunt… maybe it was just her good nature and not only seeing Discord do such a kind act, but her herself being able to make sure you AND Discord are guided towards a good path… she was truly deserving of her element.

With that, you wave goodbye as you pour your water onto the floor and put the cup down before jumping in. Afterwards, you put your map into your saddlebag. and just decide to sleep. You didn't want DT or Applebloom popping back into your head. You just wanted to go to bed and sleep with the happiness Fluttershy has given you in your heart with her love and worry for you.

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