• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 50

You made a mad dash towards Sweet Apple Acres. They had to have a body of water somewhere. You run to towards the side of the barn, and begin your search. Breathing heavily, panicked on what you have done. You managed to find a few barrels, one was leaking… it wasn't cider… it was water. Good…

Without hesitation, you tip it over. it's top opening and spilling water all over the ground.
it was a big puddle, you didn't know if puddles would work. But...now wasn't the time to be frugal. You toss the map into the puddle.

Eureka! It works! You hop into the portal as it closes behind you and turns back into a map.

"DISCORD! DISCORD! WE GOT A PROBLEM!" You cry out Discord's name as you open the floor door and rush through.

You fall right to the ground, headfirst on your seemingly invincible head. Still, it hurt like hell. You forgot to fucking do the whole "imagine the stairs" thing. "...Ugh… dammit, my head.."

"Anon! Quiet! Can't you see what I'm doing? One tiny mistake and this whole place can go… for the fifth time..."

Go?... What? You lift your head and notice Discord in a lab coat, wearing goggles as he carefully mixes some chemicals. Another hobby? "Discord...we got a problem!"

"I'll say, alchemy is tougher than I thought. But I think I got it this time" Discord says as he drops a black liquid into a beaker of red liquid, turning it white. "Finally! I got it!"

You shake your head and rush up to him. "No not that, Discord. Something terrible has happened!"

Discord lifts his goggles and looks at you, giving you his full attention "What is it Anon? I'm all ears"


Discord slowly raised his eyebrow at you "...That's by far the worst joke you've ever told. Why in the wide wide world of Equestria would that be a bad thing?"

"You don't understand, The status quo! I've changed it! What if things get worse! WHAT IF A VILLAIN ACTUALLY WINS AND BEATS THE MANE 6?!"

"...Anon, this is....very uncharacteristic of you. It's actually worrying to me"

...it was off for you to be so paranoid. But, this was a major change. A change that could lead into things like actual pony death. You just didn't want to be responsible for it.

"Look, I know. But Discord… this is a big change. And yeah, it's good. I'm happy for them. But what if this means some really bad things happen too. I changed things!"

Discord put his paw to his face "Actually Anon, I changed things. By bringing you here and acknowledging the existence of other universes. I created a dimensional split between the world you know from the television screen to the world you see right now. And even then, it's merely a tiny split that causes a few minor differences. You Anon, would have to have done something extremely major and cause a huge impact in somepony's life to change things so far as to completely split the dimensions. For example, we are very close to the dimension that has that mirror. Everything is practically the same EXCEPT for that mirror and whatever hijinx Twilight found herself in when she went through it. In other words, you are worrying over nothing. Even if you did cause something major, it's not as if it couldn't be fixed. Please Anon, this isn't a cartoon."


"...Ok… but still. I don't think they were supposed to get their cutie marks so early. I'm sure I caused that. I was, well, I got a little panicky since..y'know. We were gonna mess with the changelings. What if that causes something really bad?"

"Then it will get fixed. Seriously Anon. you are reacting over nothing. How are you even sure you had anything really to do with them gaining their Cutie Marks?"

"Because, you said that "ideas" travel between dimensions and those become thoughts in other worlds. Well, if the show was based off ideas going into the writer's heads. I highly doubt this would be one of them. Shows just don't change status quo."

"Ahh, but not all ideas that flow are exact. But… I'm not in the mood to argue something this stupid" Discord floats his concoction up and floats it over to you. "Here, try this"

What?... Ugh, what did this have to do with anything? You give it a tap. "What is it?"

Discord closes his eyes and starts making presentation like gestures towards the potion "It is the fruits of my labor, well, of my new hobby anyway, This potion is a enhanced version of Zecora's little "Hindsight" potion that only seems to work on alicorns… for whatever reason. You know, I may be the spirit of chaos but even I can't wrap my head around that one. Anyhoo, this should let anypony look into the past of anything they deem important through any dimension. What I suggest you do is imagine the dimension with the mirror, since it's further along in the timeline, and your undue paranoia will do the rest."

You just stare at it. "...I don't know, does it even work?"

Discord shrugged. "Well, it didn't explode again like the other times. So....maybe. Bottoms up Anon."

"I don't think I wAGDRFDFDF" Discord magically shoved the potion into your mouth. forcing you to guzzle down every drop.

You push it out of your mouth and cough like crazy. "GNGGMM..DISCORD ARE...you?...what the?"

You weren't at the house anymore. You were at the schoolhouse...elections?..what?
there was elections going on. and a song battle between the CMC and DT over… who should be class president or something… Wait, is that Pipsqueak?

You try speaking to them, but none of them hear you. It's as if you weren't there. And… from there on things kept shifting as if you were watching the show. In fact, you see DT's mother interacting with DT… What a bitch… You see DT's song how… awww… what?... huh… so, she was pretty much forced to be that way… by this bitch of a mom.

As more scenes pass by you, you notice the CMC chasing DT down. In song... wait… so, you did see this!

You make a small detour, since they had to be near the hat shop at one point. You go to look in the window to see yourself. But… you weren't there. Lyra and BonBon weren't either, there wasn't even a sale going on…

...Then it hit you… All of Discord's words hit you as the scene shifts to the end, with the letter, DT converting… and the CMC getting their cutie marks. You didn't have anything to do with it at all. In fact, there were only minor changes between what you were seeing and what your day actually was. The only change you could have actually made is sabotaging them from getting the Cutie Marks… or maybe killing DT's mom just because… What a bitch… Geez. She didn't even show mercy to the CMC.

So… That's how it is. You think you got it now. Each dimension has it's differences, which ideas can flow between any. You being here may have split to a new dimension like the other two Discord had mentioned before. But you didn't make a big enough impact to change what was going to happen. At least, not with this.

God you were an idiot. You had it so set that you thought you were really in the show itself that you thought you nearly ruined it. When really you should have fully paid attention to Discord on this. This was just another world. If you remembered correctly, Discord mentioned there was a world he was never released and that Twilight never became an alicorn. That wasn't in the show either… Fuck… You were a fuckwit. And what's worse, you just left the CMC there during their excitement of getting to test their Cutie Marks Special Talents on you.

Everything around you begins to warp and spin as you find yourself back in the living room. on the ground, drooling and dizzy. You looked up, and saw Discord crying. Wiping his eyes and nose with a handkerchief… The hell?

You slowly got up. with your new understanding in your mind. And looked at Discord, worried. Did you scare him?

"D-discord...are you ok? Look, I'm ok. I'm not dead or anything. The potion worked." Wow, you were actually worried about how he was feeling. Heh...

"Oh it's not that Anon, I decided to peer into your brain and see what you saw. And what I saw...it was so… ohhooooo" Discord had to wipe his eyes and blow his nose again.

"Yeah… Who would've thought Diamond Tiara was pretty much forced to be that way, it was the only way her mom was teaching her. I guess anything Filthy Rich tried to do for her was circumvented by that cunt.."

"Oh it's not that… It's the fact that they remembered that it was me who broke the schoolhouse window. It was so sweet for them to remember!" Discord blew his nose again.

You roll your eyes, and nearly chuckle… until. "Wait hold on, you knew you broke their window and you just left it that way?"

Discord took out his eyes to wipe them dry "I did try to replace it, not my fault they didn't like a window that could sing jazzy tunes, I thought it would have been nice after what I had done."


You started to feel bad again though. You now had no reason to hate Diamond Tiara, just her cunt of a mother. You wondered what changes you did cause. You hoped you could talk to her again. You wanted to apologize for the mean things you said. For real this time. And then… there's the CMC… you might as well get back there and check on them, so they don't get upset that you suddenly left.

"Discord...can I get a favor from you, please?" Discord put his eyes back into his head as he started floating over more beakers and vials in front of himself to work on his next project.

"What is it Anon?"

"Can you send me directly back to the clubhouse. The doors are kind of out of the way, it'd take me a while to run back there."

Discord didn't even say a word. He just snapped his talons. Sending you right back in front of the door of the clubhouse.

"...thanks Discord. I owe you one, or two.."

You take a deep breath, ready to explain any questions they might have of you just running away with any good answer you could think of. If it's one thing you didn't want to mention is anything having to do with dimensions. Keep it simple.

You open the door, with a smile. "Hey girls, I'm back… just had to go to the bathroom… hahahaha… sorry."


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