• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 137 - The Nightmare Night Arc

The pie tins slips off both your faces. You rub the banana cream off your face as you look at your cream covered hoof.".......are they serious?"

Discord, instead of wiping it off. Circles his tongue like a fan capturing all the cream and swallowing. "It seems they are. It appears to me they don't seem to understand the concept of this challenge." Discord smirks "Makes things all the easier"

You lick your hoof. mmm, it was pretty good. But still.
"that or they think this was seriously going to scare us. I'd think Celestia would be more on the silly side, but damn. Luna too? That's pretty bad"

Discord shrugs "Bad for them, good for us. Though, if I was at full power. I would have avoided that altogether. All things considered, I think we're going to have a good day"

A good day, hmmnn.. Actually, as you looked around. You noticed the lighting inside the castle represented night time.
"I think they understand the concept, it's night time in here"

"Ohhhhh, night time. So scary." Discord puts his paw near his mouth as he calls out "You're going to have to do better than that to beat us! Oh, you wait until you see what we have in store!"

"I just don't get it, why bother with the whole nightmare night theme if they are just going to throw pies. In fact..."
You notice that within the Entrance hall. There were no triggers, no catapults. The pies just seemingly came out of nowhere.
"Discord, I think they are close by. They must have waited by the doors for us to throw those pies."

"You're not the only one who noticed, Anon. If they are close by then that means we can win this all the sooner." Discord nears the large set of doors leading to the Throne room. "Shall we take a peek?"

You nod
"But just a peek, I have a feeling that entire room is probably booby trapped with all sorts of pies."

"Fret not dear Anon, I'm not a simpleton. I'm just going to crack the door just a little" in which he does "and we'll have a peek"

Both you and Discord take a peek through a small crack The throne room was darker than the entrance hall. The princesses weren't on the thrones and the room looked empty.

"Celestia, you sly horse. I don't need powers to see all those pressure plates."

"You see something? I don't see anything"

Discord taps his own head, expressing the fact that he has a eye for these sort of things. "Anon, traps like these are simple to spot. thin strings, pressure plates having indents on them, very sensitive catapults that release at the slightest of motion. The only thing that surprises me is how they managed to set up so many booby traps in one room. The clean up is going to be horrendous."

"Those are the types of traps in there?...ok, step back then. I got an idea"

Discord steps back as you open the door a little more. and manifest a shitton of marbles and blast them all over the floor. In seconds, the throne room is covered in various pies and creams. The throne room becomes a decadent mess within seconds.

"...this is really disappointing really." You said. You couldn’t fathom why’d they use such weak traps.

"Agreed, so much for prank masters. But we can't secure a win without finding them and scaring them witless. I say we split up"

"Ok, sounds like a plan. I just got to keep an eye out for triggers and pressure plates right? I would have thought my horn would have made them a little more visible to me. I remember when fighting Rainbow Dash that I could actually have this..like...sixth sense."

"I find that a little odd myself. But that can simply be attributed to lack of experience." Discord chortles "Not really a problem since our little princesses absolutely reek at this"

"Well, it should be fine. I'm an adult. I've watched the show. And I've seen things a lot scarier than a barrage of pies. I'll take the west wing. And Discord, when we split up. Let's do a Codec check ok? I want to make sure this thing works"

Discord rolls his eyes "Anon, really? We probably won't even need it. But fine, I'll indulge in your plan of action. Just don't be surprised if I end up bagging both Princesses"

You let out a little "ha".
"Come on, I have all the power in the world. All I have to do is get a princess in sight and it's done. "

Discord leans down to you "It's not about the size of the horn Anon" He flicks your horn, causing you a tinge of pain. "It's how you use it"

You rub your forehead around your horn as you look away at him.
"Yeah yeah, whatever you say. Let's just do this"


You both took your doors. Discord to the east wing. You to the west.

The corridor was vast and wide. You made your horn aglow as you looked around for either princesses. Thinking of what horrors to bring upon them.

"I wonder if Pinhead would work. He's a scary guy. Xenobites everywhere. mmmmm..eno....maybe the aliens from alien. They are scary motherfuckers. Or maybe something from a video game. Pyramid Head maybe...but but...HAHA...like a pony pyramid head. That'd be hilarious."
you pass by doors, T junctions, and even a stairway upwards. But you stay on the floor you're on. After making more distance. You click the Codec on your ear.

But Discord doesn't answer.

"...agh...come on Discord. Answer the codec" You say in a sing song way.
You try again. and again. Clicking the button multiple times. Finally, he answers. Rather annoyed.

"Anon, stop that. I could hear the ringing. The test was a success. You don't need to blow my ears out!"

You roll your eyes. Even when cooperation is needed. He can be a dick.
"ugh, Discord. The test was actually answering the Codec. Not just listening to the ringing. I was getting afraid that something happened."

"oh....hmmm....well, sorry then. As for anything happening. There's nothing to report."

"Gotcha, just keep me posted if you spot a Princess"

"If I spot a Princess, I'll call you to let you listen to her shrieking"

You silently smile from that. You don't know why, maybe it was because the thought of Celestia or Luna being scared was actually kind of funny.
"Well, I'll be ready for that. I'll do the same for you when I got both of them scared."

"ohho, getting arrogant are we? I like it, let's me know you have drive."

"Oh you bet, just keep me posted though, ok? Anon out"

You ended the call, and continued to explore. Until you heard hoofsteps.

The moment you did. You leaned against the walls on your hindlegs. And slowly and silently moved along it. until you reached the end of the corridor.

You take a peek around the wall, and who should you see? Princess Luna, walking casually away from you. Seems she hadn't noticed you. Or noticed anything really.

"...oh man....there she is...let's see..."
You look at the end of the hall and see a T-Junction.
"...ok...here we go..."

You take a breath, and use your magic to teleport to the other end of the hall. Hiding behind the wall on the right side of the T-junction.

"Let's see....she should be here soon. Let's try something basic."
You raise an army of Zombie Ponies behind you. Some missing limbs, hair, eyes, some bleeding profusely.
"Alright men, save your moaning and creep walking until the Princess reaches the end of this corridor."

The zombies slowly nod. one of the nodding ones dropping his head.

"ew....yeah...that's gross....anyway..."
You float up to the ceiling and duck and wait. Blending your suit colors to the ceiling color.
"And now...we wait"

And finally, Luna arrives at the T-Junction of the corridor. And....takes the other direction. Without so much as glancing at the zombies.

Your zombies don't even attempt to moan or give chase
You slowly descend and give a hard stare to your zombies.
"What gives! You guys were supposed to moan and freak her out when she reached the end of the corridor!"

But the zombies don't respond, they just stare at you blankly.


The zombies weren't even paying attention. They were just nodding.

You put your hoof to your face.

You zap them away and make haste to trail Luna once more. This time, she was aimlessly walking to a corridor with a right turn only. Perfect...

You teleport ahead of her again. And think of something more....terrifying.
"Let's see...AHA!"

You create a single sleeping foal on the ground. As it silently coos and rests.
"Nothing like a necromorph of a baby to freak out ANYTHING."
You stifle a snicker
"...that thing is going to go apeshit the moment it wakes up. Good thing it can't actually hurt anyone...woo..could do some real damage if it was the real deal."

And again, you wait.
You can hear her stepping closer
And then...you hear her stop.

"hrmmmm, I don't think Discord or Anon plan to come this way. Perhaps I should check the second floor, and make ready the pie traps" Luna says to herself before turning the corner.

And then she turned away.

You plant yourself to the ground.
"...you gotta be fucking with me..."
how was this hard? All she had to do was turn the corner and you'd have had her.
"....and what the fuck is with the pies? Christ..you'd think..."

You hear a snarl behind you.
"And what the hell is..."
You turn around, the foal necromorph was snarling at you as it raised it's tentacles.
You scoff at it
"Oh please, don't even, you can't do..Ouch! hey! don't...HEY!"
He was snarling at you as he bitchslapped you with his tentacles.

You get angry and blast the thing to bits.
"...fuck...ow..stupid little...hmnngg..."
You rub your cheeks, that thing may have been a tamer version. but it could slap.
"...better see how Discord is doing"

You call him on your codec. It takes him awhile, but he answers. "Another test, Anon?"

"No, status report actually. I found Luna, but she keeps walking away from my traps. How are you doing on your end?"

Discord just moans an annoyed moan. As if things weren't going good for him either.


".....I'm having some trouble myself."

"What? is Celestia giving you the slip or something?"

"That's exactly it. I had no idea weakening myself would cause this much trouble. She's just aimlessly walking around, and whenever I teleport to scare her. I am met with a pie as she appears at the complete other end of the corridor. It's impossible I tell you, Nopony could predict my movements. With or without my full power. I can't even catch her!"

...Christ. You both were getting really annoyed. But getting annoyed didn't mean scared. So you both were definitely in the clear. And Celestia....the hell was with the fucking pies.

You pondered. Thinking through the earlier seasons of the show. And then come up with something.
"Discord, I think I got an idea on how to get Celestia"

"You do? Well out with it then. Because I swear, if I get hit with one more pie"

"Relax, trust me. This should work. She wants to hit us with pies? Fine...let's hit her with cake"

"Cake?...really Anon? I thought we discussed that pies aren't scary. Cake certainly won't be much better. She would probably go and enjoy it. And unless you suggest me poisoning it. Then you can forget about it. Not because I care or anything, but I can't torment what's no longer among the living."

..well..that was grim.
"No, look. Her going to eat the cake. That's exactly the plan"

"...........Are you serious?" Discord was befuddled by this

"Yes, look. Hear me out. Put out a really delicious cake. She'll get curious. She'll probably not eat it. But she'll definitely get curious. Then, SNAP. The cake comes to life and eats her! I call it...cake mimic."

"HAHA, that's a wonderful idea. And to think you thought of it before I did. Amazing. Then I assume we wait for her screams of terror, right?"


"Good...good....well, I'll be sure to set that up the moment I catch sight of her again. I'll keep you posted Anon....Good luck."

"Wait!...WAIT!...don't you have any tips for Luna?"

"Oh..yes, I happen to have one actually"

"What is it?"

"Stop stinking. cheerio Anon"

You growl...goddammit. Why can't he be nice for at least a moment. Hell, it wasn't like he was doing any better.

Whatever, you'll just take it out on Luna. You'll get her next time.

Again, you trail and stalk Luna. This time, you'd wait for her to make another turn. And she would walk straight into a wall of moaning flesh. Ponies screaming in pain from becoming part of a wall. Screaming and moaning for help despite how pointless it'd be. They were already assimilated. And if she happens to turn around? Bam, another wall blocking the way. No way to escape. Perfect.

you followed her into another single turn corridor. Man...this castle was pretty big.

You again teleport to the end of the corridor.

You set up the flesh wall, using your magic to keep them silent until she makes the turn.

There'd be no failure this time. Only victory.

You hid yourself on the ceiling like a stealthy spider.

....and this time
She was..SHE WAS.

Luna turned the corner, and was face to face with the flesh wall. The moment she sees it, you activate it as it screams and moans in pain, screaming her name for help.

You gently land behind Luna as she stares at the wall, she must be petrified with fear.

You turn yourself into a melting flesh being. Your skin actually bulging through your coat. Your eyes blistering and deranged. If she tried to run, she'd see you. And that'd be it. At least you hope so. If not. The other wall you’d set up would clench it.

But as you stood there, she did as well. Just staring at the flesh wall.

Was she that frozen with fear? She must have not been used to this kind of thing before. You walk a little closer to her. To meet her face to face when she eventually turns around.

And when you were a few more steps closer. She turns around.

You step back in a startled fright, enough to break your current form. Her eyes were empty. Literal black. With blood pouring out of it. The FUCK?! THAT AIN’T TV Y!

As she stepped closer to you, you stepped back. she was hissing, the hissing was the sound of multiple banshees screaming. There's no way!

You jump back as it screams at you. And put up a huge thick wall between the both of you and duck into one of the doors.

The room you were in seemed to be some sort of guest room. It had a bed, a dresser. Everything looked nice. But nothing royal. This was probably for visitors to the castle.

Not that you cared. There was a fucking R rated Luna out there for some unexplainable reason. You locked the door tightly as your ear started to ring.

Goddammit, it was Discord...if this was his doing...actually...that would kind of make sense. But why?

You lean your back against the wall and answer the call.
"Discord, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!"

"What? What do you mean? I was calling to tell you the good news."

"The good news?! that you sent a fake Luna to scare the shit out of me?! I thought we were a team!"

"What are you talking about Anon? I don't even know where yo-..ohhhhh"
He laughed

"What's so funny? What, did you get a giggle out of me freaking out?"

"I am actually. But it wasn't my doing. Or did you forget that Princess Luna is capable of illusions of her own. It's one of her special talents you know."


oh shit...THAT'S RIGHT. Besides the shadowbolts as Nightmare Moon. There was also making spiders come to life and still being able to disguise herself as Nightmare Moon even after being saved. But still...THAT?!

"You get it now Anon?"

"Yeah...but, what she did Discord. There was blood coming out of her eyes."

"....hmmm, I admit. That's a new one. But perhaps she's actually taking the game seriously. Her sister certainly didn't."

...oh no way.
"Wait, Celestia actually fucking fell for the cake trick?"

"Oh, ohhh she did. I think I made the cake too thick however as I don't hear any yelling. But I'm sure as she realizes her situation becomes hopeless that she'll scream and cry for us so loudly it’d pierce steel. Don't worry, we're already halfway there"

Ok, then that just leaves Luna...good.

"Ok, so. How can I tell Luna from her fakes?"

"Shadows Anon, Shadows. If her illusion doesn't have a Shadow. Then it's not real. And if it does. Then it's either her herself or it's a magically induced shadow. But those are also easy to spot. Just look for inconsistencies such as direction and form. I know you'll do fine. Make me proud...son"

aww....he genuinely sounded like he wanted you to succeed.
"I will, just leave it to me"
You sigh, and close communication. Ok...illusions...got it.

You unlock the door, and peer outside.

The corridor was clear.

you step out, ready for anything. What did you have to be afraid of anyway? You were more powerful.

You carefully stay along the walls, looking for ANYTHING that moves.

And if anything did, you'd check it's shadow. Not like this would be hard. There were a ton of video games that did it.

As you proceed through the corridors of the castle. You come along the complete end of the left side of it. Windows shining in moonlight from the outside. Even though it should be daytime. There attention to detail was spot on. No doubt Luna was taking this challenge much more seriously than her sister. No doubt about it since Celestia got caught.

As you step down the hallway. You can hear it. The snarls.

Through the shining of the moon. Multiple Lunas started to appear around you. All freaky in their own way. From empty eyes to decrepit melting wings. Each one a horror....and only one with a shadow.

"hmmm...not this time."

You light up your horn, and blast the entire area with a gigantic blinding light. destroying all the Lunas but one.

"Gotcha this time Princess..."
She was rubbing her eyes. as your own voice became distorted and ruined.

"You can't escape....YOU CAN'T ESCAPE!" You bellow at her.

When she looks, the corridor was gone. replaced with a thin hallway that bleeds all around her. As you step closer to her. You're body starts becoming more deformed as you grow flesh wings that turn to hands that reach for her throat.

If this doesn't do it. Nothing will.

You can see the fear in Luna's eyes. She immediately cries for her sister and runs...right through the wall.

Goddammit...you didn't know she could do that.
"Ugh.....gotta trap her next time."

You hear another ringing in your ear. You answer it.

"Anon! Anon! It's terrible!"

The hell?! why was he sounding frantic?
"Discord, what happened? Why are you sounding like someone died?"

"it's worse than that Anon! Celestia escaped!"

"How the hell did she escape?! There's no way!"

"Yes, I thought that too. So I went looking for Luna to see if she came by. And when I couldn't find her. I went back to Celestia. And...she's gone."

"What did she do? eat through the fucking cake?!"

"Worse....she ate the entire cake"

You slap your face with your hoof. How....HOW?! There's gluttony. And then there's that shit.

"Yes..it is quite the damnable thing"

Discord sounded like he was trying to be calm about it. But you could hear the disappointment in his voice. "How are you doing on your end?"

"I found her, and I gave her a scare that made her call out to Celestia. But I didn't think to actually trap her. Look Discord. I think we should regroup and meet back at the Throne Room."

"Yes, I was thinking the same thi-ng,A-non"

You started to hear a buzzing sound coming from the Codec...interference? from what?
"Discord, are you hearing me fine?"

"O-f cou-rse I a-m, it'-s just thi-s ann-oying -buzzing so-und com-ing from the thr-on- OH MY HEAVENS?! WHAT I-......"

Discord cuts out.

You kept calling, hoping he was joking, hoping he knew about MGS and was just doing it as a joke.

Nothing but static.

....what could have possibly got him? What was that buzzing noise? No way he'd let a Luna illusion get him. And unless Celestia went on the offensive with battle magic of some kind. Then..no, that's not possible.

You start using your magic to zip through the corridors. You get a little lost. But eventually find one of the doors that lead to the backside of the throne room.

You hug along the wall. and try the codec again.
It was dead.

....what could be in there?

"Well, took you long enough Anon. What did you do, get lost?"

"Yeah actuall.....what?"

You can hear Discord, but you don't see him.
"Down here Anon, if you'd stick to four legs instead of two. You'd see what is below you."

You look down

It was Discord's.....head.

You raise an eyebrow in confusion.
"Why are you just a head?"

"You tell me. Just because I gave you ultimate power doesn't mean you could play such nasty jokes on me. Do you realize how dangerous the creatures you summoned are?"

Creatures you summoned?
"...uhhhh....I didn't summon anything."

"Oh really, then what do you call the things in there, hmmm?"

He pointed his face at the door.

You slowly open the door, and peer inside.

What you saw.........was nothing short of pure horror.


"Yes, as you can see. My body was mauled and even tainted by those....things."

Discord was awfully calm about what was in that room desecrating his body. But what you saw...you knew what those bugs were......and there was a shitton of them,...there's...no...way. Horrid man sized bugs that were a mix of butterflies and mosquitos. Capable of terrific speed and murdering a human in seconds.

You slowly close the door. And start to sweat.
"...Discord.......I...Didn't summon those bugs..."

"And might I ask who did then? Certainly not Luna, those things are vicious creatures. Much beyond Equestria's usual set of beasties. Even the Everfree Forest has safer creatures than those things."

"Discord..I'm telling you. I'd never ever fucking summon Cazadors"
Oh shiiiit, where did they even come from? Never mind the fact they were fucking real. You were sweating bullets.

”Oh, so they have a name do they? Anon, this joke isn-"

Your scream can be heard echo across the castle. And then...the buzzing noise increased.
"....oh shit"

"Anon....why do I get the feeling you didn't summon these things?" Discord could see the utter horror in your eyes.


"......we gotta go"

"Go where? I'm not leaving without my win"

Fuck that, you could hear the bastards getting to the door. You get on all fours. Grab Discord by the ear with your mouth and toss him up. Catching him on your head. then using your magic to keep him there, you start running for your life as the menace that is Cazadors burst through the door.

"oh my, they are quite fast."


"Oh yes...they are going to kill us, never mind the fact that I essentially gave you unlimited power. Nooooo, that's useless."

"Do you think it could stop them?!"

"It can stop ANYTHING Anon. now about face, and show those things what for!"

ngh.....he was right though. If you let them spread. They could kill the princesses, they could destroy Equestria. But how...How did they get here?

You turn around. Shit, they were already nearly to the both of you within seconds.

You had to brave this though. But my god. Were they super ugly in person.

You just go wild. You shoot blast after blast after blast at them. The most powerful you could muster.

Eventually there was nothing but a smoke cloud. And the buzzing had stopped.
"......are they all dead?"

"I'd hope so, I want my body back. I can't seem to summon it on my own. Would you be a dear and summon it for me?"

You were breathing hard, that was the most terrifying thing you ever had to deal with in your life. It also should have been completely impossible.

You try summoning up Discord's body. But your horn only sputtered, and smoked.
"W-what's wrong?"

Discord moved his head up a little to look at the horn. "I.....don't know. The power is there, it can't just burn out. Is it incompatible with my own body?Perhaps you having my power made it impossible for you to summon OTHER pure chaotic beings....how odd."

Great, even he didn't know what was going on. And if he didn't know. Then that means shit was getting real. But..if the cazadors are dead then...everything..should...be...

Your eyes widen in horror as more of them. Even larger in size, start flying through the corridor in droves.

You just immediately start blasting again. Harder and faster than before. But even with your best efforts. These particular Cazadors were making progress, slowly, but they were getting through your blasts, and they seemed endless this time.

"Goddammit! They won't stop coming!"


Discord was just staring, assessing. But he couldn't figure it out. He realized this wasn't your fault. There had to be another reason. "Anon, Make a very very thick wall. Now!"


You do it, you make a thick wall of pure steel between you and the Cazadors since blasting them wasn't working.

You were just staring at the wall. Breathing hard, panting, freaked the fuck out.

"Anon...take off the horn"

"W-why?! I-I need it..."

"I need it more, I need my power back. I think I figured out what the problem is."

"W-what is it?"

Discord remained calm the entire time. He needed to. But inside, even he was worried about the circumstances of the situation. And you certainly weren't going to be calm about it.

"It's a theory, but it's possible your body isn't capable of containing the near full power of chaos. If you give me back my power, I can end this before it REALLY gets out of hand"

Right, that made sense...
You put your hoof on your horn and try to pull it out. But no matter how hard you try. It won't pop off.

"A-ahh..shit..it's stuck"

"annoying...but not hopeless. Head up, if you don't mind. Just look straight up."

You don't say a word. You felt you knew what he was doing. You just look straight up like he says.

Discord uses the little power he does have to detach himself and float up to your horn, and starts sucking it like a baby's bottle..or a.....well...lewd.

"What are you doing?"

Discord stops sucking for a moment to speak. "What does it look like? I'm sucking it out"

You tilt your head in confusion...that was possible?
"You can do that?"

"Of course I can" Discord goes back to sucking, but after awhile, he stops, and looks back down at you "nevermind, it appears I can't"

Your eye twitches as you scream out at him

"Calm down" Discord sticks himself back to the top of your head. Sort of like a hat. "we still have a solution"

You take a deep breath to calm down.
"And...w-what's that?"

"We wait a day. My spell on the horn itself will be gone by then. And everything will return to normal." Discord chuckles to himself. That sounded perfect to him.

You just burst out. An entire fucking day?! That's insane!

"hmmmmm...I didn't consider that an-" Suddenly he is interrupted.

"Boo!" A voice comes out from behind the both of you.

It made you fucking jump.

You turn and cower, hiding your head.

"Kill? huh? Anon...I don't think that was part of the challenge. Are you two ok? Discord, why are you bodyless?"

You look up, It was..Celestia...in a Chrysalis mask. A very bad one, But thank christ you found her.

You jump up and hug at her leg.
"You're safe...oh thank everything you're safe!"

"I am" Celestia chuckles nervously "Did I miss anything? Or did my sister get the both of you already?"

Ahhhhhh" Discord chuckles "So Luna is responsible for those cazador things...oh..oh thank goodness." Discord felt absolutely relieved, he was actually scared there really was danger.

"Cazador...things?" Celestia sounded cutely confused.

But that wasn't cute at all.

"L-Luna didn't summon...bugs?..like...big ones?" You didn’t like this.

Celestia shook her head. "No, not that I know of. I do want to commend Discord though for that giant cake. It was terrifying at first. But then like all cakes. It ended up being delicious."


"Celestia, we have to get out of the castle. NOW! Get Luna...we gotta get out. And seal the whole thing!"

"Why?...ohhhhh" Celestia laughs "It's a trick"

Discord shook his head "It's no trick Princess. we have a real threat on our hands. Even I must concur. Postponing the challenge is regrettable. But quite necessary"

"Discord, excuse me if I say I don't believe you...also.." Celestia looks at the wall. "I don't think we agreed to renovations to the castle either"


"Now isn't the time for this! Celestia we gott-......."

You gasp, even Discord gasps as a huge purple menace turns the corner right behind Celestia.

it was...A Chrysalid. A large bug like alien, purple in color, with a humanoid top with vicious claws and the ability to put it’s eggs into anything it kills. Turning their corpses into zombies.

No..you couldn't let it.

It was like slowmotion.

You shot a laser that would blow the thing apart from the inside. Almost like it was reflex.

But even with reflex. It was too late. The Chrysalid had stabbed right through Celestia, before your laser shot had caused it to explode from the inside. Celestia’s now lifeless corpse being thrown to the wall.

You were too late.

You and Discord look on in horror. Discord could no longer keep a calm and cool head.

"A-Anon.....w-what was that thing?"

But you couldn't say a thing. You were too late. And you already knew what was coming up next.

And like clockwork. Celestia began to clumsily raise from the ground. Her eyes were soulless. Her body had a huge puncture right through the stomach. All she could do was moan, hiss, and step close to the both of you. Slowly.


Tears went down your eyes. You fucked up...you fucked up badly.

And even though you knew you what she was now. You couldn't do it. You couldn't blast her to bits.

"Anon..w-why is she....what's wrong with her?" Discord was confused. Not too used to this kind of violence. Worried that things truly had gone way too far.

You don't say anything more. you just take another step back. You knew what would happen if you let her live.

With a heavy heart. and tears streaming down. You blast the laser again. Blowing Celestia to bits. Her crown falling down where her body once stood.


"SHE'S DEAD DISCORD!...She's...fucking dead..."

You fell down...crying.....oh god......this was a mistake.

...this was a mistake.....such a huge fucking mistake...

Discord didn't know what to say....He even realized this was a mistake...and he knew he had no way of fixing it. He didn't know what to do.

And neither did you.

".......what do we do now...?"

"I don't know......I just killed Princess Celestia. And Luna is probably dead too....And..I don't even know what could be going on outside....shit...we fucked up...Discord.....can't you fix this somehow? I mean..after tomorrow"

Discord gulped "N-no...I can't bring back the dead Anon...I can't fix this...I..didn't even know I'd cause this....this is my fault..this is..."

Discord started to well up in real tears. "I.....Don't know..wait..WAIT!...F-Fluttershy! We need to go get her!"

...dammit....even if it was selfish to save only her.....you couldn't imagine what would happen if she died too...

"What about Luna...we have to get her"

Discord was about to say forget it.....but he knew how that'd sound. "F-fine...but use the magic. Just teleport randomly until we run into her."


You take a deep breath and try teleporting. But the horn sputters, spits...and then pops off your head.


"IT...Discord...the horn!"

Discord looked down at it, he had no fucking clue why that happened...but he then grew silent. his face full of dread.

"Discord, Do it. Send these fuckers back to hell! Come on!"

".....I-I can't"

"What do you mean?! Just do it man!"

The power was gone...completely vanished. "My power...it just.....it's not there."

"..come on...."
You chuckle nervously, almost crazily
"T-that's a terrible joke..."

Discord looks down, hope...was lost.
"It's no joke...the only power I have left is what I have in my head. And it's not much....And I can sense that the creatures that are about. Are still about..."

You gulp...
"But...no more new ones should pop up, right?"

"Yes, that would..." Discord choked up, thinking of Celestia "...that would be the case..." Discord sniffed, starting to cry "I-if only..I could turn back the clock"

"m-me too...i-if..."

You went silent.

Turn back the clock.



your eye twitched, pupils shrank as you began to laugh madly.

"Anon...this...this is no time for jokes"

You almost fell over laughing, you had a way to fix this. To fix all this.
"No..I'm serious. We can go back in time!"

"...Anon...nopony can go back in time. And the one pony that could is long gone."

"Noooope, I know a pony who was most likely on their way to perfecting it. As far as season finales go. We need to go back to Starlight's town and get her to finish that time spell she told me she was working on. Then, we go back in time. And we fix this shit!"

"W-will that really work?"

"....yes...if I know my saturday morning cartoons. Then yes"

You were filled back up with crazed hope. Discord himself started to be filled with hope again. He trusted you on this. "Then! Let's get going! Those bugs should be stuck behind th-"

Then suddenly, you could hear a roar from behind the wall.

A familiar roar as you could hear fighting from behind the wall.

You step back away from it.

"....Discord...didn't you say there wasn't gonna be anymore monsters?"

"I....well...umm.....they'd..not be able to get through that wall right?"

It was odd hearing Discord without his arrogance or confidence. He was even weaker than you now. And in the same boat. But the roar from behind the wall....That..was a Deathclaw. A vicious and large brown devil looking creature with large horns and even larger claws.

"N-no...but...no..we should be fine. I know what that is. It's a Deathclaw. But all those Cazadors should kill it pretty fast. Come on"

You turn around
"let's get out of here. I don't want to leave Luna behind.But if we fix time. Then it won't matter. We have to do this be-"

You hear a smash on the wall, and a very warped version of the Deathclaw roar.

"...what was that?"

"What was what? That roar? I'd assume it's as you say. The Deathclaw being ravaged by those horrid insects." Discord guessed

"....that's...not a death roar..."
You turn back around. The wall had a crack. And with another bash. A claw tore through. connected to a purple arm. The claws dripping with poisonous liquids.

"Anon..what's wrong....How are they getting through that wall?"

"T-they didn't...shit..SHIT..WE GOTT-"

But it was too late. What burst through the wall was the ultimate horror. It was....a fusion of Deathclaw and Cazador...It was..

A Cazzaclaw.

and the moment it saw you. It came coming at you at near sonic speeds.

No fucking way!

You don't even think. You just dive to the left as the Cazzaclaw darts at you.

You dive right into another room. It seemed to be the royal kitchen. You close the door, and lock it and back off. Frightened for your life. Even if you were to run. You'd never get away with it. You had to sneak away.
"S-s-sh-shit...t...that was.."

"Anon, what was that thing?! It almost looked-" Discord was freaked out. He was helpless. And he almost saw you die. He'd never felt this kind of fear before.

"IT WAS A FUSION OF THE DAMNED THINGS. D-Discord...we gotta get out of here fas-FUCK!"

The Cazzaclaw slammed his claw through the wall, and ripped the wall apart.

Nope.....there was no way you could get away from it now.

You had trouble getting the words out.

You didn't have time to finish as you cover your head.

But just then, the cazzaclaw gets hit by a gigantic blast.

you uncover your face slowly. You could see the cazzaclaw trying to block the laser. But, amazingly. It was no match. Through the destroyed wall, You could see Luna blasting the fuck out of it until it disintegrated into nothing.

It was over. Luna was breathing hard. "Sister?! Anon!? Discord?! Where are you!? Make your presence known! Please!"

"Luna! Over here!"
You wave to her. Thank christ she showed up.

"Anon? Oh thank goodness and..." Luna tilts her head, adorable, confused "Why is Discord a hat?"

Discord doesn't say anything, instead he whispers to you "Anon....I think it'd be best we either convince her to come with us now...or we run"

"Why..what's the matter? She just saved us. "

"Yes...but considering our plan. It'd be best if we got there quickly. Luna would never leave without her sister and-"

Suddenly Luna screeched in pure horror.

Discord cringed hard, harder than he ever had before. "and......this won't be good. Anon, we need to leave"

You stood up slowly though. You could see what Luna was looking at. The remains of her sister.

You ignore Discord. She was obviously going to be very upset regardless. If you explain to her the plan..then maybe.

"Luna..I know what it looks like and-"

Luna turned to you as tears already well up in her. But her face was of pure, unbridled, ultimate, anger. "SILLLLLLLLLEEEENNCCEEEE!"

You step back, and gulp hard.

"Anon...we...need to go" Discord whispers

Luna walked over to the bits that was Celestia. Nothing was recognizable but the horn and the crown. The rest was red and white bits.

"Sister.....my dear sister...how? why?...This was not supposed to happen. This was to be merely a game. Just a little game. But.."

"Luna...Luna please listen. We can fix this." You try again to explain

You approached her slowly, Discord trying to convince you otherwise.

"I...can't Siser..I can't lose you. I can't be alone again. I'd rather be sealed for another thousand years, knowing i'd come back eventually to see you..but….but THIS. No......no...Please...say something to me....please.."

How could she, she was just bloody gore and bits.

"I see...so I am to be alone....and to think. I let my guard down against one of our most hated enemies...and his son...."

..ok, her voice was becoming darker, and evil sounding. That made you start stepping back. Time to listen to Discord.

You start to leave, fearing what might happen as Luna starts picking up every last bit of her sister with her magic. "But fret not sister...I can still feel your magical essence within this obliterated form. I will not let you perish. We will become one. And sentence those villains to the emptiness of oblivion. But that will not be enough. We will silence anypony who dares questions us. We are the sun, the moon, the beginning, and the end. Anypony who wishes to disrupt the natural order will be dealt with."
Luna started to glow, as she began to fuse with the remains of her sister.
"Nopony will question our authority, nopony will be allowed to even think of this kind of treachery ever again. We will become their everything. And they will knowl suffering from our blazing hooves of justice. BEHOLD! WE ARE NO LONGER LUNA AND CELESTIA"

Luna began to change, her coat became pure black. Her horn became three monstrous devil horns. Her mane and tail became that of pure blue flame. Her eyes demonic. And her wings large, expanding, making the galaxy visible itself within it.

The entire castle began to shake, rumble, and even warp around you. You lost your footing, and fell to the ground.

"Ngh..w-what's happening?!"

"I don't know! But I can feel it. Surges of magic that I've never felt before. Well beyond Tirek....well beyond even the power Twilight and her friends hold." Discord had never felt such monstrous power before.
As you get up to run again. Discord turns around on your head and sees the wicked nightmare being coming towards the both of you. "And...I think it might be whatever that is! RUN ANON, RUN!"

Oh, this wasn't even a time for hesitation. You could hear the evil cackling behind you. You get back up and make a mad dash back to the throne room.

The interior of the castle had turned to red. The walls spiked and jagged, pillars twisted and warped. And as you run through the throne room. The stained glass windows themselves changed to that of what seemed like a new world order under this new being that chased you.


The throne room's length seemed to get longer and longer as you ran. It was like you were making no progress.

"Anon.....run....I'm going to do something...I never thought I'd ever do..."

"Discord, are you fucking serious? You can't. I need you!"

"No you don't. And I won't be going anywhere when you succeed. I'll be right back with you. Good Luck, Anon....good luck"

Discord pops off your head, and rolls towards Nightmare Galaxia. You try turning back for just a moment to catch him. But he flew off too far. Shit....you didn't want to leave him. But if you stayed...

"You think you're big and bad?! Ha! You don't seem to realize who you're OOMPH!" It seems Discord was immediately clobbered.

Well, that didn't last long. But Discord's distraction of whatever happened behind you seemed to have stopped the magic in the throne room.

You get through to the large doors and reach the entrance hall. Almost there.

But....the doors..they would not open.
"Fuck..fuck...fuck...fuck..FUCK..COME ON..FUCK!"

That's when you hear it....a ringing on your codec...

Your hoof was shaking, more than it ever had before....you slowly reach to the codec. and press the button.

".....Anon....are you trying to leave? And here I thought of you as kind and gentle. But you're not. You leave your father behind, you murder my sister, and you don't even say goodbye to me. That's alri-"

You don't even let her finish. You grab the codec and throw it to the ground as you bash at the door.

And with luck..FINALLY..it opens...

But what you see...is pure hell.

Everything before you was a giant flaming hellscape.

"w-what?! No...NO!"

You hear her voice boom through the entrance hall as the entire castle starts to crumble and fall around you. You were standing on a platform. below you was pure flames and lava.

"This can't be happening...this can't be!" You were pure white from fright

"Ohhh...but it is...It's over Anon..."
Everything begins to shake, as Nightmare Galaxia, the size of a mountain, rises up from the lava. the molten rock dripping from her galactic wings.
"...Hello...Anon...were you going somewhere?"

Nightmare Galaxia looks down at you with a cruel smile.

You just cower. You couldn't believe this. Holy shit..you were gonna die....

"Hmm..not talkative I see...Well, that's a pity. I wanted to know your final words before I destroy you. Are you sure you won't speak? If only to last a few more measly seconds?"

You don't have words. You just have tears streaming from your eyes as you shake from utter despair.

"Goodbye Anon, I hope you feel what my sister must have felt in her last moments."

And her horn glowed. and within seconds she was blasting you with a giant laser. You were screaming.

And then....

You woke up...

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