• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 130

"Ugh...my ears. I don't think I was ready for that..." You say as you rub your hoof in your right ear.

Rarity helped you off Twilight's belly with her magic before producing a another handkerchief to clean you up. "It's a good thing I brought a lot of these with me. A lady must always be prepared."

Applejack carefully lifted her hooves off her hat and ears and looked around "Is it over?"

"What? I haven't been able to hear anything since Rarity yelled" Twilight said in a slightly louder voice as she rubbed her inner ear with her hoof.

"What? what is everypony saying?" Even you had trouble hearing. You were still reorienting yourself. you didn't even notice Rarity cleaning up your face. You didn't even need a clean up really. not by your standards.

"Rarity, ya didn't make em deaf did you?" Applejack asked.

Twilight was giving her inner ear more pokes as you started to do it do it yourself. That ringing was annoying.

"No no dear, just enough to cause some disorientation. I didn't mean to deafen them, honest." Rarity said, a little worried more for you than for Twilight. as younger ears are more sensitive. "Anon...can you hear me?"

You look at Rarity, you were sure she was saying something. You could barely hear her from the ringing. Though thankfully it was going down, it wasn't going down fast enough. Though, you were sure you could make out what she was saying. "I sort of fear you, that was super loud, yeesh"

"No I said can you hear me." Rarity cleared her throat so she could speak louder "Can you hear me Anon?"

Still not clear enough, you thought you heard your name...or she was asking to take you out for a drink of bourbon.

Applejack took the time to check on Twilight "Hey Twi, ya ears stop ringin' yet?"

"For the most part. How long was Anon standing there? Was he hiding? I don't understand"

"Well,when he gets his hearing back, maybe he could tell us. Because I want to know why there had to be a big heap of trouble goin' on" Applejack took a look at you rubbing your ears. She was wondering if you yourself even know what happened.

"I don't think he knows either Applejack, when he was floating up in the air. He looked as scared and confused as anypony else." Cheerilee said, as she worried about the state of your ears.

"He didn't know what was going on?" Rarity asked

Applejack started to narrow her eyes "...I think I know exactly who the real troublemaker is now."

Twilight nodded before all three of them said "Discord"

You caught that, you're ears cleared up right at the sound of that word. "What about Dad?"

"You can hear now Anon?" Twilight asked

"Yeah, I can now. the ringing is pretty much gone"

"Good, then, would you mind telling us if you know anything about you exploding? The whole schoolhouse had to be closed down and the students had to be sent home."

Ohhh shit. your disoriented status had momentarily made you forget about the situation at hand. "Oh, um. It's kind of. It's a little bit of this and that."

"This and that? Anon, you exploded in front of an entire class. If you're scared..." Twilight wasn't going to blame you, she wasn't going to perform a repeat performance this time. "Then don't be, we just want to know what happened. We know you wouldn't do this"

You don't think any of them would be happy to hear Discord was the cause of it all. Specially for the reason as to why, or even possibly accidentally why, he did it. "It's complicated. uh, before I even say anything. I need the four of you not to get mad. Because uhh...technically. Nopony should be because this all happened during recess."

"Anon, all ya gotta do is be honest with with us. We ain't gonna go flyin' off the handle or nothin'." Applejack was trying to assure you, the unassurable.

You sigh. This was going to be interesting. "Discord teleported me all the way to Canterlot because he wanted to have a meeting with the Princesses. A meeting that had to do with the both of us."

"What does that brute want with the Princesses? Anon...he didn't threaten them, did he?" Rarity asked, already fearing the worst.

You shook your head. You needed to get that idea out immediately from everyone's heads. "No, nooo, no no. This was actually more of a social visit. See, he was wanting to meet with them to issue a challenge. It's sort of a duel of pranks. Set to happen on Nightmare Night. Me and him facing off against the princesses....pretty cool right?" You smile sheepishly as you let a "squee" escape your lips.

"Are you telling me the entire school went into an uproar because your father's methods of teleportation are horrible explosions?! Anon, I really....really need to have to have a talk with your father about using his magic during school time. And furthermore, I'd like it if Fluttershy was there too. Because Celestia knows he won't listen to me without her present" Cheerilee said. Utterly annoyed and aggravated at Discord's chaos.

"Well, um. Technically he did do it during recess. I mean, in the spirit of Nightmare Night, right? It is tomorrow and all." You tried to defuse the situation the best you could.

"Anon, are you actually defending him? This is serious. We thought something terrible had happened. I was going to write a letter to Celestia herself about this if I couldn't find you!" Twilight could not condone Discord's behaviour. Nightmare Night or not.

You really didn't need another fight with Twilight. Discord was still a friend. And considering the circumstances. Especially after you promised him. Then you'd consider Twilight into the promise, and defend him. Whether he appreciated it or not. "He's my Dad Twilight. He really didn't mean to cause any harm. So yeah, I'm going to defend him. You know how his magic is, things just happen. He was at least nice enough to wait till recess. Come on, can't we just give him a break. Just this once?"

"......." Cherilee sighed "I don't know what to say. Technically, Discord didn't break any rules." She still intended to have a chat with him though,

"Well somepony has got to say somethin'. Even if he didn't break the rules. My sister came a runnin' scared to death at the whole thing." Applejack wanted a decision to be made.

"So did Sweetie Belle. I could only imagine every filly and colt having nightmares about the whole thing. The poor little things. But, if Discord actually didn't mean for this to happen. We can't just condemn him for it." Rarity said. She wanted a decision too. But the fact that she was defending him, even a little. Caught the attention of everyone in the room. Even you. "What? He didn't break any rules. I know this may look like a time to be upset for what he has done. But Miss Cheerilee already has a way of handling it and the way I see it, we're now just wasting time here instead of letting everypony know that Anon is ok. I think letting the children know that everything is alright should be our top priority, don't you think?"

Woah, that was actually really logical. Then again. It was also a very polite and proper thing to do. Letting everyone know everything was ok was more important than being angry at Discord.

"Hmmm, You're right Rarity. The more time we spend here. The more time all the students will be worried and scared. Alright, I say we all personally go and tell the students and their parents that everything is ok. The quicker we move, the better we can ease everypony’s minds. If all four of us work together. We should be able to wrap this up before it gets out of hand" Twilight states

Cheerilee,Rarity, and Applejack nod "Right"

But wait.. "What about me? Can I come...I was actually wondering. since you're here and all Twilight. If we could have that talk."

Twilight cringed, she was half hoping that perhaps you'd have forgotten about it. But you hadn't. She was just afraid of touching upon any sensitive ground. "Anon...this is more important. If you want, you can wait at the castle until we're all done. It shouldn't take too long."

That was good enough for you. You were sure you didn't need to get involved in letting everyone know you were ok. Since four of them already were going to do it. The class wasn't that big. They should be able to handle everything in no time.

You nod. "Ok, good luck everypony...and I am sorry this had to happen." Ugh, the only thing to worry about really was how this was going to make Discord look. You'd have to play some defense if any of your classmates come to ask about it.

Before they went off however, Rarity wanted to make sure everything was fine with you. "Anon, there's nothing else troubling you at the moment right? I'd rather not leave without you being ok"

"What do you mean? Miss Rarity?"

Rarity giggled at that, all the trouble going on and you were still polite. That already eased her mind. "Well darling, Discord is your father. I can bet you're worried that this would tarnish his reputation. Am I correct?"

Oh holy shit what?! "....y-yeah, but how did you know I was worried about that?"

"Well, as a pony of high status. I can understand the fear that comes from your reputation being destroyed. And I don't know about anypony else. But every time I meet with you. You are always courteous and well mannered. And you are the kind of pony who always tries to right that which is wrong. A commendable trait indeed. Though I personally do not know Discord's efforts of raising you, I can at least appreciate it. Since all things considered, you aren't a little beast like he "can" be. And I like to give credit where credit is due....with that being said." Rarity turns to her friends. "Would you all mind if we try to make it sound more positive? Just a little bit of sugarcoating is all I ask. If not for Discord, then for Anon and Fluttershy. Remember, Fluttershy associates with Discord more than any of us. So this matter will also affect her as well."

Wooooooah, Rarity. Outright going the distance for Discord. This makes you think of the reasoning he gave you when it came to "adopting" you. It was actually taking.

"....I didn't even think of it that way. But, yer right Rarity. I can't think of any real wrongdoings Anon here has caused. Ya would think with Discord being his dad n' all. There would have been somethin' off. But there ain't nothin' but a good heart in that little body of his. Though, he could stand to do some hard work. He's a little too soft, if ya get my drift." Applejack was in.

"I still want to have a talk with him. But, I'm not going to argue with one of the elements of harmony. All I want is for my students to be at ease" Cheerilee was in.

".....you’re right Rarity. Even on the few meetings I've had with the both of them together. Anon has always been a good colt. " Twilight stated " Anon. Just wait at the castle for me. I'll be there as quick as I can. Alright everypony, let's not waste anymore time. Let's go!" And Twilight was in.

And with that. They were off. Cripes....you were so damn lucky. Saved by fashion horse really. That could have gone a lot worse. "Wellllll......that...could have gone a lot worse. Geez and all fuck. Thank you Rarity...thank you. I know you weren't really my favorite pony. But I'm really starting to reconsider it...somewhat. I dunno...I'm talking to myself again..."

You take a deep breath of relief, and head off to the castle. trying to get other thoughts in your head. "Huh....I can't believe I haven't run into Trixie yet. I wonder how'd she react if I pretended to be a unicorn and just did some crazy magic trick. I wonder what she's even doing. Season 3 was so long ago. Man...I hope she's ok. Then again, Gilda turned out fine and we hadn't seen her since Season 1. It'll be fine."

You reach the castle and head towards the doors. You try pushing them and...yup...still unlocked and easy to break into. Twilight...come on.

You walk through the entrance hall and into the cutie map room. Looking at the thrones. You decide sitting at Fluttershy's was probably the most appropriate. She was technically family after all.

And so you do. You plant your little butt right on it and take a look at the map itself. It was..amazing really. Was that really all of Equestria? or maybe not. It being fit onto a table made it seem so small. A globe may have been small too. But it was to at least a certain scale. You could see pieces of the actual world on the map.

"Twilight! Are you back yet? This Jewel Gelatin isn't going to eat itself you know. I spent all morning making sure there were no jewels on your side. So come on, let's dig in!"

And there was Spike, in an apron. He was bringing in a gigantic platter with a huge purple gelatin glob on it. Half was encrusted with jewels...the other, stuffed with hay and flowers. You didn't know if you wanted him to see you or not. But hey, you were gonna be alone with him for awhile. Maybe he wouldn't be so bad one on one.

Spike spots you on the seat however, kind of taking away your choice to be able to walk out. "Anon?..what? What are you doing here?"

"Twilight told me to hang out here until she got back"

You expected a bigger reaction from him. considering the current dilemma. "Oh, that's kind of weird. Applejack and Rarity were here earlier yelling about you and explosions. what did you do? set off a firecracker at school or something?"

You shook your head. "No, I was the firecracker."

"Uhhh, you're gonna have to be a little more clear about that buddy. What do you mean you were the "firecracker"? "

"I mean I was the one who exploded. Nopony told you what happened?"

Spike set the gelatin down on the map table and sat on Twilight's seat. "Nah, I was busy making this gelatin treat. When I came out to ask about it, everypony already left. You look pretty good for having exploded though. I wouldn't be able to tell the difference."

"That's because I was actually teleported by my dad. We had some business with the princesses in Canterlot."

"Is that so?" Spike rubbed his chin, intrigued "Huh...You're already rubbing elbows with the big wigs huh? Or did they just want to see you and Discord because he was up to something again?"

"Actually, it was Discord who wanted to see them. And it went rather well. We'll be seeing them again tomorrow." You didn't feel inclined to tell him any specifics. You just wanted to pass the time until Twilight got back.

"Seriously? They want to see you AND Discord again? Wow Anon, you got some crazy charismatic thing going for ya. How about lending some of that kind of luck to your good ole pal, Spike." Spike leans over, and wiggles his eyebrows at you...ehhhh, you automatically knew what he was up to. He seemed to be fixated on the fact that you had this charm that he didn't have. But why the fixation?

"Spike...I barely know you. And whenever I run into you. It's always something. Why me? Why not anypony else?"

"Pfft, Anon. What are you talking about? I don't do that"

Oh really? ...Well, you had a way to prove that wrong. "I guess you don't, oh by the way, Rarity gave me a kiss when I saw her at the school. Lots of kisses. She was really worried about me. I think she likes me...alot" And then you stare, right into his big baby dragon eyes. You were waiting. Because if that didn't get him to crack. Then you would be the one who was wrong.

Spike didn't even resist. He just broke down and fell on his knees, begging at you profusely. "Anon...Anon come on. I can never ever get Rarity to do that. You can't just do that to me. Come on, help a bro out. Tell me your secrets! I've known Rarity longer than you and it already sounds like you got her eating out of the frog of your hoof. How can I do that!?" He grabbed your leg and started to cover his face in it, crying. "Tell meeeeeee"

...You knew it, it was obvious Spike was jealous. you actually felt sorry for him. He didn't have the kind of charm you had....even if it was mostly Discord's doing when it came to the cuteness of it and the situations brought upon you.

"Spike, she didn't actually do that. I just said that to prove a point. You seem to think that I'm some sort of magical walking mass of charisma"

Spike,realizing his own foolishness, stood up, brushed off his arms, then turned away to hide away his embarrassment. He tried to act all cool about it."N-not really. I was just uhhhh...testing you"

"On what?"

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...." Spike could come up with absolutely nothing.

"I knew it. Spike, what's the deal...really?" You sit back on Fluttershy's seat, ready for his explanation.

"you're not gonna judge me right? I'm not gonna tell you anything if you're just gonna laugh at me." Spike pointed his claw at you, being direct on wanting your word that you won't laugh.

"You want me to Pinkie Promise?"

Spike nods "Definitely, because if you break that. Then all I gotta do is tell Pinkie Pie and you'll be in a big heap of trouble"

"Is that a threat?" No seriously, was he threatening you with a Pinkie Promise?

"I'm just covering my bases, this is some pretty sensitive stuff I'm gonna tell you. And I don't want it leaving this room"

Right, you shouldn't be surprised. The way he's been acting. he had his own personal "good" reasons as to why he's been acting that way. So you do it, you make the Pinkie Promise. "Ok...now what's up? Why do you keep treating me like I can be your own personal tool"

"Oh come on Anon, I wouldn't say "own personal tool". That makes me sound like , I dunno, Discord."

You just silently stare at him.

He started to rub the back of his head as he realized that actually may have been the case "Ok...maybe I was a little heavy handed. But coooome on. You have to have noticed at least one reason why I keep bothering you about it whenever I see you."

"I don't, that's why I'm asking."

Spike sighed, more like he didn't want to lay it all out. "You have all this charm coming out the wazoo! I know you've had Applebloom and Diamond Tiara after you, I first noticed it when you came by the castle with Diamond Tiara that one time. and who knows who else you got fallen for you. And Rarity, come on! After you gave her those gems for the dresses. It was "Anon is amazing all things considering" this and "I wonder if Anon could be my personal assistant" that! She told me she wanted you as a personal assistant! WHYYYYYYYY...why....why did she have to say that!? It's insane. I'm supposed to be her personal assistant!"

Oh good lord, it seems you had been putting him through the ringer without even knowing it. But there were a few things he said that irked you. "Spike, you do know I turned down and Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara right?"


You nod. "Yeah, I'm not interested in them. As for Rarity, I-"

Spike suddenly hopped up on the map and pointed at you. "No you don't, I won't let you"

What? "You won't let me what?"

"Take Rarity's heart. I saw her first!" Spike started putting up his claws like a boxer "I saw her first!"

If you had ever had to facepalm harder...this would be the time for the hardest facepalm ever. "Spike, I'm not going to fight you."

"Y-you better not, I can kick butt and throw fireballs all over the place. You wouldn't stand a chance." Spike makes a few "threatening " kung-fu movements at you. "Now are you gonna lay off Rarity or what?"

"I'm not even on her Spike. Weren't you just trying to employ me to help you before?"

"I did, until.....ugh..." Spike looked down in shame, putting down his stance. "What's the point? I've been around Ponyville for a long time and she doesn't ever really look my way. You just got here and you got all sorts of admirers and ponies crushing on you. It's not fair!"

...Ah, it was jealousy alright.. Poor guy. You didn't mean to make him suffer. You can't even call him immature for it. He was just a baby dragon after all.

You sigh. "Spike, I understand how you feel. It was pretty overwhelming for me too. But I turned down Applebloom and Diamond Tiara as I've said. As for Rarity..and let me finish this time..I highly doubt she has any sort of crush on me. How many times does she even mention me in front of you?"

"A few times. I mean, maybe I over exaggerated a little on how much she mentioned you. But still, the moments she did. She was really really happy about it. I even asked her sister Sweetie Belle what she thought of you, and you know what she told me?"

…Oh no...you had to gear up for this one. Because you actually had no idea how she felt. Was she keeping anything secret? "Uhm..what?"

"She said "He's alright.." GYAAAH!" Spike held his head in horror as he screamed ""He's alright"? That's practically next to "heads over hooves in love". Why can't I attract Rarity like that, it just isn't fair!"

..Uh.....ok, now he was just overreacting. Sounded like Sweetie Belle wasn't into you at all.
"Spike, did you ever consider that she meant that she just wants to be friends? Because I've never actually seen her attracted to me. Same with Rarity. Rarity is just really friendly, that's all"

"Are you serious Anon?" Spike walked across the map towards you. putting his claws to his face as he shakes it in disbelief "Maybe I shouldn't have been worried after all. You don't know anything about the ladies."

Oh hell no, he didn't just say that. "Excuse me? And you do? You were the one freaking out. Spike, stop being a dunce and start using your head. If I wanted a marefriend. I would have taken one of the ones available to me. But I didn't. So don't even assume you know more than me. Especially since you're the one having the trouble. And as for Rarity. Drop it, the only reason you're having a spaz now is because I did something nice for her and she complimented me for it. The only reason I did it was because I made a mess of her dress in the first place. I was fixing a mistake. That's all there is to it. Now, can we stop this...please? It's really starting to get on my nerves."

"Wait..hold on. You mean you did all that because you ruined her dress? You were the one who did that?"

You nod. "Yes,"

"And, so you didn't do it as a gesture of love or anything?"

"Uh huh"

"So you aren't interested in Rarity?"


"And so, the only reason you turned down Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara because you really just aren't interested?"

"That's what I'm saying."

Spike had tears form in his eyes as he fell to his knees, clenching his claws. "Oh thank Celestia, I still have a chance."

In hell maybe, but hopefully this ends that nonsense. "Yeah...so, you gonna stop pestering me about all this?"

Spike looks at you, and nods. "Alright, I will. But you gotta promise that you'll never ever EVER go after Rarity. Got it?"

You don't even ask, you Pinkie Promise...again. "Ok, now that we got that settled. I think we should clean up that gelatin from the floor. I'm sure Twilight doesn't like messes in her castle."

"You mean I'll clean it up." Spike insisted as he hopped off the cutie map table.

"You don't want any help?”

Spike started to stuff his face with the gem stuffed part of it first "Nope, I'm good."

...Course, he's just wants to eat it. Well, he did make it. And it would go to waste if it wasn't eaten. But off the floor?

"So....Anon. what's it like being Discord's son...really. What's the scoop?"

"Eh" You weren't going to disclose anything important. But you would at least indulge him. maybe try to have a normal friendship with him. "It's not bad. Dad's pretty cool. You know about my horn right?"

Spike nods "Of course. Is that thing really that powerful?"

You nod. "It's pretty powerful, I don't really know if it has any actual limits. But I can use it once per day and so far I can do whatever I want with it"

"Anything you want huh?...hmm"

Nnnooooopppeee. "Don't even think about it. It's not something I just lend out."

"Alright alright, can't blame me for wanting to ask"

"Ok, I got one for you then. What's it like being Twilight's assistant?"

"The best job ever!" Spike grabs some glob covered gems and slams them into his mouth and chews. "Besides being the only dragon trusted to be Princess Twilight's assistant, and that's before she even became a princess by the way. I also get to go on a lot of cool adventures. Makes life pretty interesting. Fighting monsters, fixing friendships, smashing up bad guys. Yup, it's the life. Especially if it pays out in these juicy babies" Spike munches on another gem. "Yup, handling all the important stuff behind the scenes is real work. But the rewards are worth it."

"You mean in your friendships too right?"

"Well duh, of course I mean that....and also gems."

"So what do you think of Twilight herself? Like a sister, a mother? What?"

"A mother? Nah. But sister is what I'd like to think of it. But like my younger sister. Twilight wouldn't be as far as she is now without her number one assistant. Yup, I've had to keep her in check a ton of times. You wouldn't believe how many times she goes off the handle."

........You could believe it, and then there was the time he did manage to cool her down enough to be reasonable when she was sealing you. Infact. "Actually Spike, I wanna thank you for something."

"Thank me? For what?" Spike wiped his face with his arm, he finished off the gelatin. even Twilight's side. Well, it was clean at least.

"For believing me for me being me back when Twilight was trying to seal me. You kind of saved my butt there. She probably would have done it if it was just me and her. In fact, I kind of want to start our friendship from there."

Spike stood up and sat back on his seat. "Huh? ahh don't sweat it Anon. I couldn't leave you hanging you know. Like I said, Twilight has her moments. That's why I'm here to balance her out. But what do you mean start our friendship from there?"

"Because it's much better to start it out where there was actual friendship rather than you trying to get my "dating" tips"

Dating tips...ugh. You weren't even that good at it. You keep getting teased and toyed with. And you can't even say it's annoying because the attention of the opposite sex...it's always nice. Sometimes.

"Ohhh, I getcha. ha..." Spike was actually feeling a little unsure about that "So you really wanna be my friend huh? Even after all that?"

"I wouldn't have asked you about Twilight or thanked you if I didn't."

A small smile formed on Spike's face. Relieved that he didn't actually ruin the possibility of your friendship. He knew you had managed to ingrain yourself among the mane 6. And so he knew, especially from Twilight being the social worker at the time, that you'd be around more than any other pony usually would.

"Yeah, I guess I should have realized that. Well..." Spike leans back and puts his leg over the other. "I guess since were actually bros now. We can hang out, do stuff, and if you ever need any help, just let me know. Especially if it comes to helping Rarity."

Hah...should have expected that. But he seemed a lot more relaxed about it now. In more of a friendly manner than another way to get into Rarity's "pants". "Alright, cool. I gotta warn you though. If you're gonna be my buddy, you're also gonna have to deal with my dad whenever he decides to show up. Think you can handle it?"

You were serious about that question. Discord could do some serious messing about with Spike in the fray. You were sure he had zero respect for the little dragon.

"Pfft, of course. If you can handle him, I can handle him. Noooooo problem" Spike said with confidence as he leaned back further, closing his eyes with a cool smile across his face. Resting his arms behind his head. You probably couldn't trust him on that. But what were you to do?

And that’s when the chamber doors opened. It was Twilight. And she was looking pretty frustrated...hopefully not at you.

"Hey Twilight! woah...what happened to you?" Spike noticed as well.

"I had to shake off a filly who wouldn't let go of my leg..." Twilight then looked at you "Anon, did you promise a filly you'd marry her?"

...Oh goddammit... "What?! No...sorta...I know who you're talking about. And I told her if I never ever fell in love with any other pony then I'd sort of kind of...you know. Actually try dating her. And...ahh geez. What did she do?"

"Well, besides yelling at me that it was my fault that you exploded, because apparently I wasn't doing my job as a princess. She also started to grab at my leg when I told her you were ok. She wanted to see if I was telling the truth. She even grabbed onto my wings, And...well..." Twilight lifts her right wing....oh geez, looked bad. "She held on pretty tight" a lot of her feathers were either out of place or straight out missing. "...Yeah...luckily her father managed to get her to calm down. I told her I'd send you her way when I was done speaking with you."

Agh....dammit. You tried to play it straight though. You couldn't imagine what kind of pain a pegasus or Alicorn goes through when their wing gets fucked up like that. "Oh..haha..sorry about that. Yeah, she's sort of attached to me, sort of not. I'll a, yeah..I'll go see her when we're done. But Twilight, I mean. If you just want to go and relax. I'm ok with that. You look like you had it rough,"

"No..." Twilight moved over to her seat and immediately planted her butt down on it, putting her legs down in front as she looked at you with a serious, yet oddly adorable expression as she retracted her wing. "We're doing this now. You've waited long enough. I will not do anything else until we've had this discussion."

"Gee, Twilight. Are you sure you don't wanna get some rest? Maybe a drink? I mean, how serious can this talk be?" Spike was already worried. This was a chat with a colt after all. In his mind, not worth stressing over.

"You're right...Spike, get me a drink. And get Anon a drink. Just a cup of water for the both of us" Twilight never took her gaze off of you.

"O-ok Twilight...but uh..don't go crazy while i'm getting some water, ok? I don't wanna have to hit you on the back of the head."

"I'll be fine Spike. I promise everything will be ok."

"..Ok...then I'm just gonna get some water for the both of you.." Spike stepped off his seat, and slowly, walking backwards, keeping his eye on Twilight, hesitated leaving the room "yup...gonna get some water...help cool you down....make sure nothing happens… yup… water… right.... Ok… leaving the room....opening the door.....going through the door...." And he was gone.

Wow, you actually felt nervous as Twilight looked at you. You didn't fear her trying to banish you this time. You knew she knew better. But that expression. She wasn't going to take you lightly just because you were a colt. She was ready for a serious debate.

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