• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 77

Twilight rebegan her lecture. This time taking a less scientific, simpler approach

"Where'd you go Anon" Diamond Tiara asked you, concerned on why you had left without a word.

"Just wanted to check of Princess Twilight, she was looking sorta upset..you know..just a thing I do"
You shrug, and smile sheepishly

"Oh..umm..Well, was she ok? She got really angry there" Diamond asked you

You started to go into a low whisper. Ready to spring your question
"Oh..yeah, she's fine....Hey Diamond, I got a question...can you meet me at the Crusader Clubhouse after school?...and without Silver Spoon?"

"....you mean...alone?" Diamond whispered. she was intrigued by this.

"Yeah...can you? I want to talk to you about something in private."

"Private? But won't Applebloom and the others be there too?"

"Ehhh...not really, maybe"
What a lie..

Diamond was even more intrigued, curious, wanting of this. "I think I could convince her to go somewhere else is she is.I'll just tell her we're gonna try getting your cutie mark in "mud wrestling"...how does that sound?"

Mud wrestling.....yeerrrnnnn...you wondered how pure that suggestion really was...
"...ummm..yeah, that'-"

"AHRM.....am I boring you two?" Twilight looked at the both of you, annoyed that you'd whisper through her lecture. "This is very important you know..."


Diamond immediately snapped to attention "S-sorry Princess Twilight, it won't happen again"


Twilight nodded, and continued her lecture. She was explaining about how doing good deeds and telling the truth was an important part of friendship, and then after that moved on to how sharing and being generous was another, and so on and so forth.

Cheerilee was staring at the clock. Given where it was last time recess was called. It seemed to be getting close to that time.

"....now then" Twilight took a breath, this time ready for anything "Does anypony have any friendship questions?...that relates to friendship?"

hmmm...Twilight was helping you out...maybe you'd throw her a bone and offer up a challenging friendship question. You had just the right one in mind.
You threw up your hoof faster than any other student in the class.

Twilight prepared herself, and pointed to you "Yes?"

"Well, I was wondering. Do you think villains like the changeling queen or Tirek will ever be able to embrace friendship and become friends with ponies?"

Twilight was caught offguard...she wasn't expecting a question asking about her past foes. "...That's actually a good question...and a little difficult to answer. But, I'll do my best"

Twilight wasn't going to let a question like this slip through her hooves when it's for the benefit for the class. "That answer is complicated. I don't think either of them have ever had a friend. Or...ever had a friend they could relate to rather than manipulate. I think if somepony could show them the magic of friendship, then there's always a chance. Actually, I must admit. Before I became a princess I thought it was actually an impossibility. But a dear friend of mine showed me that even the most powerful and seemingly evilest of beings could have a change of heart once they experience friendship for themselves. To put it simply...Yes, I think it's possible...just highly difficult to manage." Twilight nodded

...hmm..she was obviously talking about Discord...evil?..nah, he just loved having fun. That's what you saw anyway...he was just a colossal dick...he's still a colossal dick..

You nod to Twilight
"Thank you for the answer"

Not really, that was an obvious and heavily generic one. But eh..what were you to expect?

"You're welcome" Twilight said with a smile, feeling things were finally going somewhere "Now then...Any-"

The bell rang
"What?..what was that?" Twilight looked around, confused.

Cheerilee assured her it was normal "It's the bell for recess. You don't mind if the students go out and have their lunch and have fun? Do you Princess?"

Twilight was disappointed that she had to be interrupted so suddenly. But, she couldn't hold children back from eating. She smiled to Cheerilee "No no, it's fine. I'll just continue when recess is over."

"But...Princess. We do need to give the students some time to continue their projects too. Don't you think?" Cheerilee didn't want to go off schedule. She always tried to have a seamless curriculum.

"I think..well...can't they work on it tomorrow? This is important." Twilight was intent on finishing up her lecture.

"...There's no school tomorrow...or the day after that" Cheerilee said, despite Twilight being a princess. Cheerilee was adamant on keeping to schedule.

But Twilight was just as adamant as her at getting her lecture across "Well, hrn. Then how about giving them a break and then letting them finish on the next school day?"

Cheerilee tapped a hoof on her desk, pointing to her planned curriculum and schedule on a notebook "Princess Twilight, as you can see here. I already hired professionals to move all the projects to a special storage until the day of the festival. I can't just cancel that, they don't allow refunds."

"T-Then I will personally go up to them and have them reschedule, t-this is important!" Twilight stammered, the lesson must go on!

Cheerilee relented at that...that..would be ok..She didn't want to go against the princess completely. "...Well...If you can do that. Then. Well..you're the princess..." Cheerilee then turned to her students "Recess everypony, and please don't forget to eat your lunches...oh..and Anon, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara, And Silver Spoon...I do believe we need to talk about some holes you left around the schoolyard yesterday,,,"

Well damn, still on that?

everyone, including you ducked down a little.

"That's what I thought" Cheerilee nodded, looking at the guilt "I want you all to eat your lunches and then spend recess filling those holes. Understood?"

you all nod and reply.

Well godddammnnnnn.....Well..it'd be fine..

Silver Spoon was whining though. She didn't want to touch the dirt at all.

You bust out your lunch box and unwrap your sandwiches and start eating, as you open your thermos to drink. huh...how nostalgic..

You look over to your two compadres. ....well damn...their lunch boxes were much nicer than yours. Particularly Diamond Tiara's. It was two times bigger and encrusted with gems.

"...Don't worry about it Silver Spoon, you can just stand there and we'll do the work, You weren't even digging with us in the first place."
You actually just wanted her to stop whining. That seemed to do the trick.

"...Thank you Anon. That's very gentlecolty of you"

Gentle...NOPE. Can't let that in. CAN'T LET HER IN.
"It's just the truth. If you had dug some holes. Well, that'd be a different story"

You take a bite of your sandwich as you peer over to Silver Spoon. she seemed a little peeved by that comment. But says nothing....good.

You look over to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Aww...they were trading lunches. That's cute...why was that cute? You had no idea.Just looked cute in a friendly sense.

Twilight seemed to be doing some mental exercises. Psyching herself up for more lectures and questions.

this was no problem. If anything, your plan was now fully a go. Nothing could ruin it really. You had all the pieces in place. All you had to do was make sure it all worked .

After everyone's meal. You all went to fill the holes as ordered. Being ponies, it seemed you had no need for shovels as your hooves were rounded and strong enough to do the job. Silver Spoon just watched as each of you, even Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara. Came together to fill the holes back up. Scootaloo had a unique way of doing this herself. Using her wings to create a push on the bigger piles of dirt to send them down into the hole. Huh....and she still wasn't able to fly.

You all didn't strike up much conversation. Instead focusing on filling up the holes as quickly as possible. It was boring work, but your pony body gave you more vigor than your old human one. You had the energy and strength to keep going.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked like they wanted to talk about something. Probably about the plan. But they didn't want to talk in front of Diamond Tiara. Or that's what it looked like anyway.
Finally, you all finish up the final hole.

"hah! That wasn't so tough!" Scootaloo said as she patted down the dirt

"Yeah but now we gotta go back to class soon. And Twilight is being sorta...well..she's being a little boring" Sweetie Belle said, she didn't have that deep an interest in hearing about things she had already been told many times before.

"Well, I think it's important to hear what the princess has to say. Isn't that right Anon?" Diamond Tiara looks to you to agree with her.


In this world, it was pretty important. Friendship is Magic and all that. But, you didn't want Diamond to get anymore into you. And agreeing with her may...ahh whatever. You were going to tell her the truth later anyway. You only needed to last awhile longer.
"Yeah, It's pretty important. Friendship seems to make everything go round in Equestria. I mean, without friendship. My dad would still be a statue and.."

Suddenly you felt a small sting in your heart.
"And..I guess I wouldn't be here"

.....yeah....Twilight's lecture was important. Even if you understood it at your own level. It was important for these growing fillies and colts to learn and understand it too. Without it, you'd never would have had the chance to even come here.

"Anon?..Are you alright?" Diamond Tiara noticed your expression become gloomier. It worried her.

you nod. quickly snap back to reality. And give her a smile. This was no time to be sappy. Stick to the game plan

"yeah I'm fine. Let's just head back to class and wait it out. I doubt we'll be able to get anything else done."

You all agree and decide to go back inside the schoolhouse to wait things out. But there was already students returning. Seemed it was a decent idea as any then.

Twilight looked prepared for more questions. And for another lecture.
And with everyone seated, another bell ring soon followed.

"Alright Class, please put everything away and we shall resume the lecture with Princess Twilight" Cheerilee stated. a few of the other students had a few things out. like lunchboxes,toys, or books. They started to put their things away as Twilight took the stage once more.

"Now I want to hold off on questions for now. And speak about something else about friendship that's very integral to it's foundation. And those are the elements that make up friendship. I'd actually like to go more into detail about each one..."

And so she did. Twilight went into explicit detail about each element of harmony as a quality to friendship. It was actually really boring. But it did have most of the class impressed. Sweetie Belle looked like she'd doze any second though. Scootaloo was handling it just fine, especially when she got to the part about Loyalty.

"...and now...a few more questions. I hope you all really get the idea of the concept of friendship by now! So please, don't hesitate to ask me a question" Twilight said, smiling, feeling satisfied with herself.

And it seemed they finally did. most of the students were finally asking questions pertaining to basic friendship and friendship problems such as "should i tell the truth to my best friend, even if it'd hurt their feelings?" or "what's the best way to make new friends".

Twilight took every single question head on. Delighted to give her sound advice to everybody who asked her. She got so lost in it that the bell rang in the middle of one of her answers.

"W-wait? That's it? But...there's still so much to talk about" Twilight looked a little devastated. She got so into answering questions she just failed to realize the time. But, she took it in stride, she wasn't going to keep you all there forever.

Though..this was perfect for you. It meant it was time. It was time to get the ball rolling and hopefully not have it totally crush two hearts. All you had to do was make your intentions clear without causing any issues.

"Well that's the bell! I'd like you all to give a big thank you to Princess Twilight who took time from her busy schedule to give you all her lectures on friendship. In fact, why don't we all give her a nice round of applause" Cheerilee gave her students a loving smile as she raised her hooves to clap for Twilight. The rest of the class joining in, even you joined in. Twilight did try her hardest. And answered questions to everyone's satisfaction.

"Thank you everypony, it was a pleasure to pass on my knowledge of friendship that I had learned by coming to Ponyville with the rest of you. I hope you all have as good as an experience i've had with friendship."

It almost looked like she was going to cry. Was it because she did a really good job? Or because she was looking into a crowd of hopeful students that would take her to her word. probably the latter...maybe both. Or maybe she just wanted to keep her lecture going forever. The world would never know.

You get up and take a stretch, raising your butt in the air. It was weird being a pony sometimes. sometimes you felt like what a cat must feel like...or a dog.
"Well...I'm gonna go head off to the clubhouse. Get some things done. And other things prepared...you know..stuff.."

Stuff indeed. in your explanation to Twilight. You had told her where'd you planned to be when this all went down. So she should show up, maybe even before you do. To discuss anything further. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo would nab Applebloom. And Diamond Tiara..

"I'll meet you down there soon Anon, I just want to ask the princess a few more questions before she goes. " Diamond seemed to have gotten distracted by Twilight's presence. Some things never change you guessed. But that was fine, Now she had no reason to straight out follow you.

"Yeah, I'm gonna stick around too! I want to ask the princess some things about....well..being a princess!" Silver Spoon said, excited that the lecture was over. She felt she could get a question not relating to friendship in. This too would be fine. You definitely didn't need her following you for any reason. Good job Twilight, you even made a good distraction.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle say goodbye to you, and give you a confident nod. A nod that told you they were going to get Applebloom immediately. Perfect. Applebloom only lived little ways away from the clubhouse. But you hoped she'd listen to her friends and actually go there.
All the pieces were falling into place.

After Miss Cheerilee said her goodbyes to her class. You made off to the Clubhouse. To wait for everyone to show up. And get things over with.

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