• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 155

But Luna did not ready herself for a hug. She just continued to look at you, judging you.
"Anon, now is not the time for hugs and affection. Nor will I be swayed by it."

Well...shit. She was really serious about this.

This was actually difficult. She was more of a wall than her sister. And she has the advantage of looking in on some of your memories. In all actuality. That made you feel kind of violated that she'd just do that. There could have been some serious shit you didn't want her seeing. Or rather, there is some shit she should never ever see. But you couldn't just argue with her....Well you could, but that wouldn't end well for you. Especially since the dream world was her turf. No, you had to think smart.

.....you got nothing.

"..ok..no hugs then. Princess Luna, look. I promise you, I would never ever do anything to actually hurt anypony. Unless, you know, they really really deserved it. I don't have any intention of conquering the world either. I mean,come on, what would I do with the whole world? That's way too much for somepony like me."

"All but words Anon, all but words. I too wouldn't know what to do with all of Equestria. But it didn't stop me from trying to conquer it....well...actually"

Luna rubbed under her muzzle with her hoof, thinking about her time as Nightmare Moon "I suppose wanting to cover everything in eternal night was one thing I wanted. But then, considering that, you could have an irrational desire to want to rule all and subject us to something insane. I know not how a human thinks, but it’s plausible nonetheless."

"But that's when you were Nightmare Moon and crazed by the want of revenge, I have no reason to want revenge on that grand a scale. I mean, heck, I actually sort of did an elements of harmony thing of actually reforming a pony that wanted just that, to conquer Eq....woah wait. Actually, wouldn't that count? I reformed a huge threat to Equestria on my own. And made her good. And I did it with the power given to me"

Luna didn't react to that. Instead, a huge door appeared to the right side of you. It had Starlight's cutie mark embroidered on the top, and a huge padlock with chains holding the door closed.
"Yes, I'm aware of that. It's something I wanted to investigate. to witness how you actually managed to do it. But, as you can see. The door leading to the memory is inaccessible by normal means."

Sheesh, it is....why?

You walk over to the door, and rub your hoof along one of the chains.
"You can't open it?"

"I could, but it'd take some time. Memories like these are usually the kind that ponies don't want anypony else knowing about. Hence why I don't understand why they'd be on this memory. I'd think you'd be proud of it. The only reason for there to be chains is if you had something you hide."

Had something to hide? What did y-.....oh shit..that's right. Within this same memory had to be the fact that Starlight knows about Chrysalis. Yeah, that'd be a very good reason why it couldn't be opened.
"Errr...yeah. There kind of is.."

You had to think fast, and had to be careful not to lie, you had no idea if Luna could pick up on it or not.

"And that is?" Luna asks, wondering what it could be.

"Well, you see. Ummm, I kind of turned Starlight into a filly to get her to calm down. I even zapped her horn away..and she kind of ...erm...."

You ham it up a little. If anything, what you had in mind was indeed the truth.

"...she did what?" Luna asks

"She, kind of clobbered me...a little"

Luna looks at the huge size of the chains. If that's what you were hiding, to her, that meant it was more than just "a little"
"I see. oh Anon, There's no shame in taking a beating if you still accomplished such a noble deed."

Luna's serious armor took a bit of a crack there, she actually felt sorry for you that you seemed embarrassed that you took a thrashing.

"yeah...but she was a girl..and I'm a boy...you know."

Luna raised an eyebrow "I know what?...is there a problem with being a girl?"

Ok ok...you didn't wanna go down that road. At least it looked like she was willing to back down from wanting to crack open the lock.

"N-no, I just mean that getting beat up...you know. It just makes me feel really ashamed."

Luna sighed "Anon, as I said. There's no reason to feel ashamed. Even the best of us will take a beating from the most unlikely of sources when it comes to accomplishing our goals. I can see however, that it affects you most deeply. So...If my sister can trust you. Then I'll take you at your word."

You sigh heavily...thank fucking god.
"Thank you Princess Luna, you are most kind"

"Your most welcome. Anon, my intention is not to frighten or shame you. This visit serves two purposes. One, it is to make sure that you are not going to put any of my subjects in jeopardy. And two, it is to make sure you yourself will not come to harm or self harm. I know of ponies care for you through my pass through your friends’ dreams. And I know you care about them as much as they care about you. The only thing I find saddening is the fact it's built upon a lie."

you cringe a little at that. That's...one way to summarize it. Not the way you like to hear it.
"I know..but, my feelings for them really are true. I'm being honest about that. I truly mean it. Heck, if Applebloom, or Sweetie Belle, Diamond Tiara, Aunt Fluttershy, all my friends...even Discord. If I had to choose between them and ultimate power. I'd choose them"
Cheesy as fuck...but you meant it.

"I believe you Anon, but mark my words. You will be dealt with personally if you have a change of heart. The power you are allowed to wield is not something we take lightly."

You bow to her, wanting to show her you both understand and respect her decision. Damn, this was a little humiliating to be honest.Not even Chrysalis dominates you this harshly. Well, she threatens destruction on you sometimes. But she's usually really seductive about it.

You look up at Luna, if that was all to be said. Then you try again for that hug. That way you can cement the fact you liked affections. Also plus you'd really like to hug her. You knew she could be a softee if she wanted to be. You thought if you appealed to her softer side, maybe the next time you see her it wouldn't be all...well...whatever you call this.
"So uh....if we're done then...how about that hug? hmm?"

"Now is not the time for hugs, Anon. There is still one more matter to discuss before my departure." She says with stern seriousness. Sheesh, what else could there be?

"What is it?"

"How do I defeat the ice cave?"

.........wuuuuuuuuuuuut? Out of all the things that made your mind wig out. That had to be the most fucking random.

"....What do you mean by that?"

"The ice cave. In world six of the Super Brothers Third game that came on your strange box. There is an ice cave in which I keep going right and yet keep finding myself in the same spot. It vexes me"


"Do not toy with me Anon. I know you know the secret to obtaining victory. I have crushed the other two games before it within the night and I will not be conquered by a mere loop. Tell me the secrets that I must know!"

.......so..first super serious business....and now you were a game guide? Holy shit Luna, was this really a priority after she just fucking scared the shit out of you with this bullshit?

".....u-uhmm..well. If it's the stage I'm thinking of. The reason why it loops is because it's giving you the racoon tail. In which you need to use to fly up in the near beginning of the cave with I think a turtle shell. So you can enter this pipe and beat the stage"

Luna rubbed under her muzzle. Thinking. Pondering. "...hmmmmm, I had not yet tried such a strategy....I must make sure to do that before my next night."

....seriously....she just SERIOUSLY asked you for game advice after suspecting you of eventually going villain mode.......Very classy.
"I hope it helps, so...did you try the lost levels?"

"The lost levels?...oh ahhh, you mean the other first mario game. No, it looked too much of the same. I wasn't interested."

...oh ho...OH HO. She wasn't interested she says.

Actually, this might be a good thing to take advantage of. It seems she had taken to video gaming like her fan depictions would imply. Did it have to do with the "idea" theory?

It could also be cute. Though, you hope the suggestion you were about to make wouldn't make her go all Nightmare Moon due to massive failure.
"It is the same as the first. But with all new levels, poison mushrooms, wind, and the difficulty is the hardest of the mario games."

That caught Luna's attention. "The hardest you say?"

"Without question"

Luna scoffed "Then I accept the challenge of the "Lost Levels". And will crush it as soon as I am done with Super Brothers Third."

..yeah..that was actually pretty adorable. She looked so sure of herself. She must have really taken to the gaming thing. and hopefully, this was taking out any ill thoughts she may have of you in the process.

"Good luck Princess Luna, you're really going to need it. But I'm glad you're having fun with it. The mario series was one of my favorite game series of all times when I was human."

"I can see why. It's superior to our games by an astronomical number. I have to pace myself to make sure I do not forget my duties...oh yes...ahrm"

She clears her throat. She had forgotten that she still had business with you. One more matter to be exact.

She looks at you once again with a serious look and hardened tone. "Anon, I, Princess Luna, am putting trust in you. Trust I hope to never be broken. Do you understand?"

You nod "Yes, thank you"

"Good....now then." Luna sits herself down onto her belly, and gives you a gentle smile "Hugging and affection can now commence."

She was serious? hopefully. that was the most official sounding way of having affection you ever heard.

"Anon? why are you standing there? There isn't too much time until you awake. If you wish for some affection, it must be now."

Whatever, fuck it, moon princess hugs.

You move in and hug and cuddle under her head, Luna's affection wasn't as good compared to her sister. But she was trying.

For Luna, she was indulging you to see if wanting affection really was something you'd want. It even surprised her when you actually went for it and began rubbing your head under hers. She did her best to be affectionate back. To you, It was adequate.

you didn't really understand why you enjoyed affection so much. Did Chrysalis fuck you up? is it because ponies are super cute and huggable? or perhaps it was just the feeling of being loved and cared for. Probably all of the above. You never got this feeling much, if ever back in your world. And even when you did, it never felt real. It never felt as if the person showing affection ever truly meant it.

as you nuzzle, everything begins to shine white and turn to nothing.

You wake up

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