• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 48

You start to head over to Bon Bon's house. But you still couldn't get a sense of happiness from having a visit.

...Whoever that pony was. She was unusually vicious. And it actually hurt you. You had no idea why. You shouldn't care at all. She even did you a favor even. And yet, the way she just made you feel.

It was probably perhaps she was right to some degree that there was indeed deception involved. Or maybe it was just the fact that she demolished you verbally and you couldn't do anything about it. Whatever it was, You didn't like it. It made you angry and frustrated when you tried to reason with yourself that you had no reason to actually be upset. Though, you did worry what would happen if the CMC ran into her. If you felt this bad, you couldn't imagine how they would feel.

Hopefully, Bon Bon and Lyra's company could cheer you up. You reach Bon Bon's door, and put on a big smile. "Relax Anon....she just said some nasty words, it doesn't mean shit. Just get on with your day." You take a breath. And knock on the door.

It takes a moment, But the door opens, revealing Bon Bon, who had a saddle bag to her side, she raised an eyebrow to your presence. "Anon?... Why are you here? Shouldn't you be in school?"

...Ohh… Not the greeting you were hoping for. It just kind of made you feel even more shitty. Your ears droop as you rub the side of your right front leg. "Ummm. Actually, I am not scheduled to go to school until like a day or two..I forget. But, all my other friends are at school. So I was wondering...if I could hang out with you and Lyra today. You guys are really nice."

Those words seemed to put a melancholic expression on Bon Bon's face. "Anon, we only met once. Are you sure there's not any closer friends you can hang out with that are… more your age?"

Ouch… but… she was right. You couldn't exactly be considered close just through one meeting. Well… you might as well go home and sleep until the afternoon. "...I'm sorry, I'll just leave you two alone then."

You begin to turn, and right as you are about to turn around. You hear a "Wait!"

"Look..." Bon Bon noticed you were hurting, she didn't know why. But she didn't mean to turn you away. "I didn't mean you couldn't hang out with us..I was just wondering why you just wanted to hang out with us. Looking at your face though… let me guess… something went wrong with that whole mess you got stuck with ,huh?"

...Yes and no..You didn't want to talk about it too much. You just wanted it out of your head. That was the whole point anyway. To not have to worry about being stuck with DT anymore. "...I'd rather just not talk about it."

Bon Bon nods, she was curious as to what happened. But given your attitude, she wouldn't press it now. She'd try later, she thought. "Ok, wow. I don't think I've ever seen a colt so down before… I hope we can cheer you up somehow, because all we were going to do was go and look at some hats, and maybe buy one."

"That's fine" No matter how you tried, internally. You couldn't cheer yourself up. This was absurd. You've been depressed a shitton of times before, and made fun of plenty. Why should this be any different.

You may have not been able to figure it out. But the truth of it was the fact that you weren't much of a success back in the human world. And what this pony did, she made you feel just as worthless as a pony as you did as a human. An inescapable feeling.

Bon Bon stepped out, and started to head off to a hat store "Well… follow me then. Lyra is actually waiting for us there. She just kind of wanted a hat out of the blue. Had to run home to get myself some bits just in case I wanted one too. I… I wouldn't mind sparing some my bits to get you one if you wanted."

Bon Bon examines your face for some improvement. Nothing.

"..no it's fine...I still have some money of my own" You tell her as you look back at your saddlebag

Bon Bon felt incredibly awkward. She was just going to have a day with her best friend. She didn't think you would show up in such a depressed state. She was in fact. A little annoyed. But seeing you so depressed and downtrodden. She couldn't figure out if the advice she gave you backfired or it was just your rotten luck. And she didn't want to just send you away. She did want to try to cheer you up in some way. "So Anon, do you like Ponyville so far?"

"It's great… It's a place I always wanted to live in" You didn't sound so enthused though.

"Right..Anon, look. Are you sure you don't want to talk about it? It might help"

You felt it wouldn't. You were slowly starting to pinpoint in your mind why you felt like shit. you just couldn't make any final connections. "...I'm fine. You wouldn't understand..."

"Wouldn't understand? Anon, I was a filly once too. Why don't you try me? I may not look it, but you'd be surprised how much I actually know. You can say that I'm… good at picking up intel."

To anyone else, that may have not been a hint to anything. But you knew… agent Sweetie Drops. Still… you didn't feel like saying too much. "...no really. it's fine. It's not a big deal."

Nope… Bon Bon wanted to bring you out of this funk before Lyra saw you. She didn't want her to be brought down by your negativity. "Says the Gloomy Griffon. If it wasn't a big deal, you wouldn't be acting like this. Tell you what, if you tell me what's wrong… I'll give you something cool… something I think a colt like you would really like."

...hrn?... Ok… She's got your attention. What could she possibly give you that's "cool"? "...Really?... Like what?"

"Well… colts like cool stuff that adventurers use right?... Well I've got a… hrn.." Bon Bon reached into her saddlebag and pulled out her emergency grappling launcher. "..grappling hook… that I won at a carnival..." She gives you a smile, you swear you hear a squee.

...Well, that makes things more obvious. And… that was super tempting. A grappling hook launcher?... you could be like batman, and spy on shit… Yeah, that was cool. Maybe eavesdrop on some juicy conversations and find out if ponies are as innocent as they seem on the show. "That… does look pretty cool."

Bonbon gave you a sly smile "And It can be yours, if you just talk about what's got you so down."

...Sparkle sparkle..

"...Ok ok… umm, I went to Diamond Tiara's house to see if she was home. I was gonna get her to take me to Silver Spoon so I could talk to both of them… but I didn't realize at the time they were all at school. And I… I ran into her mom."

Bonbon then realized what was up "You ran into Spoiled Rich?... Well… that explains it."

...So that's her name… Fitting. "Explains what? I've never even heard of her. She wasn't there when I visited before."

"She wouldn't be, she has been in Manehatten for awhile now. I didn't realize she came back to Ponyville. hrnnn..." Bonbon seemed surprised that she missed that she was there.

"...what's with her? Do you know her?"

"Never met… but uhm… I've read she's a lot more socially oriented than her husband. Keeping good relations with the wives of other major business owners and holding major social events from time to time. Manages the subsidiaries of Barnyard Bargains too since Mr.Rich likes to stay here and handle the old store . Rumor has it she's not very accepting of ponies she deems… lower than her… but that's just what I've heard."

...That was an understatement. "She said some really horrible stuff to me. She even called me vermin… I mean. She did the things I was gonna do anyway. You know, fixing the friendships I messed up and all. But she only did it because apparently she thinks I did it on purpose or something. But, most of all, the things she said… It felt so… familiar.."

"...As if you heard them before? You poor guy..." Bonbon felt a sense of despair from your words. "...Did you have trouble at the orphanage?"

...More like..your old life. "..You can say that. I tried making friends, but it felt like the only friends I could make were ones I never actually met."

Bonbon didn't quite understand what you meant by that. Imaginary friends? She started to think that Discord picked you to save you. A noble gesture indeed. "So...you never made any real friends?"

...You did, on the internet. "I guess it depends on what you mean by that. I mean, it wasn't that bad… Not the way you put it anyway."

Bonbon doubted your words. She couldn't imagine what it was like not having a single friend, nor any parents to make you feel loved. "Anon, do you want my advice on all this?"

You look up at her. Awaiting to see how much she truly understood. Your ears still drooped.

Bon Bon gently puts her hoof on your head and gives you a gentle smile "You shouldn't worry about where you came from. And you shouldn't worry about what Spoiled Rich said to you. She may be part of the "Elite". But with a name like hers, well. You can see how much it fits, right?" Bonbon gave you a giggle "Now if only we could change her last name to "Rotten" , right?"

A simple joke… But, It made you smile a little. Bonbon's advice was something you were already trying to do. But hearing it from someone else. It put things into a more positive scope. Since it meant she didn't care about your past. She just cared for what she saw. This was probably the same for Fluttershy and the CMC

Your old life, whether it be the perceived orphanage or your real old life back on earth. It was gone. You could never return, not unless it was on Discord's whim… And he didn't seem keen on sending you back; If that set of statues was any indication. In fact, the more time you spent with him. The friendlier her got. And in turn, you liked spending time with him. Despite his pranks, he was your friend. Just like the CMC made you their friend. Pinkie, even meeting her once, was your friend. And now you even made friends with BG pones. It may seem sappy. But what you lacked in "Proper Etiquette", as Spoiled put it, you made up in the fact you actually had something that mattered… friendship. And it was something you wanted to build upon… Oh christ… Friendship really was magic!

You look up at Bonbon, as a smile creeps on your face. "Spoiled Rotten? Eh, too easy. Why not just "Stool Pigeon"."

It took Bonbon a moment, but then she got it and laughed "Hahaha, Anon, do you realize how vulgar that is?"

You nod, with a bigger smile. "Dunno, it might not be vulgar enough actually."

Bonbon laughed again, and ruffled up your mane with her hoof "alright alright, let's not overdo it. I don't think other ponies would find this funny. So… feel better?"

...You did. You didn't expect that from Bonbon. She must have picked it up from... whatever she does… Bonbon opened up your saddlebag and slipped in the grappling hook launcher "Well, a deal is a deal. Here it is! My grappling launcher… that I won at a carnival. Make sure to keep it lubed up before you use it to prevent it from getting stuck, ok?"

You nod. Should be easy enough to remember. "Thanks Bonbon...I promise to take good care of it. I can't wait to try it out!"

Bonbon had to warn you, she didn't want you to get too excited "Anon, make sure you practice with it first. Real low to the ground stuff. You could get hurt if you just shoot it anywhere...." She had a feeling she shouldn't have even given it to you. "And don't shoot it at anypony either"

And you could tell she had some regret in passing it along to you. She jumped the gun yeah. But you knew how to be responsible.

"Don't worry, I'll be really careful and practice until I feel comfortable enough to shoot it higher. Trust me, I won't do anything reckless."

Bonbon felt a little reassured "There's that high intelligence again, any other colt would just go shooting that thing off left and right. You promise to be careful?"

You nod. "You can count on me. I'll even make sure to use it by myself so I don't put anypony else in danger of me shooting it at them or something"

Bonbon cringed "Right… Yeah, that would be bad… hmmnn… Just be super careful.."

You and Bonbon walked over to the hat shop. hrn, there was a small gathering of ponies at the entrance.

And, the moment you and bonbon entered the vicinity, a familiar mint pony started jumping up and down from within the crowd. "Bonbon! Bonbon! Over here, I saved us a spot!" With another hop, she then noticed you "Anon! hey! Cool! Now we can all get hats!"

...Heh… she didn't even care that you weren't in school. The moment she saw you, she just included you in like it was no big deal. It made you smile all the more.

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