• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 74

A few hours pass. You did your best to get some sleep. But, aside from the stomach pains, your mind was busy. Both on what transpired in Twilight's castle and what you planned to do about DT and Applebloom.

The horn had another charge. But you definitely were going to need more practice before using it. So any idea with that was out. No, you'd have to somehow get them together, and talk to them at the same time. That was the only way. You remember that being Bon Bon's advice when it came to Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara… should work… hrn.

You thought about getting up and getting ready for school. It should be near that time right? You didn't know. You needed a clock…

Then, you get an idea.

You get up to get your saddle bag, to get the horn and try manifesting a clock. But the moment you go to do this… SPROING!

The bed springs you forward into the wall. You hit it head first and fall flat on the ground. "GYYAHH! DAMMIT!" You rub your head, turning to your side and squealing. "D-dammit… that's the worst fucking alarm system ever… goddammit my head..."

After spending more time nurturing your throbbing head and cursing. You get up, and go to your saddlebag. You didn't even hang it. So it got springed forward along with you. "Ngghh… grr, where is it..." You find the horn. "Ok… ngh… dammit… ok… let's do this"

You slap the horn on your head, transforming into a unicorn horn once more. "a clock… a clock… I WANT… A CLOCK WITH AN ALARM! GYAHH!" The horn glows and shoots a shot above your dresser, a blue orb now floats above it as it begins to shift into a physical form. And it becomes… a clock with an alarm. "W-woah, I..I did it! HA! I DID IT!"

The horn pops off your head. You put it in your bag and walk over to your first masterpiece. It had everything. The buttons were even big enough for your hooves. And it seemed to run off some unknown power source. It was a digital clock running off… chaos maybe? Who knows… The point is… it worked.

You even test it, putting the alarm a minute after the current time. The noise it makes is loud and clear. An annoying buzz that is sure to get you up. "Good… fucking good… because I'm not gonna deal with this shit again… ok..."

You take a breath, and brush back your mane with your hoof. Even licking the tip of your hoof to make your mane stay when you brush it back. Ok, next step. You take up your saddle bag and head over to the portal door and open it to Fluttershy's cottage.

No problem, just enjoy her company until it was time to go to school. Easy peasy. You step through and go over to her door, and knock. "Aunt Fluttershy, it's me, Anon!" You do your best to sound as cute as possible.

And it doesn't take long for her to open the door either. Already with a gentle smile on her face as she lets you in. "Good morning Anon, did you have a good sleep? You did go to sleep after you left, right?"

Despite her smile, she stared deep into you… making sure you obeyed her. And still, she was too cute to be threatening.

You nod. "Yup,and now I'm wide awake for another day!" Of course you were… after being shot out of bed.

Behind Fluttershy was Discord, he seemed to be enjoying a morning brew, well judging by the mug that said "Best Dad in the Multiverse" coffee cup anyway. "Ahh, good morning Anon. Right on time for breakfast."

There was a table laid out. It was rather… nice looking. The table was red with gold rims with… Discord heads at every corner. There was three seats… Discord was on one, Fluttershy went to another, and yours… had a bowl in front of it. Discord made this table of course...

You walk over to the bowl and look into it. Oats and milk, cereal… yum, that's not bad. You were always down for some cereal.

"Good morning Dad" You sit down, and point to the bowl. "Is this mine?"

Fluttershy nodded, the food she had was a plate of corn, hay, and a cup of milk. "Mhmmm, and if you get thirsty. Well… Discord?"

Discord nods and taps the table, producing a cup and four nozzles sprouting up from the flat surface. "You have a choice of milk, orange juice, apple juice, or water, all labeled for your convenience, pretty good eh?"

Fluttershy smiled towards Discord and nodded "That's more than pretty good Discord. I'd say it matches what your mug says. I'm so so so glad that you really treat anon like your own son… well, he is your own son… That's how you see him, right?"

Discord nodded to her "Of course, even though separated by distance and genetics. He is cut from the same cloth as mine. Why, if he hadn't a name already I would have named him Discord Jr."

Ummm… no… that wasn't a very fitting name for you. Hmmnn… Actually, it seems that things were going well. Discord was here, smiling, chatting with Fluttershy, things must have gone well with Twilight. Actually… you wanted to ask. "Aunt Fluttershy, did you, uh… were you awake early morning by any chance?"

"Early morning? No… but, I heard a strange thing happened. It was in a letter Twilight sent… I think she sent one to everypony in town."

Everypony in town? Christ, she works quick.

You look to Discord, he didn't seem worried by your line of questioning. So there was probably not thing worry about. "What did the letter say exactly?"

"Well...it said that the cause of the sun and moon going backwards in cycles was caused by an "anomaly". I think that's how you pronounce it. And that it was nothing to worry about. I looked outside and everything seemed ok to me… So I guess I missed it. Thinking about it now… it sounds like something Nightmare Moon would have done… you know… if Princess Luna was still Nightmare Moon..."

"Ahh yes, I heard about that. The poor thing, consumed by jealousy and tried to create an eternal night. I don't see what the problem is, the night life could be so interesting sometimes" Discord said as he added a fuckhuge amount of sugar to his seemingly endless mug.

Fluttershy turned over to him, and gave him a gentle scowl. "Discord, that's not something you should make fun of. It was a very terrible time for Princess Luna. She never really wanted Eternal Night..." Fluttershy then turned over to you, her expression becoming gentler "She just wanted forgiveness, for what she did… Anon, you know the story of Nightmare Moon, right?"

You did… or what the show explained anyway. You decide to nod. You felt you knew enough.

"Then… if you ever run into a situation where somepony, no matter who it might be, is asking for your forgiveness… on whatever that might be… I want you to take the time to consider it. Everypony deserves a second chance, Anon. You want to know a secret?"

Ohhh a secret? Now that was getting your curiousness going. As for her words. They were, a little naive. Not everything deserved forgiveness. "Mhmm..what is it?"

Fluttershy smiled warmly about this, seems she really wanted to share it with you. "Well, your father, he wasn't always as good and sweet as he is now."

"Good and Sweet? Fluttershy… I'm not those things, in fact, I'm still putting sugar in my coffee right now and it's still not "Good and Sweet". I'm more… fun and calculating and… unpredictable." Discord said with a scoff.

Fluttershy giggled at that and flew off her chair and hovered over to Discord "You don't need to hide it Discord. You see Anon, Discord did a very bad thing… and thought he couldn't be forgiven… But I knew… deep deep down, that he was sorry for what he did. He just didn't understand friendship quite yet… but.." Fluttershy flew close to him and booped his chest with her hoof and grinned "He has as good a heart as anypony else who is nice and kind… Isn't that right Discord?"

Discord was visibly shaken by this, and tried to focus on his filling his coffee with sugar. which was now finally having the sugar itself tip out of the coffee. "I think it was a momentary lapse of judgement really..."

"Cooommeee on… if it was that, then we wouldn't be friends… right? We are friends, aren't we Discord?" Fluttershy gave him a cute little fake frown.

Discord looked at her, then at you. Ohhh..you were loving this. It was exceptionally rare to see Discord put on a spot he wasn't used to. You didn't care if you weren't the one doing it. This was as good as it would get for what he did to you at the castle. You give him an evil grin. "Aren't you Dad?"

Discord cringed. He looked directly into Fluttershy's eyes. Which started to shimmer, waiting for his response. Discord couldn't hold it back anymore, in a display that even surprised you. He grabbed Fluttershy and hugged her tightly "Yes! You're my very very best friend in the whole wide world! I admit it!"

Fluttershy nuzzled her head gently into his side as they hugged "There see… was that so bad?"

Discord sighed. "No..."

You were awestruck… but… you also had an advantage over the situation. "Awww! That's the sweetest and cutest thing I've ever seen! Dad, you're the cutest dad ever! You're super nice and adorable and good and sweet and all that stuff!"

"Isn't he just? Once you get past that chaotic exterior, you'll see that he's just a little sweetie deep inside. He just needs a little help sometimes." Fluttershy happily gave Discord a pat on the head "And I know he's one of the best of the good ones because he gave a nice little colt a loving home. Not many ponies are able to say that. I can't even say that… You did a really good job Discord."

You see a tear, slowly slip down Discord's cheek. "Thank you Fluttershy… I suppose, it's good that at least one pony sees that I'm a not such a bad guy..."

Awww..this was actually getting really sweet. Yeah, it was fun seeing Discord fold… but this was one of the cutest moments you had to behold and, wait, what is his tear doing?

The tear that slipped down his cheek rolls on the table stealthily and towards you, it changes to black and spreads, forming letters… words.. that say "You'll pay for this later Anon, maybe, depends on my mood. In the meantime you should finish up your cereal and get ready to go to school and don't forget that you still need to fix that little problem of yours. And yes, I'm aware this is a long message. I'm actually quite emotional at the moment and can't concentrate."

Well… you didn't know how to feel about that. It was both a helpful and foreboding message. But even if he did get revenge. It was a sweet moment. And you knew he genuinely felt the feels he was visually showing. For now, you quickly finish up your cereal so you can get ready for school.The message itself vanishes from sight.

Fluttershy, feeling chipper from that moment, starts to hum as she flies off for a moment. and returns with a wrapped meal gently held in her mouth. She was also balancing a thermos on her nose. She daintily puts the thermos down on the table and places the wrapped food down as well and looks at you with a smile. "Here you are Anon, this is your lunch for the day. And you can fill this thermos with whatever you want and save the drink for lunch. Isn't that nice..." But then Fluttershy became… slightly more serious. "You're going to eat it this time right? It's not good to go through the day without a lunch"

You nod, of course you'd comply with her. She went through all that trouble AND she has never done you any harm. And she was your aunt. So... "I'll remember to eat this time Aunt Fluttershy, no worries."

You looked at the nozzles. they were all marked, you decide to fill your thermos with Apple juice. It seemed fitting really.

"Ahh yes, Anon, son of mine. Are you actually planning to come here after school? Or do you have any matters to attend to. This is important so you don't have your dear aunt worry or prepare anything for you. No point if you aren't actually going to show." Discord asks you, he looked a little miffed at you. Probably from what you did… definitely must be it.

Though all things considering. You wanted to try to nip DT and Applebloom in the bud as soon as possible. "I've got some things to do after school… so please don't wait up for me." You open your saddlebag and put the meal and thermos in your saddlebag,

"In that case, if you happen to go home and I'm not there, then I'm probably going to still be here… and that's it. I'm sure you know not to cause any mischief since you'll be out and about on your own."

Translation, don't get caught causing any mischief. "I won't. I'll be good, promise"

With nothing more to be said and school nearing soon. They let you go on your way. Discord with a simple goodbye and wave. But Fluttershy being more direct and giving you a kiss on the forehead and a gentle… ever so gentle and warming hug. And a much sweeter, more caring goodbye. She even scolds Discord a little on not giving you a more encouraging goodbye. She even wanted to get him to hug you. But time was already a wasting. It seems they weren't going to take you to school this time. Probably just giving you a little more freedom.

It was time to go. Time to fix a mistake.

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