• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 112

You notice as you walk towards him that his daughter wasn't around him at this time. Good, she must have buggered off to hang with the CMC since you zipped out of sight.

Damn, there were ponies everywhere, the party was pretty tightly grouped together.You stay low profile as much as possible until you reach Filthy Rich and greet him, being as respectful as you could. "Hello Mr.Rich, I didn't know you'd be at my party today."

Flithy Rich, upon hearing your voice, looked down and greeted you with a smile of his own. "Mr. Anon! pleasure to see you again. And of course I'd be here for the party, I felt it was one of the only open times I'd have to talk with you and your father. Speaking of which, where is your father? I still have a business proposition for him."

"He went to go see the Princess. You know my Dad..." You chuckle. "Can never stay in one place, that guy"

So Discord never actually went to see him about the business venture. You yourself had no idea what it was. But you'd think he would have at least seen Filthy about it at least once. Would make it easier on him instead of having him wait. You wondered how long Filthy was willing to wait for anyway. Because it's been awhile since you and Discord have seen him.

Filthy Rich chuckled right along with you. "Right, I suppose you and your father have been very busy since we last met. What with getting fully situated to your home, school, and of course, trying to get that cutie mark. Such a shame the fighting ring didn't do it for you. When my little pumpkin told me it would do the trick, I of course was willin' to spend any amount needed to help. It's the least I could do for you after you saved her life."

If it was one situation that always got called upon the most. It was that. You were actually getting sick of it to be honest, but you weren't going to make that apparent now. It was something you'd just have to deal with. "Well, you know. She was in trouble. I couldn't just leave her there."

"But this was no simple situation Mr. Anon. You put your life on the line to save somepony you barely knew. And what's more, that pony happened to be my daughter. Who, if you remember at the time, You had some trouble with. It was a very honorable and brave thing to do… in fact." Filthy Rich started to tear up

"Mr. Rich? You ok?"

Suddenly, he hugged onto you as he began to sob "I don't know what I would have done if anything would have happened to her. Why, if you weren't Discord's son. I would have made you my own. You have the makings of a Rich right in your heart."

...Ohhhh… Now you felt like shit. Yeah, you really REALLY hated when this moment was recalled. You started to gently pat his back, nervous. "It's o-ok Mr. Rich, I was just doing what was natural, really!"

Filthy Rich let you go slowly, wiping away his tears. He tried to stand in a more dignified position, clearing his throat. He didn't want anyone getting the impression anything was wrong. He was a pony of reputation after all. "Right, yes." He straightened his tie "In anycase, I was never ever ab;e reward you properly for what you have done. So I generously have brought you a gift that should, only slightly, compensate you for a job well done."

Awww. "You didn't have to do that Mr.Rich, it was my erm… civic duty and all."

Filthy Rich chuckled and rubbed the top of your head "Don't be modest,son. Heroes like you deserve gifts to show how ponies such as myself appreciate such a young, brave, and sharp little colt you happen to be. Though, I do have one favor to ask. If you don't mind of course"

How could you deny him? "What is it?"

"When it's time for you to open gifts, and you get to mine. Would you mind saying something along the lines of "This generous gift was given to me by the wonderful pony known as Filthy Rich, who is always looking to make life easier for everypony with cheaper prices and more economical deals at Barnyard Bargains". That wouldn't be too hard, right?"

That was actually pretty funny to you, a great guy but always looking to make a bit as well if he can. At least he was being honest, one of you had to be. "No sweat, and I'll even hop about like a giddy little school filly if you want."

"Really? Well now, that would definitely help sell it home. Thank you Anon."

After a little more small talk, you let Filthy Rich know that there's probably other ponies who wanted to talk to you, given the party was focused on you. You let him know respectfully of course. You both let each other go, Filthy Rich only reminding you that Diamond Tiara was around as well. But you already knew that.

Next up, Lyra,Bon Bon, and Minuette. Oh boy Minuette. You weave through the crowd, looking for either the mint colored horsie or dual mane colored secret horse. But as your weaving, you feel a gentle tap on your back. "Huh?"

You turn around, and spot Scootaloo, she was hovering over you. Ah shit, it almost caught you off guard. You weren't used to seeing her flying about. "Found ya!"

"Hey Scootaloo" You smile at her, she looked positively at ease hovering about. It was cute.

"Hey Anon, what are you doing going that way? We're hanging out over there!" Scootaloo points over near a poster of a pony without a tail. Presumably a "Pin the tail on the pony" game. "Why don't you come with us? maybe we can get you a cutie mark at pinning tails."

...Oh cooome onnnnnnnnnnnnn. "I… I don't think I'd want a cutie mark in that"

"Why not? If you could get a cutie mark at that. Then that means that if there was ever a situation where you couldn't see anything, you'd still be able to hit your mark. Doesn't that sound cool! You could be some sort of blind master of the… the… pinning arts!"

As cool as it would be to be able to hit your mark blindly, it's not a profession you'd ever want. Especially if it could lead to you actually being blind. And still, it seemed kind of worthless as a talent in the end compared to say... Being super fast or ultra strong. "Ehh, still. It's not for me. Is Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon with you girls?"

"Just Diamond, I don't know where Silver went. Diamond's taking her turn right now. Come on Anon! It'll be fun."

...Eh, fine. let's get them out of the way first. "Ok ok, but let's not make this about Cutie Marks. Ok?"

"Ok! Oh, and… hey. Where were you today? None of us saw you at school. We got pretty worried about you. Thought you might have gotten sick."

You shrug. "Eh, you know how it is living with a spirit of Chaos, anything can happen. And that's what happened… things happened."

You both headed over to the rest of the gang, but Scootaloo was confused. "What kind of things?"

"Things... just trust me on this Scootaloo. You don't want to know."

"Did you have a fight with your Dad? I noticed he isn't here. What's up with that?"

"Well, Aunt Fluttershy and Twilight aren't here either."

"Yeah, but he's your Dad. Seems kind of strange to me."

"My Dad is all kinds of strange, it shouldn't come to a surprise"

Scootaloo nodded, that sounded right to her "Right, because your Dad is Discord. I guess that all makes sense, sorta."

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are the next to notice you, while a blindfolded Diamond Tiara still is taking her turn.

"Heya Anon" They both greet you.

"Heya girls, having fun?"

They both nodded.

"Hey Anon, are you trying to get a party cutie mark? Because..." Sweetie Belle pulled out her invitation "There's a lot to this party. I almost thought it was your birthday."

Applebloom looked towards Sweetie Belle, narrowing her eye at her "...Ya did think it was his birthday. that's why we all chipped in to get him a gift"

Diamond Tiara, overhearing the conversation, splits her concentration, she was still trying to figure out where to pin the tail. "Actually, I paid for most of it." She says with a hint of smug in her voice.

Applebloom got a little angry at that and looked over at Diamond "Yeah well, ah spotted it"

"And I flew it over! These wings are really amazing! They're strong enough to let me carry even heavy things without falling down. I gotta remember to show that to Rainbow Dash, she'll think it's sooooooo cool!" Scootaloo was getting excited just thinking about it.

You however, wanted the girls to simmer down. Mostly Applebloom and Diamond; Because it seemed like something worrisome was brewing. "H-hey now, let's not argue. I appreciate everypony's effort in the gift."

Applebloom muttered under her breath "...that I saw"

"Got it!" Diamond Tiara pinned the tail, but was way off. Like, off the poster paper itself.

She took off her blindfold, and upon seeing how badly she missed. She huffed and turned about, walking towards the rest of the group with her head held up high. Scowl on her muzzle."This was a stupid game anyway."

Sweetie Belle looked over to Diamond's failure, she found it astonishing how badly she missed "Wow, that's… really bad. You didn't even hit the poster."

Diamond growled at Sweetie "Yes well, you all broke my concentration! Besides… It's a dumb game. it's not worth my time"

"Ah bet I could do it!" Applebloom went over to grab a blindfold and put it over her eyes "Watch this Anon, Ahm gonna show you how good an Apple is at pinnin' tails"

"That's not fair! you've got full concentration on the game!" Diamond cried out. Suddenly caring about the "dumb" game

"Well, that ain't gonna mean much if ah can't see. This game is all about luck… for most ponies anyway" Applebloom grinned as she grabbed a tail and prepped for pinning. "And besides, nothin', and ah mean nothin' is gonna break mah concentration!"

Diamond did a very low audible growl as Applebloom started walking near the poster. Oh boy, it was clear to you that they still had feelings for you. Most definitely Diamond. The other two cheered Applebloom on of course, and damn. It looked like she was about to get it.

"Anon! There you are! Come over here and give me a big hug!" Before anyone could realize what was going on. Lyra grabbed you and balanced herself on her two back hooves as she gave you a super cuddly hug. "How's my favorite colt doing! Because I got a surprise for you!"

Upon hearing a female voice calling to Anon, and calling him her "favorite colt". Applebloom lost all concentration and pinned the tail even further way than Diamond Tiara.

"a-a-ahrmmm..L-Lyra?!" What a surprise this was. Seriously, you didn't expect her to grab you out of the blue.

She put you down, and smiled at you "Mhmmm! Hey are these your friends! Hi! I'm Lyra! Wow Anon, are all your friends fillies and mares?" Lyra giggled "I hope there's not another reason for that."

While Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle thought nothing of it. You could see Diamond's eyes were going green with envy, although her face was going red from inner anger.

Applebloom rushed up, tossing off her blindfold, she didn't look to pleased either.

"Anon! Who is this?! You didn't tell me you had marefri-...I-I mean friends who happen to be mares!" Diamond deftly avoided any word suggesting you were with her, while still being angry that it could be a thing.

"Yeah! And besides! that doesn't seem right! She's gotta be double yer age!" Applebloom joined in, trying to immediately throw a wrench into the possibility.

Oh for fucks sake. How could you not have seen this one coming. "Uhhh, Applebloom. Aren't you friends with a few mares yourself?"

Applebloom nodded "Yeah, but ahm also a mare, er… filly. So it makes sense,"

Diamond nodded with her "She's right! It does make sense. So mind explaining this to us Anon? hmmm?"

Ohhh… geez. You open your mouth to speak, but before you could get any words out. Bon Bon and Minuette step up from behind Lyra. Both greeting you.

"Hey there Anon, are these your friends?" Bon Bon waved to you

Meanwhile, Minuette, upon gazing upon your adorable form. Grabbed you for a hug, keeping better balance than Lyra did. "OH MY GOSH! HE'S SOOOOOO CUTE! YOU WERE RIGHT LYRA! HE'S SOOOO HUGGABLE AND SOFT!"

Lyra giggled "See! Told you!"

Bon Bon faced hooved at all the excitement for you. Meanwhile, both Applebloom and Diamond Tiara's jaws dropped. Sweetie Belle was giggling, she noticed how uncomfortable you looked. Though she thought it was from the hug, and not the two steamed fillies beside her

"Wow Anon, you work quick. Don'tcha." Sweetie Belle said jokingly. naive to her friends' plight.

Both Applebloom and Diamond looked at her with angry stares.

"W-what did I say?" Sweetie Belle was confused.

"So, how exactly did you three meet Anon?" Applebloom was very uncomfortable with this. Even mares were after you? She thought that was ridiculous.

"Oh, I met Anon when he was walking around Bon Bon's. He was feeling pretty down. So we did our best to cheer him up! But this was a long time ago." Lyra said

"Yeah, but it wasn't TOO long ago. Poor guy, he was wandering around outside my house feeling all mopey. So we invited him in to join us for tea." Bon Bon added

"And I just met him!" Minuette put you down, still smiling "And am I glad I did! I would have missed the party if I had waited a day."

Diamond Tiara wanted to be more direct, she didn't want to beat about the bush. "And none of you love him, right?"

Geezes, way to lay it thick there Diamond. Damn, you wanted to abort so damn bad now. Shit was hitting critical mass with these fillies.

Applebloom however, seconded that question. "Yeah, none of ya like him like him. Right?"

"Well, I just met him. Can't go loving somepony you just met." Minuette said, giving you a gentle pat.

"Maybe if he was a little older, and if he was just as cute as he was now" Lyra giggled.

Bon Bon however, was slowly realizing what was going on."No, not even close. Just as a friend." Bon Bon looked over to Lyra and Minuette "Girls, can I have a moment with you two? Especially since this is Anon's party? We shouldn't be bombarding him like this"

"Bombarding? With what?" Lyra looked to her best friend, confused "Come on Bon Bon, when did you get so stiff?"

Bon Bon shook her head. "I just think Anon might be a little overwhelmed as is. Come on, let's go get some punch." Bon bon then took out a vial of white powder she was hiding in her mane… for some reason. "I brought emergency sugar to sweeten it up. I know you like your punch sweeter than the norm Lyra"

Lyra cheered "Oh you know me so well Bon Bon! But that is because we're best friends. Hmm… Well. Ok, Let's go get punch. Seeya Anon, enjoy your party!"

"Yeah, it was nice to meet you Anon. And just to let you know, since you're Lyra's friend. You’re my friend too! And since I hear your friends with Twilight. I guess that does make us double friends! Seeya around Anon! Don't be a stranger!" Minuette said with a cute wink

Bon Bon said nothing, she only smiled and winked at you; Her wink being more informative as to what she was truly doing. She then lead her friends to the punch bowl. You didn't figure out why she winked at you however. And you didn't want to know. You were glad they had left, not because they were bad. But because you could tell two certain fillies were getting riled up.

"Wow Anon, you got a lot more friends than I thought. I'm surprised you haven't gotten your Cutie Mark in friend making. Because you are really good at it." Sweetie Belle commented

"Yeah, I actually agree. I mean look at t-ahh shoot" Scootaloo was already getting full of disappointment as the wings began to automatically flutter hard as she lowered gently to the ground. Upon landing, the wings changed into cardboard and popped off. "Well, that stinks"

"You know what else stinks?..." Diamond Tiara looked to Applebloom

Applebloom looked to Diamond Tiara "Those mares?"

Diamond Tiara nodded, then looked to you. "Right" And she looked at you hard, with a stare that demanded answers "So Anon, when were you going to tell me you were seeing mares."

Applebloom then gave you the same look "Yeah, ah knew it was kinda weird she was watching you fight. She was being awfully friendly with you just now, ain't she?"

Ugh, you were hoping to stay within mary sue status. You couldn't deal with two jealous fillies. or worse, two jealous fillies that seemed to be teaming up.

You needed to approach this with grace and finesse. These weren't reasonable adults. One was very single minded in her thinking and the other had the power to ruin you if you somehow pissed her off enough.

"Girls, come on. They're friends of mine. That's it. I met them ages ago. Like, a few days after getting out of the hospital. Don't you think you both are overreacting?"

"Wait, hold on" Sweetie Belle looks over to Diamond and Applebloom "You two are jealous? I thought the whole weird love triangle thing was over."

"Hey yeah, that's right. You said you were completely over it Applebloom, What gives?" Scootaloo added along.

"I-er… I am, ah just thought that Anon may have been..." Applebloom couldn't think of anything to say at all.

However, Diamond Tiara was more confident. "Well, in that case. I can safely say I'm over it too. I'm just making sure Anon isn't making any wrong choices. Somepony has to look out for him, he's barely just started his new life and there could be so many ponies out there trying to take advantage of him. He is a hero after all."

More like she was securing that promise. This was getting complicated.

"Oh, because it looked like jealousy to me. I guess I was wrong." Sweetie Belle was easily convinced. You weren't, but you didn't want to open any more can of worms.

They both nodded.

"See, not jealous" Applebloom said.

"Totally" Diamond Tiara nodded in agreeance.

You sigh. "So, are you both going to relax about me having adult friends? Because I also have Pinkie as a friend, and...uhh.." You couldn't really consider Twilight a friend, nor Rarity, she was more of a acquaintance. In fact, the only ones out of the mane 6 who were definite friends WAS Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, but Fluttershy was under a family category.

"Rainbow Dash is also your friend too, right Anon?" Scootaloo moves up next to you and grins at you, giving you an elbowing with her leg. "I mean, I know she's my friend, and practically everypony's friend because of how awesome she is, but she's your friend too right?"

Where did this come from? Whatever, you'll take it. You needed as many adult females to mention as possible. "Yeah, Rainbow Dash is my friend"

Scootaloo pumped her hoof "Yes! I knew you'd come around on that Anon"

Oh… she just wanted to hear you say that.

"But yeah, see? Nothing to worry about. Nopony is going to take advantage over me" You try to reassure them

"Well, you know. I was just making sure. I'm totally ok with it. Like I said, it just smelled fishy to me. I mean, I never knew about them before." Diamond explains. Her expression still marked with haughty jealousy

Applebloom said nothing at this point. She didn't want to look stupid for suddenly getting jealous.

"Well, Diamond. I can have friends that my other friends don't know about. So, look. I'm just going to say this once. Please don't do that again, please? I don't need any kind of protection, and it just came off as rude."

"R-rude? I wasn't being rude." Diamond shook her head, she didn't expect to suddenly be called rude. "I was just looking out for you"

Despite your words being directed to Diamond in response, Applebloom knew it was really towards both her and Diamond. Applebloom lowered her head in shame "Ahm really sorry Anon, Ah lost my head when I saw her hug you like that. ah guess I was just a little jealous."

Well, at least Applebloom was on the ball. And since she was actually willing to admit it. You thought you'd give her some slack. "It's alright Applebloom, I guess some feelings die hard. But I'm not upset. In fact, my Dad actually gave me some advice on this. Well, not really advice. But more like a message. That being down over things like this are silly, especially during a party, so forget about it ok?"

Applebloom nodded, smiling. That actually pepped her up. "Ah didn't think of it that way. Lingerin' feelings huh? I guess that could be it. Yeah! That's probably it. ah guess I just got to get over it is all."

Diamond gave a harumph, she was being stubborn, refusing to admit it "Well, that's good for you Applebloom. But as I was never jealous, I don't see the point. I don't see why nopony can understand that."

You narrowed your eye at Diamond, you were hatching a little bit of a mean idea to get her to admit it. You didn't want her holding it in if Applebloom just nicely apologized for it. "So, you're not jealous. Even a little bit?"

Diamond Tiara shook her head "Not even a little"

"So, under no circumstance. If I was around another girl, you'd think it was ok"

Diamond nodded "Yep"


"We're around the crusaders aren't we? Do I look like I'm worried?" Diamond looked like she was getting annoyed with the whole conversation.

"Yeah, I guess you're right...." You look over to Scootaloo. "Hey, Scootaloo, can you come over here for a minute?"

Scootaloo nodded "Sure thing Anon… wait… you're not gonna ask for your wings back. Are you?" Scootaloo was nervous about giving them up. She wanted to keep them.

"Nah, I just want to tell you something."

"But… ummm" Scootaloo was looking left and right "I'm standing right here, can't you just tell me from where you're standing?"

...Goddammit. You walk over to Scootaloo and kiss her on the cheek. Dammit, why did she have to make things so difficult.

"YUUUCK!" Scootaloo backed off "Anon! What the hay was that for!?"

Applebloom was able to suppress a reaction. Despite being caught off guard, she didn't want to react after just apologizing the way she did.


You point at Diamond "Aha! See, you're jealous!"

"I AM NOT JE-" Diamond realized she was yelling, and quickly tried to recover "Ahrm… I am not jealous. It just caught me off guard."

You point to Sweetie Belle, who hadn't even reacted to the kiss. "Sweetie Belle didn't react, neither did Applebloom. How do you explain that?"

"Huh? What? What happened?" Sweetie Belle had actually lost her attention on the whole conversation "What's going on?"

"Anon kissed me!" Scootaloo said, as she continued to wipe her cheek off with her hoof "It was so gross!"

"Woah, that's almost as weird as that!" Sweetie Belle pointed in the air. What?

You all look up, and see a giant yet slender white dragon with yellow eyes and red pupils flying towards the party, with Spike,Twilight, And Fluttershy riding on top of it. You could barely hear spike yelling "Yeeeeeeeahhhh!" while holding his claws up in the air.

...Oh dammit, you were seeing where this was coming from. Making you facehoof as you mutter to yourself. "...Discord come on… really?"

You wanted to end the conversation before they arrived and the attention inevitably switched to them. You couldn't even believe you were seeing Twilight coming to the party at all. You wondered what convinced her.

"Ok ok, let's not lose focus." You look over to Diamond Tiara. "Diamond, it's clear to me you were jealous. Just admit it ok? I'm not gonna be mad or hate you or anything. But if you keep doing this, then I probably won't want to hang out with you. Simply because I wouldn't be able to make any new friends without you biting their head off."

"W-WHAT?!" Diamond's eye twitched, she couldn't have that "Y-you wouldn't do that?" She whimpered "Would you?"

You shook your head. "No… but only if you admit that you're jealous."

You could see Diamond doing he best to hold back. Her lips quivering. "I...I'm...mnn" Suddenly, instead of just apologizing. She got angry. "Fine, I was jealous. And I'm sorry. Now say you’re sorry for kissing Scootaloo and we'll be even"

Scootaloo actually agrees with that "Yeah, that was actually really weird. I like you, Anon, but not like that."

You wanted to put your hoof to your face. Scootaloo did realize that wasn't serious right? "Ok, fine. Scootaloo, I'm sorry for kissing you. But I was just trying to… ah..never mind"

"It's ok Anon-" Before Scootaloo can say anything else however, Pinkie Pie starts yelling into a microphone


No, that was enough to make you facehoof. That was not something you just announce like that. Not that way.

You could already see some of the ponies getting a little anxious.

"...darnit." You look to your filly friends and excuse yourself. "Hold on a second girls, I gotta do something real fast."

You zip towards the stage before they could say a word. Rushing right up to Pinkie. "Ponk, that's not a giant white dragon. That's just dad BEING a giant white dragon. There's nothing to worry about."

"Oh really? Why would he pretend to be a giant white dragon?"

You were confused as she was. You never really understood Discord when he made some sort of fourth wall breaking joke that couldn't exist within the spectrum of Equestria's reality.

"I… really don't know. But could you let the guests know before everypony starts panicking for no reason?"

"Why would everypony start panicking?" Pinkie looked so confused, she couldn't be that ignorant, could she?

You look to the crowd, and you spotted Lily looking the most panicked. "Look at that pony over there, she looks like she's going to flip because you called my Dad a whi-"

Lily pointed to you "IT'S THE HEADLESS PONY AGAIN! IT'S FOLLOWING ME! AHHHHUUUuhhh..." And she fainted.

You eyeroll and quickly take the microphone from Pinkie Pie while the guests were in the utmost confusion. Vinyl even stopped the music entirely as she looked up at the approaching figures.

"H-HELLO EVERYPONY! IT'S ME, ANON! DON'T PANIC! THAT WHITE DRAGON IS MY DAD AND-" Suddenly, the microphone gets taken from you by...Discord?

"Ahh thank you for that… subpar introduction, Anon." Discord then looked to the crowd as he stood suddenly next to you "HELLO EVERYPONY! NO NEED TO APPLAUSE TO MY PRESENCE. I KNOW YOU ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ME TO ARRIVE. SORRY I'M LATE!"

But all the ponies just looked around in confusion

Discord was actually annoyed his arrival wasn't met with applause. "...and there's also the Princess of Friendship I guess."

A spotlight fell upon Spike, Twilight, and Fluttershy. they were all on stage, and terribly confused.

"Weren't we in the air just now?" Spike said, confused. Looking around. "what happened?"

"I don't know Spike, I think Dis-" At that moment, all the ponies broke out in a cheer, calling to Twilight.

Fluttershy, having caught on just as slow as the others. Looked up and noticed the spotlight on her, and then the crowd. She began to slowly back away to the back of the stage "I-I don't know what happened, b-but I think I'm going to back out. S-sorry"

Discord noticing the applause Twilight had instantly garnered, snaked up right up to her and held her up, holding her to his side. "That's right, The Princess of Friendship..." The crowd cheered louder upon him saying it again. "And her good buddy Discord!" He announces

...Suddenly silence.

Discord drops Twilight like a rock. "Well, I never."

Pinkie, being ever so resourceful, pops another microphone out from seemingly nowhere. and starts another announcement. "LET'S ALL HEAR IT FOR DISCORD, THE FATHER OF THE PONY WE ARE THROWING THE PARTY FOR, ANON! THE LITTLE HERO!" And then, there was applause.

"What?" Both you and Discord was confused.

"Ponk, how did you get them to applause for Dad?"

Pinkie gave you a sly look, tilting her head towards you. smirking. "That's a sseeeeeeecccreeeeeetttt" Pinkie tossed the microphone up and caught it, looking to the crowd with a big cheerful smile "ALRIGHT EVERYPONY, NOW THAT YOU'RE ALL HERE. WE CAN FINALLY GET OUR BOOTIES REALLY SHAKING." Pinkie pointed towards Vinyl "HIT IT!"

Woah, before anyone could even react. The entire area was filled with even louder, more intense music than before. You swear you could feel the ground shaking.

Discord was examining the microphone he took very closely "How did she do that? Hrnnn"

No doubt through her natural talent. At least they didn't boo him off the stage.

You noticed Twilight, who, after coming out of her stupor, was looking at you. You wanted to say something to Discord about his entrance. But, with Twilight looking at you like that. You thought it would be better to go talk to her and see how she was. Her eyes were still red, though not as bad as before.

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