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Pinkie Pie holds the World Record · 12:00am Oct 9th, 2017

Just a little something that has crawled into my brain and refuses to leave. :pinkiecrazy:

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2397935 Sorry, been almost a year since I last checked out FID. Please forgive me for my most grievous error. :pinkiesad2::twilightsmile:

I played the donkey, thank you.

2397928 If you mean for FID, no. If you are referring to another tvtropes page, then I have no idea which it might be. If you are alluding to the fact that you played best necromancer in FID, then I did suspect that you might be that Masterweaver.

...Have you read the tropes page?

2397896 Fallout is Dragons quote. Torq is best role-player.:derpytongue2: Also, what drew the attention of one of the best writers on fimfic?

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