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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 131

"So Anon, where should we begin? Don't feel intimidated just because I'm a princess and...I.." Twilight sighed, she still felt really bad about it. "..tried to seal you before. I'm calm, I'm cool, I'm fine. The only thing I should warn you about is that I have personal and book read experiences with Changelings. So, since this is as I assume, a serious talk. You won't mind me correcting you when necessary. Right?"

Hrnnn, correcting you huh? You wonder how much she knew when compared to you. It was a little annoying she'd even mention that. Considering your current situation with the whole changeling hive itself. But you couldn't blame her, how was she supposed to know?But...if that was going to be the case.

You nod. "That's ok, but if that's going to be the case. I want to skip the straight into the heart of the subject. The changeling queen herself"

The queen? hrn. Twilight didn't know what to think if you wanted to go straight to that. She couldn't accuse you of BEING the queen of course. But it did make her wonder what you actually wanted to talk about. And what you wanted to talk about? exactly what you wanted to try last time. Try to have her come to an understanding, and maybe even willing to give changelings a chance.....of course if you ever manage to reform them.

"Ok, then let's start with that." Twilight was eager and ready. And curious as to where this might be leading. She wondered, even after her screw up, why you seemed interested in the changelings. Especially, to her, after they tried to frame you.

Ok,so far so good. "Twilight, what do you personally think of Queen Chrysalis?"

Well, that caught Twilight a little off guard. She was sure you knew her personal feelings on the matter. Or perhaps, the conversation was being restarted from the beginning completely. Nonetheless, she would answer it, if only to keep her word. "She's a menace. She's conquered towns and even kingdoms in the past. She has no care for any beings other than herself. She uses and abuses anypony she sees fit. And I don't think I have to mention my run in with her, nor the fact of her attempt to frame you."

That was the answer you were expecting. Predictable as ever. "Right, thought as much. But, what would you say to actually reforming her? Or do you think that's impossible?"

Like before, red flags were being set off in Twilight's mind. Again she grew suspicious. But this time, not of you being queen Chrysalis. But she couldn't quite put her hoof on what was bothering her. "Anon, she's a criminal of pure evil intent. She's no better than Sombra or Tirek"

And here comes the slapshot. "What about Dad?"

"What about him?"

"Come on Twilight. You know what I'm getting at. Are you going to tell me you never had the same thought about my dad too?"

Twilight cringed. She could remember when Celestia suggested reforming him in the first place. She had thought the same thing as well. That it was impossible without some sort of spell being cast. She also found it almost scary that you even had a possibility of knowing that, as if Discord had been feeding you more information than a colt should be thinking about.

"I have, but Discord I would say...was never actually evil in the first place. only extremely selfish to the point where he thought messing with the entire world was the only good feeling he could ever feel in his life."

"And did you think that too when he committed the act of the highest treason imaginable? And possibly doomed all pony kind?"

Twilight nodded. "I did, that's why I forgave him. I admit, I was angry at him at first. But I could see in his eyes he regretted everything he did. And the fact that he could even feel remorse for betraying us, that led me to believe that he was in fact, capable of good. But Anon, you can't expect me to say the same thing about Queen Chrysalis. She's actually evil, she understands the cruelty and pain that she causes."

Twilight was right about that. With your own conversations with Chrysalis. She delighted in the fact of causing pain and misery and being evil. And yet, you managed to befriend her on a neutral level. Despite her using you, abusing you, teasing you, and nearly killing you. You still managed to do it. And that was a start. "So you don't think it's possible to even befriend her?"

"No, she would never accept friendship. It's not in her nature." Twilight sighed, her next words were a little hard for her to say, considering her general dislike of Chrysalis. Especially with the more recent events of her trying to ruin her sister in law's parenthood. "...but if I was given a chance, I would attempt to try to reform her. As the Princess of Friendship, it is my duty to at least try."

"What about as Twilight Sparkle?"

"What do you mean? I am Twilight Sparkle."

"What I mean is, if you didn't have the title of princess. Would you still try to reform her? There's a difference between duty, and wanting to try for yourself."

Who was this colt? He clearly wasn't normal. He was smarter than any colt she had ever seen alright. Able to hold his own and somehow, through Discord or otherwise, have an insight of going ons he wasn't there for. And then there was his fascination with changelings. What was the deal with that?

"I...hmmm. No, I'd still try. If there was even a single shred of possibility to try to reform Queen Chrysalis. Then I'd do my best in trying. Anon, but you have to understand, I don't think such a possibility exists. I don't understand why we are even talking about this. You do know me and the other princesses sealed up her and her entire hive. Right? So even if there was a possibility. It's too late. She's in Tartarus, serving her sentence for her crimes. Why do you have this weird ..I dunno...thing about it? She's not the kind of friend you'd want. Come on, there's Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle...and....Diamond Tiara.... "

Twilight looked at her damaged wing for a second, that filly held on hard, ruffled feathers with a few torn."I know their your friends, and in my personal opinion, that's what you should be focusing on. Friendship with your fellow foals."

...You had to stop to think. you couldn't go any further on that without revealing that you had already made a friendship with her. She already looked like she was getting suspicious. "...maybe you're right. I dunno, maybe I just thought she could turn it around. Banishment seems just...really scary. Hey Twilight, what if though. She was to escape banishment, and then become reformed and good. Would you give her a chance then?"

Upon hearing those words, Twilight gave you a hard, deep, stare. As if she was peering into your thoughts. "No..."

"No? Wait..so you-"

Twilight shook her head. "No, as in you better not ask your dad to break her out just so you yourself could attempt to befriend her. It's not safe. And she'll surely use you to meet her own ends. She might kidnap you Anon, just to manipulate Discord. With that kind of power, who knows what she could do. Not to mention the trouble we'd have with Discord. We wouldn't know what'd we could do fighting him on the notion that he'd only be fighting back because you're being held hostage."

"I don't think dad would have trouble breaking me out himself if anything were to happen. But, no. You don't have to worry. I never intended on asking my dad to break her out or anything like that. I was just wondering, if she came to you. Willing to try and be good. To help ponykind, and live peacefully among ponies. Would you give her that chance."

Twilight stayed silent, started to think, silently murmuring to herself. As she did, Spike came back holding two tall glasses of water. "Hey everypony, got the water....nopony is hurt right?" Spike put your glass of water in front of you, and then placed Twilight's glass in front of her, on top of the cutie map table. He then looked at the silent princess. "....uhhh, did I miss anything? Or did you guys wait for me to get water?"

Twilight didn't answer though, she just magically brought the glass to her lips and took a drink, then went back to thinking. Spike walked over to you, to see if you'd say something "What's going on? I don't usually see Twilight think that hard unless she's either trying to figure out a really hard scientific or magic problem or she's trying to decide whether she needs to organize a bookcase or go to the bathroom."

...huh, that's..uh. An interesting tidbit.

"She's thinking of a decision to a question I asked her."

"What question is that? Come on Anon, it couldn't be that hard a question. Stumping Twilight like this is next to impossible. She's a really smart mare."

"I asked her if she'd be willing to give Chrysalis a chance if she'd be willing to be good."

"oh is that a-...." Then it hit Spike as soon as he remembered who that name belonged to. "WHAT?! Anon, are you nuts? She's like..the queen of all things evil. There's no way she'd ever be good."

You didn't want to have this discussion with Spike. There was no point, he didn't really have the power to do anything and it looked like he had the same, if not stronger opinion on it than Twilight.

"....I would." Twilight said, with extreme consideration behind it. "But the conditions would be harsh. And it would only be with her, her hive wouldn't be allowed anywhere near civilization. But if she could prove that she'd really be willing to change. Then despite everything, even the fact that she escaped to do this. Then yes...I would give her a chance....just one chance."

That's all you needed to hear. if she'd be willing to try. That just means you'd have to get Chrysalis to that point....if you ever could.

"Anon, I know you're smarter than you look. So I'm going to ask you a question, and I want an honest answer. Whatever you tell me, I'll believe you. So please be honest."

Oh geez, well, you shouldn't be surprised. It is a discussion. but your honesty would depend on the question. "Sure, what's the question?"

"Have you ever made contact with Queen Chrysalis? Especially after her banishment. I feel like there’s something you're not telling me. Nopony gets an interest like yours unless they actually had contact with the subject matter"

Well...that was...quite the question....quite the question indeed. And unfortunately for you. You couldn't just tell her "lardy da, how'd ya guess? I'm keeping her in my basement". You'd have to lie, and try to get out of here. Conversation was over at this point. You got what you wanted. "No, but with the fact that she tried to frame me and my Dad. It just got me curious as to the kind of being she is. I'd like to think everypony can be reformed if given the time and effort. And after doing some studying myself on the subject of changelings. I just don't know. I think they are getting a bit of a bum deal just because of the kind of food source they need to survive"

"You mean love?....hmmmm..." Twilight started to think on it herself "You mean the fact that they'd have no choice but to prey on ponies just so they can survive. Right?"

You nod. "Yeah, it pretty much forces them to be evil. Because what pony would just be willing to give up their love to them willingly, right? I think it's sad. If there was a way to convince the ponies to just give up just enough love for them to be still fine and ok. Or perhaps a sustainable food source so nopony would have to suffer at all; While at the same time the changelings lending their own culture and abilities to help out ponykind. I think everything would be ok. In fact, I'd think life would improve in Equestria. Changelings seem pretty powerful in a group. The queen did beat Princess Celestia. They'd make some awesome knights if ever a threat showed up. Don't you think?"

"Hmnnn..." Twilight wanted to think hard on this. The fact that they did need to feed on love was rather unfortunate. But..to her. Their fighting prowess was irrelevant if they couldn't be tamed. "Anon, if there was a way to coexist. It would have to take a lot of time for it to actually happen. Their queen would have to be willing to be good, and then it would require everypony accepting the fact that the changelings would be willing to try to be good. And that's really hard, not a lot of ponies would be willing to just let changelings move right in on the chance that they were being truthful. It just doesn't happen that way. They wouldn't just have to prove it to me, they'd have to prove it to everypony. Especially the other princesses. Unless all of us allow it, then there's not even a chance other ponies would."

"Well..I doubt they'd be willing to actually live with other ponies anyway. They do have a hive for a reason. In that sense, it could be their own little town. The way I'd think this could work is that all the princesses accept them. They get to live on their own. They'll show up from time to time and show their good tidings. Maybe giving ponies gifts, or teaching them about their culture, and even helping out with projects...like building new houses or being actors in a play. And if a threat ever shows up, say...along the lines of Sombra. They would be more than willing to answer the call to arms. And join alongside ponykind to defend their home. I'm not saying full integration here Twilight, just enough forgiveness for coexistence."

Twilight had clearly underestimated you. Whenever she came up with a way to deter you, you just came back with a logical reason. She didn't know what you actually wanted. She was beginning to think you lied to her and actually had contact with the queen. She just couldn't prove it. She was actually expecting you to ask her to find a way to unbanish her, just to give it a shot. But...why?...she couldn't figure out the why. To her, even IF you had contact with her, she had no leverage on you to make that kind of request......not unless.... "Anon, I'm going to admit right now. You're not smart. You're a genius. A prodigy among foals. I've never EVER met a colt like you. I know you've probably heard that a lot. But, wow. I honestly can't believe you don't have a cutie mark yet. Because that kind of genius is talent within itself."

You smile to her, a warm smile. Hiding the fact that you think you won this debate. That wasn't tough....though you did have to lie....again. But this time, it didn't feel so bad. Maybe it was because you felt you were trying to save an entire race. "Thank you Twilight, but I'm just a regular colt like everypony else. I just umm...like to think a lot"

"I've noticed. Your parents probably would have been very proud of you if they saw you now. Anon, do you know exactly what happened to them?"

...Ahh crap what do you do? Do you look depressed? Do you look like that angers you? Fuck...no, go for sad..

You look down, trying to drum up sad depressive emotions in you. "I don't, I don't remember them even. I was really young. I just remember them existing."

"...Oh geez" Spike said, already feeling bad for you. He walked up to you and gave you a pat on the back. "Yo Anon, I know that feeling. I don't know my parents either. But hey, that's ok. You wanna know why?"

"Why?" You say, already knowing the answer.

"Because my friends are my family. Besides, other dragons stink. All they like to do is beat things up and pull mean pranks"

"Thanks Spike" You smile, like it was part of a script. "I really needed that"

"No problem bro, that's what friends are for"

Well, that ruled out you having "seen" your parents lately. So that only left one other possibility. Twilight was thinking it was impossible anyway for you to have had contact with Chrysalis post banishing. That would require Discord taking you straight to her. She thought that would be too ultimately far fetch'd. Discord wouldn't do that, he'd have no reason to, not even for kicks. So what? The spell didn't get all the changelings? What if there were a few stragglers outside the old tower. She didn't even think of that. What if you had come in contact with them, and they promised you something large in return of convincing her to let Queen Chrysalis out....but no, how could that be it? You didn't actually ask if they could just be let out for an attempt to be made. You said if she'd be willing to give her a chance if she's willing to be good. A decision that would have to be made before actually letting her out. But that would require contact with her. But the way you spoke, it was all hypothetical. Nothing was making sense. The only way this would be possible is if you had constant contact with her. And again, she doubted that was the case.

There's just no way. So Twilight just accepted it, you really just were a curious colt who wanted to try to bring peace among races. A noble thing to want, no doubt, but next to impossible to accomplish. "Anon, I know what you want from this. But please understand. It's not as simple as taking their word for it. It was decided they needed to be banished because of the actions they were trying to take. I can't just overturn it...."

Twilight couldn't fathom why you wanted this anyway. Maybe...just maybe you were to order as Discord was to chaos. An odd combination indeed. Or maybe you were just as naive as you were smart. So maybe..if that's the case. She could leave you with some reassuring words she knows would never actually come about. "But, if you're really keen on all of this. Then maybe, if Chrysalis was to ever escape captivity. Which could happen. Heh, it's not like it hasn't happened before with...others. And she was willing to turn over a new leaf. Then I'd see what I could do. How does that sound?"

Well, you accomplished what you essentially needed from Twilight. Now all you needed was Chrysalis actually wanting redemption. You smile excitingly, from actual excitement that you managed one of your goals, and speak in a cheerful tone "Gee Twilight, that's really great! No wonder you're the Princess of Friendship. The fact you're actually willing to try just shows how benevolent you really are. But, you're not just joshing right?"

"I give you my word as the Princess of Friendship, Anon. But don't give your hopes up, ok? I'm not saying any of those things will actually happen. I'm just telling you IF it happens."

You nod. "I understand. I hope, if Chrysalis ever does get out. That she's willing to be good."

Ok, everything seemed to have gone ok. It was essentially the same conversation as last time. But this time, it went very well. Twilight felt she had done a good job. She still was very impressed with your knowledge. But, thanks to your "naivety" that any child would have. She managed to end the discussion in such a way that wouldn't upset you. She felt like she had done an excellent job. She didn't even have to worry, no way Chrysalis was ever gonna get out. Because deep inside, Twilight felt there was surely no way she'd ever truly reform. Although, another part of her did want it to happen. She did think about the whole thing about their source of food. Something like that would force a race to become forceful if there were no willing beings.

For you though, it was just another step in your plan. "Well Twilight, thanks for the talk. It was real fun having a debate with you. I know nothing will ever come of it. But, I just really wanted to know your thoughts. And I'm glad you're not as mean as I thought you were. You have a real big heart."

Twilight felt her heart skip a beat when you said "mean as I thought". Ugh, she was never ever truly gonna get over the fact she nearly sealed a colt because she thought Chrysalis had avoided banishment somehow. "Anon...I'm glad to hear that from you. But, what I did to you. I had no right, even as a princess, to enact a banishment on a whim."

"It's ok Twilight, i'm over it. Really." Oh geez, come on Twilight.

"Yeah Twilight, come on. Don't get yourself down again. You nearly fell apart last time" Spike ran over to her, and jumped up to give her a hug. "Anon forgives you, so don't, ok? For me Twilight? Can't go upsetting your number one assistant too right?"

Twilight gently embraces Spike in a hug "I'm sorry Spike, it's just. I guess I felt like I was a tyrant. That I was no better than somepony like Sombra."

You still had a few hard feelings. But, you couldn't hold on to them. Twilight lost sleep over what she did, she got sick over it. That was enough, you thought. In making it up to you. So, with that in mind. You got off your seat and joined in on the hug. "It's fine Twilight. Like I said, don't worry about it. Just forget about it, and move on."

Twilight embraced the both of you as tears slowly filled her eyes. "Thanks you guys. I, I wouldn't be anywhere without friends like you. And I mean that for you too Anon. I know we don't know each other too much. But you're as good a friend as any. Especially.." Twilight giggles as she takes a moment to wipe a tear away. "Since you seem to have a handle on your father. He's been so much better since you've been around. He still has his quirks, but he seems to understand more and more everyday what it means to be friendly and good."

Ooohh boy, how wrong she is. "Thanks Twilight, I'm happy to hear that. And thanks for the talk, really. It was really interesting."

"It was, wasn't it? I was just impressed that you managed to keep up the whole way. I even thought about some of the things you said. I hope you thought about a few of the things I said too Anon, I know there’s always a chance for redemption . But just remember, Some don't want to become good. But if they want to reform,The best we can do is give them a chance if they are willing."

You nod. "Yeah, I got it...and.." Oh crap.. "Diamond Tiara! AGH, I totally forgot about her!"

You knew Applejack would calm down Applebloom, so you didn't need to worry about that. But Diamond Tiara was beyond stubborn. You atleast just wanted to calm her down if she was going that crazy over it. ...Though..you should see Applebloom too just in case. If only to make sure there was no bias.

"No problem, just hop on my back and I'll fly you over to her." Twilight got off of her chair and spread her wings wide.

"Uhhhh...Twilight...umm..did you forget-" Spike tried to warn her

"Not now Spike, I have to get Anon to that filly! She was freaking out so badly. I actually forgot about it myself. And as the Princess of Friendship, I must right that wrong!"

"Twilight..I don't thin-" Even you knew she couldn't do this

"Anon, there's no time for words! I'm telling you, I've never seen a filly that upset before. She jumped really high. Enough that when I was about this high off the ground..." Twilight lifted herself off the ground with her wings, but her mangled wing couldn't keep lift, and she fell face first on the ground. "....ogh....."

You and Spike both spoke at the same time. "We tried to tell you, Twilight"

".......Right...I'm just going to lay here for a little bit and contemplate why I thought it was ok for me to try and do that." Twilight said as she laid in her own failure

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