• Published 21st Oct 2017
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 324

Author's Note:

Fluttershy asks some questions
Anon breaks down
And Discord wants a promise

"Well...that was easy" You look around the starry space for Luna, since it seemed to be over. "Luna? Luna, you around?"

"I am here, Anon" Luna appears in a burst of light in front of you, her form majestic as she hovers for a little bit then lands.

"Ok, cool. So, I beat the Tantabus. And the nightmare is over. And I did it in like, thirty seconds because the idiot made beating this nightmare WAY to obvious. I managed to get over my obsession and defeat him. Pretty neat, right?" You said as you stood triumphantly. Yeah, you were pretty ok with this. It wasn't very hard at all to win.

"Hmmmm..." Luna didn't seem impressed as she looked around

"Uh, Luna? You don't think that's even mildly impressive? I solved my issue and beat a Tantabus. I'm ready for tomorrow morning."

"Anon, if you had beaten the Tantabus, then you'd be awake by now"

Wut? "Woah woah. That's not right. I did beat him, I watched him explode."

"Anon, I only know that the Tantabus will keep you within this dreamscape until it gets what it wants. It doesn't seem intent on letting you go."

"But I killed it...wait" Oh shit! LUNA IS EVIL!

You jumped at Luna's neck and tried to wrestle her down to the ground. "NGH! GRRR! NGH! TAKE THAT! TANTABUS!"

Luna just gave you a hard stare, unaffected by your attack. "Anon, what are you doing?"

You hung onto her horn as you looked down at her face. "..What?...Y-you're not the Tantabus?"

"...No" She narrowed her eyes at you, annoyed and confused by your need to choke her. Though, it seemed you didn't really do any damage.

"...Oh" You smile sheepishly as you slowly get off Luna and rub her neck gently. "S-sorry, didn't mean to hurt you if I did."


...Oh fuck..what? You look behind yourself to see a dark shadow rise up in human form. It is a giant, as big as a skyscraper, and it grew arms,hands, a head, and devil horns as it's burning eyes began to alight in flames and lightning.

"Is that?!" Luna was surprised, she didn't think the your version of the Tantabus was capable of such horrific power.

"HEY! I KILLED YOU!" You bark at him

The shadow laughed as it pointed down at you. "Idiot! You should have known I'd have a true form!"

Shit....you should have realized. He was sorta final bossy. "Excuse me for being a little rusty. But whatever. so you're big and bad, so what? You have nothing on me. So, Princess Luna can beat you down. So erm...get em..Princess Luna..please?" You look back at her, expecting her able to put the final smack down on the tantabus

"I'm afraid I cannot. Nothing I can do can hurt this Tantabus."

...Wut? "But...why? He has nothing on me"

"Oh, but I do. Let me ask you..." The Tantabus leans in close to you with a malicious grin as he rests his chin on his palm "Did you ever stop to think what was going to happen AFTER the reformation?"

"After?...I uh..." wut?

"You did actually, a few times before. But that's the thing, you never really had any visual representation of what was going to happen. And I promise, any one of these can happen." The Tantabus stood back up as he opened his palm, facing upwards, to release a series of giant orbs.

He pointed to the first one, showing Starlight battling the changelings. "This one I think you're familiar with. This could happen should the reformation fail, or appears to succeed only for it to be a trap. Starlight would be the only one available then, and she'd have to take extreme measures to defeat the changelings as they take over Equestria."

"Silence, monster! You know not of what will truly happen. Nor do you understand!" Luna yelled, standing in front of you in your defense.

"Yeah, that's a retarded possibility. It'd never happen!" Because, y'know, there was also the fucking princesses.

"Anything is possible, but I suppose it's also unlikely. So how about this?" The next orb begins to show Fluttershy in utter disappointment, looking at you and Discord with disapproval. "This is more believable, isn't it? Now that the changelings are reformed, Fluttershy would have to find out eventually about your alliance and friendship with Chrysalis, maybe even your human identity. All that lying you and Discord have done, she couldn't handle all of it! Her heart would break, and then what would you do?"

Princess Luna stepped a step closer. "Fluttershy is a kind hearted soul. She would know Anon meant well!"

"Who are you to say she would? You think she'd find it ok that her nephew is actually a dirty little human? Or maybe.." The orb starts to expand, showing the CMC, Diamond, and the Riches as well.. all shocked and disappointed. "We need to expand. You can't tell me one of these ponies wouldn't find it rather shocking."

What? Oh no...

"Still unlikely, you underestimate the bonds of friendship and love ponies are capable of" Luna stood her ground.

"...Is he?" You say, in a soft defeated voice

Luna gets surprised, and looks back at you confused "Anon?..what do you mean 'is he?'"

"I mean..." What was the exact plan they had after the changelings reformed? They said they'd keep you out of it. But anything can change, and things can go wrong. "I mean, what exactly are you going to do after the changelings reform?"

"Anon, well.." Luna seemed to take some time to think about it. "My sister and I have talked it over with Thorax, who wishes to be able to live among us in Equestria. He wants to be known, he wants the changelings to be known. He feels he can repair the reputation they have with ponykind. It does not, however, require revealing your past life. Which is not only moot, but might as well not exist."

"...So Fluttershy and the others are going to know about Chrysalis at least? For sure?" You ask

"More than likely. But Anon, it's nothing to fret over." Luna tries to explain.

"Oh, but it's TOTALLY something to fret over. You can't tell him with certainty that everything will be ok, can you?" The Tantabus smirked arrogantly as another orb appeared. With ponies losing faith in the princesses. "The changelings have been hated for many moons, have they not?"

"As true as that may be, you cannot be certain that everything will run afoul" Luna stays confident, trying to force the Tantabus back with her words "Anon, you mustn't listen!"

More orbs began to light up, showing you possibilities. All the more likely than everyone just being like "Welp! I accept the bugs". That would never fucking happen. That'd be like Starlight becoming Twilight's student or Rainbow Dash's parents being adorably awesome. It just doesn't happen. "...ngh..."

Then you saw one. Of Discord losing hope in you, that he was still mad at you. So frustrated that he just cast you aside. It hurt. It hurt because once again, you had to be hard headed. As you looked down in shame, you started to be enveloped by darkness.

"Anon! Do not give in!" Luna frantically started blasting at the enveloping darkness. But it was no use, you were becoming too far gone.

The Tantabus started to laugh maniacally. "I'M SO CLOSE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

You didn't even realize that you were being sucked away into the darkness as your mind became riddled with lost hope. "I'm going to lose everyone...I'm going to lose my family. Discord...I'm sorry." You started to cry as you hid your head into your hooves. "I should've listened. I shouldn't have been so hard headed. Everytime, I just....relapse...or just end up being a dick. You're the one who brought me here dammit! I should have been focused on you. And Fluttershy...our family"

You cried tears as you sniffled, your face crimson from the sheer amount of stress on your mind. "Discord..I'm sorry....look, when...if...I get back. Let's go mess with Twilight..huh?" The Darkness was starting to eat away at your body. "I'd like that"

"Is that a promise?" A voice says from within the darkness.

"Yeah...I....wait"...Discord?..he couldn't be. "Discord?...O-or am I...holy shit, things got dark quick" You looked up to see that the darkness was all around you. You hadn't even noticed it before.

"Indeed, things do look rather grim. But still, are you willing to make that a promise?" The familiar voice says again.

"Y-yeah, if you forgive me...d-do you forgive me?"

"Maybe. we can toy with purple prudey princess. Or, if you truly want my forgiveness, you can guarantee we'll do it at least three times without you whining" The voice says.

"Yeah! Y-Yeah!..But… Aren't you mad at me?"

"I was, until you promised. Heck, the only reason I'm here is because you were screaming in your sleep 'Ohhh nooo! Starlight!' 'Agh! Diamond!' 'Oh no, not a stupid version of me! Whatever will I do!?' It's hard to sleep with all that racket so i might as well get SOME compensation out of having to hear you yell like that."


"You're an asshole, Discord" seriously?

"I prefer to call it whimsical" Discord's paw bursts through the darkness and holds itself out to you. "Now let's get you out of here before I change my mind"

You smiled as you cried tears of happiness. You grabbed on as he grasped you tightly and pulled you out of the darkness. "Haha! Discord! You're so damn awesome. I didn't think I'd be able to get out...of...the...dream?"

You were still in the starry spaced nightmare. "...Discord...why aren't we out of the nightmare?" You looked back, and saw the Tantabus screaming it's head off. "...what's going on with him?"

Discord shrugged "Ahh, about that. I thought i'd pull one of those 'Deus Ex Machinas' from one of those human cartoons. Turns out I lack a certain knack for dreams like wittle Woona does when it comes to putting down a creature like that. Soooooo, while you still have doubt in your mind, that Tantabus still exists."

"Uh huh..." But… "That doesn't explain why it's screaming it's lungs out"

"Well, Anon, you see. hmmm, how to put this? Well....I tried destroying him with my magic. But I accidentally gave him more power than he could handle and now he's going to explode and take your mind with it, leaving you a mindless blithering shell in the real world"


If you had fingers, you'd be curling them from the seething rage you felt right now. You looked back at the Tantabus and pointed your hoof at it. "I think everything will be alright! So go away!"


It was still there, screaming, as the walls of the nightmare began to crack. "Why isn't it working?"

"As I said, you still have doubt in your mind. Or at least, that is what Princess Luna said."

Princess Luna? Actually, looking around, she was gone. Where did she? "You....didn't poof her away trying to be a hero...did you?"

"Oh, good heavens no. She went off to bring some of your friends here to help you get over your doubt. All I had to do was pull you out of that nasty darkness. So, I might as well have gotten that promise out of you in the process while I'm here. Everypony wins!" Discord smiles cheerfully as he raises his arms victoriously.

"...Oh, yeah...super overjoyed here" You say in a sarcastic tone. "But, wait. What do you mean bring some of my friends here?"

Discord shrugged. "No idea. But I do know that should they come, they also risk some sort of mental break from the Tantabus reducing your mind to mush. Nothing severe, but the knowledge of knowing they failed will be embedded deep into their mind"

"...That....is not comforting. And you say that as if it's no big deal"

"Hey! I'm just saying it as it is, Anon. I'm here too, I would suffer the same fate as the rest of...whoever is showing up. I mean, I showed up of my own free will" Discord said as he put on his sunglasses "I'm just cool like that."

Ugh, Discord. You.....great guy...bastard. "Then you should go. If it's that dangerous, nopony is going to come for me. And there's no point in you suffering"

"Nice try, but I'm going to see this through to the end. Can't have you backing out of your promise by saying I backed out of your head" Discord snickered.


You turned around, and gave him a hug. "I hate you so much right now....buddy"

Discord softened up a moment, and hugged you back. You could feel that he was shaking ever so subtly. He was afraid. He was afraid of you failing. With each passing moment, the walls of the nightmare began to crack as the Tantabus continued it's screaming.

Suddenly, a hole opened up beside you two. Luna came out first, as the CMC, Starlight, and Fluttershy came tumbling down through the portal. "I have returned, and have brought help!" Luna exclaims as the piles of ponies composed themselves and begin to get up, looking around and seeing the abominable horror.

"WHAT THE?!" Discord noticed Fluttershy,and looks to Luna with shock "YOU DIDN'T SAY YOU'D BE INVOLVING FLUTTERSHY!"

"You would have stopped me if I had said I was, Discord. She is important to this. Without her, Anon will never be able to come to terms with what he's afraid of" Luna says, as she steps aside for the group. "And I know you don't want to lose him anymore than anypony else. Don't be stubborn, or you WILL lose him"

Discord just looked at Luna with dark anger "Of course.....you just better be right. "

"Woah! Is that that there Tantabus thing?! It looks worse than Luna's" Applebloom said with a shout, pointing at it.

"...It's noisy too. Ugh!" Sweetie Belle said as she put her hooves to her ears.

"It's big, but it doesn't look that bad!" Scootaloo looked like she wanted to touch it.

"Ok, I'm here. and WHAT IN EQUESTRIA?! THAT'S A TANTABUS?!" Starlight was in shock

"...Anon?" Fluttershy was looking around. When she saw you, she rushed up to you and gave you a big hug. Holding you as if to protect you. "Anon! What's going on?! Princess Luna said you were being attacked by a Tantabus. Your Tantabus. And...that you'd lose yourself if you lost."

You almost expected Diamond to be among them. But it'd make sense Luna wouldn't go to her, She would probably complicate things more than anything. She probably wasn't used to Princess Luna and the ways of the Dreamworld like the CMC and Fluttershy. Starlight though? She's wigging out.

You hugged Fluttershy, and began to tear up. "Aunt Fluttershy, you came to help me? D-didn't Princess Luna say what'd happen if I lost?"

"She did, and I didn't care. You're family, Anon. If I can protect you, then I will. No matter what" Fluttershy said as her hug became even more compassionate.


"What about you guys?" You look back to the rest of the group

The CMC cheered. "We couldn't let ya do it alone, Anon!" Applebloom smirked

"I mean, duh. You're kind of hard headed. You definitely need us" Sweetie Belle said.

"And we're friends. And friends don't let other friends down!" Scootaloo was totally ready for a fight.

Starlight just kept staring at the Tantabus. "Anon, I'm here for the same reason they are. But oh my gosh! I was not expecting this..."

You had your friends, and you'd think that'd have been enough. But still..the Tantabus persisted. "They’re here, I feel better. But it's still there. What's going on?"

"You still have doubt, Anon, about the future. You are afraid you'll be misunderstood. I brought your friends and family who knows varying levels of your past. To secure your future, you must come to terms with the now." Luna explains to you.

"....That makes no sense, whatcha mean by that, Princess Luna?" Applebloom asked.

"And ummm...I don't see Nymous anywhere. Did....did she not care to come?" Fluttershy asked, feeling a little hurt that your own sister wouldn't come to save you.

Of course, Luna never even went to her for obvious reasons. And you tensed up, you knew what she meant.

"Anon?..What does Princess Luna mean?..Are you alright?" Fluttershy asked, worried now that you seemed frozen in fear.

No..not now… Why now? Starlight already knew most of everything....She must have been brought because she knew. The CMC...didn't know you were human. And Fluttershy… Nymous.

"Anon, you don't have much time. You may choose how to defeat the Tantabus. But if it doesn't actually defeat it, you will be lost forever. Whatever it is about the future that bothers you, now is the time to remove that fear." Luna said as she saw you didn't have much time. The walls were nearly gone.

"Why can't we just pound it?" Scootaloo flew up, giving the thing an angry eye. "All of us can take it, can't we? We can't just let Anon be 'lost' forever!"

"I could try to whip up a spell, but from what Princess Luna said..." Starlight turned to you. "Anon..." She could see you were in shock. "Anon, hey. What's wrong? Anon?"

...You had to tell them the truth. But...you couldn't.

"Anon..." Fluttershy held you close. "Please, whatever is going on, you have to tell me. It can't be that bad. I....I promise, no matter what it is, I will never stop loving you. You have my word. Please don't be afraid of me...please don't be afraid of your aunt. I just want to help. I..." Fluttershy started to cry. "I don't want to lose you."

Fluttershy… You never thought you'd see this day. You were hoping you'd never have to tell her. But since you were technically going to die anyway.... "Starlight, do you mind helping me out with this? I'm going to explain....y'know...those...things" You slowly stepped away from Fluttershy, giving her a short hug as you walked towards Starlight

"...You're really going to do it?" Starlight asks.

"Yeah, and I need your help to clear things up in case my explanation isn't clear. Can you do that for me?"

Starlight nodded. "Of course."

And so you began. It was hard, but first you began with Nymous, you started to explain how that all started. From messing with Chrysalis, to her becoming Nymous. The CMC seemed to be ok with understanding it better. But Fluttershy seemed more and more hurt as you explained. By the time you were done, she seemed deep in thought.

"...So yeah...that's it. I was a big idiot. It was a lie..."

"But! But! Like Anon said, he only had good intentions. He wanted to try to reform her like he did me. But it looks like things....kinda got out of control" Starlight gave a big smile, to try to lessen the blow.

"Well, of course Anon had good intentions. Ah mean, bug breath ain't ever gonna change. But if it weren't for Anon tryin', ah'd have never met Scrappy. He's the best changeling ever!" Applebloom said with a cheerful smile.

"W-what?!..So Anon, you really are....And..w-wait..A-a-applebloom. Isn't Scrappy your dog?" Fluttershy seemed utterly confused

"...Oh...I didn't realize she still didn't know. It's not bad that you know that part, right?" Sweetie Belle asked, looking away nervously.

"U-uhmm..Does Applejack know?" Fluttershy asked hesitatingly.

The CMCs shook their head.

"......." Fluttershy fell silent, which made you feel tense.

"Aunt Fluttershy. I know it was stupid of me to try, that's why I said Celestia and Thorax are going to come tomorrow to deal with it. I know..it's...bad that somepony you considered your niece turned out to be an enemy. And...I'm sorry I didn't tell you. And..it gets even worse than that. Something, that even you three don't know. I..."

Fluttershy's eyes were shimmering. The CMC seemed surprised. They thought they knew everything about you. You didn't know if you could continue. Then you looked at Discord, who was nervous, and swiping his talon across his own throat, telling you silently to not mention that part.

You look to Starlight, knowing that for this, Discord wouldn't help. Starlight smiles back at you. "Anon, go for it. I mean, I don't hate you. I kind of had this feeling of wanting to study you a little. But y'know. Eheheh" She chuckles nervously. "That may have been a bit too much."

Should you mention it? All in all, Fluttershy was pretty forgiving..but.....the CMC… The dread that just left you washes back over you. But the dread of losing your mind was even worse. You were going to lose Fluttershy, or the CMC, or both if you take this path. But it was the only way...

"Anon...what does she mean?" Fluttershy asked "Why would she want to study you? Does she mean your horn?"

if the situation wasn't so serious, you'd make a joke out of that…

Still, looking into her eyes, she was in distress. Just get it over with. "Aunt Fluttershy...Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scoots....I'm....not a pony."

They of course gasp, all yelling "WHAT?!". Discord just slaps his own face.

"I mean! I didn't used to be..look. Before anypony says anything, I just want to get thi-"

"How is that even possible?! Anon, you can't have been anything else but a pony, right? How would you even change into a pony?" Scootaloo interrupts.

You silently point to Discord.

"...Oh right...But, then-" you interrupt Scootaloo with a raise of your hoof.

"Scoots, please....look. Everypony..look. Before Discord brought me here to Equestria. I lived in another dimension on a planet called Earth. I was something called a 'human'. It's kind of like that screaming guy there. But without the horns, smaller, and not as scary. But humans themselves? They could be scary, and many were. There's no such thing as 'the Magic of Friendship', or any magic really. Humans would hate each other, fight wars, insult each other, and even sabotage each other. Many would… well, die for stupid reasons. There was no happiness for many humans, only a future working a job you hate, having dishonest friends, parents who don't care about you, and any one thing breaking down capable of ruining your life. I guess if anypony was wondering why sometimes I got kinda dark, well, that's why. But, as a human. I was pretty smart....and..."

Sweetie Belle started giggling. Presumably at the last part.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhh...something funny there Sweetie Belle? Because this is pretty heavy for me"

"I mean..it's just the...I mean, all of that was really horrible and I was getting chills and stuff...but then....no, nevermind. But Anon, why does that all matter?" Sweetie Belle asks

"Because humans are terrible beings. And the only reason I even got here was because Discord offered me a deal in the paradise of Equestria in trade of pretending to be his son to make Aunt Fluttershy happy and mess with Twilight...that might be it"

Discord winced at that. And as Fluttershy turned to face him, he gave her a nervous smile. "N-now now, Fluttershy. What is said MAY be true. But...but...."

"Discord...why wouldn't you tell me this?" Fluttershy asked, with a heartbroken tone.

"A-aunt Fluttershy...It's not his fault. Well, I mean, it is. But..it's mine too. In fact, it's mostly mine. Discord did a lot for me, and sometimes I realize this, but then I mess up and give him guff for it. Or worse, I make him angry over my own insecurities. He gave me the horn, he gave me a second chance at life, And I, who's supposed to be his pretend son, can't even do that right. And then there's you. There was a time where I felt awful lying to you. The princesses, they told me that my old life didn't matter anymore, and to accept this new one. And for a good while I was doing that. But....for how long would I be able to keep that secret? I'm not your nephew, I'm not his son. I'm just a guy who came looking for a free ride. And..."

You look over at the Tantabus. "That's why none of you should even be here. You came for Anon the colt. But I'm just Anon the fool. Trust me, your lives would be a lot better off without me."

"Well...that ain't true" Applebloom says outright. Like..if everything you said didn't matter

"What?" seriously, wut?

"What do you mean, 'what'? Anon, who cares if you're from some other dimension? Unless you're telling us that you're not the hard headed, high and mighty, but great and brave colt we got to know. Then I don't see the problem" Sweetie Belle said, smiling a bit of a cocky smile at you.


"Yeah, I don't think you could fake all that stuff. I mean, if you were faking it, you'd have never let me have your wings from before. That meant a lot to me, Anon. That was something a pony would do. So don't go being all dumb now about it!" Scoots said as she sat and crossed her forelegs together and nodded. Sure of herself.

"...Scoots...Applebloom...Sweetie Belle..." You started to tear up as you look to Fluttershy. "But..I lied to you the most. I mean, I'm not even a little k-" You get interrupted before you could finish that.

"Anon" Fluttershy interrupts you, as she gives you a sad hard stare. You stopped, and froze up, tense. "I only know you as Anon, my nephew. My sweet little gentlecolt. I don't know you as anypony else." She started to weep. "A-anon, i-if it really is all a lie...does that mean...You don't love me? That you don't love your friends? That it's all been an act?"

WHAT?! "NO, NO, I DO LOVE YOU! YOU'RE THE SOFTEST AND NICEST PONY I KNOW! YOU ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL GREAT WHEN I FEEL BAD! And..and.." You started to tear up again. You couldn't continue your words.

"I see..Anon, what about when I hug you, or when you rest beside me, and I put my wing over you to keep you warm. Was...that a lie?" She asks.

"N-no...I...love resting under your wing. It makes me feel safe, as if nothing can hurt me, even my-myself" You start to whimper and shake.

"Anon...I-I have one more question" She took a big breath, as did you… What could it be?

"...You never really liked that healthy meal I made for you the other day. did you?" She asked

...Ngh. You felt ashamed. "...N-no...I....I only said I did to make you happy. Because...I didn't want to see you sad. I...I..." You lurch forward and fall, crying your eyes out. "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SOR-"

You felt yourself in a warm embrace. Fluttershy was hugging you. crying, rubbing your head with her hoof. "Shhhhhhhh.....it's alright. I knew you didn't like it, but I didn't want to make you sad by saying anything. I didn't want to make you feel bad."

The CMC seemed confused as to why that last part was brought up at all. Scoots theorizing it was probably a family thing.

"Y-you're not mad?" You look up at Fluttershy pathetically.

"No. Because you're still Anon, the Anon I know. You didn't ever try to really trick me, you even risked your life for me. Anon, how could you be a fool, a human, or anything else when you have always been just...Anon. If you were faking it, I would have known. I never knew you before I met you, I only know you from when Discord first showed you to me. And I know that you're sweet and kind deep inside." Fluttershy's warmth, her hug, it was so full of care. You just sobbed as you dug your face into her chest.

"I love you, Aunt Fluttershy. Please don't hate me.."

"I love you too, Anon, now shhhh...you don't need to worry anymore. I'm here, I'll always be here, always. No matter what."

The CMC found the whole moment touching, they couldn't help but cry and join in. Even Discord broke out, and grabbed you all and hugged. Luna had a tear in her eye as she sniffed. Starlight just looked on at the Tantabus as the area started to shatter "H-hey everypony, I hate to be the party pooper here but there's still the little problem of Anon losing his mind."

Everyone's eyes went wide as the Tantabus' yelling became the focus once again. "O-oh right..but..what do we do? How can we stop it?" Fluttershy asked, ready to fight if she had to.

You looked back at the Tantabus. You looked at your friends. They didn't care about Anon the human, they cared about you...who you were now. And now...you knew what to do. "I know what to do now...."

You started walking towards the Tantabus. Fluttershy felt afraid, and tried to hold you back. But Starlight held her, And told her you'd be ok. Everyone wished you good luck, they were rooting for you, and you felt their strength course through you.

"I won't let myself be lost, Tantabus. Your mind may be broken, but you're still there because of my doubt. Well...NO MORE! I HAVE MY PRIORITIES STRAIGHT AND I KNOW WHAT'S IMPORTANT! MY FRIENDS! THEY CARE ABOUT WHO I AM, NOT WHO I WAS!...And I thank them for it. Even when sometimes, I don't show it. You're no longer needed. You only exist because I needed a guiltless out. Well, no more! I'll face any challenge head on...mostly. But you get my point! NOW GET..THE FUCK..OUT!"

The Tantabus' mad screams changed into pained ones as it started to light up, and explode violently, covering the entire area with a white light. A warming light. A light that felt like everything for you would be ok.

When you turned, you saw Discord standing behind you, wearing four pairs of sunglasses. "Egh, a light full of harmony and love. You didn't need to be that dramatic"

"C'mon Discord, I saw you hugging. Don't be a dick" You smirked at him.

"Ehhhh, I got caught up in the moment. But it seems you managed to beat the Tantabus. Huzzah for you. Still, Fluttershy didn't need to hear that last part."

"What, the human thing?"

"No, that curse word. You didn't need to say that."

...Doh. "O-oh....erm...ugh. I'm sure she didn't really hear it..umm..where is everypony else. Anyway?"

"I'd imagine they woke up. That was quite the blast."

"Yeah I'm sure...but. I feel better now. And I mean it this time. And....you're not upset about me blowing up on you, right? Cuz I'm sorry about that"

"It's alright, Anon, water under the bridge. Besides, we get to have sooooo much fun with Twilight later. So it's alright. Ahh, speaking of fun. You'll be waking up soon. How are you going to handle Chryssy? Because at this very moment, Princess Celestia and Thorax are in my living room."


"Well, Anon, you have been sleeping for a good while after that blast. You already missed school. I kept them busy with some....normal...plain..tea" Discord said, mouthing the last few words painfully. "But Celestia is stubborn."

"Well, did you tell her about this dream? I can't imagine her being stubborn when....ugh..you didn't tell her shit, did you?"

"Of course not, I'm a being of chaos, Anon. I have to keep you on the tip of your hooves." Discord said with a grin.

"Yeah...I can only imagine I'm gonna be stressed as fuck after all this. I think..I'll go see Fluttershy when it's over, take a nap under her wing. That'd be nice.....And of course, I'd let her know how much... Ahh damn! I should get her a present!"

"Hmmm, I should also give her a present. Annnyyyhoooo. I hope you really are prepared, Anon. Because it's just going to be you, Celestia, and the bugs. I'll be sitting in the bleachers watching the show."

You snickered. "Course, I wouldn't have it any other way....I really wouldn't" You look at him with a serious look. "I want to try talking to Chrysalis. Whatever she decides, that's it. I won't betray my friends for her, I won't even think about it. But I still have to give it one last go" You started to feel a little forlorn when you started to realize that moment was finally coming. But you couldn't let yourself slip up, you had to pull in all your confidence for this.

"I know you won't. Fluttershy would never forgive ME if you flubbed up. So, just do your best. I believe in you, yadda yadda. You know what I mean" Discord said as he waved his paw dismissively. "Ahh, good job on not mentioning your true age, by the way. That may have been a bit too much."

"Yeah..." You were about to, but you were interrupted before you could say you weren't a "little kid". "I can live with no one really knowing that part, it doesn't really matter"

"Nope, it doesn't. Because as you are now? You are in fact, a colt...And my little chaos buddy"

"I know...put it there, pal" You hold your hoof out. Discord goes to grab it, but you dodge and hug him suddenly. "Thanks Dad...I wouldn't be here without you."

Discord was silent. But you could feel his arms gently wrap around you, and embrace you in a hug as everything went into a haze.

When you awoke, you were back in your room. Everything was in place as before. You stretched, and looked forward with a smile. thankful for all your friends and what they do for you. You yawned, got up, and opened the portal door to Ponyville. Behind it was the town basked in another beautiful and sunny day.

The floor door was there. And you knew Celestia and Thorax was just beyond it. Just talk to them, Anon. No tricks.

You smirked. "Ain't even stressin'"

You got up, and opened the floor door with confidence in your heart. You stepped through, and fell, right into the living room floor headfirst. Because as you were focused on your newfound confidence, you forgot to focus on the gravity stairs.

"..........course" You said as you tapped your hoof on the ground, aggravated at your mistake.

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