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Dadonequus Discord (Book 1) - CrazedLaughter

Discord makes a deal with an anonymous human. The human gets to live a good life in Equestria. And Discord? he gets to have a son of his own. Of course, his only reason is to impress Fluttershy and annoy Twilight.

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Chapter 97

It didn't take you long to catch up with Scootaloo, though, she could hear you rushing towards her. She doesn't even turn to face you as she picks up her walking pace just a little bit. "Anon, why are you following me?"

You weren't going to sugarcoat it. "Because I know you’re lying, you're already done with the farm for the day. I know the real reason you're walking away is because I'm about to go flying with Rainbow Dash."

Scootaloo stops "Yeah well, you're wrong." She wipes her tears away, then faces you, trying to act like she's ok. "I think it's perfectly ok. Rainbow Dash must think you're super cool for beating up those two stallions and being Discord's son. Yeah, So, you don't need me around to drag you down."

"Did Rainbow Dash say I was cooler?"

You didn't know if she had actually said that or not. But if Scootaloo would say no. Then you could work from there.

"....." She doesn't say anything, and then starts walking away, her tone getting more irritated. "Look, just go do your training thing already. I'm just going to go back and do something else..." Scootaloo takes a quick look at her wings "Something I know I can actually do"

She wasn't able to hide it that time, you catch her eyes flowing with tears when she took a look at her wings. Oh Anon, Anon, Anon. You figured out she was jealous. But what could you do for her? This was the reason you didn't want her following you. And now she's crushed. You were going to do one of the things she's probably dreamed of doing ever since she first laid her eyes on Rainbow Dash. "Scootalo-..Hey!"

The moment you spoke, she went off in a sprint. Goddammit! She was moving pretty damn fast too, flitting her wings as hard as she could to pick up any extra speed she could muster. You weren't going to catch her. At least, not on hoof.

You take out your horn and sigh as you put it on. Considering the control you were sure you had over it. You were sure this would be fine. Your horn lights up, making Scootaloo light up as well as she lifts off a few inches into the air, and then gets pulled towards you "H-HEY, WHAT GIVES?!"

You kept her suspended in the air as you turn her around to face you. Dammit, she made you waste today's charge. "I'm not letting you just leave. Not until I'm done."

Now Scootaloo was really angry, jealous and angry. "What?! You have a horn too?! Let me down! LET ME DOWN!"

You shake your head. "Will you just listen?!"

"Why?!" Scootaloo barks at you.

"Because" You sigh, trying to remain as calm as possible. "Look Scootaloo, I know this is gonna sound weird. But I know what's up. I know what's really up. You're just angry because you can't fly, and I can... You think I'm just gonna become closer to Rainbow Dash than you just because I can train under her… right?"

"So what!?" Scootaloo couldn't hide her tears "You're better than me anyway, you can use magic… and fly… and you're just an earth pony. I'm supposed to be a pegasus pony, but… I can't even use these stupid wings!" She tries flying out of your aura, but she can't escape "So just let me go already!"

You couldn't blame her for her reaction. She was heavily jealous. She just wanted to leave so she could avoid a scene, but you just had to chase after her. "I can only do those things because of my dad's magic. And… mnn"

...it wasn't like you ever needed to fly. The magic was enough. Man, you really wanted to learn to fly like a bullet too. Ahh well... This would be for the good of friendship

You reach into your saddlebag and grab the cardboard wings. "...and you should be able to too"

"Well I can't, my wings just don't work ok!"

You shake your head at her as you gently put her to the ground, but don't release yet. "I don't mean flying with those wings. I mean flying with these." You toss the wings towards her "I bet flying with Rainbow Dash was something you always wanted to do over anything else right?"

"Anon..." She looked down at the wings, she was getting less angry, but she was confused. "What are you doing?"

You didn't need them. Besides, watching Scootaloo throughout the show. And especially any time in the show where her wings were mentioned, egh. She deserved them more than you did. You remember the Luna episode with Applebloom. She looked so happy flying… even if it was just a dream.

"They’re yours Scootaloo, I don't need them. Not like I can't just use my magic to fly… I think." You release Scootaloo from your grip. Causing the horn to instantly fall off the moment the aura disappears.

Scootaloo looks at the wings, and carefully picks them up, inspects them, then looks towards you, she was absolutely astonished. "Anon… you can't just give me these, they’re yours."

Well that was a turn around.

"I don't need em, at all. Rainbow Dash was never my idol anyway, remember? She's more your speed. So I'm just passing down my little access pass to you instead. How's that sound?"

"Anon… really?... But… I got rea-" You cut her off, you knew what she was going to say. And as predictable as it was. You did feel good giving her this gift, she was finally going to fly. For real. You did look forward to flying yourself, but. Well, seniority and all. Maybe Discord could give you another pair anyway.

"Yeah, I know. You got angry and jealous and all that stuff. Scootaloo, you're my friend. And you, along with Sweetie Belle gave up a lot of your free time just for me to try to get my Cutie Mark. I always noticed too, that you are always eager to fly. Look, I know one day you will. And you're gonna zip around like lightning. But, until that time comes. I think you should get some training in with your favorite hero before your own wings actually kick in. Sound cool?"

She started to cry, and without warning, she jumped ontop of you and cuddled on to you. "THANK YOU, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!" She cuddled, and hugged you tightly enough that you had a little trouble breathing.

"Ngh… y-you're welcome Scootaloo"

She hopped off of you, noticed you looked a little out of breath "You alright Anon?"

You take a breath, and stand up, brushing yourself off. And chuckle, you were already feeling better minded. "I'm ok, just got caught a little off guard there."

You also just realized this could have caused the same effect as Applebloom or Diamond Tiara was hit by. But you only wanted to do a good gesture, and make her life better after seeing how hurt she was.

She then grabbed the wings in excitement and started putt- WAIT! "SCOOTALOO DON'T!"

She stopped, and turned to you "W-what? I..I was just going to try them on. If they worked like your horn did, wouldn't they turn into wings?"

You nod. "They would, but Scootaloo, they have a sort of time limit per day before they become cardboard wings until tomorrow. So you might want to save it until you're actually ready to get off the ground."

"Oh, well that's ok. Because I'm going to go flying with Rainbow Dash! YEAHHH!" Scootaloo hopped around in excitement, to and fro before stopping before you and giving you another hug. "Anon, Thank you soooooo much! This is the coolest thing EVER! If you ever, and I mean, ever need anything. You just ask me ok! I owe you soooooo much right now!"

Awwww, yeah. This was worth it. She was only going to get happier from here. "It's fine Scootaloo, really. I'm just glad to see you're feeling better."

"Feeling better?! I'm more than that Anon! I'm on cloud nine, or..i'm gonna be...WHEN I'M FLYING WITH RAINBOW DASH! WOOHOO!!" Cute play on words, it makes you giggle. That along with her enthusiasm.

"Oh! Oh! And Anon..." Scootaloo looks at you with longing, loving eyes, and slows her speech "Thank you, for coming after me like you did. Thank you really, for everything you just did. I've always dreamed of this day, and you made it happen."

Ahhh shit...

You smile and cringe at the same time, trying to smile more than cringe. "Y-you're welcome Scootaloo, it's nothing really, we're friends. That's what friends do"

She starts to draw closer, ahhh shit. You close your eyes, you didn't even want to see it coming, oh god. What will Applebloom and Diamond Tiara think?...you should have been maybe… less nice? Or maybe not chased her.

But what you thought was coming didn't happen, instead you hear Scootaloo behind you. Calling for you. "Come on Anon! Let's get to Rainbow Dash's before she goes off somewhere! Ohhhhh! I can't waiiiiiit! Here I come Rainbow Dash, your new protege, Scootaloo!"

You look back as she dashes off. Woo… you dodged one hell of a bullet there Anon… one hell of a fucking bullet. She didn't actually seem to be into you at all.

You chase after her, but at your own pace, you knew where she was going to end up. So you didn't have to actually catch up with her.

Eventually, you both reached the area where Rainbow Dash's house was floating at. Rainbow Dash herself was leisurely lying in the grass, Tank resting on her belly as Fluttershy paced, it seemed at some point she had thought something had gone wrong. "Relax Fluttershy, I'm sure they're fine. Come on, just lay down and soak up some of this sun. It feels great." Rainbow Dash said, trying to calm her friend as she enjoyed the sun's rays and cool breeze.

"I know I shouldn't worry, but. I think something may have gone wrong. Just, something didn't seem right." Fluttershy's voice was a little jittery as she paced up and down.

"Look, if it makes you feel better, I can just give a quick sweep of the area and..." as Rainbow Dash begins to lean up, being careful with her turtle pet in not knocking him off her belly. She spots Scootaloo, then you, running down towards them "..oh..hey look, there they are. See? Told you you were worrying too much"

Fluttershy sees the both of you running towards herself and Rainbow, and sighs in relief, sitting on her butt. "Oh thank Celestia, they are ok."

"Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash! Hiiiii!" Scootaloo cried out as she rushed over to Rainbow Dash.

You on the other hand, walked over to where Fluttershy was. "Hey Aunt Fluttershy!"

The moment you get up to her, she gives you as a gentle nuzzle, She was happy you were ok. "Hello Anon, I'm so glad you're here. I thought something might have happened to you"

Wut? "Aunt Fluttershy, I wasn't gone that long."

"I-I know, but you only went to get Scootaloo, and it felt like it took longer than it should. So I got a little worried. But now you're ok now, and.." That's when she noticed Scootaloo had your wings "Anon, why does Scootaloo have your wings?"

"Because..." You explain to Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash when you catch her attention, some of the circumstances that had happened only a few moments ago. After the explanation of that and what the plan was. Scootaloo decided to, again, dsy she was sorry, and that she was acting silly. But she also stated how excited she was to be able to get flight training with Rainbow Dash.

But Rainbow Dash looked at the wings, tapped them, and didn't seem to get it. "How are these things supposed to let you fly? Their junk."

Oh come on Dash, don't be like that. "Actually, they just look like junk. When you put them on… well… Why don't you show her Scootaloo?"

Scootaloo nods, she's never done this before, but she was ready. No, she was more than ready. She slapped on the wings right above her real ones. And in a flash of light. Her original wings twisted and warped. And then went back to looking normal. The cardboard wings had gone… but..you, hell. Everyone was expecting something bigger after the flash.

Scootaloo was still looking back in excitement, but the moment she saw that she still had her old wings. She was devastated "W-what happened?" She then looked to you, hoping for an answer. "Anon? W-what happened?"

"I.." You had no answer, it should have worked. "I..I don't know."

Rainbow Dash was actually just as surprised, she expected something amazing to come after the flash. And already seeing Scootaloo's growing disappointment. She actually tried to comfort her. "Hey S-scootaloo, it's alright. It's ok, really. I can still take you a few laps around Ponyville if you like." Rainbow Dash was already noticing how immediately crushed Scootaloo was getting, even her ego couldn't stop herself from feeling a little heartbroken.

It seemed to cheer up Scootaloo a little. "Thanks Rainbow Dash… I'd really like that… I… I just wish I could have actually flown with you."

But the oddest thing out this all, was the way Fluttershy had reacted. She didn't seem blown back or utterly disheartened from it. Instead, she was staring intently at the wings, she was thinking in her mind.

"Aunt Fluttershy?...you ok?" You wondered why she was acting so off

You almost thought she was going to cry, but instead. She walked over to Scootaloo and began to speak. "Scootaloo, I want you to try flapping your wings as hard as you can"

"B-but Fluttershy… what's that going to do? The wings didn't work." Scootaloo was losing more and more of her enthusiasm by the second.

Fluttershy moved in closer, and laid on her belly to meet Scootaloo at eye level. And gave her a smile "Just try, I bet you're going to be really surprised."

"...." Scootaloo didn't want to face any more disappointment. But she didn't want to ignore Fluttershy either. It pained her to do it, but she began to flap her wings a little. "You mean like this...?"

Fluttershy nodded "Mhmmm, but faster."

What was she doing? You didn't know how to tell Fluttershy. But you couldn't just believe in something and it'd just work. Not only that, but the cardboard wings had just disappeared. Which you found really odd. Because normally it could be deduced that you were the only one it'd work for. But then there was "Alicorn" Snails. Maybe it just didn't work on Pegasi?

Scootaloo concentrated, closing her eyes. and as she focused more and more. she began to feel lighter, she began… to lift off the ground. Oh no fucking way. So the wings did work. They just didn't change her wings appearance… and Fluttershy knew.

"Woah, hey, Scootaloo. Look! You're flying, ha! How does it feel?" Rainbow Dash smiled, she had never seen Scootaloo fly before, and she was already anticipating her reaction.

"C-come on Rainbow Dash, please don't kid around like that..." Scootaloo said, she hadn't noticed that she had lifted off the ground.

"Scootaloo, open your eyes!" you yell at her in excitement

Ooohh shit… Ooohhh shit!

She did, but she still looked disappointed "....see...nothing's happening"

Fluttershy then giggled, and looked up at Scootaloo, who was now above her "Scootaloo, if you'd look down. You might see something surprising"

And so Scootaloo did, and she looked perplexed. SHE STILL DIDN'T FIGURE IT OUT. You almost wanted to laugh at this whole scene.

Fluttershy waved to her "Hello Scootaloo"

"Fluttershy? how did you get down there?" Scootaloo was getting more confused by the second.

"Actually" You giggle at this. "You should be wondering how you got so high up"

She wasn't that high up at all, just about a couple of feet at this point. But just saying it was enough for Scootaloo to look around. You were lower to the ground too. and yet Rainbow Dash's face was at her eye level.

"...Wait… am I?" Scootaloo's eyes started to go big from the build up of her realization

Rainbow Dash nodded, giving her a cocky grin "You sure are, squirt."

"OH… MY… GOSSSHH!" Scootaloo, upon finally realizing it, was overjoyed. So overjoyed in fact that she started to flap her wings at the hummingbird pace she was capable of. Causing her to zip straight up, without heading back down. "I CAN FLYYYYYYYYY! THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

Oh shit..she was going… really high. "Er… should w-"

"I'm on it!" Rainbow Dash zipped up to the air, Tank following slowly behind her. "HEY SCOOTALOO! SLOW DOWN A LITTLE, YOU DON'T WANNA GO FLYING TO THE STARS DO YA?!"

And with that, Rainbow Dash darted up to the ecstatic Scootaloo. She manages to catch her in her forelegs to give her hug. They were so high up, you could barely hear them now.
You walk over to Fluttershy, who was just looking up on high. She was pretty happy herself. Seeing Scootaloo so happy.

"How'd you know it was going to work? I didn't think it was going to at all. I thought it was something Discord pulled in case any pegasi thought they could double their flying power with them."

Fluttershy continues to look up, seeing that Rainbow Dash was already starting Scootaloo's first lessons. "That's the thing, I knew there had to be some sort of trick to it. And I was almost scared that it may have been the same thing you were thinking. But… all I had to do was believe. And look. Look at her. She's so happy Anon. I don't think I've ever seen Scootaloo so happy before."

She did look happy, she also was getting the hang of things better than you did. She was zipping about like a bug. "Yeah, me neither."

"It's thanks to you really, You did a really nice thing giving up your wings. You selflessly gave them up. Just so you can make your friend happy. Anon, I couldn't be prouder. And I know, deep down inside, your father is proud of you too. I just know it"

Fluttershy opened her wing so you could cuddle next to her, and watch Scootaloo up above learn to fly.

"Thanks… Aunt Fluttershy..I'm glad that you're proud of me… it means a lot."

You really did do a good thing. As you went under her wing, you thought about all the seasons prior. Scootaloo probably had it the hardest out of the three CMC. She not only didn't have a cutie mark at the time, but she lacked the ability to fly on her own. At least for now. And even with her Cutie Mark, she was still flightless. Her dream was to be able to fly, and fly with Rainbow Dash. And you made it happen. Of course some credit went to Discord. He made the damn wings.

Of course, when it came to being proud. You knew he wouldn't really care about this. He was only proud of you when you caused mischief. But now wasn't the time to think about that. Or the infestation back home. You'd just lay here and enjoy the show, it was Scootaloo's time after all.

So you and Fluttershy rooted for her, encouraged her, And she was doing just fine. even finding the time to wave back to the both of you. Her flying was a bit odd though. She zipped around like a bug..or a humming bird. Well, flying was flying. So no reason to pop her fun over it.

After a good amount of time, much more than the original internal clock that the wings had. Scootaloo began to descend back to the ground. She couldn't control it, but her descent was slow. "H-hey, what the hay?! What's going on?!"

You knew what it was. The time limit was done, though it seemed one of the upgrades to the wings was a gentle descent back to the ground. The moment she landed, the wings popped off her back, her original wings appearing back in flash of light. "W-what?! no!"

Scootaloo tried grabbing the wings and putting them on, but they wouldn't work. "W-what's wrong?! They were working before."

As Rainbow Dash landed, wondering what was happening. You slowly crawled out from under Fluttershy's wing, to explain what happened. "Don't worry Scootaloo! It's ok! I promise. Relax. It's just that time limit I told you about. Looks like it's spent for the day"

"Time limit? That's stupid. Why would Discord put a time limit on a pair of wings?" Rainbow Dash asked. "You can't get everything you need done if there's some stupid time limit. Why would Discord even p-" Rainbow Dash stopped herself "Nevermind, because it's probably some dumb reason. Right?"

You shrug. "No idea, I can never figure out some of the things my Dad does."

Scootaloo was already looking devastated that her flight got cut shorter than she expected. The wings did last a pretty damn good amount of time. Just not to the amount Scootaloo was expecting. "So I have to wait til tomorrow until I can use them again?"

You nod. "Yeah… sorry. Hey, it could have been worse. Before today, the wings lasted a lot shorter. Just wait until tomorrow Scootaloo. And you'll be able to use them again."

"Yeah but… wasn't the whole thing with Rainbow Dash a one time thing?....mnnn" Scootaloo looked to Rainbow Dash, heartbroken, she wanted to spend more time with her training. But… she had to accept that she at least got this much. She didn't want to be selfish. Not after she saw what her jealousy initially caused "Thanks Rainbow Dash… for the training. And for letting me fly with you"

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes at Scootaloo "Pfft, what are you doing thanking me? We aren't even done yet."

Not done yet? Scootaloo didn't understand. "But my wings...they'-"

"So what? Hey, the training was a freebee. If I remember right, the original deal was I was supposed to give Anon a flight. And since he kinda gave it to you...well..." Rainbow Dash hovered over Scootaloo, and grabbed her, she yelped in adored surprise. "Looks like you're the one getting the ride. I can't just NOT fulfill my promise, that'd be pretty weak. And Rainbow Dash never skimps on a promise"

Rainbow Dash, With Scootaloo held by all four of her legs, flipped upside down, throwing Scootaloo straight up as Rainbow came to a complete spin and caught her on her back.

Woah… hey, that was pretty fucking cool of her. You thought she was just going to be like "Sorry Scootaloo, I only meant the one thing". But as it turned out. Whether through her compassion or the fact it didn't count to her. Scootaloo was getting more of what she really wanted. More time with Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash informs both you and Fluttershy that she was going to milk this flight for all it's worth. And probably drop Scootaloo off at her home. In other words, that was yours and Fluttershy's time to vamoose.

Rainbow Dash informs Scootaloo to hold on tight. Scootaloo, completely lost in her RD high. almost forgot to wave and say goodbye to you. But she catches herself on the last few seconds. Waving to you, and graciously thanking you before blasting off with Rainbow Dash,

You did good Anon… you did good.

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